MOXON v. BERRY/BERRY v. MOXON. new lawsuits

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    Re: MOXON v. BERRY/BERRY v. MOXON. new lawsuits

    Because you're such an animal lover:
    That-Is-Excellent.jpg Then again, as far as I know, you might be feeding live frogs to EpicFerret.
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    Re: MOXON v. BERRY/BERRY v. MOXON. new lawsuits

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    Re: MOXON v. BERRY/BERRY v. MOXON. new lawsuits

    He don't need balls, he has monogrammed shirts.
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    Re: MOXON v. BERRY/BERRY v. MOXON. new lawsuits

    Dear Graham,
    I know you are experienced in these matters and more than capable of handling yourself but please use extra caution as you go about your daily business. The only thing more dangerous than a sociopath (which I think Moxon is) is a cornered sociopath. I would put *nothing* past him. Please stay safe.
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    Re: MOXON v. BERRY/BERRY v. MOXON. new lawsuits

    There are more new documents posted to Angry Gay Pope Home Page.

    1. My opposition to Moxon’s request to declare me in contempt of court for filing a cross-complaint, through another attorney, without the court’s permission.

    2. My motion papers to compel Moxon’s deposition and to bar him from asserting the attorney-client privilege on the ground of the crime-fraud exception (which is also the ultimate legal issue of the cross-complaint). There is a motion in three parts, a proposed order and a request for judicial notice with 19 exhibits. The exhibits are identical to those in the Appendix. No. 1 Exhibit A and the motion is similar.

    3. Shortly after these papers were filed, Moxon left the following messages:

    On Thursday March 18, 2010, defendant and cross-complainant Graham Berry (“Berry”) filed and hand served his opposition to plaintiff and cross-defendant Kendrick Moxon’s (“Moxon”) request for contempt and his motion to compel the deposition of Moxon and to bar the assertion of the attorney-client privilege on the ground of the crime-fraud exception in Evidence §956. Very shortly thereafter defendant pro se Berry (but not his counsel Barry Van Sickle, Esq.) received ex parte notices as follows:

    A. By voicemail message: “This is Kendrick Moxon. I’m giving you notice that I am going to appear at an ex parte hearing to make sure the case is stayed and I don’t have to respond further until the court rules whether or not you were permitted to file the cross-complaint. I’ll see you Monday morning, 8-30 A.M. Department 58.”

    B. By email message: (11.55AM) “Mr. Berry, I called and left a message on your answering machine. This is further notice that I will appear in Dept 58 on Monday at 8-30 am to present an ex parte application to dismiss your cross-complaint and/or implement the stay required by CCP 391.7. Kendrick Moxon.”

    4. Most lawyers do not do what the evidence to the motion indicates Moxon has done to me. Among those few who might, most would not dare set foot in a court room, even with counsel, where evidence is on file such as in my motion to compel and request for judicial notice. Most would say, I don’t care how much I think Berry owes me, the evidence before the court is too bad for me to answer to! They would default, let the chips fall where they may, hold their breath and hope that nothing worse then happened to them. Then again most lawyers live in a different reality to Mr. Moxon.

    5. I watched our new Judge Treu in action today. From what I saw I liked him. He was a litigator and trial lawyer for about 20 years, and has been a judge for about 16 years. However, there is a strange coincidence. The courtroom deputy for Judge Treu was formerly the court room deputy to Judge Alexander H. Williams III. Today he said to me, “Weren’t you declared a vexatious litigant? Isn’t there a contempt request against you?” His pointed questions rubbed salt in a very sore wound. Robert is the clerk who Moxon says he called to get his stay of the case issued by ex parte telephone request to the clerk. As a result of the timing of Moxon's ex parte application, it looks as though he is not going to disqualify Judge Treu.

    5. If you want to read a good legal thriller, better than John Grisham cooks up, read what the friendly folks at OSA can create out of hole cloth: (a) the motion to compel Moxon’s deposition; and (b) the partial chronology of events which is Appendix No. III, Exhibit F.

    6. Yes, I was going to get on with my website thanks to the offer of assistance from a kind Anon. However, I now have to turn to writing my speech for Hamburg: ‘How Scientology uses PR to impact the courts and legislatures.’ Anyone got any great ideas and examples? I may not know of one that you have at your finger tips. Australia is one current example of public relations being used to obfuscate reality, and avoid being accountable for their conduct. I do not have the details though of what and how they did it-yet!
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    Re: MOXON v. BERRY/BERRY v. MOXON. new lawsuits

    Thanks for the update Graham! I'll be rooting for you come Monday morning!
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    Re: MOXON v. BERRY/BERRY v. MOXON. new lawsuits

    Point 5 has 2 times Judge Treu's deputy??

    May be a typo I think...
    Good luck GB !!
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    Re: MOXON v. BERRY/BERRY v. MOXON. new lawsuits

    Good luck Graham!
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    Re: MOXON v. BERRY/BERRY v. MOXON. new lawsuits

    Here's some info

  10. Anonymous Member

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    Re: MOXON v. BERRY/BERRY v. MOXON. new lawsuits

    I firmly believe that my right to justice against Scientology was denied by such kinds of judge tampering, and maybe more, as is described in the above long post by Anonymous. This was my Court case in 1998.
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    Re: MOXON v. BERRY/BERRY v. MOXON. new lawsuits

    Go Graham!
    Can't wait to hear how it goes on Monday.
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    Re: MOXON v. BERRY/BERRY v. MOXON. new lawsuits

    Don't let Moxon near a judges dog.
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    Re: MOXON v. BERRY/BERRY v. MOXON. new lawsuits

    [‘How Scientology uses PR to impact the courts and legislatures.’ A]

    It's not quite "courts and legislatures," but the recent case in San Jose shows how they influence and impact government in general; in this case Delorme Whatev-Baloney and her county funded "hate free community" office.

    Somehow the dumb bitch got convinced that spreading hate speech against San Jose anons was a good idea, something that should never have happened. I think Hamburg might find it interesting.
    I sure did.
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    Re: MOXON v. BERRY/BERRY v. MOXON. new lawsuits

    This might be of use to you, Graham.
    This thread reveals an example of using VM PR to influence legislature which they then used to create more PR. The resolution approved by the senate contains several lines that appear to have been lifted verbatim from the Volunteer Ministers website. Makes me wonder who wrote the resolution.
    Several of the VM videos show that Pat Harney, the head of PR for scientology, was shipped to Haiti right along with the VM's.
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    Re: MOXON v. BERRY/BERRY v. MOXON. new lawsuits

    Now that is interesting.

    Also, can you think of any other powerful entity which might be able to use the same kinds of tactics to influence judges (and others)? Or do you really suppose Scientology is the Final Boss in this area?
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    Re: MOXON v. BERRY/BERRY v. MOXON. new lawsuits

    Thank you for the suggestions.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Re: MOXON v. BERRY/BERRY v. MOXON. new lawsuits

    GO Gra-ham GO Gra-ham GO Gra-ham

    In other words.. keep up the good work brother..
  19. Anonymous Member

    Re: MOXON v. BERRY/BERRY v. MOXON. new lawsuits

    Good job comparing the resolution language and VM website.

    Here's Pat Harney on a WSVN PR news spot about the VMs going to Haiti. I notice the reporter refers to the VMs as "disaster-trained:"

    YouTube- WSVN TV 15 Feb 2010 - Scientology Volunteer Ministers bringing help to Haiti

    Also, Pat Harney was all over that fluffy Today Show piece from Haiti. A clip from that spot can be seen in the Anonymous VM video at about 32-38 seconds.

    YouTube- Scientology's Volunteer Ministers Exposed
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    Re: MOXON v. BERRY/BERRY v. MOXON. new lawsuits


    Street Preacher Debates Scientologist Cult Member

    [ame=""]YouTube- Street Preacher Debates Scientologist Cult Member Part Two[/ame]
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    Re: MOXON v. BERRY/BERRY v. MOXON. new lawsuits

    Dear Graham,

    Christ on a bicycle, Graham...

    I read yer filing, the problem I have is that scientology's conduct is so incredible and that Hubbard stated that the mere incredulity of their conduct (1) was their best defense...perhaps you could file that quote by Hubbard as part of yer closing argument? as a judge, I would be desperatety trying to find a way to dispose of the issue rather than try to make sense of it. It seems such a temptation to grab onto something, anything, that makes sense (if only upon its surface) rather than concieve that any lawyer could possibly conduct themselves as Moxon has....

    I recall a message I got years ago from Judge Swearinger's son...15 years ago.... who contacted me after the publicity of the raid, who indicated that we didn't know half the stuff that they did to his dad and to him...

    Anyhow, I'll be watching, and cheering, and hope you hit it out of park on Monday.

    Arnie Lerma Exposing the CON
    for our friends and family to get them out while they are still alive...

    Note 1:
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    Re: MOXON v. BERRY/BERRY v. MOXON. new lawsuits

    Every time Judge Judy is on, I am always reminded of Scientology. I wonder why that is.
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    Re: MOXON v. BERRY/BERRY v. MOXON. new lawsuits

    Not surprised you left out a citation. This is significantly less threatening when you read the policy letter in full:
  24. Graham Berry Member

    Re: MOXON v. BERRY/BERRY v. MOXON. new lawsuits

    The latest news from Moxon v. Berry/Berry v. Moxon

    On Monday March 22, 2010, Mr. Moxon’s ex parte application was heard by Judge Treu in Department 58 of the Los Angeles Superior Court. An ex parte application is an emergency motion made on one or two days notice. Regular motions require 16 court day’s notice.

    Mr. Moxon’s pending ex parte application is to either dismiss the Berry cross-complaint or to stay (delay) the case until the issue of whether the Berry cross-complaint can even be filed is decided by the court. Mr. Moxon’s papers, and my opposition papers, will be uploaded to Angry Gay Pope Home Page tonight or tomorrow.

    My counsel is Barry Van Sickle, Esq., another veteran Scientology litigator. He was to be in court this morning this morning but now needs major surgery and could not be there.

    In summary, this is what happened:

    (1) The judge took the bench and indicated that he was inclined to deny Moxon’s motion because I now had counsel which took the case outside of Code Civil Procedure section 391.7;

    (2) Moxon disagreed citing to several cases which held against the express language of that section. The cases are cited on pages 5-6 of the Moxon ex parte;

    (3) In the particular circumstances of the Moxon ex parte and argument, the judge did not wish to proceed without my counsel Barry Van Sickle, Esq. physically in the courtroom;

    (4) The Judge stayed the case until Barry Van Sickle could be in the court room;

    (5) I am to file an ex parte to restore Moxon’s ex parte to the calendar after I am back from Germany next Monday night and Barry Van Sickle has his doctor’s authority to travel;

    (6) My motion to compel Moxon’s deposition, and to waive the attorney-client privilege (pursuant to the crime-fraud exception), calendared for May 6, 2010, will stay on calendar (over Moxon’s objection) unless my counsel does not restore the Moxon ex parte in sufficient time for Moxon to timely file his opposition. The motion can read at: If you want to read the supporting evidence it is also online at the same site.

    Mr. Moxon continued his cozy relationship with retired Judge William’s former court clerk who is now this judge’s clerk. Scientology stooges list the clerk at the top of one of their “dead agent” pages on me: Graham E. Berry - Vexatious Litigant | Religious Freedom Watch

    In conclusion, I am satisfied with the status of the case as it now stands. The judge seems true (pun intended) to his oath of office and he is playing it straight down the middle, which is all one should ask of any judge.
  25. EyeOnSci Member

    Re: MOXON v. BERRY/BERRY v. MOXON. new lawsuits

    Good to hear that things are going ok so far and that the judge is being fair.

    Wishing you more big wins in Germany.

    Please tell Barry to get well soon!
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    Re: MOXON v. BERRY/BERRY v. MOXON. new lawsuits

    Better have a guard on his hospital room door. Wouldn't want anything "funny" to happen.
  27. grumpus Member

    Re: MOXON v. BERRY/BERRY v. MOXON. new lawsuits

  28. Anonymous Member

    Re: MOXON v. BERRY/BERRY v. MOXON. new lawsuits

    Fuck Moxon. We don't need his ass.
  29. Graham Berry Member

    Re: MOXON v. BERRY/BERRY v. MOXON. new lawsuits

    I have told him several times that if he "blows" the church and turns up on my doorstep seeking assistance, then I will defend him from OSA as fiercely as I have defended everyone else from Yanny onwards. Of course, Moxon has scoffed at my offers but somewhere those comments register.
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    Re: MOXON v. BERRY/BERRY v. MOXON. new lawsuits

    You take your oath serious, wich is more than we can say about him.
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    Re: MOXON v. BERRY/BERRY v. MOXON. new lawsuits

    don't like how this smells
  32. AnonKat Member

    Re: MOXON v. BERRY/BERRY v. MOXON. new lawsuits


    We are masters of IQ and ability. We have know-how. Any of us could select out a zone of life in which we are interested and then, entering it, bring order and victory to it.

    The third and fourth dynamics subdivide. Any third breaks down into many activities and professions, a neighborhood, a business concern, a military group, a city government, etc., etc., etc. The fourth dynamic breaks down just now mainly to races and nations.

    Now, just suppose a Scientologist were to consider himself a professional only for the purposes of treating and repairing or even starting again these third and fourth zones?

    See this: A housewife, already successfully employing Scientology in her own home, trained to professional level, takes over a woman’s club as secretary or some key position. She straightens up the club affairs by applying comm practice and making peace and then, incidental to the club’s main function, pushes Scientology into a zone of special interest in the club—children, straightening up marriages, whatever comes to hand and even taking fees for it—meanwhile, of course, going on being a successful and contributing wife.

    Or this: A Scientologist, a lesser executive or even a clerk in a company, trains as a professional auditor and, seeing where the company is heading, begins to pick up its loose ends by strengthening its comm lines or its personnel abilities. Without “selling” anybody Scientology, just studies out the bogs and remedies them. If only as “an able person” he would rapidly expand a zone of control, to say nothing of his personal standing in the company. This has been and is being done steadily across the world. Now that we have presessioning, it’s easy to straighten up other people. Our unreleased technology on handling third dynamic business situation is staggeringly large. You’d be surprised how easy it is to audit seniors. They and their families have so many troubles. Or how easy it is to spot the emergency-maker and audit him.

    And see this: A race is staggering along making difficulties for itself. Locate its leaders. Get a paid post as a secretary or officer of the staff of the leaders of that race. And by any means, audit them into ability and handle their affairs to bring cooperation not trouble. Every race that is in turmoil in a nation has quasi-social groups around its leaders.

    And this: A nation or a state runs on the ability of its department heads, its governors or any other leaders. It is easy to get posts in such areas unless one has delusions of grandeur or fear of it. Don’t bother to get elected. Get a job on the secretarial staff or the bodyguard, use any talent one has to get a place close in, go to work on the environment and make it function better. Occasionally one might lose, but in the large majority, doing a good job and making the environment function will result in promotion, better contacts, a widening zone.

    The cue in all this is don’t seek the cooperation of groups. Don’t ask for permission. Just enter them and start functioning to make the group win through effectiveness and sanity.

    If we were revolutionaries, this HCO Bulletin would be a very dangerous document. We are not revolutionaries any more than we are doctors of sickness in individual patients. But we are not revolutionaries, we are humanitarians. We are not political. And we can be the most important force for good that the world has ever known. Who objects to a company functioning better to produce a civilization? Who objects to a race becoming sane and a stable asset to its communities? Who objects to a neighborhood smoothing out?

    Only the very criminal would object and they are relatively ineffectual when you can know and spot them. And there are no criminals except the mentally disabled.1

    Hubbard, L. R. (1960, 23 June). The Special Zone Plan The Scientologist’s role in life. (Hubbard Communications Office Bulletin). The Technical Bulletins of Dianetics and Scientology (First printing, 1976 ed., Vol. IV, pp. 111-115). Los Angeles: Church of Scientology of California.

    HCOB: The Special Zone Plan The Scientologist’s Role In Life : Refund and Reparation
  33. Lorelei Member

    Re: MOXON v. BERRY/BERRY v. MOXON. new lawsuits


    Re: your request for how Sci uses PR to counter-attack

    I think the USA Today advertisement spam responding to Behar's TIME article MIGHT qualify.

    And, though this is 100% anecdotal and thus useless, more than one Anon was amused that both Cruise and Travolta puff pieces appeared in the news to defuse the NYT article's impact. You know, the "Cruise has motorcycle accident / no he didn't" nonsense and a reminder that John Travolta experienced human feelings of grief after his son died and is still sad (like any normal person would be) about it.

    Explain to me how either story is remotely newsworthy, or intended to do anything more than elicit sympathy from the general public for Cruise (possibly hurt in a possible accident that possibly happened) and Travolta (grieving parent)?

    And how about Scientology's transparent attempt to paint Anonymous both as some kind of organized group (you know, a group that might have leaders and bylaws and such) and a lawless terrorist movement by giving Jeff Stone the infamous "Anonymous is responsible for any bad thing or bad deed that anyone IDing him- or herself as "anonymous" online ever said or did" booklet.

    Or their attempt at "Let's You And Him Fight" when they set three journalists against the St. Pete Times journalists and paid them to "investigate" their professional colleagues?

    Or their harassment of Bob Minton, Arnie Lerma, Larry Wollersheim, Tory "Magoo" Christman et al and attempts to paint them as bad people or crazy people whenever they struck a critical blow against the cult?

    Seems like I read something on WWP recently discussing how a critic / ex (referred to as "Peaches") was harassed mercilessly and encouraged by Scilon misbehavior and trespassing and pranks / vandalism (etc.) to feel threatened enough to flood the local police with complaint calls until they wrote her off as a crank. Meanwhile, Scientologists were doing their utmost to act like angels if and when the LEOs showed up to mediate, and to make her lose her shit on camera / in front of the LEOs (by hissing vile things into her ears, for one), and thus be discredited. (I'm 99% sure I know who "Peaches" is, but that connection wasn't made in the article, so I won't speculate.)

    Or their attempt to shut down public discourse on ARS with "cancel bunnies" and "sporgeries" and more attempts to increase the noise level (vs. signal) to make the newsgroup nearly unreadable? Tory can speak to that one, as can anyone who used to be around reading and either lurking or posting then.

    Or their harassment of CAN, an organization praised by Hassan and others in their critical books about Scientology (or cults in general), CAN's bankruptcy, and then Scientology taking over CAN?

    Or their current blatant and transparent attempts to harass under the guise of being concerned about "religious tolerance" at the RFW forums? Funny how the only "religion" being "defended" is Scientology, with other (legitimate) faiths only being given lip service. Of course, anyone who is not a Scientologist can't even sign up to that forum, so it serves less like a discussion forum with back and forth discussion and more like a propaganda platform where all the information only flows one way from one source: the cult. And the cult has an axe or two to grind, and protesters / critics to "unmask" and defame, and ridiculous claims to make.

    Perhaps not what you were hoping for, or what you haven't already considered and touched upon, but certainly not something that it will be hard to find many examples of!

    The problem I foresee is that unless you are the target, or experienced some of this behavior first-hand, it is often very difficult to "prove" that Scientology is at work casting aspersions and trying to defame critics. Fortunately, this is an old trick that works less and less well, thanks to the Internet and the ease with which people can connect and compare note these days, but Scientology trying to make critics look like assholes or cranks (or "criminals") is one of their favourite tricks in their arsenal.
  34. DeathHamster Member

    Re: MOXON v. BERRY/BERRY v. MOXON. new lawsuits

    Hope he's doing well!

    And hopefully absolutely no relation to these people:
  35. Zak McKracken Member

    Re: MOXON v. BERRY/BERRY v. MOXON. new lawsuits


    this needs its own thread! :<
    Edit: old news is old. But still:

    Cool Glockosaurus story, bro :(
  36. WilberMercer Member

  37. Anonymous Member

    Re: MOXON v. BERRY/BERRY v. MOXON. new lawsuits


    Please give my best to Mr. Van Sickle. I hope the surgery is minor and that he gives himself enough time to peacefully recover to recharge his batteries.

    From what I'm reading of your posts the judge seems to be acting in a reasonable manner although he has some relationship (albeit casual) that is chummy towards Moxon. If possible, would you (or another Anon) be able to give us some background as to how he became a judge? Some of us can't really tell which were appointed (I think that is Superior Court judges in LA County, no?) or which were voted in.

    Some of us don't have the time to really lurk and research these things and if there is any political pressure to be placed with an upcoming election, then we should start planning this ASAP. There is an upcoming California gubernatorial election after all.

    I may be a bit ig'nant to who/how these people are appointed in California but I'm not alone. I'm just one that usually disregards that part of the ballot that could elect a Scilon friendly judge.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Re: MOXON v. BERRY/BERRY v. MOXON. new lawsuits

    Here's a thread related to scientology infiltration of National Foundation for Women Legislators.
    State legislators in Hawai`i proposed legislation modelled after the "Second Chance" of program in New Mexico. It was known as HB 358.
    By the time it was to be voted upon, the "Second Chance" had been loudly and repeatedly identified as a scam that had cost New Mexico a lot of money, based on non-evidence based statements and had produced only negative results.
    Despitr this, the bill continued through stage after stage of voting in the house and senate only to be vetoed by the governor.
    Unfortunately, in a final move, the legislature overrode the veto along with scores of other vetos in the biggest veto override count in Hawai`i history.
  39. DeathHamster Member

    Re: MOXON v. BERRY/BERRY v. MOXON. new lawsuits

    PR... for when slashing the judge's tires doesn't work?

    Certainly they've used outrageous PR against Germany. (Mainly to play for American audiences.)
  40. mirror neuron Member

    Re: MOXON v. BERRY/BERRY v. MOXON. new lawsuits

    I couldn't figure out how t link this from the interview thread (OP) so it's pasted. But maybe there are examples on both sides here:

    This interview with Niki Stein, author and director of the film appeared in the newspaper "Frankfurter Rundschau":

    original: Interview mit Niki Stein: Feinde der Verfassung | Frankfurter Rundschau - Medien

    Mr. Stein, you took a deep and intensive look at Scientology for 1.5 years. What is your conclusion?

    I don't know of a single publication that says: The danger is overstated. Not one. The statements by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard and also by his successors can not be mistaken. It is about getting rid of a democratic liberal order and creating a state which strictly discriminates between able and unable people. In the end it is about what Hitler wanted too - to create a social-darwinist form of state.

    Would you say that the danger posed by Scientology has been played down in recent years?

    Definitely. It's not taken seriously, because people aren't informed about it. That's why I thought it important that this film was produced. It is incredibly courageous that the ARD dared to do something like this.

    The film was created amongst strict secrecy. There was a prohibition of spreading infrormation and you purported to produce a crime show. Looking back, was the secrecy necessary?

    Yes. If you produce a film about the anti-constitutionality of the NPD [remark: german neonazi party] there is going to be secrecy as well. Noone announces that beforehand. No journalist would get the idea to turn this into an accusation. When it comes to Scientology this happens - I don't understand why that is. But we also had a responsibility for our actors. Actors are sensitive people. I don't know how they would have reacted if they had received obscure phone calls.

    You yourself received such calls, because Scientology found out about it because of an instance of carelessness. Were you afraid?

    I wouldn't say I was afraid. Sometimes I had a strange feeling. But basically I expected much more. The attempts at intimidation were rather discreet. I wasn't threatened with something like: "Watch for your children." They're way too clever for that. You only get calls which state: "We know what you are doing." That's enough. There were also completely open offers in the spirit of "Before you say anything incorrect, rather talk to us."

    How does the system of Scientology work, which is characterized by manipulation and dependency?

    The basic priniciple is the principle of redefinition. They're talking about freedom the entire time. But freedom means subjection under their technology. Freedom means to become "Clear". But "Clear" means that you are apathetic to influences from the outside world and you're only open to scientological working orders.

    In your film you portray how a family gets into the system of Scientology. What were your ideas and thoughts when you constructed your story?

    The most important thing for me and at the same time the biggest hurdle I had to overcome was that you had to somehow develop some kind of empathy for the main character Frank, without the audience thinking: This couldn't happen to me. Because in that case you would think: Sure, this guy has a huge problem and I haven't, so it won't happen to me. Or to put this very directly: Only folks with mental issues join this.

    How close is your film to reality?

    What you're seeing in our film really happened in this or another way, wespoke with different ex-members. Of course we had to be extremely careful not to violate any personal rights [[of people involved]]. But the practices that we show - including the forms of intimidation, the harassment, the destruction of family, these RPF camps - they exist, there is research on this, it happens just that way. And worse. We really held ourselves back in order to prevent any possibility of a lawsuit.

    The system of Scientology is directed towards the total efficiency of man. Isn't there a connection to our modern [performance society]?

    You are completely right. Everyone has to make sure that he as a machine works even more perfectly. Basically, today's world is more receptive to scientology than the world of 20 years ago, when we still were strongly influenced by conceptions of freedom, against subjection, against authorities. We're living in a culture today in which everyone is expected to work harder on themselves. The demands are extreme. All of this is of benefit to a system that demands perfection. Under that aspect I think the film really touches upon current issues.

    In Germany, Scientology has been monitored since 1997 by the Office for Protection of the Contitution. Procedures directed at a ban, such as those considered in France, haven't been undertaken here. Should Scientology be banned in Germany?

    Yes, the organization is anti-constitutional in word and deed.
    In other news concerning the film and Scientology's reaction: According to an article by Kölner Stadtanzeiger, at the Berlin headquarters of Scientology "bomb and death threats" against Scientology were mentioned, which had been caused by the "unprecedented campaign of defamation by the ARD".
    Die Suche nach der Wahrheit - Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger

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