MP Alikhani Vocally Calls the Election 'Rigged' in Parliament

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by EPG, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. EPG Member

    Ayatollah Alikhani, A member of the parliament and his speech in defense of Mousavi

  2. MassuUnion Member

    This was amazing. Who is this guy? Is there some information about him out there? I'd like to get some more background on him, if we can.
  3. This guy has balls of steel!!

    I like him! eventhough i am suprised he has not been beheaded yet lol

    someone tell us about him?

    he has no wiki even?
  4. MassuUnion Member

    I don't think even Khamenei would try killing an Ayatollah. I could see them arresting him, but assassination? The government would really be digging its own grave.

    There's got to be something out there. So many of the other Ayatollahs have their own websites, surely he's got something out there.
  5. NiteOwl Member

    This video has been called a fake multiple times - yet it is not. Everyone points to the date at the bottom and says it's 21 years old. The date underneath is NOT March 03, 1988. It's 26 Khordad 1388, which coincides with Tuesday, June 16, 2009 when protesters were out on the streets demanding a reelection. The SAT with the date isn't for Saturday. For further authenticity, check out the speaker. It's Ali Larijani. He's only been speaker of the Majlis since May 2008. The MP in question is Hajsheikh Alikhani. The video speaks for itself. Read the subtitles for what's in it. I only certify its authenticity. This is further proof of the political divide and of the election illegitimacy. - NiteOwl

    P.S. At the end, the speaker keeps saying, "You've run out of time. Please stop."

    Click to see the video: [ame][/ame]
  6. they all walked out on him...

    would say that is a pretty good impression they are all crooked son of a bitches! lol
  7. This is going around in twitter, good for morale. :D
  8. Visionary Member

    Nice speech, I guess he was the last one, lol.
  9. skollie-IRAN Member

    HUGE balls of steel. I wish others would have the same courage to stand up and speak out like he did.
  10. MassuUnion Member

    So it's a few days older... was any action taken against him because of this?
  11. He's very brave. Is he still in parliament, or alive and free for that matter?
  12. EPG Member

    Not to my knowledge, not yet as far as I am aware. He is not alone, there are still other reformist MP's in the parliament. And even The head of the parliament, Larijani (guy sitting at the top) who is a conservative, is starting to voice concern about all that is happening.
  13. Found a Persian Calendar

    I found this - Khayam Persian Calendar program to convert Gregorian calendar to the calendar used in Iran.

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  14. i wondered about that he looked very entertained by the did the bailiff/bouncer dude trying to get him off the podium.. seemed to be laughing.
  15. A fool and his head are soon parted.......My guess is this is the last video we see from Alikhani
  16. Rafsanjani

    What does he mean about Ayatollah Hashemi? Has he spoken out publicly yet? He seems to always have a strong sense of fairness so I doubt he'd be willing to just sit back and accept election rigging.
  17. EPG Member

    Why? are you going to behead him?
  18. you are 10 days late for your state sponsored Rectal Exam, I heard this makes you look suspicious...
  19. Not me.....but someone. You think Iran can allow a crack in their armor at this point?? You think there is just a little "free speech". Alikhani either wins or losses. He lives or he dies. At this point the govenment has 2 options.....kill everyone....or let everyone live
  20. Man, if i were in Iran right now, i'd give that man a hug. seriously, he must be so brave speaking out like that. and from the look on his face, you can tell he's devoid of fear. true balls of steel right there.
  21. Someone is not using their head.

    I suppose the MPs who boycotted Dinnerjacket's party were beheaded for that gesture too.
  22. EPG Member

    He is far more powerful and influential to just be killed. And so far there is no news of his arrest.
  23. EPG Member

    Lol I love the smile on his's that "F U" smile =)))
  24. I guess we will see if Persians are just like arabs......maybe Teheran will be the next Beirut or Baghdad???
  25. i request for a mod to merge this thread with the other one
  26. SanguineRose Member

    If NiteOwl requests it.
  27. You dont understand what Im saying. There is no half measures at this point. Iran is at a tipping point. You think the current powers will ever open the internet again? 1000s of videos of Iranians killed in the street for the world to see? Iran will become the new N. Korea
  28. I don't think that's even possible at this point.

    Getting the military to keep order is probably possible. Getting the military to kill its own people in droves is something even the military won't do.
  29. The Austin Heap Theft

    The guy at Austin Heap is claiming that you have moved there on twitter. and reposting your entire articles from here.
  30. Jaymax Moderator

    This doesn't really belong in this thread, but can you please provide a link or something to back this up? Thanks.

    For info - If you mean GreenBrief - that doesn't belong to us but to the author - we're all working together here.
  31. austinheap Member

    I was asked to repost it by NiteOwl after the WWP servers went down. Thanks.
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  33. NiteOwl Member

    I personally requested @austinheap to post the brief on his site because our servers here were down so I thank him for that. Secondly, all our works are licensed through Creative Commons (CC) which gives anyone the right to use them as long as they provide a link to the original source and not sell the work for profit.


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