Mr. Freud in action

Discussion in 'Anonymous gegen Scientology' started by Schwabe, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. Schwabe Member

    Mr. Freud in action

    Ich kann's mir nicht verkneifen, der ist einfach zu schön:

  2. Anon556 Member

    Re: Mr. Freud in action

    Translation for englishfags?
  3. Vir Member

    Re: Mr. Freud in action

    The minister of the interior is giving a speech. He's talking about opportunities for "information channels" on the tubes, but misspeaks and says "information control" instead. Then 12 days later the new law for the BKA (Bundeskriminalamt - sort of like the FBI), giving more surveillance powers, is passed.

    But this is the german-speaking forum, so back to the Germans.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: Mr. Freud in action

    Mehr Kontrolle über die Kanäle. Lasst das Boot nicht versinken, fangt den Fisch!
  5. Fleischmann Member

    Re: Mr. Freud in action

    Dieser Fisch stinkt.

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