Munich - Germany

Discussion in 'Anonymous vs Scientology Archive' started by habboraider, Mar 18, 2008.

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  1. habboraider Member

    Munich - Germany

    The protest was a big win.

    We had round about 30 anons and one ex-scientologist.
    Masks are illigal in germany, when used to hide the identity. But our organisator got the o.k. from the police
    for us to wear them from time to time as a symbol of our group.
    The police were very friendly and pleased about the peaceful protest. The scifags weren´t allowed to photograph us,
    but they didn´t give a shit. Most of the shopowners around supported us because the scilos often molestheir customers.
    A good example for the public opinion about scientology was the following sign, found at a door near the dianetic center (It says: scientology-free area of munich):

    The people gave us a very positive feedback and a lot of flyers were given away. An old lady
    donated 20 bucks without beeing asked - it will be used at the the next protest in april.
    The signs "honk against scientology" were also a great succes, sometimes you weren´t able to understand your own words.
    The police gave us the hint to change the words from "honk against scientology" into "i would honk against scientology" to
    prevent legal actions of the scifags against us (it could be interpreted as a call to act against the law)

    A Wikinews reporter was there too. He seemed to be be very good informed about project chanology and
    our "secret undergroud boards". He brought us a package of "negro" cookies..

    He interviewed an anon, a shopowner and tried to get an interview from the "church", which they denied.

    Intervies + 2 moar pics:'s_birthday_worldwide#M.C3.BCnchen_Germany

    Here is a link to a few pics:

    More pictures and videos (when cut) will follow
  2. Negro cookies?
  3. habboraider Member

    click teh link below.
  4. Oh, I see. Silly me.
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