Murder and persecution of Kurds in Iran

Discussion in 'Iran' started by Unregistered, Aug 20, 2009.

  1. anyone have any updates on the recent deaths of Kurds in Iran at the hands of the regime?
    The Kurds along with the Sufis have had a real rough ride over the years-ethnic bashing from the regime-and now the regime is turning on everyone who even questions what they are doing and how they are acting...
    we are currently trying to collate and collect info on crimes committed by the Iranian dictatorship-
    post anon if you wish-
    lets get the furnace firing up to get the changes rolling ahead;)
  2. n Iran, Kurds express their cultural identity freely, but have no self-government or administration. As in all parts of Iran, membership of a non-governmental political party is punishable by imprisonment or even death. Kurdish human rights activists in Iran have been threatened by Iranian authorities.[61][62] Following the killing of Kurdish opposition activist Shivan Qaderi and two other Kurdish men by Iranian security forces in Mahabad on July 9, 2005, six weeks of riots and protests erupted in Kurdish towns and villages throughout eastern Kurdistan. Scores were killed and injured, and an untold number arrested without charge. The Iranian authorities have also shut down several major Kurdish newspapers and arrested editors and reporters. Among those was Roya Toloui, a Women's rights activist and head of the Rasan ("Rising") newspaper in Sanandaj, who was alleged to be tortured for two months for involvement in the organization of peaceful protests throughout Kurdistan province.[63] According to an Iran analyst at International Crisis Group, "Kurds, who live in the some of the least developed parts of Iran, pose the most serious internal problem for Iran to resolve, and given what they see next door--the newfound confidence of Iraqi Kurds--there's concern Iranian Kurds will agitate for greater autonomy."[64]

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