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  4. Were you born boring or is it that you work damned hard at being it?
    Either way you sure are a garden variety , lackluster dullsville sorta person.
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    Awww thanks! I love gardening!
  6. Yeah we all know you like dropping your bucket in the dirt.
  7. GREAT VOICE. I am a fan

    I have an AKAI AA 1175 amplifier so fuck you all who tell me Miley is shit

    Miley Cyrus - See You Again in the Live Lounge

    3:25 / 4:46
    Happy Hippie Presents: Peace Will Come (According to Plan)

    [Happy Hippie Presents: Look What They've Done to My Song Ma (Performed by Miley Cyrus &...

  8. Happy Hippie Presents: 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover (Performed by Miley Cyrus)

    Happy Hippie Presents: Happy Together (Performed by Miley Cyrus)

    Happy Hippie Presents: No Freedom (Performed by Miley Cyrus)

  9. Happy Hippie Presents: Don't Dream It's Over (Performed by Miley Cyrus & Ariana Grande)

    Happy Hippie Presents: Androgynous (Performed by Miley Cyrus, Joan Jett & Laura Jane Gr...

    Happy Hippie Presents: Different (Performed by Miley Cyrus & Joan Jett)

  10. Happy Hippie Presents: Yaw Baby (Break My Heart) (Performed by Melanie Safka)

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  13. I am gonna see the guy on the organ perfom live with his wife, daughter and friends at his homestudio.

    His wife (singer) and the brother of his wife on guitar (the older dude):

    And these two lady singers wil be there as well:

    Double Brown Jazz festival Breda 2015

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  14. Anonymous Member

    what an imaginative staging
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    Sorry about the ad at the start
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  17. Sheeit, this life be nuthin' but a veil of tears.
  18. When Aretha Franklin died, the clip that was shared most widely - the most potent reminder of her raw, soul-stirring emotional force - was a 2015 performance of her 1967 hit (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman.

    The rendition at the Kennedy Center Honors ceremony brought a tear to Barack Obama's eye, and left the song's co-writer Carole King in raptures.
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    Aretha does The Rolling Stones
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  21. Never saw this magnificent performance until today, and the tears flowed anew. I guess the reactions of Carole King and Barack and Michelle Obama might have something to do with seems like 2015 was a world that has now disappeared, never to be recreated.

    The world that Aretha (and Barack) filled with their humanity surely will not be obliterated by Fascism and the lowlifes now in power?
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  24. A Chance to Succeed (We're Bettin' On Beto) By Hank Woji

    The Beto Song (Hand it to O'Rourke)

  25. Bye Bye Bye - 2016 North American Postmodern Jukebox Tour Cast Version

  26. All The Small Things (Blink 182 Sad Clown Cover) - Postmodern Jukebox ft. Puddles Pity Party - AGT

  27. Teenage Dirtbag - Vintage Janis Joplin Style Wheatus Cover ft. Jax

  28. 'Cosby' actor speaks out after being job-shamed online

  29. Show me talbe manners All you teenage dirtbag never learned table manners
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    i love that guy
  31. So you love PMJ too ;)
    Royals - ("Sad Clown With The Golden Voice") - Postmodern Jukebox Lorde Cover ft. Puddles Pity Party

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  32. Irish flight delayed so trad session started between DaoiríFarrell, Geoff Kinsella and Robbie Walsh.

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