Must Read:How To Communicate Securely in Repressive Environments

Discussion in 'Keeping Your Anonymity In Iran' started by Unregistered, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. Ray Murphy Member

  2. echo-IRAN Member

    It's a draft and it will not see the light of day if the org is real serious. Just make you laugh at times:

    - many many times repeating don't use your real name
    - talk in codes if all else fail
    - give misleading info if you think your phone seems being tapped

    It does contains some potentially dangerous advice if you trust it 100%:
    - use IP address for websites instead of domain names !

    Badly researched doc, must read only if you use only your real name for face book accounts.
  3. echo's f/b posted at author blog here.
  4. echo-IRAN Member

    That's easier. His idea of how To Communicate Securely in Repressive Environments is:

    - Use Beeping instead of SMS whenever possible :D
    - know about encryption but suggest not to use smart phones, which cannot encrypt :mad:
  5. Instead of criticising all the time - often without any justification from what I can see - why don't you take the time to write something up yourself.

    This is actually a very good document overall. Is it perfect? No. But the guy is clear that he's looking for feedback. However this is not someone who knows nothing. His points are sensible, practical and to the point. He also covers a lot of ground, and is definitely worth reading IMO. Especially if you feel you may have gaps in your knowledge.
  6. Nice!

    Some very good advice actually, great summary of possible methods.

    I would add : if a phone gets tracked, drop it in a second hand store. Keeps them busy for a while. It would be nice to know how you can find out your phone is tracked before they stand at your door though. Not much time to burn then...

    As with every advice, double check first and look at other sources. And indeed, it is not always coherent, as echo says. But it gives sure as hell a LOT more starting points than echo's comments ever will :D
  7. echo-IRAN Member

    I'm the only one commenting on the article/blog. Don't you know criticizing is a form of comment?

    His concrete actions points, bullet points, are mostly common sense, and do I have to write it for you? Just don't use your real name, repeated a few times. But seriously, there are serious responsibility to so something like this, it's not Indians and Cowboys, it's life and death. It's not only me, the moderators gave up on writing a list here.

    Actually the only important thing is to remain anonymous, and most of his stuff doesn't help. The useful things are written many times over everywhere, like using TOR with detail instructions and implications. For cell phones it's more difficult because all govts make sure that it can be tapped. And if you noticed I already had proposed to send a blind person you don't know to get a prepaid phone for you ...

    This guys attitude is too slack. How much time do you buy when you type in the IP address of a website instead of a domain name? The secret police can look it up in 10 seconds!

    How many of you guys criticizing my comments in this live in a repressive regime? It doesn't matter that much when you know someone is already tracking/monitoring you, they already have your phone number, and perhaps they already got your name somewhere else and are targeting you, rather than random content filtering.
  8. What? Buy time? Look it up in 10 seconds? Isn't that method just supposed to use one fewer server thus leaving logs on one less? Like - no need to fetch the IP belonging to the URL if you type in the IP...?

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