My Computer Hacked - Passwords stolen

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  1. Intelligence Member

    My Computer Hacked - Passwords stolen

    I hope this is the right thread to post this?

    I need some help and advice please. For those who don't know me, I left Narconon Trois Rivieres last October 28, 2009. I went back on November 3, 2009 with the police to gather my belongings and computer.

    As soon as I stated my computer, something was different, but it was useable. A short while later, my computer went crazy. After three days, Major Boyle helped me install Anti Malware in Safe Mode. After this program ran, a screen came up displaying when my computer was accessed and what files they went to. My email passwords were hacked into and I had to change them. What a scarey mess!

    The date of the last hacking was on November 3, 2009, at 12:01pm. I didn't arrive to pick up my computer until after 1:00pm, November 3, 2009. The sceen even showed the name of Aline in some of the files accessed. I took lots photos of the screen and it showed that a Trojan Horse, Worm, and Keystroke Logger had been installed.

    I contacted Yahoo today, Security Center, because a bunch of my emails are missing. Good thing I forwarded them and printed most of them.

    Today again, I'm running Anti-Malware on my desktop. My laptop is brand new and clean, so I'm avoiding the desktop use except to access saved files. Then I just print them off.

    The Government is investigating four complaints I filed and there are five more being processed to forward to the Canada Competition Bureau about the False Success rate. I have the dox on this Fraud; I was the Graduate Officer and Registrar at Narconon.

    I am in Montreal, Canada.

    Which authority or Police force should I contact with all this hacking evidence I now have: the Montreal Police; the Provincial police; the RCMP; or the Department of Justice?

    I have been harassed, threatened; there have been reprisals for filing complaints; my friends and family have been harassed; and my computer has been hacked into.

    I have had enough of their Enemy - Fair Gaming, and I'm going to file a complaint with Police or Governing Authorities.

    I could use some advice. Thank you.

    David Edgar Love
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: My Computer Hacked - Passwords stolen

    This may be useful:
  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: My Computer Hacked - Passwords stolen

    Bloody hell, forgot you were in Canada. Maybe someone can help you with who to contact there.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: My Computer Hacked - Passwords stolen

    RCMP. They have a Cybercrimes division. I believe there is one in each province.
  5. Intelligence Member

    Re: My Computer Hacked - Passwords stolen

    Maybe I should contact the FBI in this Link? When Narconon found out about one my "Leak Sources". (better not say anymore to protect identity).

    Anyway, the next email I received from this person, was from a Boston IP Address? They got that persons passwords using a keystroke logger on a Narconon Computer. Hacking is widespread at Narconon. This is an email I( received from an Executive:

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Aline Proulx []
    Sent: Friday, October 09, 2009 9:37 AM
    To: 'Narconon David Love'
    Subject: RE: Thank you David

    A bit of « advice » here….for these kind of personal communications what I suggest is that you use your own personal email address (so nobody can hack in). My main concern is that in the past there has been staff that were able to “hack” in our data base somehow and check other staff emails (RJ & myself for sure). You were “a bit” nattery about Scott and you have to be careful around here because even the “walls have ears.

    This is crazy!
  6. Anonymous Member

    Re: My Computer Hacked - Passwords stolen

    Sorry to hear these brutal tactics are being used against you.

    You will likely get the response that Yahoo security center can only reinstate emails deleted in the past 24 hours. Faced similar issues last year, unless something changes that will be their reply.

    rcmp would be my best guess.
  7. Intelligence Member

    Re: My Computer Hacked - Passwords stolen

    RCMP,....OK,....thank you.

    This is so upsetting and I'm angry. I have to calm down to get back to doing what needs to be done; compiling the evidence and submitting it.

    They have really pissed me off now; now I understand why I kept receiving text messages and emails from Aline, demanding that I send her my ETA for coming back to pick up my computer and stuff. They were hacking into my computer and didn't want me to show up unexpected and surprise them.

    I have only received one email from this lady in BOLD RED letters and it was the one demanding my ETA.

    Well, the police can take my computer and do a forensic peak at it. I hope they nail them for cyber crime.
  8. anonymous612 Member

  9. Intelligence Member

  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: My Computer Hacked - Passwords stolen

    Contact your local RCMP. Ask for Cybercrimes. Often that department understands the problem whereas the guy answering the phone won't be that computer literate. Once you do that, see if they will bite. Until you get this legally resolved don't use the computer unless you have to. The closer your hard drive is to the condition it was when last accessed by the hacker, the better your chance they can get good information off of it.

    Generally they will help you if they have the time, but do remember that CyberCrimes divisions are often overworked so do try to be understanding in that regard.
  11. Intelligence Member

    Re: My Computer Hacked - Passwords stolen

    Maybe I should contact the Provincial Intelligence Police. They interviewed me for two hours after I escaped Narconon. They know and understand scientology. They believed as being credible when I showed them my dox.
  12. Intelligence Member

    Re: My Computer Hacked - Passwords stolen

    I just bought this laptop last week and many of my dox and files are on my desktop. There's about 2,700 files! How am I going to get them off there and onto my laptop? Maybe I could buy a USB memory stck? Will that work for all files? What if there is a virus in one of the files and I load it into my laptop?

  13. Intelligence Member

    Re: My Computer Hacked - Passwords stolen

    I feel like throwing up :-(

  14. Intelligence Member

    Re: My Computer Hacked - Passwords stolen

    Ok, I've just printed off 16 pages of Trojan Horse, Worm, and Keystroke Logger infection Log Reports; just in case.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Re: My Computer Hacked - Passwords stolen

    On a side note, would people just stop using windoze? If you had the scilons most likely would have been unable to even access your files!

    YouTube - How to install Ubuntu Linux 10.04
  16. Intelligence Member

    Re: My Computer Hacked - Passwords stolen

    I might try it. One of the Anons at our last Montreal protest uses it and he likes it.

    I'm even leary of making certain calls on my cell phone now. The Gov Police told me to use a pay phone only.

    I made a couple of long distance calls today from home, but I used Skype. Is this safe and secure? I sure hope so ;-)
  17. Anonymous Member

    Re: My Computer Hacked - Passwords stolen

    Inb4 skiddies.
  18. Intelligence Member

    Re: My Computer Hacked - Passwords stolen

    What does (Inb4 skiddies), mean?
  19. Anonymous Member

    Re: My Computer Hacked - Passwords stolen

    Don't worry about it.
  20. Re: My Computer Hacked - Passwords stolen

    Laptop hard drives are cheap these days (say, 160 GB for US $70 IIRC). Remove the old one with a phillips screwdriver and handle it VERY gently and give to investigators*. Screw the new one in. Install linux - it will probably recognize the chips fairly well. Surfing, e-mail and OpenOffice (it's like Microsoft Office) are pretty easy to figure out in linux. (Full disclosure: I've been running linux for over 10 years, it is better than it has ever been.)

    USB sticks are great for file storage. Surf over here (or, say, here) with any linux browser, and upload unfamiliar files. They'll send the file to dozens of anti-virus sites while you wait. Delete virus files until only trusted files remain (if law enforcement wants your infected stick, get another. They're cheap). Then enjoy your virus-free life.

    * If law enforcement wants the whole computer, of course, give it to them. People are throwing away perfectly good computers these days -- or a friend can lend you an old machine, or charity/thrift stores can yield a great deal (and linux is still free). You've already changed passwords, that's GREAT. You're clearly not taking this lying down. If you remember any more passwords, change them too.

    As for the cell phone, I use a prepaid one. Pay cash, buy some minutes, and don't give out the number to anyone you aren't sure about. It's cheap for light users like me. You might not be able to turn off "caller ID" in the handset anymore though, so read the technical manuals for the various models online (and don't call people still "in" the cult).

    Stay in touch and let us know what happens. Maybe you can "cure" Narconon of their addiction -- to desperate peoples' money!

    Good luck!
  21. Anonymous Member

    Re: My Computer Hacked - Passwords stolen

    You do realize you're insane right?
  22. Anonymous Member

    Re: My Computer Hacked - Passwords stolen

  23. Re: My Computer Hacked - Passwords stolen

    Kindly word-clear "experienced". I actually had to turn down a client recently (she logged in to Facebook and other sites, got Trojan Vundo*) because I just don't have the time right now.

    (I checked the valve tappet clearances on my classic vehicle this weekend. True dat. But for quick advice for someone in need, I'm there...even from another country. Must go watch fireworks now.)

    Thank $DEITY these virus writers aren't very good at their craft, or I'd really be screwed.

    * <sarcasm>In other earth-shattering news, the sun rose this morning.</end sarcasm>
  24. Re: My Computer Hacked - Passwords stolen

    but you still have your pron, right?
  25. Major Boyle Member

    Re: My Computer Hacked - Passwords stolen

    You need help getting Ubuntu installed PM me. I'll set it up for you. Just get yourself a separate SATA drive for testing purposes. Once you're happy with Ubuntu, you can copy the files over.
  26. Intelligence Member

  27. Anonymous Member

  28. Intelligence Member

    Re: My Computer Hacked - Passwords stolen

    Will I only be able to use Linux or Windows 7 along side it? I'm willing to try anything to put a stop to this BS>
  29. Anonymous Member

    Re: My Computer Hacked - Passwords stolen

    Come to think of it if there is any anti cult investigative authority in canada you might benefit from contacting them over the others. Reason for that is that they have a motivation to nail something on a cult front and would be able to pass the case on internally. Win Win.
  30. Intelligence Member

    Re: My Computer Hacked - Passwords stolen

    I will contact Infosect in Montreal. They will know.
  31. Anonymous Member

    Re: My Computer Hacked - Passwords stolen

    I would recommend against Linux unless you have a savvy linux-user friend in your neighbourhood. It's a fine OS, but your support and software options will be greatly reduced, simply because there are so many fewer low-level users. At least make sure you can run both if you do go down that route. Your best route is to find yourself a neighbourhood basement dwelling kid who's prepared to help reasonably regularly to make sure all your defences are lined up properly - do that and you'll be generally safe on Windows providing no one gets physical access.

    DON'T go looking online or to shops for help, because those routes are too easily compromised - find someone through your personal network (some geek your current bosses daughter friendzoned or something), who lives nearby, and don't let on who they are.
  32. Re: My Computer Hacked - Passwords stolen

    Depends on what you mean. On the same drive? Probably (sometimes on old PCs I cannot shrink the Windoze partition to make room for linux, don't know why). Each time you start the machine, you choose Windows or linux for that session. Want to switch? Reboot. And Linux can see the Windows part of the drive, but not the other way around.

    $50 gets you an external USB enclosure to hold desktop or laptop SATA drives (or for older IDE laptop drives, $10 buys an adapter that lets you plug it into the IDE cable of a desktop PC). Now the "good" computer can see the files so you can copy, delete, etc.

    For specialty tasks (getting pics straight from your camera, serious audio/video work, family tree software, etc) I do still use Windows programs.

    But for basic tasks, linux is pretty easy and works well. It's also free, and can help with a virus problem.

    "Linux works and it helps people."
  33. Intelligence Member

    Re: My Computer Hacked - Passwords stolen

    I would use it on my new laptop: 320gbHD; 7200; 4gbRam; Windows 7. It's fast and works very well. It should run both on this?
  34. Intelligence Member

    Re: My Computer Hacked - Passwords stolen

    There were 293 infections; including Registry Keys; Folders; and Files! Trojan, Worm, Keystroke Logger.

    In Desktop.
  35. AnonyMary Member

    Re: My Computer Hacked - Passwords stolen

    This is a bit confusing, David. Are you saying that you are just now finding all this out and have had the computer back from the police since Nov 2009?

    Why did the police have your computer in the first place? If they were helping you, why didn't they check it while they had it?

    Were you using it since Nov 2009? If so, why didn't you scan it? You mentioned that email from Ailene about Narconon staff hacking people's emails a long time ago.


    Mary McConnell
  36. Intelligence Member

    Re: My Computer Hacked - Passwords stolen

    I left NN TR on Oct28/09 and returned with a police escort on Nov03/09 to pick up my computer. Between these two dates they hacked into my computer and installed the viruses. It showed right on the monitor when, where and what files were accessed when I used an anti-malware program. Alines name is on one of the files. The mention of Aline was to substantiate they have hackers at Narconon who do this. I have three emails from 3 different people who were at NN TR commenting on the hack jobs.

    I already told the SQ Intelligence police several months ago. Since then, I have been hacked into again.

    The police have not examined my computer yet.

    Hugs to you too.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Re: My Computer Hacked - Passwords stolen

    Note that if you're running linux for security, and someone gets a keylogger onto your Windows partition, and you use windows to login to a website, even if just once, you've still compromised that info - Linux will protect you only for things you ONLY do in Linux. Be careful of anything that might give a false sense of security, general rule of thumb: simpler is better. Running two OS's increases the number of potential entry points into your system.

    Normally, I hassle people for taking system security far too seriously - a few simple counter measures (like always being up-to date and running a couple of different anti-malware tool scanners on a reasonably regular basis) is all anyone needs - because most people don't get targetted - it's just botnet masters and russian credit card number collectors hitting unprotected systems randomly.

    But you're a serious target for a serious organisation with a lot of money. That means locking down your system a bit more, but mostly being very careful with who has access to your kit. No disrespect meant to Major Boyle AT ALL; but if I were you I would decline any and all offers of IT assistance that you don't specifically seek out through channels totally unrelated to the cult.

    Overly paranoid, perhaps - but so long as you don't become obsessively so - cases from history suggest a touch of overt paranoia would be wise; because in your case, almost certainly, they ARE out to get you.
  38. Intelligence Member

    Re: My Computer Hacked - Passwords stolen

    Gosh, this is aweful! My dear Friend out west, who has had more than his fair share of fair gaming, told me I was a serious threat, but geeeezzzz, it can't be that bad of a threat that they would risk criminal charges. They're in enough trouble without that added onto it.

    I'm not paranoid, but now I'm analysing what the heck they are up tp. I know it's going to be a credibility war once we enter the Hearings and Courts, but my life is an open book. Their lawyer warned me about my credibility because of the glowing, (coerced) success stories I wrote, but I've handled that already.

    If I were them, I would be concerned about their own huge credibility problems.

    That's what the dox I have will reveal quite clearly. I hope they perjure themselves under oath; the rebuttal could knock them off the stand.

    I've never experienced such a covert, evil, ever in my life. It's sad.
  39. HellRazor Member

    Re: My Computer Hacked - Passwords stolen

    I assume you've by now changed all of your email, YouTube, online passwords.

    Worst case scenario is that NN has read all of your email and dox. Now they know exactly what you have on them.

    Best case scenario is that they were using your computer and got it infected accidentally (Hanlon's razor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)
  40. Intelligence Member

    Re: My Computer Hacked - Passwords stolen

    LOL,....hey,...look at that eh', I can still laugh :)

    Well, they didn't read ALL of my emails and dox. One of my email accounts where they were stored, I didn't access until just recently, and I did it from a clean computer. Nearly all of the ones they could have accessed, I had hard and cyber copies stored away.

    Other dox are stored in a safe and secure building. Photos were taken of important dox when I was in Vancouver. They are safe too.

    Some important ones are stored and a friend has access should I meet my demise;-)

    So they do know some of what I have on them, but not nearly all; and they don't know what other evidence and witnesses there are. I am anticipating a long haul before this is over and it now looks like I'll be spending another cold, North Pole winter here in Montreal,....LOL


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