My Deposition

Discussion in 'GoldBase' started by formerlyIN, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. formerlyIN Member

    My Deposition

    Warning TL!

    My Deposition today;

    First, cut me some slack on spelling and grammar, I’m wiped out. I got less than 2 hours sleep, and I’m still a nervous wreck!

    Please understand I can only be vague, as I was given instructions on what I can and can’t talk about. This is something that everyone who wants to see the CoS dismantled should understand. I have to give the authorities the time to do what they need to do.

    There were 2 agencies represented. I was only expecting one. 5 agents total, 4 lawyers for their side, me and my 2nd year law student! Also the guy video taping and the lady court reporter. After the first time the attorneys for the Gvmt gave her hell for saying “asked and answered already” she seemed to go into a shell. I think the content was a bit intimidating for her as well. Shit, if nothing else, it gave her a great theme for a thesis.

    There were 108 exhibits so you get the idea as to how detailed this was. It took a while for the agents and the gvmt Attorneys, to understand how a Public member would have such info. They also put me on the hot seat for moving to LA and taking the job, all in the name of religion. Having said that, I wouldn’t have this information IF I hadn’t done this!

    We went though all 108 pieces of evidence with complete disclosure. I told them everything. There were many times I didn’t understand what they were asking, and I’m not an idiot, but lawyers have their own language. They then, did allow me to ask the law student questions off the record. They advised me every single time, that she is not an atty! JHC I get that! This is where she was very helpful, in legal verbiage. They asked me the same questions 10 different ways.. but I was telling the truth, so I was good to go!

    There was even infighting between the 2 agencies ( makes me feel real comfortable!). I got a break to smoke or go to the bathroom every 45 mins as they needed to change the tape. They also didn’t want to break for lunch, as they wanted to finish, so they could catch their flights back to CA! I thought it would never end!

    They did their homework on me too. They knew about a car accident over 15 years ago, and a bounced check over 20 years ago. I guess that’s to speak to my creditability, who knows.

    After all was said and done, I expressed my concerns about fair gaming getting worse, and my current financial situation. I told them, if they expect fair gaming to get worse why not at least put me on a level playing field, by saving my apartment…! They told me since this is an ongoing investigation, they cannot guarantee fair gaming will cease, as a matter of fact, they thought things could get worse before it got better. I asked if they could help me, safety wise and financially, since I helped them, and they told me when they are done with their investigation, we could explore those options. So basically, I’m on my own for now. I went further into the fact that my kids will be in school soon, and let’s face it school security sucks, but that didn’t motivate them either! I even asked them if they could loan me a video recorder to capture fair gaming on tape, but notta.

    Well, it’s over for now. I will have to get a real attorney when this goes to court. I will have to testify. They didn’t give me a time frame, other than to say, it was an on going investigation.

    I brought up the fact I wanted to go after them for a refund, but was strongly advised not to do such a thing until their investigation is over. I guess on that point, I’m in limbo for a while.

    I have the worlds worst headache right now, stress I’m sure, and uncertainty of what is coming down on me. I look at it like this, they were already playing their BS baby ass fair gaming(sorry for the lang), if I didn’t speak out and give the deposition, I could have lived with the calls, assh0les outside my home, them sending me promo BS forever, or maybe it gets a little worse for a while, but will eventually come to an end.

    They did advise me on things I can do to protect myself legally, and how easy it would be for me to get such permits. On that point they offered to help expedite.

    Ok I ranted long enough.


    NOW, for those of you afraid to come forward:

    It’s not all that fun, but it really helps free you from the restraints you are attached to! You help those who can’t help themselves. I won’t lie.. It’s scary. The Feds are not my best friends, that’s not their job, but they are not the enemy either! Come forward, talk to them, tell what you know (even if you think it’s not a big deal). Let them decide that! Only they know what they have cooking. Who knows, you may be holding the last piece of the puzzle!

    You don’t know me, and have no reason to trust me, but I will tell you, dealing with the CoS is a lose-lose situation. Why not get on the right side? There are many people who will have your back if you do come forward. I found that out!


    For kicks~~~ Can I be a Wog now, instead of an ex-scion? LOL Just kidding. I know I’ll always be the ex-scion, in the eyes of most.
  2. highoverlord Member

    Re: My Deposition

    wow thanks for the story
  3. Anne Ominous Member

    Re: My Deposition

    This thetan is very brave. His/her actions will bring graet justice.

    Anonymous urges ALL ex-Scientologists and current Scientologists to come forward and testify in a similar fashion.

    Expect us.
  4. Asian-anon Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Depositions like these are the ingredients to a delicious dish called Great Justice.
  5. Anon23517 Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Good on you, FormerlyIN. I can imagine you're feeling exhausted after all that. You've done a very good thing, here.
  6. XenuInBrazil Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Very courageous thing to do, with all the pressure and fair gaming.
  7. Kilia Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Thank you for posting this and I admire you greatly. It took real courage to do what you did. Keep up the good work, gal!
  8. anon91-19 Member

    Re: My Deposition

    GJ! you're doing the right thing for your family and for thousands of others
  9. LRonAnon Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Good Job
  10. A.Non Hubbard Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Awesome work, FormerlyIN. You've made an army of over 9000 proud. :)
  11. AnonLover Member

    Re: My Deposition

    I'm so glad your home formerlyIN and that this didnt drag out to be more than a 1day affair. i see some good solid positive points in what you've posted. and here's hoping you get a good nite's sleep tonight.
  12. Top Grunge Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Thanks for the info you are allowed to say, I'm sure the 108 pieces of evidence and the testimony are a million times better for butthurting Co$. You are very brave.

    If anyone is still unsure if the FBI is taking info, I'd say that discussion is now over. 2 agencies AND lawyers! They are very serious indeed.

    Again, thank you so much, hopefully you are only the first on many.

    Might I suggest the Desert Eagle Point five-o?
  13. formerlyIN Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Well, they didn't guarentee things are going to stop with the fair gaming, but who knows. Only time will tell. I'm going to try to contact Mr. Grahm, because when this goes futher I'll need more than a law student with me.
  14. Re: My Deposition

    Yes they do, but it's necessary.

    Sounds like it went well, so now try to relax and catch up on your sleep.
  15. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Great stuff!!
    Is there any background info about what this is about, as I came in late...
    If you can't say what the case is about no problem, but it would help to put your depo in context.
  16. formerlyIN Member

    Re: My Deposition

    I WAS asked to delete the agencies, but I don't know how to delete, so editing++++sorry.
  17. xfool4now Member

    Re: My Deposition


  18. Anony Maus Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Thank you for doing this, and good luck!

    We'll be following your story.
  19. scarletbanner Member

    Re: My Deposition

    I give you much applause. Actions like this are important for the dismantling/downfall.
  20. A.Non Hubbard Member

    Re: My Deposition

  21. Scythe Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Good job. You are very brave, thank you.
  22. Top Grunge Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Yes, the SEC....don't they monitor businesses? How often are they involved with "religions"?
  23. momISanon Member

    Re: My Deposition

    YOU DID IT!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!

  24. formerlyIN Member

    Re: My Deposition

    I wish I could go into my testimony, but i was asked not to go too far into certain things..You all are a smart bunch. I'm sure you can connect the dots. I went this far, I don't want to screw up their case.
  25. momISanon Member

  26. bostonanon1 Member

    Re: My Deposition

    The Securities and Exchange Commission, you say?
    The people who brought down Enron, hmm?

    From U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (Home Page) :
    It is the responsibility of the Commission to:
    * interpret federal securities laws;
    * issue new rules and amend existing rules;
    * oversee the inspection of securities firms, brokers, investment advisers, and ratings agencies;
    * oversee private regulatory organizations in the securities, accounting, and auditing fields; and
    * coordinate U.S. securities regulation with federal, state, and foreign authorities.

    Now that really is interesting.
  27. Anony Maus Member

    Re: My Deposition

  28. TROLL 9 Member

    Re: My Deposition

    You have guts - I love you.
  29. Re: My Deposition

    Well done!
  30. Re: My Deposition

    OMG FBI & SEC FTW!!1!!11!!!
  31. Anonymous123 Member

    Re: My Deposition

    balls of steel.
  32. Re: My Deposition

    Never, but as every good Anon knows, the cult of scientology isn't a religion, it's a vast series of corporations.

    Sauce: Piercing the corporate veil: the true structure of Scientology
  33. formerlyIN Member

    Re: My Deposition

    No balls of steel...scared to death. I'm safer having talked to them, giving a deposition than sitting here like a duck with brooken wings.
  34. avatar2008 Member

    Re: My Deposition

    SEC involved?

    Brace for epic.
    Never fuck with America's (tax) money.
    Scientology, you're on notice. The SEC has taken on GIANTS worth hundreds of billions.
    If you have information, I encourage you to take them with you as you leave, and whistleblow as hard and long as you can.

    Because by the time the SEC is through with members, administrators and staff, you can pretty much kiss your chance of finding another employment in America goodbye. Every single step taken by the SEC in its investigation, is filed and stored on PUBLIC record. Any potential employer WILL be able to access them and cross-reference with FBI.

    However... if you whistleblow, FBI's witness protection program ensures you'll start on a clean slate (most of the time).
  35. PresidentShaw Member

    Re: My Deposition

    over 9000 internets to you!!!!!!
  36. CantPickaName Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Yes,,,Little Davey Dickhead is in a position (if he wanted to) to easily manipulate stocks with his brainwashed minion...but i think it would be hard to keep under the rug
  37. momISanon Member

    Re: My Deposition

    *voice over intercom*.........."Cleanup on aisle PANTS."
  38. Anonymous123 Member

    Re: My Deposition

    wrong. you are resisting fair game. you are still fighting. balls of steel.
  39. Phil-Anon Member

    Re: My Deposition

    I can hear the Co$ shredders from here...

    SEC investigation is EPIC.

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