My Deposition

Discussion in 'GoldBase' started by formerlyIN, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. Anon1720 Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Well done FormerlyIn! I am so proud of you and your children will be as well.

    Hopefully Graham will get back to you soon.
  2. monamia Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Please DO this. The act alone may give you some comfort.
  3. Massive Arity Member

    Re: My Deposition

    I don't know how you do this, but you're strong as hell. Please keep up the good fight. This is awesome news to hear.
  4. momISanon Member

    Re: My Deposition

    I'm with her on this one! DOOOOOO EEEEEEET!
  5. Consensus Member

    Re: My Deposition

    You've got us.

    Good show today, I'm forever indebted.
  6. formerlyIN Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Thanks for all the encouragement. The truth will come out. More people need to speak up. Let the authorities decide IF what you have to say is important, not you. They are not telling everyone what they are may hold a big piece of the puzzle and not even know it!
  7. realitybites Member

    Re: My Deposition

    It is very encouraging to read your post FormerlyIN. I hope this pans out. Stay safe!
  8. genoramix Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Couldn't have said it better. U rulz.
  9. nightfire Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Can an anon near her PLEASE take her out for some food and drinks!!!!

    Also for IRL help with rent-food-clothes-utilities

    Catholic community services is good and are usually in the phone book (no conversion required)

    Devision of children and family... have good resources.. If you go to them instead of them comeing to you they tend to be nice to you, and rather helpful

    Any LDS (mormon) Bishop *just find nearest meeting house* will have access to food, and clothing. (also no conversion needed *but they will try*)

    Domestic Violence shelters are also an option... once they hear your story they won't care that it is a cult you are leaveing instead of a man

    If I knew what area you were in I could give you more specific contact info, but I TOTALLY get not giving that out!!! If I can be of more help let me know....
    Also, remember with aid agencies the squeeky wheel gets the grease...bug them till they help you.

    You are in my prayers.
  10. Re: My Deposition

    Consensus is right, you've got us! :anon:

    And as you've seen, folks have reached out to you and offered aid in many, many ways.
  11. formerlyIN Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Local Anons want to meet tonight. I'm just soo tired and have a tremendous headache, I think a good nights sleep is in order.
  12. Re: My Deposition

    That's probably a good idea, as lack of sleep can exasperate stress.

    Maybe meet them tomorrow night?
  13. skidmark Member

    Re: My Deposition


    And yes - DFCS/CPS is a GREAT place to go if you need help! They can also help get you set up with Angel Food Ministries which is the most amazing thing ever and they ask for NO information except for what they put on the order form. Just swing by your DHR office and they should have tons of fliers on services.

    Also any church can help out with making sure you meet your rent or helping pay a power bill. Most of the time, they send the money straight to the company you owe. There are also support groups for people who have come from volatile situations that are helpful in just having a group of people around you. If there is a Bethany Christian Services in your area, they may be able to hook you up with a group. (They're a foster/adoption agency but they have fingers in everything and actually really give a damn.)
  14. scrumpmonkey Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Very brave of you, keep your chin up good sir/madam
  15. momISanon Member

    Re: My Deposition

    THIS^^^^! My church does it all the time. I'm also in a music group that raises funds for this VERY THING. Use it. It's there........and I can't think of a better cause. They won't try to 'convert' you. They're there to help. Just go in to a church office, if you need to.
  16. Re: My Deposition

    I'm going to take a wild guess that you have lots of firearms experience in video games.

    FormerlyIN, if you are seriously considering a firearm for self defense, I'd recommend either a 12-gauge shotgun, at least for in the home. Get some 00 buckshot rounds for it. If you know any duck hunters, you might find someone willing to loan you one, (at least till hunting season starts.)

    Based on the comment about expediting permits, I'm going to assume that means concealed carry. Obviously a shotgun is not much good for that, but the Desert Eagle .50 is almost as bad. This is a pistol that is nearly 5 pounds and close to a foot long. I'm not a gun expert, so I'll suggest going to a local gun club and trying out revolvers in a couple of different calibers to decide what you're comfortable with.

    If, by some slim chance, you're in the south-central Kansas area, PM me. I can direct you to a friend of mine that is a gun dealer.

    If you haven't already, get yourself some pepper spray. For one thing, it's a lot cheaper and easier to carry than a gun. Plus, if you are ever threatened, you don't need to hesitate. There's no need to ask yourself, "is deadly force justified?" No risk of a manslaughter charge. While I am a strong supported of the second amendment, carrying a gun is not always the best option for self defense.
  17. Kharnon Member

    Re: My Deposition

    [disclaimer] i'm not an attorney. i'm not a lawyer. i'm not a law student. ALWAYS CONSULT A LICENSED ATTORNEY (which i am not) BEFORE ACTING ON ANY LEGAL MATTER.[/disclaimer]
    At a deposition, you can only object to the "form of the question" (and of course to questions involving confidential answers).

    rong: "Objection, [strike]asked and answered[/strike]"
    right: "Objection, form."

    The trick is that you can object to the form of any question (having an objection on record is important for appeals). Ask for a law student that has taken Pre-trial Civil Lit. :wink:
  18. formerlyIN Member

    Re: My Deposition

    My daughter gave me a firearm and lessons for Xmas last year. They are willing to expidite a permit to carry.
    It's presently legal for me to have in my home.
  19. xfool4now Member

    Re: My Deposition


    Just to reinforce what you said about talking to the authorities NOW.

    Here's a message from Graham Berry


    ps did you hear from him yet?
  20. chickpea Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Well done. You are very brave and what you did today will help others in a similar situation.
    You've had a very long day today. I hope you manage to get a good night's sleep tonight and feel better tomorrow :nini: I thought it would be a relief to get today over with, but I hadn't really thought about your circumstances then. Now I understand a bit better, and I can only hope you get the help you need for you and your kids. Can't say I'm going to pray for you as I don't believe, but you'll be in my thoughts. Would you mind giving us an update once in a while just so we know you're okay?
    Thank you for telling us what happened, I have my thoughts on what it might be, but its just speculation - its fun imagining what might be being discovered and just when its all going to hit the fan! You've just brought that day a wee bit closer :hooray:
  21. formerlyIN Member

    Re: My Deposition

    I can't remember if I took my BP meds before I went today, so I'm assuming that will account for the massive headache.

    These would be the meds not needed according to the CoS! After I was not on great terms with the "church/cult" I went to a real DR. many tests and I was found to have a heart condition called mitral valve prolapse, as well as High Blood pressure. I think that all the stress from the last few days have caused me to mess up my medication. I'm going to sleep tonight, take meds tomorrow, and we get the new baby tomorrow via c-section. A new start.

    A few Anons have helped me financially and I thank them dearly. I am much closer to having what I need to get things back on level ground!
  22. momISanon Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Get your health and sleep levels back on track. Each day is a new one! Will be thinking and praying for you! If I can help, please let me know! I've made my monthly 'tithes' to Anonymous activities and needs, every time. That's more important, right now. :) So, just tell me and I'm there!
  23. skidmark Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Everyone in my family has MVP/MVPS - it will really mess up things if even the littlest thing is off. I'm talking slightly dehydrated, stress, missing meds, (although it's interesting your BP is high - normally it's very low for MVP patients.) If you need any help with that, just PM me. I've dealt with doctors telling me my whole life that it wasn't a valid medical issue but not being able to explain the numbness and the passing out.
  24. formerlyIN Member

    Re: My Deposition


    As a kid, undiagnosed, My annual physicals my BP was always low, but not a concern.

    Factor in a tough time in a marriage, daughter on second tour in Iraq, other daughter in HR pregnancy (they think baby is near 10 pds, but she was 12 pds 10 oz no sympathy here!) and fair gaming....HBP.

    I've also been involved in a personal legal matter for 2 yrs....and just as today was getting great they want to have my little kids testify! Just got the email. I told them hell no! It's hard enough for me to remember actions from 2 yrs ago, much less kids that were 8 and 11 at the time and one is disabled! Not gonna happen.
  25. celtg Member

    Re: My Deposition

    i hope you had a c-section.
  26. AnonMSW Member

    Re: My Deposition

    SEC and FBI... lions and tigers and bears... "Oh $cilontology?"


    "Wheeeeeeere OFF to see the jury, that wonderful jury of ours...

    We hear they're gonna convict us, because because because...

    Oh we're the cult of Scientology, the wonderful cult of Hubbard (ard as in Bard not Hubbard)

    Wash, rinse, repeat
  27. formerlyIN Member

    Re: My Deposition

    I had natural!
  28. momISanon Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Oh, good LAWD! :flop:
  29. formerlyIN Member

    Re: My Deposition

    I wished a girl on her as wild as she was, and it's a girl and a big baby..looks like it's a big baby....
  30. muldrake Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Not to be a wet blanket or anything, but I see absolutely no verifiable details about any of this stuff. I certainly hope people are verifying this is all legit before backing up with money.
  31. me57 Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Will be Praying for You and Yours.
  32. Lrononymous Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Strong fucking work!
  33. MrToad Member

    Re: My Deposition

    I think this is one of those times that it's worth the risk

    I'm so impressed by you formerlyIN. Nice work.
  34. subgenius Member

    Re: My Deposition

    See if you can get any of those people to send you a copy of the transcript. They will have plenty extras. Normally a deponent is entitled to one, if only to review it for errors.
  35. monamia Member

    Re: My Deposition

    This means any sort of physical assault. Do not make it out to be small.
    It is important to go to your local police. Take a friend or trusted anon with you.
    The one you are with when you are never alone.
    There is a lot of support. And it feels good to do the right thing.

    Good day, Formerly Inn
  36. monamia Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Consider keeping med history and treatment confidential. Seriously.
  37. Plups Member

    Re: My Deposition

    You can be whoever you want to be. Seriously. No label does you justice, FormerlyIN. You have done exceedingly well and are an inspiration.

    The Feds cannot help you financially. It would taint your evidence. They must remain impartial. Still good on you for asking.

    Give your second year law student a pat on the back for me. That would have been terrifying for her. I'm glad you insisted on her being present - for the comfort factor if nothing else. That's a lot of people you were facing.
  38. Plups Member

    Re: My Deposition

    This is encouraging, because it shows they understand something of the layers of involvement within Scientology.

    I have conducted many of these kinds of examinations in a law enforcement role. The fact that they asked you things over and over doesn't mean they doubted you. The investigation of commercial and corporate transactions is particularly complex. There is a good deal of jargon that people use that needs clarification to ensure that what the speaker means equals what the listeners (those present and doing the questioning) as well as the readers (of the transcript) understand. They would have been trying hard to make sure that they understood the terms you (and the CoS) used and what YOU meant when you used them, and that the written record reflected that degree of clarity. They would also have been ensuring that alternative explanations were ruled out. Your deposition is now hard and admissible evidence on which further decisions will be made about the investigation and any enforcement action.
  39. Plups Member

    Re: My Deposition

    This is so right. And it's what REAL CHURCHES DO and why THEY warrant tax exemptions, not gently caressing pseudo religions who only want to help the ABLE become more ABLE!
  40. Plups Member

    Re: My Deposition

    This thread makes me so happy.

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