My Deposition

Discussion in 'GoldBase' started by formerlyIN, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. Tom Socrates Member

    Re: My Deposition

    FormerlyIN: To expose intimate details of your experience in the cult to complete strangers is a feat that I don't think I'm even capable of. Your life in the CoS is a trauma you'd likely rather not relive, especially in exquisite detail to strangers in suits.

    We all make mistakes in life, and we all get played, some more than others. This is a fact of life. Our ability to overcome hardship makes us strong. It is our willingness to suffer so that others don't have to that makes us heroes. :colbert:
  2. Re: My Deposition

    Totally. Catholic Charities will only be kind to you. They will not pull any nonsense games or make you watch a video etc. They will just be humane and kind and decent.

  3. Plups Member

    Re: My Deposition

    So, I'm loving the story today about how the Feds are after Gotti: Tampa investigation leads to arrest of John Gotti, Jr. - Bay News 9
    Interesting timing.
  4. formerlyIN Member

    Re: My Deposition

  5. Top Grunge Member

    Re: My Deposition

    haha, i wouldn't make a Scieno connection, Tampa mob runs deeeeeeep. They used to own this town and a lot of mobsters here still. Miami gets all the credit but Tampa is serious too. Even books on it, "Cigar Mob" or something like that. If mob killed people here, it was probably mob related.
  6. Plups Member

    Re: My Deposition

    I meant that it was only in the last 24 hours that DamOTclese was waxing lyrical about how the Feds cannot be trusted, among other things, to deal with organised crime.
  7. AnonLover Member

    Re: My Deposition

    actually i was thinking the gotti busted timing was ironic for a different reason - that should be conveniently freeing up a task force for much better things!
  8. Top Grunge Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Ah, I read one of his posts about cant trust them and ignored all others. I have my drama filter enabled on this forum so I cant see all the BS anymore.
  9. formerlyIN Member

    Re: My Deposition

    I posytted this in both areas, I just can't answer 25+ Pm's asking me...seriously it's very hard on me physically one handed typing...

    Many people have asked in forum and PM what is going on with my PI case. Well, today we had the phone mediation that the Judge allowed in his ruling. I was expecting to have to give up a bit, just to settle out of court but it went so far beyond reality, I’m so much more than frustrated!

    In mediation, both side say what they intend to present to the jury, and what the strengths are in the case. If you’ll remember they provoked a mistrial in June! That was right after the offered me a number I though was unfair. I turned it down.

    I expected today the number to be slightly more than the previous offer but it went down, drastically!

    During their presentation of the case (the insurance companies side) They stated that they already think they have grounds for an appeal (not telling me what it was) so I guess they are anticipating a loss. They went on to say, that an appeal would mean I wouldn’t see any money for a year or more…My atty says that wrong.

    Scientology came up… It came up in the context that I was not only involved but I have given testimony to two separate agencies and plan to testify against them. Yes, I did and I Am! This can be brought up to the jury because the Judge ruled that any previous and ongoing court cases can be brought into the mix. Now, I might be able to get Graham or I might have to get the authorities to get a FL atty involved, since it is an on going case, to keep this out. As it stands, We go to trial in mid-Sept!

    I was hoping it would be resolved today. I was willing to go much lower than the case is worth, but I’m not an idiot. That money would be eaten up in 3 years in medical bills, that’s after everyone gets paid who is already owed, IE a few Dr’s and attys + costs.

    I know some don’t want to read the drama, but I get so many questions in regards to it, it’s easier to post than to respond to each and every one. I’m one handed typing and it’s not easy.
  10. Re: My Deposition

    Thanks for the update FI. Stay strong!
  11. GrogStat Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Might I suggest that posting the ongoings of the case in a public forum is not the wisest of ideas.

    Quite frankly, screw the people that want to know. They don't need to know.
  12. TROLL 9 Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Wise words - all we really need to know is how you are feeling and anything we can do to help.

    Stand your ground, Lionheart.
  13. formerlyIN Member

    Re: My Deposition

    I wasn't going to post this for various reasons, first the cops have it handled so far and second I don't want to deter anyone from coming forward if they have information.

    I have sat, and stewed for two days and decided what the hell...

    Friday, I took the kids to the pool. That way I can avoid the over crowding on the weekend. We only stay for a couple of hours, I can't take more than that. When we got home, something just wasn't right about my apt. I looked around. Yes, laptop on desk, Tv, Dvd's , but something wasn't right. You know your own home.

    I went into the closet that I keep odds and ends and two cardboard file boxes were gone. Theses were the legal size ones. Now, neither contained anything in regards to the docs I gave up or the deposition, mostly related to the other lawsuit. I look around a little further and then I noticed my medication was missing. I'm not going to list the meds taken, but nothing would be classified as a druggies choice.

    I called the cops, they innitally came and took a report and since they are here so often now, the officer called his supervisor and had yet another officer take prints from the areas we figure were touched, based on where the files and meds were.

    I hope they come back with what they refer to as a "hit" on the prints. They took all our prints (well 7 fingers for me),so they can eliminate ours from the mix. I am so pissed that someone would come into my apt! Go through our things! This was not a robber or the computer would have been gone. The meds have me baffled...

    Part of me wanted to go to the local org and blast them, and part of me wanted to find a way to move and get the hell out of here. Neither was a smart thing! I have to let the authorities do their investigation and go from there.

    I had the locks changed and the kid down the hall is going to hook up some camera thing he has. We're in the stage of trying to figure the best way to do it. Once I get someone's face on tape, I will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. My apt, my kids and myself are off limits!

    They can try to intimidate me all they want. The docs have been given up. The deposition was video taped. It's not in my hands, yet those of the agencies. Whatever they do, that can't be taken away! It was under oath, I told the full truth and answered every question asked that I knew the answer too! What really is the point of this now?!
  14. Tuxedo Jack Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Because it may not have been what was removed...

    It's what may have been added.

    Search EVERYTHING. If you think something's there that shouldn't be, check it out. If you think you're bugged - and there's no harm in checking, or calling your people at the FBI and requesting a check, or even WPP - get checked.

    You know how OSA plays, and when I read that, I couldn't help but think of Mallrats and the security guard.
  15. formerlyIN Member

    Re: My Deposition


    I had the kid down the hall check puter for problems, and he said all good. A 21 yera old knows much more than I do. We kind of had a thing going, he helps me a bit with computer stuff and I'll let him use my car for basic errands, but now I'm a little scared for him to drive my car for saftey reason....
  16. GrogStat Member

    Re: My Deposition

    The easy solution is that if anyone goes to the Feds & dumps all they know is for them not to tell everyone on the forums.

    It will take several months (maybe a year or more) before the Feds take any action on this. They have to build their case.

    So long as people keep going to the Feds under their hat, they'll be just fine.
  17. Re: My Deposition


    The cult wouldn't have known that FI had gone to the feds if she hadn't posted it here herself.

    FI's inspirational story is inspirational, but it's probably best for others to keep their story under their hat, for nao.
  18. coslies Member

    Re: My Deposition


    Maybe you can change the locks? It could have been just intimidation but as Tuxedo Jack said check for any things that are not supposed to be there.

    posting in epic thread
  19. Re: My Deposition

    Get this info out of here and into its own thread.
  20. Randomness Member

    Re: My Deposition

    I agree with boris.

  21. formerlyIN Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Locks chanaged. Friday. High end lock!

    If I had thought ahead, I probably would have kept my mputh shut, but if I did I wouldn't have an atty, it's a catch 22. I also figured after it was done, then they would back off. Even if I got hit by a city bus tomorrow, the deposition is on video! I just don't get it, and I don't think I'm that ignorant.
  22. formerlyIN Member

    Re: My Deposition


    Did it Friday, well local cops were here and we did it together.

    I've been stewing holding this in for 2 days, trying to decide whether or not to post it.

    My local anons have been great. They look out for me,

    Geesh this is a bit obver the top!
  23. GrogStat Member

    Re: My Deposition

    My best guess is that since you announced that you still have a copy of what was provided to the Feds, they were looking for it. They have no idea what evidence was provided.

    Best thing to do is to keep the copy some where else & don't tell anyone with whom or where it's at. Just announce that it isn't in your apartment & that there are no records in your apartment of where it is.
  24. formerlyIN Member

    Re: My Deposition

    I thought I made that clear, but OSA is not the brightest, Yes I have copies...NO they are not in my home, NOR IN THE STATE!
  25. monamia Member

    Re: My Deposition

    OSA is smart enough to be dangerous.
    Do not forget that.
    Be safe.
  26. anonymusicz Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Fire the harpoons when the time is right Mr. Graham Berry, Esq. My thoughts and prayers (to whatever end) are with you in this.
  27. Re: My Deposition

    What is "high end lock"? The only high security locks available in the U.S. are Schlage Primus (not regular Schlage), Abloy, and Multilock Interactive.
    The rest can be easily picked or bumped!
  28. formerlyIN Member

    Re: My Deposition

    The kind that drops the deadbolt down rather than in the door.
  29. Re: My Deposition

    That it totally irrelevant when you can pick it or bump it. You need a high security dead bolt of one of the brands that I mentioned above. If you did not get such a lock, the locksmith just took your money and jacked off with it. You have no real security, just bullshit.
  30. ScudMuffin Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Sheesh, it's a lock. And the three you've mentioned can be compromised just as easily as any other lock.
  31. EastAnon Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Locks (all of them) are nothing more then a notice: This is my property. Do not enter.

    Getting in is always easy. There are hinges, windows, etc.

    The point is you don't want to give people easy access, and if they do, you want to be able to find them. Get an IP cam pointed at your house/street.

    My house is relatively easy to get into. Of course it has locks, but nothing fancy. But noone gets in without being seen. And noone can approach the house without being seen.

    FI, as long as stuff is not irreplaceable, it only strengthens your case. I think it's too early to point to OSA doing this, although i think odds are 98% it's them. But if it is them they royally screwed themselves. Look at it from a PR point of view:

    "Church's secret service breaks in at critics house to remove evidence of church crimes"

    I mean, nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition. But it seems they are back. Spanish Inquisition, that's spelled O-S-A.
  32. Top Grunge Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Sorry FI, I've been broken in before (not Co$ related) and I know how it makes you feel knowing someone can just come into your space. Really discomforting. Adding on top of what you are going through, I can't imagine, just say stay strong, you are doing it right.

    Assuming its OSA (cause the normal crook would not take files), they probably took the meds because they knew it would cause you discomfort not having them. Intimidation. Thats all they are doing. Thats all they know. Just stay strong, you are on the right and this should be the ultimate sign that what you are doing personally is EXTREMELY threatening to the cult. Which again means you are doing it right.
  33. Anonymous123 Member

    Re: My Deposition

    Burglary is always intimidating. At my home, there was a burglary like 20 years ago. Ensurance paid, so nothing of value was lost- We just moved, and my mom still insisted on high security windows, doors, everything.

    But in your case, its clearly OSA although its hard to believe that they don't make it look like a "normal" burglary by stealing money or so.
  34. anon1957 Member

    Re: My Deposition

    I hope you called the fed officers who took your depo. If this is potential witness tampering/intimidation, they would be very interested in knowing about this.

    My guess is that the purpose of the break in was not so much to steal "secrets" but to scare and intimidate you. A box of irrelevant files is just that, and whoever broke in knew it.
  35. Top Grunge Member

    Re: My Deposition

    hehe, not necessarily, these ARE the same branch of Co$ that thought Marvin Gaye was our leader. Brain power is small in OSA's house.

    "Look heres file cabinets!"
    "It must be secret dox!"
    "Should we look first?"
    "No my OT powers say its dox, take it!"
  36. BigBeard Member

    Re: My Deposition

    /tinfoil hat mode on
    It's also possible whoever broke in was hoping the missing meds wouldn't be noticed before they could be replaced with "additives" added.
    /tinfoil hat mode off/

  37. genoramix Member

    Re: My Deposition

    I was thinking the same thing. Be careful FI, they might try to replace your meds with something else, maybe lethal(seems crazy, but you never know).
    I suggest if it's important meds, always carry them with you, and if you suddenly find them again in a weirdly manner, just throw them away, and go to the doc for another prescription.

    The cam idea is a very good one. You can get camera systems with "movement capture"(forgive my english, not native language) that inform you directly via sms if something moves in front of it. Of course that might not be the best solution if you have a pet. Those camera systems are not that expensive (a friend of mine acquired one not so long ago, as for the price i don't remember, just that it was affordable. Just make sure it's correctly installed, you might need someone good at computers to do this, if you're not yourself). If you can afford it, you can maybe get a few cams watching all the possible entrances.

    As well, if it hasn't been done already, inform your neighbours about what you're going through, maybe you can get someone to watch out and call the cops if someone enters(or else) when you're not there.

    And : don't freak out, for example they harassed the shit of Bob Minton, and were apparently good at it, but they have never had recourse to physically harmful means(as i know of at least).

    to end this post : YOU ROCK. Kick the shit out of their asses!!!

    My thoughts are with you. Keep on the good fight!!!
  38. Re: My Deposition

    Scud, you don't know what the fug you're talking about. :lrhtalking:
    Abloy, Multilock Interactive, and Schlage Primus are extremely difficult to pick. The Abloy cannot be bumped at all. Please don't portray yourself as being full of shot, because I have been in that business and know locks firsthand. :lock:

  39. ScudMuffin Member

    Re: My Deposition

    The people breaking in have most likely been given locksmith training. OSA have a handbook on breaking into property, they've infiltrated governments, they've bribed officials. I doubt they'd skimp on getting around locks.

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