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Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Nightman, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. Nightman Member

    I went into one of their locations... the entire time I felt like they were trying to sell me into their book club. The thing I found the most entertaining is the detox program they had... basically drink water with shit in it and get your ass on the treadmill. Their theory was the special water help your body sweat all the toxins out while you ran your ass off. They said firefighters enter that program all the time. Get this... at the end when I told them I didn't have the 3k to enroll she started getting very personal... she was like... can you borrow the money from friends or family? Do you have anything you can sell to come up with half? She even dropped the price in half for me if I was able to! She then called me on a daily bases to ask if I could take out a loan... I told her I lost my job and she said... are you sure your friends and family can't help you out with a loan to better yourself.... This all took place at the scientology church in Tustin. I have seen the documents in their office....

    I used to work with a ton of these freaks and I also found out they all donate their time to the so called church.
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  2. CarterUSP Member

    Sounds like pretty standard scientology tech. Any possible desperate way to get your monays.
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  3. i'mglib Member

    Was it Marie Murillo? I kind of feel bad for her. That org is falling apart (literally). I think her family is very involved on different levels, and no one can get out without losing everything. Supposedly she got sent to Clearwater when she started going soft, to get her thinking set right (or whatever it is they do to a person there). Still, I hope she wakes up, as well as the rest of her family.
  4. deirdre Member

    So not surprised. I used to work there in Tustin. It's a shabby shadow of its former self, though it always had a bit 'o shab, even in the so-called glory days.
  5. Anonymous Member

    marie and her thugs that work there are evil assholes. they are implicit in assaults and fair game on sp's and protestors.

  6. Anonymous Member

    If there is a big earthquake in so cal I would hate to be in that rat trap! Looks like it is going to fall down any second...that will be happy day.
  7. Anonymous Member

  8. Anonymous Member

    I work at the tustin org and it is starting to get creepy here. I have only been less than 6 months but for the past few weeks I have been required to pick up fiers in the parking lot that are goldenrod colored with the of the new yorker expose. Yesterday, two OT8's came in from a coffee break and were upset. Rumor is someone left these filers on their car when they went to get coffee and they were now concerned they would be put through some sort of extensive counseling.

    I thought I was doing the right thing and trying to help people but all they are concerned with here is money...sad.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    OT8's can't handle words on colored paper? Bail out ASAP. There are so few people in the org that anybody can get into the parking lot undetected?
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  10. Anonymous Member

    wow, looks like the tustin mORGue isn't doing so well.....
  11. Anonymous Member

    my heart is breaking....
  12. Anonymous Member

    It may feel weird and scary at times, but you're definitely NOT alone.
    There are lots of Scientologists (active, and in GOOD STANDING among themselves) who have recognized the overts the COB keeps feeding you
    and are managing to find their own way up the Bridge- without any help from "Ron's Little Helper".

    Just saying, GoldenSquirrelVision isn't the only way to Source. :)

    We'll still be waiting, any time you're free!
  13. Anonymous Member

    the yelling and screaming on Thursday afternoons makes me sick...I don't even want to go there on thursdays. It's all about "not enought public" "you are down stat" etc.
  14. JohnnyRUClear Member

  15. Nightman Member

    So how do I get involed with the Tustin Cell?
  16. xenubarb Member

    Show up when they raid and join in. I come up to Tustin to raid sometimes. The cell is a bunch of fun folks who sometimes go up to Los Angeles to raid. Just look for the OC/Tustin raid threads in the IRL PROTEST section. You might wanna bring an umbrella. Lawd, it gets hawt there this time of year!
  17. Smurf Member

    There's no Tustin "cell". The org is one step away from extinction. Occasionally, Glib will coordinate a raid there on a Saturday with others. Any planned raids are mentioned in the "planning" forum.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Someone dropped a couple of 100 fliers at the org the other day...funny thing is, a man from the parking lot was coming in and helped an older lady pick them all up. When she was turned the other way he took one of the flyers and stuck in his portfolio he was carrying. I am sure he got a good dose of reality once he read the summary of the New Yorker expose! Many members are starting to read this information...another funny thing is that Marie is notified each time a member shows "interest" in the summary passed out to them at coffee shops, home, etc. by getting a phone call on her VM with the specific details of the incident. Lot's of sec checking occuring at Tustin mORGue.

    I am not on the corner every week but still making an impact!!!!

    EAT IT KULT!!!!!!
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  19. Lulzanne Member

    Yes, those two OTVIII's are indeed going to need a great deal of extensive expensive counseling in order to get these overts and withhelds handled ASAP. It's critical that someone calls Flag immediately, leaving a message for Peter Mansell, informing him that these two have been discussing the New Yorker expose and seem to be restimulated in the worst way. That it's effecting the entire Tustin Org.

    It's the right thing to do.
  20. xenubarb Member

    Erm, in San Diego it is illegal to leave fliers on cars. This is a city ordinance. However, I am told that copies of some devastating KRs have been left around the SD org periodically. And reading these KRs, you just know whoever picks it up is going to be riveted by the content. Because for every XXX number of scilons trying to struggle up the Bridge, XXX number realize that the money they set aside for auditing and courses is going to peripheral fund raisers like TWTH Foundation, Narconon's educational outreach, funding a local media campaign, etc. But hey...not getting any farther up the Bridge, because DM needs an Ideal Org in your sector, and society is going to hell in a halibut, and yanno if only the world were Clear, it'd be idyllic but that will never happen because THE BRIDGE IS FUCKING EXPENSIVE and Hubbard? I sincerely believe Hubbard built fail into the system, because he well knew that his death would result in a power play, somebody he knew would come out on top. And I bet he was not counting on the people he named to succeed him actually would. Bet he had DM pegged early. He was an effective con man with a keen perception of human nature. Obviously, lol.

    How do we know they didn't print these up and flier themselves so they would have something to baww about? Like the vandalism they commit because we refuse to.
  21. Random guy Member

    Goldenrod flyers? Very neat!
  22. jensting Member

  23. Nightman Member

    Well since i live out here in tustin I always give the church hell on my own... what I'm looking for is a freedom of information raids... I will even wear a sandwichbored. So far I have only been able to spread the word on the net and as a lone ranger lol.
  24. xenubarb Member

  25. Anonymous Member

    Tustin org prefers for you to visit the members homes and WISE rackets around the org. There are a lot of them...across the street from the org there are Cult offices and offices of cult members who own "businesses" that they don't pay taxes on.
  26. xenubarb Member

  27. Nightman Member

    I live down the street... I can drop off gifts =D

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