My first video... tear it up!

Discussion in 'Production Studio' started by EverydayPeople, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. So I read the post How to make an Anonymous Video like a Pro a couple time's and thought I would try. Downloaded a freeware program called VideoSpin and put this together for your consideration. Suggestions on freeware would be appreciated.

    Thoughts? Suggestions? Have at it! :)

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  2. Anonymous Member

    Dang good! Brevity is the soul of wit.
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  3. Thanks! :)
  4. cTp Member

    Nothing special, try harder next time.
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  5. If you supplied specific suggestions, expressed specific views, gave specific criticism, it would be much more helpful in the act of trying harder next time. What specific things make a video special to you?

    Please try harder next time to express yourself. Thanks!
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  6. cTp Member

    Im not the one seeking opinions on my work. The video is bland and million of them have been bad just like it. Try doing something no one else has done.
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  7. WMAnon Member

    My first one looked worse than that :D

    Some quick tips for next time:
    Always fill the screen, never leave black bars on the sides or all around your images.
    Gentle motion, such as a slight zoom or shift to one side, can give still images more depth
    Don't feel too tied to the words when arranging your images, and don't re-use images if you don't absolutely have to
    Define your message and goals clearly before you get started, or at least have a solid artistic vision for the project
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  8. If you use a Linux distro, a good video editor would be kdenlive. I've tried other video editors on my machine, and kdenlive was by far the best.

    Video-wise, I'd say that brevity is important. Keep your videos around two-three minutes, yet make sure that you get your point across in that amount of time. Otherwise, good video!
  9. anon0zwert Member

    would you tell me what VOCALOIDO do you use? I wanna use same VOCALOID
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  11. Originally, it was supposed to be neutral and objective.

    It's not that way anymore, and the format is pretty trite at this point in time, after having been copied and misinterpreted by a lot of people.

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