My Friends have been shot! (videos)

Discussion in 'Videos' started by God Help Us !, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. See This 2 movie ...

    1. A person That "Basiji's" Shot Him From one of Buildings :


    2. My Friends That been Attacked by Special Forces : ( use on of this links )

  2. May Your friends recovery be as swift. I wish the best of luck to our friends in Iran. May their voices be heard!
  3. Video Gamer Member

    Jesus, those wounds look horrid...I hope they heal quickly, whoever he is.
  4. shooting of protesters

    This video shows one of the Basiji shooting at the protesters
    The videos must be spread within Iran and around the world.

    Regardless of who won the election the violence is a crime against the people. Even
    Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said "It is beyond reason that students at a Tehran University dormitory or civilians at a residential complex are being attacked in the midnight hours. The Interior Minister is responsible and should be accountable for the events."

  5. Minimum 35 killed in Iran

  6. Basiji beat girl

  7. My prayers are with all the protesters. Keep safe.
  8. I am an American and I would like to say that my thoughts and prayers are with the people of Iran. I do not want to be seen as trying to meddle in affairs which are not of my business but I am disgusted by the videos and reports of government crackdowns that has been flooding out of Iran for the past few days and I am fully in support of the Iranian people. Ahmadinejad was clearly selected by Ayatollah Khamenei and not elected by the people of Iran. The government of Iran is a rampant, overbearing tyranny which must be stopped not for anyone else except the Iranian people.

    P.S. I am sorry if I do not format my quote from the Quran correctly.

    The Holy Quran- 2.193. And fight them on until there is no more Tumult or oppression, and there prevail justice and faith in Allah. But if they cease, Let there be no hostility except to those who practise oppression.
  9. Shooting at people

  10. Killling teans

  11. Killed student

  12. Killed protestor

  13. Shooting people during election protests

  14. Very powerful videos.

    To all protestors in Iran: while we may not be there with you, we do protest along side you.

    Do not give up until your goals are achieved and there is a legitimate re-vote.

    Until there is resolution I have vowed to wear only green, it may not be much but in rural America is the the most I can do.
  15. Don't give up and let these people die in vain. Continue fighting for what they died for. My prayers are with you.
  16. There is only so much I can do here in America but the word is spreading. More and more people are watching what is happening in Iran. The world is watching you and behind you.
  17. jarhead1882 Member

    Where are you now...

    I am an American, and my prayers and thoughts are with all the Iranian protesters. What has happened to your friends should be responded with global outrage. It is becoming more and more important to people here in America and is creating more and more of an outrage. From where I am thousands of miles away I will continue to show my support to the Iranian people working towards their freedom. I am on your side and support your work for freedom, but it must be done in a way that is peaceful. Let whoever is fighting you respond with violence. It is better for you to be looked at as only peaceful protesters and victims then people trying to cause trouble. Again my thoughts and prayers are with you.
  18. Protests

    People of Iran. I am an American who is saddened to see the violence that befalls you. The government has shown no regard for human life, and your peaceful protests have turned to bloodshed. I fear that you will be rounded up and executed in mass slaughter if this continues this way. You must band together and fight these tyrants in a more organized manner. A swift coup d'etat would be for the best, but almost impossible to achieve without arms and international support.

    The world is watching. I wish there was more we could do, but I think you are probably on your own. When this initial violence settles down, spread your voices and words across the internet, and talk to the world. Good luck, and Godspeed!
  19. e-k-freedom Member

    God be with all of you in Iran...never stop fighting for your freedoms that every human is in titled too..also may the dead never be forgot and may they rest in peace.
  20. please put pressure on your government to make a harder move against iran
  21. misshotshot Member

    I have written congress asking them not to recognize Ahmadinejad as president, but to push and wait for a recount. I've signed the petitions and spread the word on facebook/myspace. If you have any more ideas, let me know. I'm a citizen of the United States of America and the Russian Federation, and am more than willing to go above and beyond.

    I am with you all in spirit and prayer.
  22. churchil Member

    ahamdinejad is not the only problem
    the whole rejim is the problem please put pressure on the whole rejim
    this is what they are doing since the revolution
  23. Put Pressure on Iran

    In response to the person who asked that we put pressure on our governments so they can pressure Iran:

    Are you in Iran now? And what kind of actions from our government could assist you? I am just an average citizen, and I do not work for the government. What should we pressure our government to do? I do not think Iran will listen to "pressure" or threat of sanctions, or anything else for that matter. I think the root of your problems is the Ayatollah, and the clerics that keep you from having a real democracy.
  24. leroux Member

    Well I'll be damned, this is worse than horror movies because this is actually true. I wish swift recovery for everyone injured out there, and good luck to those who are not.
  25. zzz Member

    I feel ill.
  26. Peace

    I can't click the video..

    I wish your friend to be recovered as soon as possible.

    Send my hope to Iran.

    From Seoul
  27. F*** Ahmadinejad.

    Hey iranians activists, i'm french. Here we only speak about that. Please, stay alive, and DO NOT STOP THE FIGHT.

    We're all with you.

    F*** Ahmadinejad and his fucking fakes elections.
  28. "this video cannot be viewed in your country due to copiright restrictions"


    so... obviously, according to yt, it seems switzerland has copyright issues with some young iranians cellphone-made videos (on a public event, down the streets of Teheran ...)

    omg those google corporate douchebags really need to kill themselves...
  29. I'm an Iranian and I belive that the Iranian fight even to be killed but don't accept any contempt
  30. If they're not copyright protected (stupid google), we will distribute them en masse to western news orgs. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you that you stay safe. For the fallen- they will not have died in vein. Ahmadi can not execute a million people. Take the necessary precautions...stay in groups, cell phone sim cards out and switched, and let us know if you need more proxy/ tor bridges put up and to whom they should be sent. The whole world is watching and grieving for your suffering.
  31. As an Iranian I really glad when I see your Sympathy, Thanks alot for your psychic supports
  32. Open Source programs like YouTube Downloader on Source Forge can allow you to download copies of these videos from YouTube to your home computer.

    You must have the java run time environment installed. Google it.

    Extract the file above that you downloaded and navigate to the folder *\YouTubeDownloader\Full*
    Double Click ytd.jar and it will begin installing, if it does not you need to figure out your java run time environment.

    Alternatively programs like VideoGet are much more user friendly but I believe cost money. Many programs like this exist, however this is meant as a quick introduction to some who don't know how to download a video from youtube.

  33. hy, right on except, "The government of Iran is a rampant, overbearing tyranny which must be stopped not for anyone else except the Iranian people. "

    All tyranny must be stopped for all people, by all people. Thanks to these internets here, teh world is becoming one wether we like it or not. But it belongs to us all. also whether we like ti or not.

    The people OF THE WORLD will demand the "powers that be" return this place to its rightful owners, ALL of us. There will be no peace anywhere until there is no tyranny ANYWHERE.

    it's right in front of us. America is fairly free in itself, but we still have no peace, because of tyranny in other lands, Iran, North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, et al. Even we, america, are constantly at war. If not with our own tyrants, with someone elses.

    Solution: don't be a douchebag. It's that easy. No tyranny does not equal no problems, but it would allow precious time to be spent on "real" problems vs. "manufactured" ones. As humanity creates these kinds of stupid problems for ourselves.

    we should be fighting global warming, cancer, aids, or something, not each other.
  34. Hey

    It is already the french guy.
    I've just learned that Ahmadinejad and his gouvernment has decided to put the capital punishment to all the activists.

    What the fuck is going there ? Dictatorship > repression > culture of fear. OK. But what is his aim , his goal ? What can he do ?Kill everyone ? I ask it to all of the iranians activists on this website.

    My question is : what is the suite of the story with this mad guy ?

    I repeat : We're all with you. Thanks to internet and those who works for it.
  35. my prayers are with the people of Iran, god bless you1
  36. hy to all of you!
    I think without the possibility to make videos with this mobilephones the violence in iran would be so much more horrible. This documentary is one of your good weapons against the dictatorship.
    Everyone should see it and be with you.
    I really hope this hole moneymaking, weapon and Dictator-thing (sorry that im writing in such a generalspeach) stops sometimes in our world.

    Im with you with my heart and in the internet. A girl from germany.
  37. My prayers are with the people of Iran, from Czech republic.
  38. They killed 5 students from Tehran University, 2 girls and 3 boys one of them was the best student in master of Electronic Engineering. We are worry about the tomorrow. We rescue our Iran...
  39. Thank you all of the nice people from all over the world.

    A girl from Iran.

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