My Friends have been shot! (videos)

Discussion in 'Videos' started by God Help Us !, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. im an american, i fully support iranian freedom

    Keep on the fight, we support you, we only wish obama stepped in
  2. Do not give up

    Many people around the world are rooting for you. Do not give up. Tyranny cannot survive the will of the people if they stand up for themselves.

    To the police and the various military units:

    Do not fire at your fellow citizens, at your own people. Put down your weapons and join them.

    Remember Gandhi. Non violent resistance works.! Sit down. Do not work. Do not cooperate with those who oppress you. Call for a nonviolent strike for all the people until you win. You will win.
  3. Poland is wtih You!

    I'm from Poland. Poland is with You too!

    All free people are my brothes - all free people should be brothers. So, I feel I am your brother.

    Our history was bloody fighting for our nationality and language.

    Fight, never give up! If not this way, find another - but fight for the greater good - freedom for all!

    Remember Noth Korea, Belarussia, Russia, Libia, China and many, many other nations still ruled by "chosen ones"... Internet is powerful, peaceful weapon, maybe it will be beginning of new world of Free Friends?

    P.S. And to brothers Americans.. Help Iranians, help Iraqis and Afhgans, but not sending tanks and guns, there are different ways... Instead tank send medicaments. I'm affraid America needs freedom too...

    To Victory! To Freedom!
  4. help

    thank you all the people!
    i'm a boy from iran! in iran the government is so bad and kill the people and so on ! we need the world's help and US to continue alive in Iran
  5. The world is with you. Don't give up!

    We need a stronger US President. The Iranian people must be helped.
  6. Keep the faith in revolution - We are supporting you

    me and my wife have been twice in Iran and we felt how much youngs and others want to shake the government - please shake it as you can, if we could be with you, we would be there for sure - unfortunately our friends in teheran and tabriz don't aswer our mails...everythings seem to be under control... but not your hearts !
    Be careful, these bassij don't seem very clever...
  7. basiji jakesh

  8. Griffith glossing

    I believe our president has been very wise not to interfere. The backing of a US president could do more harm than good to the protesters' cause. This is a fight that must be won by Iranians alone if it is to have any legitimacy. It cannot be damaged by the taint of any US or foreign involvement.

    I hope that your fight to have your votes counted is successful, and with the least possible bloodshed. And once it does succeed, please remember that Mousavi's election is not the end of a fight for equality and a release from oppression- it is the beginning.

    My tears have already fallen, but I will continue to pray for you, brave ones.
  9. I hope the young people get there chance to rise, peace for you all in Iran,
    I am sorry that so many people are getting kill and hurt.
    God Bless from the USA.
  10. Be strong

  11. One more American

    I am a grown man who hasn't cried often in his life, and seeing these videos has made me cry. Good luck to you in Iran, I hope one day our countries can be friends, and not have our leaders make us out to be enemies any more. I'm sick of religious and political leaders making common people fearful or hateful of each other. Please know that all educated and caring people around the world are following what is happening there, with only the best wishes for you, and don't give up your fight.
  12. Etelaat/Agahi

  13. We support you!!!

    All of us Iranians outside Iran support you and know if you keep up the pressure you will get rid of this government. Down with Dictators!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I do not think this people are human

    To the people of Iran; the world is looking at you now... and we pray for you and support you any which way I can.

    To the government of Iran; After all this, there is no place you can hide now. We will find you, send you next to Saddam and Hitler. YOU HAVE BROUGHT SHAME TO HUMANITY AND ISLAM.

    And I pray, before you can answer to God, you answer to Mankind first.
  15. If it looks like the americans are interfering, it just gives more support to the hard-liners.
  16. I am a Canadian University Student, and I just wanted to let all of you brave men and women know that our hearts and prayers are with you at this moment. Your videos are finding their way onto our tv's both here and in the US, and we are all calling for peace and justice to be brought to your nation.

    My prayers to the friends and families of the righteous fallen. May their deaths not have been in vain.
  17. damn those cia, we all know these are the works in preparing for new world order.
  18. I wish you had guns

    Cant you borrow from the Iraqis? A few IED's would help a lot too.
  19. Video Distribution

    Here is a resource to make sure your videos 'stick' online. Someone has been flagging the YT videos of previous uploads to have them removed.
  20. Laura-IRAN Member

    I am also an American and I wholly agree with you. My thoughts and prayers are with the protesters as well. Be safe.
  21. I am an american...

    ... and my heartfelt sorrow is for all of you in Iran! I am so sorry that the government in Iran is (corrupt? For lack of a better word), and I fully support all of you with utmost conviction! Please do not give up, you have the world's support!
  22. Laura-IRAN Member

    I have been crying as well......bless all the protesters and their families and friends. This is a great injustice and it will not go unnoticed or unpunished. The whole world is listening this time. And for once, they will not be able to stop us from seeing what they are doing to the people of Iran. Do not give up. Things WILL change. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong.
  23. this video is impossib look why??????????????????
  24. Hello dear Mray,

    This is absolutely possible.
  25. I hope peace is restored to your country quickly. I know it's only words, but I feel for you all and the videos are heartbreaking- I will pray for you all.
  26. ________________________________________________________________________-

    This beautiful cultured people need out support. It is my business if I see an innocent gunned down because they are expressing their outrage. Cowards don't get involved! The USA is with you. Gooooooooo Iran!!!!
  27. Why would that help?????

    First of all, I am not saying that they don't deserve to be shot back at... "do unto others..." however they do not NEED to borrow guns to protect themselves. More Guns=More Death.

    I am shocked and left with hopes that all this terror ends soon, for the people of Iran as well as the many other countries with people that are needlessly slaughtered in an attempt to gain power and money.
  28. You're wrong

    Obama is doing the right thing by not stepping in. This would give fodder to amah...amana...amanotgonnabeleaderformuchlonger to claim that the protests are being backed by the CIA/US Govt. Obama is doing the best thing that he can. If Obama got involved, the problems would escalate drastically, and painfully.
  29. My friend I also encountered the same error notice with a couple of videos, ISN'T IT POSSIBLE THAT SOMEBODY FROM IRAN IS REPORTING AND SOMEHOW TRYING TO GET THE VIDEOS DELETED ?
  30. Well, even if there was, you just can't remove stuff from internet. Once it's all over the place, you just can't get it off. Of course they'll delete them from youtube since the vids are very violent, but they will stay on sites like rapidshare or other sites. Just keep downloading them to your hard drives and re-uploading them to the internet!

    God bless Iran. It must be like a nightmare out there..
  31. Ya, not working for me either

    I live in hammond, IN USA...and I am receiving the same error message saying that the video of murdered protesters is COPYRIGHTED???


  32. skollie-IRAN Member

    I am not getting any Switzerland copyright statement when trying to view the video. All I'm getting is "video not available".
  33. from-iran Member

    tnx guys for ur support

    hi guys ,
    can somebody compress the videos n upload to rapidshare cuz the internet speed is so slow in here n we cant see videos ,it takes lots of time
    i ll manage to get the all video links on youtube n plz some compress them
    tnx alot ,from iran
  34. from-iran Member

    tnx guys for ur support

    plz go to this website which ask google to change its logo for one day for us
    Where is our vote
  35. Claiming copyright on a YouTube video and having it removed is a very easy procedure. Since YT has no verification for ownership of intellectual property, videos are instantly removed under any name claiming copyright. They can be put back up if a counter-claim is made, but by law, the person making the counter-claim must agree to have their information forwarded to the person who made the original claim.
  36. Quite the Valor

    I think the power of these crowds are immense. They do not run in fear of bullets and riot guards, they run to the aid of their fellow civilians!! First video in this thread does not show a group in panic, but an entire family giving the man space and helping his wound!
    This is the sign of a true fight.
    I personally hate the "good luck" thing so, KICK AYATOLLAH'S ASS!
  37. The protesters out in Iran all have my utmost respect and admiration, to be brave enough to be out on the streets protesting when the government doesn't think twice about shooting their own people, is a huge thing.

    Everything the governemnt is doing is wrong, NO governement, regardless of religion, nationality or race has the right to try and force it's people to believe what they want.
    We on here are protesting now, and it's up to the world to stand up and say no!

    To all those out in Iran, Keep it up, you have My support!

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