My gift to support you - Open Proxy for Iranians

Discussion in 'Keeping Your Anonymity In Iran' started by shiznix, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. shiznix Member

    Hi guys

    I would very much like to support you and your movement.

    Religious governments are bad, we all know that.

    Here you go:

    I set up my homeserver as a proxy server. I modified the Access Control List so that only Iranian people may access it.

    I found the iranian ip range on IP Range: IP Country, IP Ranges - IP Address Country

    it might be incomplete, if so, PM me.

    keep in mind that i have only a 1mbit upload / 10mbit download connection.

    So don't use it for downloading stuff etc. It is there so that you may communicate with teh world, freely.

    It supports http and https connections.

    Feel free to use it.


    ofc you need to know teh address, lol

    my proxy is

    port is 3128


    /EDIT 2: My home server is located in Basel, Switzerland. Switzerland has some of teh most restrictive data privacy laws in teh world. (check out the hosts ip address and compare its range to the ip address country tables if you don't trust me).

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