My good friend Marty Rathbun is a Daddy

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by KittyKatSpanker, Nov 19, 2013.

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    That would be the one!
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  2. I wonder if Marty and Mosey eat the placenta. I say they did cuz they are friends with the Rinders. Prove me wrong.
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  3. 122

    Does it cure Asperger's?
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  4. No
  5. armchair anons all of you, posting relevant contant, bunch of deadbrain cynical nogood fuckers

    Appendix I
    Security Checks

    Security Check Children

    Bulletin September 21, 1961
    The following is a processing check for use on children.
    Be sure the child can understand the question. Re phrase it so he or she can understand it. The first question is the most potent.

    Children's Security Check Ages 6 - 12

    What has somebody told you not to tell?
    Have you ever decided you did not like some member of your family?
    Have you ever taken something belonging to somebody else and never given it back?
    Have you ever pretended to be sick (ill)?
    Have you ever made yourself sick (ill), or hurt yourself to make somebody sorry?
    Have you even wanted something every much, but never told anybody about it?
    Have you ever gotten yourself dirty on purpose?
    Have you ever refused to eat just to worry someone?
    Have you ever remembered something about yourself and not told anybody, because you thought they wouldn't believe you, or be angry at you?
    Have you ever refused to obey an order from someone you should obey?
    Have you ever told another child something that wasn't true, just to frighten or upset him?
    Have you ever bullied a smaller child?
    Have you ever deliberately got another child, or a grown-up, into trouble?
    Have you ever pestered grown people, who were trying to work?
    Have you ever been mean, or cruel, to an animal, bird or fish?
    Have you ever forgotten to give food or water to a pet entrusted to your care?
    Have you ever broken something belonging to someone else?
    Have you ever deliberately spoiled clothing of yours because you didn't like it?
    Do you have a secret?
    Have you ever noticed something wrong with your body that you were afraid to tell anybody about?
    Have you ever done anything you were very much ashamed of?
    Is there anything about you your parents could not understand, even if you told them?
    Have you ever failed to finish your schoolwork on time?
    Have you ever flunked an examination at school?
    Have you ever deliberately given a teacher trouble?
    Have you ever tried to make others dislike some teacher?
    Have you ever tried to make another child unpopular?
    Have you ever broken, damaged, or taken, any school property?
    Have you ever lied to a teacher?
    Have you ever been late to school, or late to a class?
    Have you ever stayed away from school, when you could have gone??
    Have you ever cheated by copying someone else's work, taking notes into an examination, or looking up answers in a book when you weren't supposed to?
    Have you ever spoiled things for somebody?
    Who have you made guilty?
    Have you ever done something you shouldn't when you were supposed to be in bed or asleep?
    Have you ever told others bad stories about someone?
    Have you ever tried to make others believe that your parents, or teachers, were cruel to you?
    Have you ever offered as an excuse for something you have done wrong that you are only a child, or that you haven't grown up yet?
    Have you ever felt that your parents and home were too good for you?
    Have you ever felt that your parents and home weren't good enough for you?
    Is there anything you should tell your parents, and never have?
    Have you ever done anything to some else's body that you shouldn't have?
    Have you ever told anyone that you did something, when you hadn't really done it?
    Have you ever told anyone that you hadn't done something which you really had done?
    Have you ever ganged up on another child and made fun of him because he was different from the rest of you?
    Have you ever made fun of another because of the way he looked?
    Have you ever decided never to talk to someone again?
    Have you ever made your parents or teachers work harder than they should?
    Have you ever decided that you were too bright, or too smart for the other kids?
    Have you ever annoyed an adult by something you did or said?
    Have you ever hurt a child?
    Have you ever mae a child cry?
    Have you ever made a child sulk?
    Have you ever kept another child from having something that really belonged to him?
    Have you ever found anything and failed to return it to its owner?
    Have you ever told stories about someone behind their back?
    Have you ever lied to escape blame?
    Have you ever not told the whole truth about something so as to protect someone?
    Have you ever felt ashamed of your parents?
    Have you ever disappointed your parents?
    Have you ever run away when you should have stayed?
    Have you ever felt sure your parents wouldn't understand something that had happened in school, so you didn't tell them?
    Have you ever not told teachers something about your family because they wouldn't understand it?
    Have you ever failed to keep another child's secret?
    Have you ever felt it was just no use talking to someone?
    Have you ever hurt someone you didn't mean to?
    Have you ever been sloppy about your clothes or possessions?
    Have you ever cried when you shouldn't have?
    Have you ever been a coward?
    Have you ever made too much fuss over a little hurt?
    Have you ever tried to make your parents believe you were doing better in school than you were?
    Have you ever told on anyone?
    Have you ever teased younger children?
    Have you ever mae a mess and not helped to clean it up?
    Have you ever broken or damaged something and never told anybody it was you who did it?
    Have you ever let someone else get punished for something you did?
    Have you ever cried till you got your own way?
    Have you ever decided "Someday, when I'm grown up, I'll get even"? If so, with whom?
    Have you ever picked on someone smaller than yourself?
    Have you ever upset anyone by throwing a temper tantrum?
    Have you ever hurt anyone by telling them you didn't love them any more?
    Have you ever made out that you were more badly damaged than you were in order to make someone stop picking on you?
    Have you ever pretended to like someone that you didn't like in order to satisfy your parents?
  6. 942

    I know someone who works with people who have Asperger's, would you like her to pm you?
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  7. PresidentShaw Member

    His father is Marty, he is already close to the tech
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  11. RightOn Member

  12. 220


    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Marty looks so happy with his new baby. It will give him a conscience just like it did to LRH!
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  14. Nancy Beazley Member

    Congratulations to Mosey and Marty on the birth of their son.

    The birth of a healthy child is a joyous event. I'm happy for them all.
  15. Jeff Jacobsen Member

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  16. RightOn Member

    best one yet ^
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  18. YouSeeNothing Member

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  19. Very alert baby is eagerly lookin' forward to part deux of his billion year contract in loving, devoted service to a wife beating, chlid abusing, con artist, pathologiacal liar, thief (including 17 stolen medals of valor from WWII), plagiarist, blackmailer, briber, tax evader, kidnapper, illegal gulag operator, narcissistic, delusional twat named fake 'Commodore' L. Ron Hubbard.
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  20. Anonymous Member

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  21. 787

    He is an example of how LRH's children brought out his finer, hidden qualities.
  22. 589

  23. RolandRB Member

    LRH: Yes it is. Alright have these two little babies with enormous amount of energy covering them.
    PC: All right.
    LRH: Smash 'em together.
    PC: Yea
    LRH: Two more babies. Smash 'em together.
    PC: Yea
    LRH: Two more babies. Smash 'em together.
    [etc] "
  24. jan310-116.jpg
  25. sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me

    most overrated proverb ever
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  27. TRAJ Member

  28. White Tara Global Moderator

    Wtf indeed, odd post moved to derail thread. :confused:
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  29. Anonymous Member

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  30. Anonymous Member

    cute bubba.
  31. JohnnyRUClear Member

    All faggotry involving its daddy aside, that's a cute kid, and I wish the little bugger a long and healthy life.
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  32. 132

    KittyKatSpanker is his godfather.
  33. Yes. At our core we really are nice people. :)
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  34. Mr. Magoo Member

    Yep. Super cute. And such sweet photos of him sleeping.

    I hope his parents give him the gift of growing up free of LRH and scientology. Hopefully by the time he is two or three, his parents will be completely done with the ridiculousness and BS in any and every form. I'm not religious at all, but I'm tempted pray for this, for the kid's sake.
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  35. muldrake Member

    It would be nice. Sometimes having a kid brings out something new in a person. In this case, I hope that would be realizing that poisoning the poor kid with Hubbard's mind-garbage is doing him no favors.
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  36. Anonymous Member

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  37. Anonymous Member

    Disgusting. Any idea of who the kids are? My hunch is that at least 2 of them are over at esmb. Crosspost desired.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Someone said the girl with the ponytail is Shelly Miscavige.
  39. BLiP Member

    The child with the Hubturd's hand on her shoulder is Annie Tidman / Broeker / Logan. She is the woman on the right in the photo below.


    Sad story is sad.
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  40. RightOn Member

    The one with his hand on her shoulder. Isn't that Maureen Bolstad? She worked with cameras

    derp! she was too young and someone identified her

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