"My sis was molested & abused in Scientology and my mom disowned me because I don't believe in it!"

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by CommunicatorIC, Oct 17, 2014.

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  1. Some of you Twitterfags might perhaps suggest she contacts Tony Ortega.
  2. RolandRB Member

    We all approve of the Roman Catholic Church, knowing full well that they have sexually abused juniors at a knowing instutionalised level for hundreds of years, and you pull up this as a lame excuse to bash Scientologists?

    Shame on you, you religious bigot! :mad:
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  3. anon8109 Member

    Child abuse is a serious matter and should be reported to the police and family/children's services.
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  4. praline Member

    Sadly there is much truth in this :(

    The Family International (used to be the Children Of God) not only molested but CELEBRATED molesting kids as a part of worshiping god. So many of their young adults have died of drug abuse or suicide and they are still allowed to exist. They say they stopped molesting kids in the '90s so they are "good now".
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