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Discussion in 'Freedom of Expression' started by LoïcNoël, May 20, 2013.

  1. LoïcNoël Member

    Dear Misters,

    I try to explain you my case in English. I'm Loïc Noël ; i'm a Belgian student in Archaeology. Since two years, I saw hell. My family, my friends and I are victims of a hacker. My computer system and our phones are hacked. The person responds message to what they say verbally. It spying on us, all our actions are spied.

    Two years I complaint. The Computer Crime Unit in Liege, Belgium, tried to find out who it was. But it seems impossible. The police did not believe me at first. I have spent psychiatric tests to prove that I was not crazy.

    We are filmed. I get death threats. Twice people came to threaten me at home.

    The hardest episode: I was on jail for terrorism in Crete last summer. The person sent a threatening message to the Athens airport. I face a trial (October 2013). I'm an archaeologist and I have no reputation. My career is ruined. My morale and that of my family no longer exists. I'm distraught. This is affecting more and more people, tens of people receive threats they complain against me. I contacted hackers who think I'm hacked, but nobody can find the solution.

    At all, this story has cost me more than 60 000 euro. Two articles deal with my case. These documents are in French (I am against about in the first illustration oh the first one) These are:

    This is a call for help. I'm very scared. My family is exhausted. My parents are not going well, my grandparents also. My fiancee is insulted and she lives in fear also.

    Thank you for your perusal. I really hope to get a response from you. I really need help from people who can. Thank you !

  2. Anonymous Member

    Do you know the English word - P O L I C E ???

    What you have described is a matter for the Police.

    If you're not trolling, NYPA.
  3. LoïcNoël Member

    Yes but the police don't help me... i would like to find solution.
  4. Asheera Member

    Doesn't belong in Anonymous V Scientology, but I'm not sure where the best home for this is.
  5. LoïcNoël Member

    Yes, i'm sorry. it's not the good place. I change the place but i can't delete this one.
  6. Asheera Member

    Wait until the thread is moved. Until then, try not shitting the place up with duplicate threads ok?
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  7. LoïcNoël Member

    Ok The message will be moved? You did? Or, I have to do? Thank you so much!
  8. HOC Member

    Thread moved to Freedom Of Expression. :)
  9. LoïcNoël Member

    Thank you !
  10. Anonymous Member

    If you are using the same machines that you believe have already been hacked, you may want to reformat your drives and encrypt them.
  11. LoïcNoël Member

    Thank you for you message. The problem is that the phone, for example, are always news and they are hacked everytime. Different people are touched by this. And, we think that is not specialy the computer but my Internet system. The network of my university too...

    If i do that, if i reformat again my Macbook pro, is it possible to find the person who do that ? Because, we try a lot of "solution" (reformat, we change computer, the device, cellphone...) and the problem still the same.

    I didn't use a usb stick, nobody without me use the computer...
  12. Anonymous Member

    If someone is able to repeatedly hack you phone then...well...that seems like someone close to you is doing it.

    It isn't really possible to repeatedly hack phones in that way and with that much ease....
  13. LoïcNoël Member

    But, i think that just one phone is hacked but the person use my number to send message to different person. The police checked this phone but they didn't find something. I have a "static" ip ; perhaps it's a part of the problem.

    If another computer is hacked, it's possible to hack me again no ?

    Some people not in the police tried to help me and find something but just nothing... i really don't know how to resolve this story. It's a really hell.
  14. LoïcNoël Member

    We think we know the person. This is an old friend. She did not have sufficient knowledge. The police said that it was a person employed by another person. I have a trial in Greece in October and I'd really like to find a way to escape it.
  15. Anonymous Member

    People will, no doubt, suspect that this is a "poltergeist" phenomenon. That is, not a supernatural phenomenon, but actions carried out by attention seeking persons, perhaps the victim or family themselves.

    Of course, it may well be nothing of the sort.

    What you need, I suggest, Loic is a forensic computer scientist. Someone who knows what they are doing.

    Perhaps he or she will do something like this.

    1. reformat your computer/s with a clean operating system
    2.make a disc image of the hard drive on dvds
    3.wait for evidence of bad behaviour on the part of the computer
    4.pull the battery out, power down
    5. restart the computer with a different o/s, or access the hard drive directly the saved disc image with what actually exists on the hard drive
    7. and thus work out what, if anything has changed.
  16. LoïcNoël Member

    Thank you very much for your response. I'm looking for that kind of person. Hormi the Computer Crime Unit of Liege in Belgium, I have not found a person like this.

    Do you know How to proceed to find this person ? Because the Belgium's CCU really don't know what they do i think...
  17. LoïcNoël Member

    Corfu'ass !
  18. Anonymous Member

    Sorry, I don't have any further insights on that. You might just have to look for a local computer technician, or research how to do it yourself.

    However, if you regularly save disc images onto dvd's, you've always got the evidence, when someone turns up who can examine them.
  19. LoïcNoël Member

    Thank you very much for you messages. I hope that someone suceed.
  20. Anonymous Member

    And anon is good.
  21. LoïcNoël Member

    Of course. If why i said that i'm against the first picture in the text ;)
  22. Anonymous Member

    Just in case you haven't tried this: When reformating, change all passwords to a new one that is hard to crack. Password-protect everything.

    You claim your phone and mail is repeatedly hacked. This is hard to believe, unless the hacker either 1) really got it in for you, or 2) have a trojan deep in your operating system. The remedy is to switch from new and fancy gadgetry like smartphones and I-Pads to old-fashion non-smart phones, and disable blue-tooth. Use land-lines rather than mobile phones whenever possible. Use public computers and make yourself an e-mail account not tied to you name, and with a hefty password. If this e-mail is hacked in short order too, then you have a trojan with a key-stroke logger or something similar on one or more computers you use that e-mail from. This means reformating and reinstalling, and the use of a new and uncompromised e-mail account.

    If you know where and when you are being filmed, make sure you have a record to show to the police. Get a small, cheap cam-corder and document all forms of harassment. As long as it is a he-said-she-said situation, the police ir largely powerless. You need hard proofs.
  23. LoïcNoël Member

    Ok. I'll try this again ! Thank you verry much. The police found a keylog but nothing are sent, just save in the computer (using webcam and keybord). but, they said that now, it be sure and no keylog in my Macbook. But, i, i really note sure about this. Thanks again !

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