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    Nancy Cartwright

    The most Scientology-involved movie ever made? Here comes Nancy’s baby!

    By Tony Ortega, February 28, 2017


    Our source in Scientology’s Hollywood Celebrity Centre, who has been so helpful to us in the past, alerted us to something special coming that he thought we’d want to pay attention to.

    “The first screenings for Nancy Cartwright’s movie In Search of Fellini started this weekend,” he told us. “And for Scientology, it’s really a big deal.”

    How so? We asked.

    Our man in Hollywood told us the project grew out of a one-woman show Nancy, the voice of Bart Simpson, developed at the Celebrity Centre itself, more than 20 years ago.

    By then, Nancy already had huge success with The Simpsons, a series which had started in 1989. She’s made piles of money out of the show, and according to Scientology’s own publications she’s given at least $10 million of it to the church. She’s also been more forthcoming than other celebrities about what the aims of Scientology are. To Australian journalist Bryan Seymour, she said, “I believe that there is a power that I am striving for. I think the best way to describe that would be to name that ‘God,’ you know. And ideally I would have to say that I am striving to be that God.”

    Our source tells us that Nancy is not only fully invested in Scientology’s ideas about superpowers, but that she rides herd on others about it.

    “She’s so hardcore, she even polices the other celebrities. She considers herself the ideal standard of a Scientology celebrity, and she lets the others know it if they aren’t measuring up to it,” he told us for our recent piece about Scientology’s top stars.

    And now, our man tells us, she’s put together something really pretty special: Maybe the most Scientology-involved movie ever made, he says.

    What, even more Scientological than John Travolta’s epically bad 2000 stinker, Battlefield Earth?

    Battlefield Earth had a lot fewer Scientologists involved than this one,” he says. “I can’t remember another film with this many Scientologists involved. And from their perspective this is awesome.”

    Our man says the story for the film grew out of Nancy’s own travels around Europe before she became a star on The Simpsons. “It was a one-woman show. It was her personal experiences in Europe. And she had a pianist who did the music, and she took you on kind of a trip around Europe. It lasted probably an hour and a half. I remember that it was cute and it was funny,” he says.

    Now, Nancy has written a movie that stars Maria Bello and younger actresses Ksenia Solo and Mary Lynn Rajskub. But the rest of the cast and crew is shot through with Scientologists. A few of them:

    Actress and former Jason Lee fiancee Beth Riesgraf, actor David O’Donnell, actor Michael Wiseman (formerly a close friend to Leah Remini and Angelo Pagan), actress Alyssa Suede (daughter of David Campbell), producer Kevin Burke, producer Peter Kjenaas, producer Nathan Lorch, music director David Campbell, casting directors Lisa London and Catherine Stroud, and more.

    A key producer on the project is Michael Doven, whom we’ve been writing about for quite a long time. Our source says Doven was key to getting distribution for the movie.

    And directing the picture is Taron Lexton, husband to actress Marisol Nichols and son of South African Scientologist Mary Shuttleworth, who is responsible for founding several of Scientology’s front groups.

    “He’s the boy wonder. He can do no wrong,” our source says. “He’s directed Way to Happiness videos and the United for Human Rights stuff that the church really loved.”

    In all, it’s a project the church itself is very excited about.

    “I can’t think of another film that was written, produced, and shot by Scientologists that actually got distribution. These are key roles in the film,” he says.

    But is it any good? Our man admitted that he hadn’t seen it, but he did talk to another well known Scientology celebrity who told him it was “beautifully shot.”

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    Exclusive: Tom Cruise’s Scientology Spy Now Movie Producer Gets a Surprise at LA-Italia Film Fest

    By Roger Friedman, Showbiz411


    The Scientologists behind a new movie called “In Search of Fellini”– co-written by Nancy–voice of Bart Simpson–Cartwright– and another long time Scieno, Peter Knenaas, and produced by Tom Cruise former BFF and former reported Scieno snitch Michael Doven— got a big surprise recently when their film debuted at the LA-Italia Film Festival.

    “Fellini” stars Maria Bello (how she wound up in this who knows). When the festival wanted to honor her at the movie’s premiere on February 24th who did they call? Why Paul Haggis, famous former Scientologist, Oscar winner, and great friend of Bello.

    This move didn’t go over very well at the festival, where Haggis had to be on guard because of all the Scienos in the audience. Haggis was the main source for the book and documentary called “Going Clear,” which outed a lot of the cult’s misdeeds and named Doven as Cruise’s chief of staff. I’ve written about Doven over the years as well.

    “When Doven heard that Haggis was presenting to Bello, he freaked out. He said Haggis was ‘too controversial.'” Nevertheless Haggis did the job.

    It’s unclear whether the LA-Italia people understood “In Search of Fellini” was a Scientology movie. Except for Bello, everyone involved is a big time member including the director, whose wedding to a fellow member was held at Hollywood’s Celebrity Center.

    It does seem that Doven’s reward for his loyalty to leader David Miscavige was to head up Scientology’s new movie company called United Pictures. (Doven’s tie to Hollywood is that his wife is the daughter of the great actor Bobby Morse of “Mad Men” and “How to Succeed in Business” fame.)

    What comes next for “In Search of Fellini” is whether Doven and co. can fool a regular film distributor to pick up the movie and send it out into the mainstream world. That’s certainly the mandate. And oh yeah – if you’re still watching “The Simpsons,” indeed Bart is voiced by Cartwright, a prominent member of the cult. She’s made millions for them.

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    Paul Haggis spoils movie night for Scientology, shows what a real humanitarian does

    By Tony Ortega, March 7, 2017


    Last week our man at the Hollywood Celebrity Centre let us know that Nancy Cartwright’s movie, In Search of Fellini, had screened, and he wanted us to understand that it was a movie with more Scientologists involved than maybe any other ever. From Nancy, who wrote it, to its director, to many of its actors, and plenty of other people on the crew, this is a film that Scientology is hoping will do well.

    Well, since then, we learned from Roger Friedman that there was a bit of a surprise about that first screening, which happened on the closing night of the 12th annual Los Angeles Italia film festival on February 24.

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