Nancy Many to Marty Rathbun

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Nancy Many, Nov 22, 2009.

  1. Nancy Many Member

    Nancy Many to Marty Rathbun

    I wrote this to Marty. It is up for OK to be posted on his blog, I guess he censors or I don't know.

    I want to make it clear, that my place in this ruckus is to STOP MENTAL ABUSE and the mental breakdowns and suicides. I get wind of one a month now, that means there are many more.
    OSA/RTC sent me to Psychotic Land, were I luckily did not perish but have lived to speak for those who can't. That clear and simple is my purpose here.

    This is taking a toll on me mentally, but as long as I continue to get up every morning I will continue to fight for my brothers and sisters who were sent to that hell I was, and especially for those who did not make it back.

    I need help, and I need help from whoever wants to help my chosen passion. I have much to contribute to the ongoing situation in ANZO. The last two memoirs written by Scientology never made it into the bookstores because Scientology threatened to sue. I don't want that to happen to me. My book is for sale at as well as my web site. My email is at the end of my note to Marty.

    Here is my note to Marty

    ancy many // November 22, 2009 at 7:11 pm | Reply

    I am wondering Marty, what if anything you had to do with my mental wipe out, or the prevention of it because you already knew about Liss McPherson?
    You called my home when someone from the family was living there (this is after Lisa, and after me) before so many that came later. This person who we both know asked for you to set up some auditing at Flag for personal reasons. You answered, NO don’t come to Flag now, the Tech is horrific. (You already knew about Lisa, but the world didn’t). I remember thinking that how could you tell this mutual friend not to come to protect her from out tech, but meanwhile push regs’ and orgs’ and personnel to get as much money and people down there. The Out Tech which caused Lisa to die and for me to go Psychotic, was still happening, and people were going off kilter, and suicidal, and yes there were suicides. That was over 10 years ago and you KNEW. you KNEW for 10 years and allowed it to continue. And now you ask me to not support the only group that has stood up consistently and made it safe for others to speak of -Anonymous – No I don’t agree with any illegal acts — by either Anonymous or you and your new GROUP.

    My sole purpose in still being involved is that People are being driven nuts, and/or committing suicide at a rate of my personal knowledge of at least once a month. That’s why I have risked everything(including my own personal mental health) to stand up and write a book, and will continue to stand. People are dying. And you have KNOWN, I personally know that you have known since Lisa’s death, yet you have allowed to have scientologists continue to go to Flag for this mind -**** version of auditing that is going on. I wonder, if you had stood up –when you KNEW and told our friend you KNEW if Greg Bashaw would still be alive today. And now I wonder what part you had in my little inquisition with Joan, I know it was under Mike Rinder’s Watch, but where were you?

    You should read Greg’s letter to the Captain FSO
    printed in full and naming names, two weeks before he died. It is in my book at the end of the chapter called JEANINE AND GREG.
    You had the Power
    You had the Knowledge
    Yet you only kept your “friends” safe, meanwhile continuing to collect money and deliver BS to people, taking NO Responsibility for damage done. If at the time of my interrogation, there were only two sec checkers “approved” by RTC, for the entirety of Scientology, Why did I, a public person in doubt get the pleasure of her company?????? I received Black Dianetics, no doubt. When an auditor stands over a PC and screams at them, that is not safe auditing.

    You KNEW, yet you continued.

    I will continue to support ALL Legal Actions by anonymous. They are the first group of people who hardly knew, but soon found out and DID something about it. I don’t and wont agree with anything illegal, but from what I see they are a group made up mostly for people who see a wrong and want it righted.

    You saw a wrong (Lisa), and all you did was make sure your personal friends were not involved.

    I would rather have made this a personal communication, but you are unreachable.

    If you were to attack simply any illegal actions by Anonymous, I’ld be right with you. But you don’t, you group and label them and don’t see individual human beings. Anything that you are doing to stop Anonymous is a forward push for David Miscavige.
    I want people to stop going crazy and to stop dying and I will take my help and assistance from anyone who is on board.

    My Book is available on or on my website “”.

    And as for OSA being different than the GO, don’t tell me for a second you ever believed that.
    MR said that you find and go for the guys most important possession or connection and that is how you bring them down — That is straight out of the Guardian’s Office book of Espionage.

    By not keeping focus on the things that most of us agree with:

    a) Remove Miscavige

    b) Stop Physical abuse

    c) Stop Mental abuse

    d) and let people have some real scientology and if they like it they keep it and if they don’t they walk out the door.

    My part is the Mental Abuses, because that is what I have the most personal knowledge of and have studied alternative solutions for these people the most. I can not and will not turn my back on an OT8 who shows up on my door suicidal — But you had the power and the knowledge and for YEARS allowed it to continue.

    I had always thought and been told you were one of the “Good Guys” up there. I wonder.

    Nancy Many
  2. _You_ Member

    Re: Nancy Many to Marty Rathbun

  3. Mitsu Too Member

    Re: Nancy Many to Marty Rathbun

    Hi Nancy. I am currently reading your book and I would like to say thank you for your courage and convictions admist all this turmoil. Your are an anchor for those struggling with the mental breakdowns and I can only imagine that there will be a stream of people needing a safe harbour in the current climate. The changes are coming fast and furious and the information can no longer be suppressed and hidden. You are the closest to what anguish Dear Lisa went through and it is a miracle you survived it. Marty's motives are still not clear and he holds his cards very close and from my perspective he appears to revert to what he knew best and appplies it for his own agenda. He was well trained. I find it difficult to comprehend how he can dismiss so many, in particular exs like Aaron Saxton and others, and lump them all into categories of haters, etc. He keeps implying he has certain information and special knowledge but shares little. It is no wonder he appears to be positioning himself as a new messiah! I hope he has the decency to answer you as you do deserve an answer and a resolution to some of those questions for your own ongoing recovery. I think you are a true angel of hope for many and a real hero in my book.
  4. Mitsu Too Member

    Re: Nancy Many to Marty Rathbun

    Oh and BTW anyone who has any doubt that LRH was a loonatic asshole please read Nancy's book and her experience being RPF'ed by the great LRH himself while pregnant for her first child well before Mr. Slappy took over the reins.
  5. RosyGlass Member

    Re: Nancy Many to Marty Rathbun

    Hi Nancy! Thanks again for your help with my friend. Waiting to hear back from you on my suggestions and I'm still willing to help in that matter. Any contribution to Anzo scene would be great. I'm hoping an investigation there will help efforts to get one going in U.S. Between your book and Aaron Saxton's videos, I don't see how our Congress can deny investigations much longer.

    Glad to hear you speak out. My 2 cents is Marty is not one who is going to change his spots ever, but what's important is you speak whatever you need to.
    My opinion (based solely on decades and decades) is he is a devout criminal. Whether he's psyhopathic can be debated. Criminal, not. The fact that he is now openly attacking victims speaking out is just more evidence. And your speaking out to him adds to this evidence for all to see and hear.

    Let me know how else I can help. Rosy
  6. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Nancy Many to Marty Rathbun

    my letter to marty:

    fuck you marty!

  7. _You_ Member

    Re: Nancy Many to Marty Rathbun

    There is no "out tech," Scientology's auditing itself is a danger to mental health:

  8. timthephoto Member

    Re: Nancy Many to Marty Rathbun

    Marty is one of the most dis-reputable people i have ever seen speak on the internet, listening to aaron saxton's account of how Marty & Mike lived at Scientology might help people understand.

    coffee from france, crackers from swizerland, shirts that cost months sea org wages..
    meanwhile the sea org ate beans & rice, and had to spend out their pittance so not to wear rags

    Marty Makes Me Sick, I don't think he'll ever come clean, one dirty scurrilous bastard
  9. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    Re: Nancy Many to Marty Rathbun

    Loved your book Nancy. It added to information about Lisa as well.

    I don't think you'll get anywhere trying to alter Marty's actions. He seems to have a certain agenda, and we're not a part of it. When he opens the door a bit to Scientology's inner workings, I cheer. When he goes back to his whatever plans, well, he loses me.
  10. _You_ Member

  11. RosyGlass Member

    Re: Nancy Many to Marty Rathbun

    Technically, true, but Nancy and many others' stories are about deliberate and intentional shortcircuiting and shocking the mind as one of the many "discredit" tactics used. The longer one is in Scn and the more involved (as in staff) the more real problems accrue (physical health, mental health, social, financial, business health) until they reach crisis meltdown point.

    It is because someone believes up to that very last moment that "in tech", that next step out of reach, will solve all, when in fact that is the very riptide that has swept them under and beached them.

    These crimes and abuses are then followed up by more: harrassing, stalking, black PR, in other words, destroying what little if anything that is left, and it includes destroying evidence. At that point, sometimes one small swipe is all that is needed. If that person has any kind of important knowledge, tsunami's are employed.

    While I've said before Scn stops just one hair short of gulag concentration camp techniques, in the end, the consequences are about the same. The road back is long and arduous, but you'll never be quite the same and some never make it back at all.

    So I understand, in context, what Nancy means. You're both correct.
  12. RosyGlass Member

    Re: Nancy Many to Marty Rathbun

    Oh, and I never concerned myself with Marty. I was pretty sure that Marty would be the the one to undo Marty. Unable to change meant he would eventually not be able to keep himself from attacking anyone who got in the way of his agenda (really, what does it matter what that is?), and lie through the teeth.

    And so it has begun. Now he's attacking the whole Australia thing, denying he knew people such as Arron Saxton and Nancy. Maybe he can fool a handful of newcomers, and perhaps he has no clue as to just how many of us long term ex's there are.

    Also, it's important to understand, as Marty does, that in Scn the right hand never knew what the left hand was doing, multiplied by many times over, as it was designed. But now that reports from all era's and all areas are coming out, the pieces of the puzzle have been put together and the whole, real picture is out there for all to see and understand. Saxton did an incredible job like no other in his videos.

    Marty made a defeating tactical error by not coming out with all of it. That maniacal laugh while regurgitating your hand in "hunting down pursuits" (St Pete Times) did not go unnoticed. Engraged and frustrated, now others are doing the job for him. And that's just the first wave. wave goodbye to martyr marty.

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