Narconon Albion, Michigan (cult)

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by malibu, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. malibu Member

    This facilty is at the top of the ranks of Scientelogy Cults. Everything you have heard, everything you have seen is 100% true. I have seen it with my own eyes. This corrupt corporation has to be taken down. i am anoymous, we will never forget!
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  3. Django Member

    Rock on, new Anon. Were you in Scientology at some point in your life? If so, please to be telling your story (and also check out if you haven't already done so)...
  4. Pique Member

    Welcome malibu. :)

    What have you seen?
    What suggestions do you have for taking action about the corrupt organization?
  5. Anonymous Member

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  7. DeathHamster Member

    Narconon Freedom Center 805 West Erie Street Albion, Michigan 49224 United States


    Freedom Treatment Center 805 West Erie Street Albion, Michigan 49224 United States

    Web sites:
    • which redirects to their stealth referral at
    • (registered but no IP address)
    • Barely any mention of Narconon, and claims that it's covered by some insurance companies. (Bet that's a lie.)
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  8. Anonymous Member

    How come all the Narconon places seem to be run by staff who have drug problems and leave drugs lying around??
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  9. DeathHamster Member

    Claimed insurance coverage:
    "Meidcal Mutual" LOL!
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  10. DeathHamster Member

    The toll-free numbers are always good to toss into Google to find stealth sites that don't mention Narconon.
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  11. Intelligence Member

    Welcome to Anonymous Why We Protest "Malibu"
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  12. malibu Member

    they exlpote familys and addicts. their treatment centers are a huge scam that brainwashes u into believing scientology. the coarses they have are insane. i knew right away something wasnt right. im goin to start by puting the word out about narconon. im going to post up at court houses parole offices and try to let people know about this place. hopefully they will pass it on. u have any suggestions?
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  13. I think an examination of this Sub-Forum would prove useful to your interests:
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  14. Intelligence Member

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  15. Pique Member

    Intelligence do you have a more specific suggestion as to where someone new to the fray could start? That subforum can be a little intimidating even to someone with experience.
  16. Intelligence Member

    I really don't - - I guess depending on which subject the new Anon is interested in? If he/she is interested in filing complaints,
    they could contact me or Colin in Oklahoma; either of us would be happy to help:)

  17. incog712 Member

    Lol. So grossly misleading, even without the study tech spellings.

    You know, I too would gladly accept payment from any of these insurance companies for the speschul treatmentz that I provide. Trufax!!! Of course, so far none of them have expressed any interest. I can't imagine why.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Incog712, where can i get yur speschul treatmentz, as I have Bleu Xros Insuranses and despratly reqwire yur halp.
  19. xenubarb Member is a great place to start.
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  20. Intelligence Member

    Yes, this is an awesome site. This is the site I went to before getting the hell out of NN TR.
    Even the Quebec Human Rights Commission has dox from this site.

    Narconon and Scientology:
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  21. Wow you all must be a bunch of narcanon flunkees? For someone like myself who is seriously considering rehab, I ran across your blog and was certainly scared at the though of going to some sort of " scientology brainwashing facility". But then I realized, as protesters, none of you must really have the conviction to stand behind what you believe cuz you can even show your faces.!!
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  22. Anonymous Member

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  23. Anonymous Member

    Hai OSA. How's your rice and beans?

    Before you get sent to the RPF, remember that you are free to leave anytime. You don't have to subject yourself to cult abuse. 1-866-xseaorg.
  24. Anonymous Member

    Narcanon is a legitimate rehab program. Narconon is a dangerous cult sham with no proven track record. As a cultist, you're not expected to spell properly but you are expected to know the difference.

    Report to your ethics officer immediately.
  25. BigBeard Member

    Actually Narcotics Anonymous, a.k.a. NA, is the legitimate rehab program. They make a point of NOT being known as Narcanon due to the obvious confusion factor with a particular scam program, which is exactly why the scam program uses the name it does.

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  26. Anonymous Member

    IRS form 990 tax records reveal much about Narconon in Michigan,
    including names of upper level staff and where the money goes.

    Persons wishing to take action regarding these Narconon facilities,
    can use online people-search directories like to obtain
    addresses of officials and their relatives, so that documents of personal protests
    and service of legal papers to the scam artists "care providers" who profit
    from the families of vulnerable substance abusers who are trying to quit.

    Narconon Stone Hawk
    IRS Tax ID EIN 383646037
    216 St. Mary's Lake Road
    Albion MI 49224
    Phone 2699699773
    $4,485,386 Revenue in 2008

    Per Wickstrom, President $162,024
    Douglas Wickstrom, CFO $38,000
    Eric Tenorio, Executive Director $75,036
    Miriam Tenorio, Deputy Executive Director $54,000
    George Ardelean, Senior Director $54,563
    Dominick Assante, Course Supervisor $46,300
    Ramsey Darwish El Khatib, Counselor $35,839
    Brian C Kuehne, Counselor $32,173
    Patrick O'Neill, Counselor $31,200
    Daniel Greene, Intake Coordinator $39,877
    Kreis Enderle Callander & Hudgins, Legal $66,704
    P O Box 4010, Kalamazoo MI 49003
    Emery Lawrence, Accounting $29,153
    61 South Union Street, Battle Creek MI 49017
    The Doctors Group PC, Medical $18,238
    Dr Martin Homes, $14,720

    $47,927 Grant from Stone Hawk to Narconon Freedom Center
    IRS Tax ID EIN 262990691
    809 West Erie Street
    Albion MI 49224

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  27. Anonymous Member

  28. Anonymous Member

    Please feel free to share in this thread, we love Narconon stories.
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  29. Anonymous Member

  30. Anonymous Member

    Here's the entire reddit comments thread on that topic; which is a pretty funny read.
  31. Anonymous Member

    Wow, intense over there. Care to share?
  32. Anonymous Member

    Ok quick background on me, I was 18 going on 19 and had been sniffing heroin and smoking crack for about 3 years (mostly heroin just turned to crack a few months prior) I was also in the methadone clinic and taking 160 mg of methadone every day for around 4 months. My parents didn't know what to do with me, I was a wrecking ball, that manipulated and stole from anyone I could.

    I was shit. No one in my family was like me, a friend of mine had gone up there and my parents had spoken to his parents without really knowing where to turn. They said my friend liked it and I should go. I went in April of 2008 and this is my experience there.

    They would start you off in the detox, which was actually amazing. Big comfy leather couches a huge selection of awesome movies, PSPs to play and they would order breakfast lunch and dinner for you. I thought i was in heaven. They over medicated the shit out of you, I was high everyday I was there.

    After detox you go to a place called the "withdraw house". It sounds like what it is. You go into a house, not a bad looking place, decently well built and it over looked a lake. Inside there wasn't much a couch a kitchen and tons of magazines and books, and bunk beds upstairs. When you go in here you are no longer on any medication. They give you a concoction called "calmeg" Its boiled water with calcium and magnesium in it mixed with apple juice. This was to start the purification process.

    For those of you unfamiliar with the detox from heroin and methadone it's terrible. Your bones turn themselves inside out, sleep is a thing of the past, cold sweat is your new skin. And pooping, holy Mary mother of God do you shit. 5-6 times a day of the wettest, strongest jet propelled shits you could ever imagine. The calmeg definitely didn't help with this. After a day in the withdraw house staff members start running tr's or training routines with you. The first one you do is answer the same goddamn question over and over and over and over again for about 5 hours of that day. "Tell me somewhere you're not" and then all you would have to do is say anywhere in the world that you weren't. From Italy to Best Buy, wherever as long as it wasn't that fucking house. They would say good and then repeat the question. And so on.

    After a day or two of that TR you would start training for TR 1. They would sit you down in a chair with someone else from the house about a foot away from you tell you not to move and sit motionless and stay in the moment. I was off of methadone for 5 days now, 2 days without medication. That's not happening. My skin is crawling my bones are trying to snap themselves in half and run out of my body.

    I couldn't sleep, I was already going a little bit crazy. They refuse to give you any medication now, in fear that it may "cloud your mind". So to help with my withdraw and lack of sleep they gave me vitamin B 12. TONS of it. I don't know the exact amount but pretty much handfuls. My piss turned a dark green and smelled like asparagus and mayonnaise.

    Ok so now I'm out of the withdraw house and am in the main facility. The building was an old retreat for Kellogs Cereal CEOs and such. It was a pretty cool place. Prior to that it was supposedly a head hospital in the 20's, but who knows. It was a good looking facility. 3 Floors, had a little game room area, a cafeteria, and two common areas, one for guys and one for girls.

    The day starts with a 730am wake up knock on your door you get up and go for role call in the cafeteria. After role call they read a quote from L Ron and then you are sent back to your rooms to get ready for class. Class starts with book 1 and TR 1. The sitting in the chair and not moving thing. In order to pass it and move onto the next one you have to do it without moving for two hours. Moving includes anything from smirking. to scratching an inch. You have to do this two times, once with your eyes open once with them closed. After you've passed this step you have to sit in the chair and once again not move while someone tries to break you. (make you laugh or cry) A pass was 15 minutes. Next you would have to read passages from "Alice in Wonderland" to your twin (partner you're matched up with) and they would have to give you an appropriate response. Next you would have to sit there with you twin and ask them the same few questions over and over questions like "do birds fly?" and other shit like that. Your twin would have to say anything and then you would have to handle what they said. IF they said something like "Fuck this I don't want to do it anymore!" you would have to comeback and say "Hey man I understand but we just have to get through this together OK. So let me repeat the question. Do birds fly?" A pass was 30 minutes without stuttering on fumbling over words. After this awful step you would sit solo in a chair with, and i kid you not, a bowl of rocks infront of you on a chair. You would have to pick up this bowl of rocks and as you did so say "Stand up" and then thank the rocks for standing up. Then you would say "Sit down in that chair" you would put the rocks down in the chair and thank them for sitting. Last TR in book 1 was to get your twin and stand side by side, abouot 10-15 feet from a wall. You would then ask your twin to "look at that wall" and then thank them. "walk over to that wall" and thank them" touch that wall" and yep you guessed it thank them. Your twin would have to try and run away and yell at you and you had to handle them in a calm collected manner and keep them going with the current TR. Do this for about 30 minutes without slip ups and you have passed book 1. We did this for 8-10 hours a day, everyday but Sunday.

    If you did all of these successfully you passed book 1 and moved onto book 2 which was the sauna. You would go sit in one of two sauna boxes one I think was 140 degrees and the other was 160, but don't quote me on that. They were really hot, lets leave it at that. Prior to going into the sauna box you would take shit tons of niacin, im talking about 16,000 mg before, then you would go exercise for about 20 minutes until your skin was red and burning with the white hot heat of 1000 suns. Once you were a flush red you would down some calmeg and go into the sauna for 6 hours. There were water breaks and such, it wasn't 6 straight hours but still it wasn't fun.

    I was in sauna about 45 days before I was "cleared of all my drugs" and was told I could move onto book 3. Book 3 was all about memorizing L Ron quotes. Verbatim, every comma, every word had to be perfect or you couldn't move on. Then you were given clay and told to mold things. For example. Pain, sorrow, regret. Mostly feelings and such but there were other things i just can't remember.

    After book 3 you move onto book 4 or objectives. This is hands down the worst part. You are matched up with your twin and you have to follow them around the room for 8-10 hours a day asking the same question over and over. There are i think 8 different objectives my least favorite questions was "find something in this room you can control" then your twin would walk over to anything and say "this pencil", you would thank them and command them to "keep it from going away" then ask "did you keep it from going away?" say good and repeat. Each objective takes about 2 weeks, you go a little insane at this time. Kids always try and escape property, they run through the woods or whatever. A few people punch shit and break their hands. But you don't pass or move on until you have an epiphany or whatever and then move on to the next Objective. I never made it past this. I lost my mind and left and made my way back to NJ. I know this is very long and I did leave out alot of details so I do apologize. I will be more than happy to do an AMA to answer more specific questions.

    TL;DR- I went to Narconon, L Ron Hubbard's rehab, and it was weird and sucked the cock.
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  33. Anonymous Member

    Do fish fly?
    Do birds swim?
  34. jensting Member

    Ah, that detail had slipped me. The TRs start right when the victim is having the hardest time (in cold turkey withdrawal).

    I would dearly love to see that laid out in full with proper expert testimony as to the likely psychological effect in front of a jury.

    Regardless of the intentions of the people perpetrating this quack treatment, I don't think a jury would overlook the mind-fucking aspect at all.
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  35. fishypants Moderator

    Why does John Travolta do a chicken impression at 0:31?
  36. fishypants Moderator

    Glad for you that you got out of there!

    Could you tell us more about this?

    They may not be licensed to do that.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Don't mean to rain on your parade fishypants, but I believe that is a copy/paste from the reddit thread and not actually posted here by the person who wrote it.
  38. fishypants Moderator

  39. Are you talking about the freedom center in MI I was a student there an was no medicated detox it was straight hell I like to share more just tell me what u would like to hear about the place... I was a student an I retreaded there 3 times meaning I went back from relapsing then I went to the church because I had no place to go being a druggy an family sick of me so I got some inside scoop for y'all!!!

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