Narconon Ambassador + Head of CoS Manchester On Salford City Radio

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by strobe, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. strobe Member

    Salford City Radio is a UK community radio station for the city of Salford, which is directly next to the larger city of Manchester. It claims 100,000 listeners a month online and on FM radio (94.4 FM).

    Two of the shows are presented by people involved with Scientology in Manchester. The first is 'Peter Dwan', the 'Narconon Ambassador' for Manchester. He presents a weekly show 1-2pm Wednesdays about healthy living. He has guests and talks about local projects, but has also used the show to promote a number of Narconon schemes. This is a poster for that show and a recording of the Narconon show is available to download here.

    Secondly there is Anthony Brinkman, who is the head of the Scientology Org in Manchester. He presents a weekly show 11-12am Wednesdays about money and business called 'The Prosperity Hour'. "Tips, tools and techniques to help you flourish and prosper in life". My concern is that Scientology sometimes use the 'business skills' etc. angle for recruitment, and that he might use his show as a platform for this. Will have to keep an eye out.

    Both shows have recordings from the last three weeks, link's on the shows' pages.

    The reason I'm posting these is to show this has been used to promote Narconon, and for people to monitor to see if Narconon and/or Scientology are promoted further in any way. Apart from that, Peter and Anthony have every right to be presenters for this community radio station, so please don't baww to the station about that.
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  2. xenubarb Member

    I'd baww about the lack of science behind the NN program and any illegal claims. I suspect that 70% success rate refers to the percentage who join Scientology cuz I've sure met a lot of them.
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  3. Herro Member

    Free speech works and it helps people.
  4. strobe Member

    Lol Herro, I'm not going to explain the difference between (deceptive) promotion of a dangerous cult / its front groups and free speech.
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  5. Herro Member

    You're not going to explain? So you don't think free speech works and helps people? I'm being somewhat obtuse, but you'll get it eventually.
  6. Random guy Member

    The question I think Strobe is asking you Herro is this: Do we let snake-oil salesmen peddle their wares under freedom of speech? Last time I checked there's a law against that. What if a snake-oli salesman believe in in his own snake-oil? Is it then protected by freedom of speech/freedom of religion? Again no, as far as I know.
  7. Herro Member

    Here's a clue, my free speech works and it helps people comment was not necessairly referring to the rights of Scientologists to promote their beliefs.
  8. strobe Member

    So I haven't been keeping track of this, and Manchester 'Narconon Ambassador' Pete Dwan did another radio show about Narconon UK and Manchester in April.


    *You can't hear his most recent Narconon radio show, because they've uploaded the wrong one, and it's no longer available on the catch-up service. His first show on Narconon is still available to download here.
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  9. Intelligence Member

    The COS has a Big Push on promoting Narconon and I will post Dox as soon as they arrive in a few days from now:)

  10. Intelligence Member

    a: lacking sharpness or quickness of sensibility or intellect : insensitive, stupid
    b: difficult to comprehend : not clear or precise in thought or expression

  11. jensting Member

    Of course they're allowed to speak. And the law is allowed to intervene if they're committing fraud. .

    If you paid really close attention, you would have noticed that the conviction in France for organised criminal fraud did not centre on the Co$ not being allowed to speak, it centered on them making money by lying.


    Obtuse indeed.

    Best regards

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  12. Anonymous Member

    L Ron Hubbard was a child abuser and he hurt people.
  13. Herro Member

    So back when I made that post I was just being a dick instead of speaking plainly as usual. What I was saying is that the answer isn't preventing them from speaking, but rather countering what they say with information- ie "speech." So I'm not talking about fraud or anything like that.

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