Narconon and Blackfoot Native Americans News Expose

Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonymous, May 13, 2011.

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    Feature | Scientology Nation: L. Ron Hubbard’s otherworldly salvation plan erupts on Montana’s Blackfeet Reservation

    This is a huge expose, in a similar style as the recent New Yorker article. It's 5 pages long, here are a few quotes.

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    Mods, I forgot to finish the title of the thread. Please change it to "Narconon and Blackfoot Native Americans news expose"
  3. xenubarb Member

    I'm trying to care about stupid people who don't research. Really.
    Fuck 'em. They gave Hubbard a war bonnet. Now they can give him their children and their own selves to perpetrate this con for another week, or month, or year.

    Blackfoot? Hah. Dumbass tribe. If they get sucked in, I guess they deserve it. I have no patience for fools and dupes.
  4. Ann O'Nymous Member

  5. Anonymous Member


    Hubbard lied about being blood brothers with a Blackfoot tribe in the 1930's.

    Today there is a serious alcohol and drug problem withing the tribe, and Narconon wants to set up a center there.

    Scientology wants people to believe the lie about Hubbard, so it love bombed, lied to, and bribed some tribal members into posthumously awarding Hubbard their greatest award.

    The tribe's chief was not informed of the award, and did not sanction it. The award is never granted posthumously, and must always be approved by the chief.

    Tribe members say nobody else is helping with their drug problem, so they are willing to give Narconon a try. In the article, the pro-Narconon members start spouting Hubbard-speak.
  6. I'm with you on that Barb.
    Its like the matrix, untill they are unplugged they are the enemy.
    I have no pity or patience for fucking idiots.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Didn't find the older thread, apologies. This article is a reprint. Mods please merger?
  8. Nobody's helping?
    Puhleas!! It is general knowledge that in situations of drug dependency and alcoholism, addicts have to help themselfs.
    There is no waiting for the magical cure that would rid someone of their addiction. Its either do (go to rehab and therapy) or don't (sit at home feeling sorry for yourself waiting for a magical cure for addiction that does not exist)
  9. xenubarb Member

    I've heard this same thing from politicians pushing the NN crap. "Nobody else is trying anything, and here this is so we'll try it." Suspect it's a line fed to them be NN promoters. Maybe they're lucky "nobody's helping."

    I can cure their alcoholism with a single dose of arsenic and guarantee 100% success. Just sayin.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    IIT: blaming the victim.
  11. And apparently you have never had to deal with a drug addict personally have you?
    Is it because you spend too much time in the Int dungeon eating nothing but rice and beans maybe?
  12. RightOn Member

    well Barb, I have to disagree with you on it being their fault for being duped.
    People fall for bad rehab programs when they are desperate all time that look like they are on the up and up as you well know.
    And COS's MO is to totally hoodwink people
    These people were hoodwinked and victims like the rest. Look at all the politicians that got duped with the Narconon and Criminon BS. They just didn't do their homework and neither did the Blackfoot IMO
  13. xenubarb Member

    for failing to take due diligence and research this abomination? Fuck off, you idiot. If they become victims, it's their own fault. It's not like Narconon's con game is a big seekrit online now, is it.
  14. RightOn Member

    barb, you must know that not all people check the internet. And even when they do, they will see both sides and pick one. Desperate people will pick a side that they feel may still help them. Stupid? hell yeah! But that's what happens
  15. xenubarb Member

    And now you just watch those Narconon promoters dig in and refuse to leave. "They just didn't do their homework" is no excuse. Not today. Not with the wealth of info available. Not one motherfuckin featherhead thought to check online before thinking this is a good idea?

    I'm saving my sympathy for ppl who deserve it.
  16. Yes babe, but this goes right back to people helping themselves. To me this looks like they took the easy way out.
    When people help themselves, which doesn't necessarily mean going to rehab and therapy, but at least making the effort to inform themselves of what programs are out there, then they would not fall for scams be it Norcanon or any other bullshit program out there.
  17. xenubarb Member

    You'd think out of the whole tribe at least one of them would have enough brain to check online. Fuck 'em. Let Ron sort 'em out.
  18. Anonymous Member

    It's not like Blackfoot have air-conditioned offices and super high-speed internet access either, is it?

    Got to make sure we see these guys as victims of a sophisticated tried and tested scam.

    We could just as easily blame ourselves for not acting upon this, or for not being in a position to know about the cult homing in on this tribe before it was too late.
  19. RightOn Member

    I understand your point.
    but not all people are computer savy.
    For instance, just yesterday an elderly family member of mine wanted to hire a painter out of the paper.
    I said to "make sure they are insured"
    They said "oh that's ok, it already says they are insured in the listing".
    I said "just because it says so, doesn't mean they are isnured. Some people lie about their credentials, you have to check"
    They replied, "then how can they print that in the newspaper, if they are not insured?"
    I said "give me the names and I will check for you"
    They do not own a computer. And even if they did, they still may hire someone that said they were insured. This happens all the time. A small example, but similar situation.
  20. Natter Bored Member

  21. RightOn Member

    yup we know.
  22. Natter Bored Member

    OK, carry on then.
  23. RightOn Member

    I am done
    and I love barb to death. She knows that. ( I hope)
    just some spirited conversation to bide the time while Sparrow is in court this morning. :)
  24. xenubarb Member

    Yes, it's jittery around here. Paradoxically, we have nothing riding on this and simultaneously a hell of a lot. Imma go beat up some drunk Injuns while I wait.

    /dons John Wayne hat and swagger
  25. Natter Bored Member

    deleted, poor taste
  26. Anonymous Member

    Curious as to update on this, since article from 2008. Only one way I can think of there was $$$ in this for sci, and that would be government funding. Otherwise, this was another of their many last pitch in the 10th inning effort for slave labor. So did sci get govt $$ out of this or slave labor? Anyone know? k tks
  27. Anonymous Member

    actually its the original article
  28. Intelligence Member

    Narconons-Scientology LOVE First Nations Tribes.

    First Nations have tons of government and other money to throw away on quackery!

    They sealed a deal in Canada recently for $800,000.00 to bring in 40 tribe members.


    After their program, they were sent back to same drug infested environment and relapsed right away!

    Now, not only drug addiction problems, but messed up minds from all the Scientology Auditing Sessions at Narconon.

    Pisses me off to no end! Irish Blood Boiling:):):)

  29. Anonymous Member

    So how are they getting on with the scientology tech? Could anonymous go and visit to find out?

    Drug addicts/alcoholics/cult members = all the same mindset. That's why the cult loves to recruit them - it's so easy.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Criticizing the natives would applicable if the things we all take for granted were as easily available to them. In many places the natives lack medical care facilities, schools, internet (or even with, not beyond dial-up). Some tribes are still being introduced to the bloody cell phone.

    The ones more familiar with technology are in the Casino business but do not make it a priority to introduce technology as that many fear that it will destroy their culture.

    You also need to understand the culture to know that decisions to embrace stuff like Narconon come at the decisions of the chiefs. And not all know what or how to research things as extensively as we tech savvy people. You want hit the natives with a clue-bat, you'd have to go to them and present this information to them in person for the best effect. And even then accusing a blood-brother to the tribe of lying to them is gonna be difficult to sell, but not impossible.
  31. DeathHamster Member

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  32. Anonymous Member

    Anonymous must go and visit these people and talk to them about the scientology cult trying to con them.
  33. Anonymous Member

    I can't find Any evidence of Narconon or Sci in this tiny little town as of today. There is, however, at this Crystal Creek Lodge center a psychiatric hospital/drug abuse listing that looks like it works with Alcoholics Anonymous.

    And yes, they Do have cable TV And Internetz! TREATMENT PROGRAM-BROWNING-MT-(406) 338-6330

    Some of the residents are used to "missions" rambling through their town trying to save the populace, often Christian types. What seems to have staying power is an actual drug abuse medical center, or at that's what it seems.

    Considering the devastating and in some cases, lethal, effects of Narconon's detox voodoo program, especially the vitamin/niacin interaction on alcoholics, that would be something participants would find out fast. Also, since this little town got media coverage and attention when Narconon came snarking into their world, I would imagine the psychiatrics and physicians at the medical center might be alarmed and have looked into this program since the media articles. They have internetz.
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  35. Anonymous Member

    /r/ xenu-themed "electronic incident" slot machines
  36. Rockyj Member

    I get so angry how this cult uses Native Americans I, I, I, I have to resort to Indian Humor. YES Indian Humor has helped us a survive as a people! I inherited my Indian Humor from my mother & grandmother (both victims of Indian Boarding Schools) & thank our Creator I did or I wouldn't be alive today.
    So I will plug Charlie Hill (one of first great NA Comedians) & Sherman Alexie (one of our great moderan day NA writers) that I'm sure most of you never heard of.

    Sorry you have to scroll down a couple & download a Arizona State University power point.
    Its worth it though. Humor helped Native American Survive &ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:eek:fficial&client=firefox-a&source=hp&channel=np

    BTW Stephan Colbert recognized Sherman Alexie!
  37. Rockyj Member

  38. Anonymous Member

    and yet, can I point out the above that should thread ender this?

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