Narconon Arrowhead Takes In Stranded

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. Jesus loves you!!! AnonLover?
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  2. Anonymous Member

  3. Intelligence Member

    Which map is Narconon Arrowhead? A or B?

    Does NN AH have a narrow road going into it? Does the NN AH Property Purchase own the
    road going into it, or just an Registered Easement owned by the Band?



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  4. jensting Member

    Same rules for everyone. And same tax status - ALSO for their suppliers. (What's with the money going from narCONon to a front of the criminal organisation known as the "church" of $cientology for "license" fees?!?)

    Best Regards

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  5. Quentinanon Member

    That money is from wogs and needs special washing.
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  6. Intelligence Member

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  7. Zak McKracken Member



    B. is something else.
    I think the complex on "School St." might actually be a school.
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  8. Zak McKracken Member

    Probably Patriot could say for sure,
    but it looks like D-4152 is a public road serving Arrowhead State Park
    that just happens to have a Cult at one end.

    However, the side roads leading to nearby cabins all have security gates on them.
    If those are also public roads that NN isn't supposed to control,
    some locals might be amused to hear about the gates :)

    edit: needs moar AGP
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  9. anon walker Moderator

    Well, now, you need Satan. Nobody needs Scientology.

    Word of advice, your informal group is better off that way. Lay a name on a group, and the first thing you do is provide the cult with a specific target. The Lisa McPherson Trust is a perfect example.
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  10. anon walker Moderator

    I think the pink things are a side view of the umbrella looking things in the upper picture. Roofline, yanno.
  11. Anonymous Member

    A. Main Entrance to Property....still checking on easment.
    B. FSM Staffers/Recruiters
    C. The Loop to NN Arrowhead front doors.
    D. Withdraw Unit
    E. MLO
    F. Staff Cabins

    The second floor of the withdraw wing is the offices of the Scion Case Sup.
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  12. Zak McKracken Member

    Is there a gate on the one that leads to F?
    Looks like it from the maps.

    Are the white cabins, and the ones to the North-east not connected to NN?
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  13. Anonymous Member

    No gate, cross walks.....All buildings are connected to NN
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  14. Anonymous Member

    NN doesn't own the lake....hint hint...;)
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  15. Intelligence Member

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  16. Intelligence Member

    Ya', but it's too far away from NN? Colin said the closest one get get near NN AH on the road is 1/8th mile?

    BUT - - we have a PLAN to get a hell of a lot closer. VERY CLOSE:)

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  17. patriot75 Member

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  18. Quentinanon Member

    MLO = Medical Liaison Officer is a scientology term.
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  19. Intelligence Member

    Ok, got the message:) Plan #2, Item 5 sounds good to me. In fact PERFECT!!! :)

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  20. patriot75 Member

    I just had a great visit with Michael Mcnutt....he is reviewing info tonight and will call me back in the morning.....:) :) :) :)
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  21. patriot75 Member

    All I have to say is this person is AWESOME!!!!!!!
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  22. Zak McKracken Member

    Thanks a bundle.
    any idea what these things are then?

    They seem to lie squarely in front of the natural exit points from NN-controlled space,
    but I could be imagining it.


    I marked the "Staff Cabins" (F) in Red,
    mystery cabins in Pink.

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  23. Anonymous Member

    mystery cabins are staff'sho
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  24. Zak McKracken Member

    Thanks, Anonymous!

    final mystery:
    only shows up on Bing maps (not Google)
    at the intersection halfway between #3 and #4


    If this were Clearwater, I'd guess "oiliness" deposit.

    That's a lot of staff.
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  25. Tin_Foil Member

    What is with the Bigus Dickus phallic symbol buildings? Are they yet another compensation for Davey's teeny wang?
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Items circled in green and labelled 1 through 4 appear to me to be gates. Shadows seemingly indicate they are closed on one side but open on the other. Since Americans drive on the right hand side of the road the possible gates are on the road lane that would be exiting the compound.
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  27. moarxenu Member

    I totally <3<3<3 Anon internet detectives.
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  28. Intelligence Member

    Hey' Narconon Arrowhead - Narconon California - you should be scared:)
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  29. Intelligence Member

    I tried to pull some "Intelligence" strings for access to better Satellite images, but no go - LOL :-

  30. moarxenu Member

    Well, Anon hired an airplane to buzz NN TR so why not have a Sea Argggh raid on NN Arrowhead from Lake Arrowhead?

    I have always wanted to be an Admiral in the Navy of the great state of Oklahoma.


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  31. Arrows maybe.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Doctor David Root is still the top guy defending and pushing Narconon. He is not a scilon but he testified in the latest France trial about purification rundown.
  33. jensting Member

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  34. Anonymous Member

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  35. Intelligence Member

    This^^^, I'm a Canadian, and we're "suppose" to drive on the
    right side of the road too - - except in Quebec, they drive all
    over the road,..., LOL :)

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  36. Intelligence Member


    In contact with mainstream TV media in Oklahoma and an interview just now with TV in California.

    Media is DIGGING in the USA and we will see the results SOON.

    URGENT - LOL:)

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  37. moarxenu Member

    ^^^^ Anon, what is this fro?. It sounds like a letter. From whom and to whom?
  38. Intelligence Member

    Turn on your Skype:)

  39. BlooAnon Member

    And think that the red octagonal things on sticks are just suggestions.
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  40. patriot75 Member

    About to hit the road to NN Arrowhead.......see ya there.
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