Narconon Arrowhead Takes In Stranded

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. Pique Member

    Great job Colin. You clearly were speaking from the heart.
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  2. Xenu Is Lord Member

    David, when they say they cannot defend themselves, I suspect it to be true but not for the reasons they stated. Narconon has the stench of defeat about it. I suspect they will only be able to get away with this in third world countries.
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  3. Anonymous Member

  4. Anonymous Member

    Looks like Narconon want to force you to piss in a cup for you boss

    Narconon Arrowhead
    Oklahoma is now making it easier to monitor drug use in their employees.

    Oklahoma Bill Gives More Leeway to Employers In Regard To Drug Testing | Oklahoma Drug Rehab
    Oklahoma now gives companies easier ways to stop drug use in the workplace.

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    Thursday at 9:17am ·

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      • 186826_749359143_914831398_q.jpg

        Mulliez Romain To monitor drug use in THEIR employees? Are you becoming as sick as you CAN be? Do you know by any chance the meaning of thé word " trusting" ????
        No you don't ! You ne er ever havé. You are becoming even greater paranoiac than your predecessirs were.
        Am not selling you any shit about religion. I mean real ones.
        I get very sad sometimes reading you. Am sure you'll be the NeXT century's GREAT DANGEr thinkink that way. And you are talking about awarness or beeing open. As usual most of you don' t have a clue about what you'te saying. That's why you are a danger. Like a h bomb into completely stupid idiots peoples hands.
        God just follow " your" precept and do open a dictianory. Well when I say your precepts I mean a little spycho here, bouddhisme there, Indianism here and sparkle of Asian .. Mayas visions. As the visionary of others findings.Ron has spoilt everything gréât human beeing had invented. Melting it down and that octopuss sect had it...
        An old admiror
        Thursday at 9:41am ·
      • 161717_100002046953739_337414_q.jpg

        Gregg Merrill Thanks for making this World a Better Place to live.
        18 hours ago ·
      • 186826_749359143_914831398_q.jpg

        Mulliez Romain Ohhh sorry. Yes anyone has his opinion that's what's gréât about life. And noone CAN say I have not even tried. You whole lot have m'y brother's death upon your head. After havinh made him a king of helping by sending you so many addicts. You just let him down when he most needed you. He had made his fair chair over here. Spending so much for " auditing" in Copenhagen and Florida. What a joke! A better place. You are as stupid as any followets who looses his own selfdecision living on precepts. Life is not about precepts and you all are disconnected from reality. I know exactly what you must be thinking! Sick as I do speak, a lot, to journalism and I havé seen how you run your centres and treat your own creatures. To ask them for more or all their money. I havé worked for Narconon as AOS as you say it. I Will never ever Forget the aim of asking the old idiot for more money. She was giving her free Time to addicts doing hoirs of Tr. This is sick as you are. Am writing a book about all i' ve seen, read as AOS. For example. Thé purification step. The most important as m'y bro uses to tell me. I was incharche before beeing aos and you never used niacine. Thé base of it all but acid nicotidemic which has only one thing in Common. Open pores and makes you read.. So I wonder what people who havé been interested by thé dianetic book been aware about that. God sake! Think for yourself for once! Wake up! World war 1 was not about an unanderstood word in Sarajevo ...this is pathetic and fighting Scientology is only a little aim in my Life.You destroy it all by yourself ! Gosh you have been manipulated from day one. If you like this kind of Life meaning. Try Bouddhism. At least this ain't dangerous and won't make you completely broke and you might stop beeing a sheep. Beeeeeeee!!!!!
        16 hours ago ·
      • 161717_100002046953739_337414_q.jpg

        Gregg Merrill Mulliez, Narconon is not a Church. It is a separate entity. Do not even know what AOS is that you speak of. But if your brother was sick, why didn't he go to a Doctor? He has to take the responsibility to go to a Doctor. In any part of life, people die, and Doctors work to change that when they can.
        5 hours ago ·
      • 161717_100002046953739_337414_q.jpg

        Gregg Merrill Also you became a friend to Narconon Drug Rehab just to criticise another religion?
        5 hours ago ·
  5. Anonymous Member

    Gregg Merrill is a full fledge cult member who has his hands in TWTH, CCHR & NN. Love his typical cult response.
  6. Intelligence Member

    You hit the nail on the head here^^^^^. AND in the new IAS Magazine that I received from Source in Clearwater,
    they ate beginning their push into third world countries. IAS did a 45 page promo on Narconon!

    Just got off the phone earlier tonight with Clearwater. Very good chance NN Arrowhead will
    be closed, but the Certification people must make sure they have solid cause because the Cult
    most likely would file appeal and a law suit? I think they are in serious trouble and will be axed
    off the charts. We'll see soon.

    Page: 42 - (New IAS Magazine)

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  7. Intelligence Member

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  8. Anonymous Member

    Love how he tries to play off the OSA reference and whatnot.
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  9. Xenu Is Lord Member

    There is more about him as a cult member than even supporting Narconon.
    Gregg Merrill in Scientology's Published Service Completion Lists

    The following 5 individual completions for Gregg Merrill appear in official Scientology publications:
    Gregg Merrill SUP / AUDITOR / C/S SPECIALTY COURSES Auditor 270 1997-12-01
    Gregg Merrill ABILITY CONGRESS Freewinds 38 2000-06-01
    Gregg Merrill GAME OF OT COURSE Freewinds 43 2001-07-01
    Gregg Merrill OT DEBUG SERVICE Freewinds 43 2001-07-01
    Gregg Merrill HAVINGNESS RUNDOWN Source 220 2012-02-01
    Note: The dates listed above are the approximate publication dates of the magazines, which may be weeks or months later than the actual date the service was completed.
    Gregg Merrill in Scientology's Publications

    The following 1 mentions of Gregg Merrill appear in official Scientology publications:
    Gregg Merrill Sponsors for Total Freedom Impact 96 2001-09-01
    Note: The dates listed above are the approximate publication dates of the magazines, which may be weeks or months later than the actual date the service was completed.
    Gregg Merrill and the Clear List

    Appearances by Gregg Merrill in my Scientology Statistics Project Clear List database:
    19,869 GREGG MERRILL Auditor 164
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  10. Intelligence Member

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  11. Anonymous Member

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  12. patriot75 Member

    I have to share something, the night before my interview I received a phone call from Matthew Holten, Hillary's father. This was my first contact with Mr. Holten and my first experience with talking to a Narconon victim's Father that just lost his baby girl. I didn't know any words of encouragement for this heartbroken man, all I could do was be an ear for him to vent to and a shoulder for him to lean on. This is a phone conversation that I will never forget in my life. I was full of fire before talking with Mr. Holten, but thinking about our conversation I realized how minuscule my experience was compared to the loss of Daddy’s little girl. Over the past few years it’s been fun, fruitful, fiery, frustrating, angry, disappointing, encouraging, and prideful while doing battle against the cult and especially with Narconon. I felt as if I were becoming very galvanized with anger when talking publicly and privately about the evil bastards at Narconon. My phone conversation with Mr. Holten reminded me that I am not galvanized with anger, I am by Grace and for that I am grateful.

    During the first part of my interview I was talking about MLO, TR's, touch assist, and so on. At one point when Marisa asked me "how does it make you feel....." [I don't even remember what followed "feel"] all I could think about was my conversation the night before with Mr. Holten. I went into an mini emotional rant because I truly felt heartbroken because I could only hear and feel the Holten families loss, grief, and sorrow. I am thankful that I didn't completely breakdown, damn near did though. All but two or three segments of myself during the interview was before the mini emotional rant. I was pretty darn nervous before the interview, but not during it at all.

    If I seemed uncomfortable I was, the Monday before the interview, which was on Wednesday May 9th I really screwed up my back. Wednesday was the first day off the floor and on my feet, so to put it simply I was in a lot of pain and barely able to sit still. A Pastor friend of mine traveled to OKC with me in case he had to take the wheel over. Right after the interview was over another Pastor friend from Edmond, OK met us at the studio and insisted I go to his Doctor, well I did and after daily Doctor visits and 8 days away from work and on the floor with lots of ice I am now back to 95%.

    We are at our strongest when we are at our weakest and we are at our weakest when we are at our strongest.
    There is always choice, even when you think there is not, just choose to look

    Thank you all for your kind and encouraging words, there is an epic win on the horizon.

    Colin Henderson
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  13. Intelligence Member

    This photo captured from the Fox 5 video won't me go to sleep because of the chipmunk running
    in my mind.

    The Sheriff confirmed the entire road is "Public!" Protesters can now get right in front of their face
    without NN AH doing anything but whine and cry. Is there a camp-ground across from NN AH - LOL ;-)

    This is a HUGE WIN! Beautiful and Delicious:):):)

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  14. Intelligence Member

    I could tell - I knew as soon as I saw the Video. It does change perspective when and
    after talking to loved ones who lost their child, sister, or brother. Especially when it
    was an uneccessary and sensless death.

    I'm happy you feel this way, Colin - it is a healthy feeling of compassion and caring.

    I know - (((HUGS))) Colin <3

    Now go to bed; it's after 3:30am - LOL :)

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  15. Intelligence Member

    Perhaps Amnesty International will do something when NN AH is shut down.

    I filed a lengthy information Report/Complaint with them quite some time ago.

    With one in Canada and one in the USA being shut down due to being dangerous
    to public health, it may give them more clout?

    The Public, Governments, Politicians and some Intelligence Police forces are watching these
    Threads - as well as OSA. I always check when logging on to WWP and there "seems" to be
    about 20-25% Members and the rest are "Guests"? <<<(this may mean nothing)?

    From some statements I read from Gov Investigators, we know for sure that OSA is monitoring and which are some of the Threads. Also on another Forum in "Montreal", we know that certain Police are watching/reading - - AND even one little ex-NN TR Registrar was pissed when he saw his pic and threatened to sue if not removed. Now the Pics are all over the Net. DUH!

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  16. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Anyone who doesn't log in is a "guest", so a high guest count may just mean a bunch of lazy Chanologists are watching. It could also mean OSA is watching. It could mean police, Amnesty International, feds, or anybody else is watching. From what you say, though, we can just assume "all the above" are here. THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING! :)
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  17. Chipshotz Member

    From the passion shown by David and Colin, they're a great team. We all know how deeply David feels about this cause and along with Colin, narCONon is in deep trouble.
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  18. Intelligence Member

    LOL - I researched Colin's last name origin - same place as mine. Just saying:)

    I feel like Colin is like a younger Brother to me - I wouldn't want Colin PISSED at
    me. But I know that Colin's heart is solid compassion and love for those who hurt.

    Colin and I have been up at 4-5am chatting and working away with the same passion.

    But also - every person does their own part, their own way - - some unseen or heard, but
    they do what they can, with the gifts they have. And when ALL these bit/pieces and parts
    are directed the same, the outcome is indeed amazing:):):)

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  19. DeathHamster Member

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  20. Anonymous Member

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  21. Intelligence Member

    Village Voice - Tony Ortega Today

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  22. patriot75 Member

    Scientology’s Narconons “Employee Assistance Program” has been packaged and is being sold to unknowing business. My family business received a call from a Michael Ginsburg trying to sell this package in Dec. of 2010. Businesses need to be aware of these upcoming cold sales calls about to be launched on a very large scale, I am sure most businesses would want to contribute to another Scientology scam.
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  23. patriot75 Member

    I think Marisa Mendelson's FB page might need some attention:
    Marisa Mendelson shared a link.

    18 hours ago
    VIDEO: Part 3 of our investigation into Narconon Arrowhead- Detoxing Dangers:
    View attachment safe_image.php?d=AQA3tyn0XFUOMr3Q&amp;w=155&amp;h=
    KOKH FOX 25 :: Special Reports - Withdrawal Without Meds
    Oklahoma City's KOKH FOX 25 - Special Reports - Withdrawal Without Meds - Three deaths connected to a drug rehab facility in Oklahoma. Some former patients say the center won
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      • 369244_659862937_1879286778_q.jpg
        Holt Haynsworth
        This series is really poorly put together and alot more investigation should have been done before it was broadcast. There is not a rehab in the world that does not deal with death and Narconon actually has a better record then some, not wo...rst. Bashing any and all things related to Scientology has become mainstream and unfortunately it has become popular to hype anything that makes this group look bad regardless of how inaccurate it is. This approach actually has discredited any truth there might have been. Shame on you FOX. See More
        about an hour ago via mobile · LikeUnlike
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  24. DeathHamster Member

    Brooke Shields tears Tom yet another asshole:
    • War of Words July 1, 2005, Brooke Shields, Op-Ed, New York Times
  25. Anonymous Member

    As a partisanfag, I have to say I haven't got much faith in the credibility or quality of Fox News reporting. It's largely based on the past work of personalities at the national or global level, and some of the overall focus of the corporate management. And the Exploding Van incident. And the steroids. I forget that, for local news is done by local people, and that some of them are actually good, but its easy to brush this aside. I "know" Fox News is fundamentally incapable of reporting anything competently.

    Marisa: I owe you and your co-workers an apology.
    Thanks for pointing out that despite my bigotry, there really are decent journalists working for Fox, and they are capable of accurate, informative and objective reporting.

    My apology doesn't extent "uplines" very far ;)
    but people who do good work deserve recognition and respect. It's reasonable to imagine that your newsroom is not the only one, where such credit is due.

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  26. 222

    Did Mr. Haynesworth just directly link Narconon with Scientology?
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  27. Anonymous Member

    That's precisely what Mr. Haynesworth just did!

    I love reading their bawwing! :)
  28. anon walker Moderator

    No! IT'S NOT A DISEASE! It's a choice, a habit, a preference, but it is never out of your hands to quit.
    12 Steppers use the disease thing so they will chant all together:
    "If we drink we die."
    "Keep coming back, IT WORKS!"

    Problem is, it DOES work, so they have to keep you in an infantile state of helplessness to keep you returning.
    Notice how it's your fault you're addicted, but you lack the power to quit without help.
    I'm sorry, but I quit without any higher power and I take full credit myself for doing it.

    While it's true that some people have a genetic propensity for alcoholism, it doesn't make them diseased. I absolutely hate that misleading bit of control bullshit.
  29. Anonymous Member

    The World Health Organization (ICD-10) and the American Psychiatric Association (DSM-IV) would disagree.
    Perhaps they need to be informed that AA is really a cult?
  30. patriot75 Member

    I believe he sure did.....;)
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  31. Anonymous Member


    Gerald Wootan, D.O.
    Jenks Health Team
    715 W. Main St.
    Jenks, OK 74037
    Telephone: 918-698-7735
    Fax: 918-299-5325

    Full home address and number
    Gerald D Wootan
    (918) 794-9012
    6649 E 88th Pl
    Tulsa, OK 74133-503

    Property type: Residential
    Land value: $29,000
    Building value: $156,000
    Total value for property: $185,000
    Total market value: $185,000
    Land area: 10,984 square feet
    Condition: Average
    Exterior type: Frame Masonry Veneer
    Number of stories: 1
    Number of bathrooms: 2
    Roof cover: Wood Shake
    Carport area: 528 square feet
    Porch area: 372 square feet
    Garage area: 504 square feet
    Year built: 1979
    Sale date: 10/01/2007
    Sale price: 185,000
    Assessments for tax year: 2009

    Narconon International 2009 Tax Filings
    Narconon of Oklahoma
    Narconon Arrowhead
    IRS Tax ID EIN 731589280
    HC 67 Box 5
    Canadian OK 74425
    Phone 9183395800
    $8,388,467 Revenue in 2009
    531 clients served in 2009
    Gary W. Smith, Director $51,977
    Kathleen Gosselin, Director $41,947
    Michael St. Amand, Director $52,145
    Maureen St. Amand, Director $52,045
    Laurie Zurn, Trustee
    Clark Carr, Trustee
    Joni Ginsberg, Trustee
    Dr. Gerald Wootan, Medical Director $102,800
    6649 E. 88th Place, Tulsa OK 74133
    Alexander S. MacNabb, General Counsel $101,986
    10600 Sunlit Road, Oakton, VA 22124
    $80,768 Grant to Narconon International, 4652 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles
    IRS EIN 951769582
    $252,056 Grant to Narconon Stone Hawk
    IRS EIN 383646037
    $22,177 Weekly Stipends to 60 Recipients trained on Narconon program
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  32. Intelligence Member

    i coul
    I could get into this ^^^, but will not for now. Not a priority. Everyone is entitled to their opinion
    and I respect it. Chronic illness can be other than related to a "Disease".

    I do agree than manipulative control issues are not healthy - tends to keep one in their "box."

    My opinion is "Mental Markers" contol addiction and relapse, far more than "Genetic Markers."

  33. It's a Religion!!!
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  34. Sneak Moderator

    Let's try and keep on topic, guise. Or, if you like, I can move the alcohol discussion over to the General section where you can talk about it to your hearts' content. :)
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  35. patriot75 Member

    maybe Part 4.....just saying.
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  36. anon walker Moderator

    its a dessert topping...
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  37. anon walker Moderator

    So I wonder where the "overflow" from NN Arrowhead shall be sent?

    Vista Bay?
    Sunshine Summit Lodge?
    NN Warner Springs? (same place)
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  38. patriot75 Member

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  39. Intelligence Member

    It would be unbelievable! There were at least 10-12 staff at NN TR using drugs and alcohol in excess.

    The Piss Test Kits were bottom of the line cheap. Often, they would only have a couple left
    and were too cheap to buy more - seriously.

    The Posts that were using were, Ehitics Officers x two, Registrars x 2, one Pt Withdrawal Specialist,
    one Word Clearer, two Course Supervisors, two student control officers, one Graduate Officer,
    and two in training in the Staff Academy. These are the ones I knew about and confirmed by them.

    Seems like the entire staff was using eh'? But we had about 80 Staff! A "Circus of Incompetents" - SAD :-(

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  40. DeathHamster Member

    Hyperbaric Oxygen? LOL, I thought that died off with Michael Jackson!

    (Do you know what they call alternative medicine that's been proven to work? Medicine.)

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