Narconon Arrowhead Takes In Stranded

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. jensting Member

    OSA monitoring? Hell, they're busy faking evidence if they think they can et away with it. Present it at the last minute at hearings ("forgetting" to submit it in time), pose dramatically and retreat before anyone can verify or otherwise the correctness of what they submitted.

    Ask me how I know. No, really, ask.

    So, the key is always is to bring more docs to any meeting that might have OSA submitting docs live and where there is a risk of those docs somehow being taken at face value.

    Of course, OSA "forgetting" to submit docs on time will most likely lead to delays (e.g. in court proceedings) which may not be the entire intent but a delay rarely hurts OSA...

    This is all relevant to court, but in any live debate (we have had some in France) be prepared for plain bold-faced lies. (We had one in a TV debate where a French spokes-clam - I believe it was Eric "not guilty in person but representing the guilty" Roux - had "forgotten" why narCONon did not have any treatment centres in France; someone reminded him.)

    Oh, and I see Gregg Merrill is jumping in with both feet. Please continue!

    Best Regards

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  2. RolandRB Member

    Drug addicts are very convenient cash cows to the "Church". They take their money and if they kill a few in the process of the quackery they can say "well, drug addicts die all the time".
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  3. jensting Member

    Sadly, this is what it boils down to. David Love is on the right track - in many jurisdictions we strive to protect the vulnerable and the narCONon quackery which sees vulnerable people and their families ripped off (and the tax payers duped) is dramatically opposed to the stated intentions of those jurisdictions.

    What I'm waiting for is more politicians to realise that this is a gold plated opportunity to save tax payers money and do something to uphold the laws of the land and to protect the vulnerable - i.e. something for every voter. Plus, it's The Right Thing To Do [tm].

    Best Regards

  4. Intelligence Member

    A Report from the Quebec Human Rights Commission is suppose to be completed
    by July sometime. This follows 18 months of investigation into 7 complaints filed
    by 5 ex-NN TR victims.

    The Report will recommend - or not, to the Tribunal Judges to set Trial dates and proceed
    with prosecutions. The Commission is under a lot pressure right now. If they decline to
    proceed, thay know I will have THEM investigated by the Ombudsman who only reports
    to Parliament.

    I'm confident it will proceed to Trial, but you never know for sure until the Gavel drops:)

    Perhaps we do have them by the balls? But we all know the cult is more slippery than a wet ducky:)

  5. ......or they might say the deceased was successfully cured by Narconon of their drug addiction for the remainder of their life.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    The more people watching WWP the quicker scientology abuses end. It's a dream come true to think that Amnesty, the Feds, and any other officials are watching here.
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  7. Before you start playing the name game, figure out why the people were there in the first place! I know that one of the deceased didn't die from anything that happened at the facility. Her own Dad fed her drugs like they were candy! Start looking there!
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Show the dox on this claim!
  9. The docs are where they belong! All the docs!
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Fail Troll is Fail!
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  11. I am not a troll. Just a concerned citizen that knows the truth! The truth will be told. Everybody wants to blame everybody else...but, you don't care to get to the truth. Perhaps a couple of the deaths may be questionable, but, in one case, it wasn't Narconon's doing!
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  12. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    So sayeth the banned faggot.

    Hope the door hit you hard on the ass on the way out.

    WTF? Thought they were banned?

    Protip: Hold Left Alt Key plus 0153 for ™.

    Otherwise: Good post.
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  13. patriot75 Member

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  14. Anonymous Member

    Around these parts, claims about "knowing the truth" must be backed up with evidence that can be corroborated/verified. Where is your evidence?
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  15. patriot75 Member

    If you are who I think you are, you shold give me a call, you have my number!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  16. anon walker Moderator

    And if clients baww to their parents about how horrible it is, how very convenient to assure them that junkies lie all the time, so don't listen to them.
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  17. DeathHamster Member

    That's not hard when they're tapping all the phone calls.
  18. Intelligence Member

    Published on Jun 4, 2012 by Intelligenceplus
    June 4, 2012- Fox 25 News Oklahoma announces scheduled protest at Narconon Arrowhead where there has been three recent patient deaths while under the care of this controversial Scientology Rehab Center.

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  19. jensting Member

    And I know that narCONon hands out leaflets describing coffee as a "drug."

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  20. RolandRB Member

    .. and besides, it is CARF acccredited so it must be OK.
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  21. jensting Member


    "Perhaps" sum sit up quite nicely.

    In fact, I have to increase the troll rating - well done!


    PS: In case you're actually earnest: This is one sort of thing a drug rehabilitation centre is supposed to prevent, not a valid reason (on its own) to not blame narCONon.
  22. RolandRB Member

    There could be a misunderstanding here. Right at the end it says:

    "Narconon`s attorney sent us a statement saying prescribed medicines are never withheld from any patient".
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  23. jensting Member


    Love the words (paraphrasing): "Similar protests were held in Canada. The government just shut down Narconcon in Canada."

    Yep, the protests are why the facility in Canada was shut down :)

    Best Regards

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  24. jensting Member

    (where's the "High Five" rating when you need one?!?)
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  25. Intelligence Member

    Tick-Tock-Tick-Tock - Bye-Bye Arrowhead♥♥♥ Next??? LOL:)
  26. Aurora Member

    At the beginning of the vid, the announcer states that the narCONon special investigation is "making waves nationwide."
    Any idea where else this has been picked up for coverage?
  27. Intelligence Member

    I think it took three protests at NN TR - - and only 3,700 pages of damning evidence documents.
    Many of these dox have been forwarded to USA Media and Colin in Oklahoma and I had an interview with
    a TV Station in California (Associated Press). Bedised NN in Georgia, I would say California will
    be the next targets.

    More Dox to be forwarded to Colin on a "Gradient" - LOL :)

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  28. My husband has been at the Nn facility for a few months. This is the first time he has been sober in 20 years. For some this program works for others it doesn't. Give your complaint rest. 12 steps don't work for everyone. Evey day when I speak to my husband he sounds healthier and happier. This facility has saved every aspect of his life.
  29. jensting Member


    Just make sure he doesn't come back with a $cientology habit. 12 steps might not work for everyone, but cirrhosis works for no-one.

    But glad your husband is better.

    Best regards

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  30. If he stays sober it will be because he wants to.
  31. jensting Member

    and if he survives the dangerous "purfication rundown" it'll be because he's lucky.

    Why should it be a matter of luck to survive an expensive "treatment" when the danger comes from the "treatment," not from what is being treated?

    Best Regards


    PS: Dox:
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  32. Paying $30,000 to be in any kind of a program would sober up a lot of people.
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  33. DeathHamster Member

    Or make it hard for them to buy drugs.
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  34. patriot75 Member

    Three Dead at Narconon: Sunshine Begins to Fall on Scientology Based Oklahoma Treatment Center
    Posted on June 5, 2012 by AxXiom | Leave a comment
    Kaye Beach
    June 5, 2011

    My good friend, Colin Henderson, has been telling me about his experience at Narconon and his fears for the safety of others for years now.

    (You can listen to his interview from Dec. 10, 2010 on AxXiom For Liberty radio here)
    He has also been asking Oklahoma State officials to look into Narconon to no avail. Will the deaths of three under the care of this facility bring some needed attention to Narconon?

    Just to let everyone know things are crazy crazy crazy right now......getting calls left and right. I will be posting as I can through out the day, and ABC affiliate has made contact...;)
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  35. anon walker Moderator

    Which case? Could you be more specific?
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  36. Anonymous Member

    What about nicotine?
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  37. Intelligence Member

    You're very right - the TRUTH WILL be told - - by many.

    And you are DEAD WRONG with your generalities about "everybody" - ONLY the guilty
    will be blamed and that IS Narconon and uplines:)

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  38. RolandRB Member

    It's a vitamin that runs out radiation from the body.
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  39. I must apologize for the generalization. I really wasn't trying to aggravate anyone on here. I have actually spent a couple days reading up on what you do.

    I get it! The only thing that I am trying to accomplish is to make sure that the wrong person doesn't benefit financially from a tragedy that they caused and to give you heads up about it. Until this past several months, I didn't know anything about Scientology or what they stood for or what they did. Please accept my apology if you took offense at anything that I wrote.

    I have actually watched a lot of the videos that you have out there and they are quite interesting. Have a great night.

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