Narconon Arrowhead Under Fire

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. Intelligence Member

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  2. Intelligence Member

    Oklahoma Anons Lets Bring It Narconon Arrowhead EXPECT US...ALL August 2012.

    Published on Jun 24, 2012 by cnhender
    Dear Narconon Arrowhead,

    It was nice to have seen all of the resources applied to preventing our "huge" protest on June 23rd, 2012......$$$$$$....there were 9 of us......FAIL!!

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  3. patriot75 Member

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  4. Intelligence Member

    The ptotest at Narconon Arrowhead was an EPIC success. Just like the ones we did in Canada, a
    parent has now contacted Colin and myself and WILL remove their loved one ASAP.

    They watched the following Video and said "Oh my gosh your video sends chills up my spine, I have chicken skin now and I definitely will be talking with you more, I will be making steps to remove my Xxxxxxx and join your cause."

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  5. Intelligence Member

    My youngest daughter, Maria, posted something about War earlier today while I was walking down at the St. Lawrence River - - She is my little Angel that inspired me to write these words on this "Solid Bridge of Truth" ♥♥♥

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  6. Random guy Member

    Posting in epic thread!
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  7. Intelligence Member

    Will be leaving today for Ireland and thought I would post this before I leave.

    I will be speaking about the Scientology Rehab in Ireland and will post pics and vids
    as I go. Back in one week from now:)

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  8. peterstorm Member

    Bring back some lovely irish ladies!
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  9. Intelligence Member

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  10. patriot75 Member

    It has come to my attention that NN AH has recently visited a boys and girls camp in Ada, Oklahome and is due back in July....we'll see about that...
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  11. patriot75 Member

    ^^^^corection Boys and Girls Club of America
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  12. anon walker Moderator

    Well, that is def. something to follow up on!
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  13. Anonymous Member

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  14. Anonymous Member

  15. Anonymous Member

    To do with as you will:

    Boys and Girls Club of Ada
    (580) 332-3717
    915 S Hickory St
    PO Box 1692
    Ada, OK 74820

    Contact page:

    Board of Directors

    Tim Elliott, President
    Childers-Childers Architects & Associates
    Redland Childers Architects, P.C.
    P.O. Box 186
    117 N. Broadway, Suite 205
    Ada, Oklahoma 74820
    Ph 580-436-0770 | fax 580-436-6320

    Jerreld Underwood, Treasurer
    Toll Free 1-888-332-5132
    101 East Main
    Ada, OK 74820

    P.O. Box 669
    Ada, OK 74821

    Angie Khoury, Secretary

    EG Specialist
    Chickasaw Nation Division of Commerce
    Tribal Government & Administrative Offices:
    Chickasaw Nation Headquarters
    520 East Arlington
    Ada, OK 74820
    P.O. Box 1548 Ada, OK 74821

    Division of Commerce
    Phone (580) 421-9500
    Fax (580) 272-5011

    Dr. Ryan Davis


    1921 Stonecipher Blvd.
    Ada, OK 74820
    Phone: (580) 436 .3980
    or (888) 851.9136

    Dr. Stanly Nnochirionye
    Coordinator, Distance ED 1 TV Multimedia Svcs.
    East Central University
    1100 E. 14th Street

    215 Library Annex

    Ada, Oklahoma 74820
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  16. DeathHamster Member

    The man finds it notable that "alcohol comes from rotten fruit and bread"?

    It's sad that someone with such a massively stupid understanding of food, biology and chemistry is anywhere near children. He should be added to an offender list. (And what would he say about cheese?)
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  17. Intelligence Member

    Cheese? "His cheese has slid off His cracker"

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  18. Anonymous Member

    One of the most frustrating thing about the past week's global news is the ignorance of commenters who actually think $cientology has something to do with science.

    The conclusions that Jonny, Courtney and Narconon have been repeating to children are clearly evidence that it does not.

    Can we get full names of clams, be good to include scientology completions in the poons.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    Narconon Arrowhead

    The Risks of Fentanyl | Methadone Addiction
    The risks of fentanyl and other opiates.
    Share · Wednesday at 3:35pm ·
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      • 572497_730592504_754927931_q.jpg
        Beau Griffis There's a new site up called that helps promote NN. If you've been to NN and it saved your life, we'd appreciate it if you could post on your Narconon experience, so we can help get more people into Narconon and save more lives.
        Wednesday at 4:25pm
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  20. Anonymous Member

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  21. Our first clue that has something to do with Narconon/Scientology..

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  22. Anonymous Member

    Ize think this message board need some attention ;)
    Beau Griffis #
    07.08.2012 15:42 10

    People die in rehab’s all the time and if you compare the deaths to NN to other facilities there’s nothing out of the ordinary. People just like to attack NN, because they say it has links to scientology, which is irrelevant really. They provide a service, they help people, and they do a good job of it too. Everything else is just a bunch of media hype to promote their agenda. Narconon is against the pharmaceutical companies too, so they have some big enemies, which makes sense they are concentrated on as a source of trouble when in fact from personal experience, I have seen people do very well with the Narconon program.
  23. Anonymous Member

    There is some serious cult shit being thrown around there

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  24. Anonymous Member

    I got 'em enturbulated big-time with the "criminal cult" comment! LOL!
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  25. Anonymous Member

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  26. Anonymous Member

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  27. Anonymous Member

    Acknowledging it is a fact. Wondering how you found out about their sekrit.
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  28. anon walker Moderator

    His cheese stands alone?
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  29. Intelligence Member

    What a long, but very productive day. Looks like we've finally found the
    "Shut-Down" key for Arrowhead and a few other Narconon's in the USA,
    but we won't know for a few weeks yet.

    Gary Smith is one slick dude - however, I don't think he'll see this one coming - LOL :)

    Sorry for being such a "Tease", but I dare not mention what we're up to for obvious reasons.

    Tired now - going to bed now. "Good night Pa, good night John-Boy, good night Mary-Ellen
    and a very good night to you, Gary." May the Force be with you, you're gonna need it Mr.
    "Billion Year SEA ORG Skipper." The tide is turning and yer' ship is sinking faster than you
    you know:)

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  30. Random guy Member

    Let them sweat, David!
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  31. BigBeard Member

    Nah. Let them walk around in blissful confidence, just like Coyote in a Road Runner cartoon, that everything's right with the world and El Ron's "Acme Technology" is working fine. They might not even notice the zillion ton rock falling towards them. 'meep, 'meep!

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  32. Anonymous Member

    Cheese is rotten milk. Blue cheese has gone bad twice!
  33. Intelligence Member

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  34. muldrake Member

    Simple. As far as I can tell, CARF is nothing but an accreditation mill that exists to enable bogus facilities like Narconon to stay in operation. It certainly doesn't seem to do anything resembling oversight.
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  35. Intelligence Member


    Perhaps an Article in the "Examiner" and "Canada News Wire" would
    jolt CARF into examining whether or not they want their company associated
    with Narconon - - just saying:)

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  36. BigBeard Member

    I wondered about that too, but someone explained CARF actually started life as a certification agency for physical rehabilitation facilities, and was doing a fine job of it too. The problem with NarCONon happened when addiction got classified as a disease, which meant drug rehabs had to get some sort of certification. CARF didn't have anyone knowledgable in that area, so somehow our old buddy William Kent McGregor ended up as the CARF "expert" on drug rehabs. And we all know what that led to. Perhaps CARF should have done a bit more 'due dilegence' before hiring him, but that doesn't invalidate what CARF does in areas not related to drug rehabs.

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  37. Intelligence Member

    Yes, I think CARF is out of their expertise when it comes to Narconon addiction treatment. I find
    in incomprehensible that McGregor was working for CARF as a Surveyor for Accreditation AND he
    was the one who Surveyed NN AH when his wife was employed by NN AH. Following accreditation
    by CARF, McGregor was then employed by NN AH? <<<<< Do I have this right???

    If this IS correct, WTF is going on here? How can "They" get away with this?

    Not only would it be a severe "Conflict of Interest", but corruption on a grand scale - - considering
    peoples lives are in their hands - both CARF and Narconon.

    CARF, if you're reading this, IMO your balls are about to be squeezed big time - AND we don't let go:)

    In the Legal Arena, CARF "KNEW" OR "Should have known" the implications of giving Accreditation
    to a Drug INtoxification Center, without "THEM" exercising "Due Dilligence" to protect the Public.

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  38. Anonymous Member

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  39. Anonymous Member

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  40. Intelligence Member

    William Kent McGregor in this one:

    Gone in this one?

    Would sure be nice to know if this is the same McGregor:)
    Are they lining up the Buses?

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