Narconon Borderline Criminals - Shocking!

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. Intelligence Member

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  2. Intelligence Member

    I am writing two new Articles; one about the above Press Release and the Narconon FSM’s
    And Interventionists *AND* about what I posted over on:ères-in-trouble.44851/page-41#post-1982927
    Following several messages and hundreds of hours digging, I have thus far obtained the following
    information. In this post, I am not "Judging" guilt, nor responsibilty. Just presenting the facts and photos that are posted on the web (if you dig hard enough).

    I received the following (as recent as two days ago):

    Apparently, as quoted by the victim in a post, she was dragged down the stairs. She does admit she is no angel - - once again, I am not judging the event.

    Bone/Tissue was graphted from hip:


    There are additional photos and messages, but will post later in Press Release Article once I have ALL possible facts (backed up by DOX).

    I do know the "Interventionist" - - was at NN TR with him. (will withhold name)

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  3. The borderline is the only thing that keeps Scientology/NN from being worse and yet we know from the history of this cult that even that has been crossed from time to time.
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  4. Intelligence Member

    SHIT!!! Three more relapsed ex- NN TR friends just contacted me in last two days - - one
    just a few minutes ago - - all relapsed - very sad, but they will be ok in time.

    I was the "Ol' Man" at NN TR and many called me Mr. Love, Dr. Love, Uncle,
    and a special one called me "Poppa Dave" - - I LOVE them ALL.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Part of the disease is relapse, it's not the end. They just get to pick them selves up again.
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  6. Intelligence Member

    Yes, they already have help are being honest with a few trusted friends and family members.

    It's kind of like a Narconon Domino affect. I saw it happen right at NN TR. When one relapses, another joins in not
    too long after - - and then more join in or relapse. Very sad that these victims have no professional help from NN
    and no proper after care program. They're simply told to do a scientology "Conditions Formula" and read their NN Books!

  7. Quentinanon Member

    Dr. James Prochaska and colleagues did a great deal of research on recovery from addictions which, when implemented, reduced the remissions from tobacco and drug rehab programs. But, NN could never use it because it came from "psychs" and would constitute "squirreling".
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  8. Intelligence Member

    I believe that in the end, good will be victorious over evil and justice shall prevail.

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  9. Anonymous Member

    How about contacting other rehabs...
    May this be another angle that has not been considered or done yet?
    Or has this been done?
    I wonder if REAL rehabs near any narconons would like to be filled in about NN?
    Money wise, NN would be taking money away from legit rehabs. And of course more importantly harming patients.

    Maybe if they were told about NN and what NN charges, they would do a little investigating themselves and may want to report their findings.
    And not just in Canada. World wide

    Find area rehabs near NNs and poon them about the dangers and potential money they can be losing?
    Bad idea? good idea?
  10. Intelligence Member

    Geeeze - - after posting this link on Facebook, woke up to several more emails and messages.
    Lot more to this Article/Story - - still digging and sorting Intell:)

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  11. Intelligence Member

    Received some more info on this case and others related to the business ventures of
    FSM's and Interventionists. It seems that many, not only failing to be qualified to
    provide accurate information to people seeking help, but also that many do not
    have business licences in the juristictions they have set up busness in?

    Being mainly an online business, they still do communicate to potential clients and
    earn TAXABLE revenue, subject to Federal and Provincial taxes and fall under the
    juristictions of the Canada Competition Bureau and other government authorities.

    So now we are going to include these web site owners and FSM's in pending submissions
    to Federal and Provincial Revenue Agencies and other government agencies who govern
    and regulate such lucrative activities.

    In my opinion, some of these are part and parcel to certain conspiracies involving fraudulent
    misrepresentation of success rates and misleading and false claims of cures. Some of these web sites
    are very misleading and it's time for the government to investigate.

    It's time to protect our vulnerable citizens against being duped and exploited by slick sales people
    who enrich themselves and scientology through deceptive means.

    Harsh words you may say? Not nearly as harsh as some of the patients experience while being exploited
    and coerced while in the Narconon fiasco.


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  12. Anonymous Member

    What's the timetable now for ending Narcanon in Canada? Any hearings or judgements in the pipeline?
  13. Ann O'Nymous Member

  14. Intelligence Member

    Conservatively, my qualified opinion would suggest that a previous comment of "taking a wrecking ball" to
    Narconon in Canada, has now exploded to "arming a Patriot Missil", with specific and targeted entities
    expressing jaw-dropping surprise in the VERY near future.

    Is that good enough for now? Sorry, I can't give exact specifics until later this month.
    I promise the popcorn and "Caek" will be delicious:):):)

    I expect 2012 will dwarf the WINS of 2011.


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  15. Random guy Member

    I like surprises, particularly the type the cult do not like!

    Seriously, keep cards tight to the chest David. No need giving anyone advanced warnings.
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  16. TinyDancer Member

    This is what we Christians mean when we talk about a "pastor's heart". You've got it, Dave.
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  17. The only thing christian that Scientology accepts is the Pastor's handshake after a wedding, etc.......

    You're doing the Good Lord's work, David........

    Ty, my nephew got sucked into Narconon twice by Scientologist siblings guaranteeing his 'cure' no less, ugh to the tune of $50,000.00 for Hubbard Quackery and lies of over 75% success rates.

    He's doing well now after some real drug abuse care, even the good one's admit there's a less than 15% success rate with any opiate addict. This nightmare with my nephew had me taking him to 9 different rehabs, lot of relapses, alwasy worth the fight (He's been clean over a year, always the chance for another relapse but maybe he's finally reached his bottom and moved on)

    His situation, he od'd when i went to get him cigarette's in my car one time, THAT really woke me up to addict's plight and got me searching Narconon/Scientology more closly in 2008 and subsequently joining the fight with all of the glorious SP's here after his parents were bankrupted financially, mentally and physical sickness followed by the Narconon scam.

    Thx for all u do, GL, Keep after em..........God Bless.......

    I don't blame my siblings, they're OUI-LRH and not fully responsible for their actions, imho.
    I hope they make it out of the cult one day along with every other Scientologist who joined for the right reasons to help others and improve themselves only to get taken advantage of.
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  18. Intelligence Member

    Yesterday, I posted this Thread, plus some additions over on my
    web site (yes narcononcanada is my registered domain as of late last year), then posted
    a link on my Facebook page:!/David.Edgar.Love

    I'm pretty sure that the below comment is from the victim.

    David Love
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  19. TinyDancer Member

    She needs a lawyer.
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  20. Intelligence Member

    She's now in contact with me. She very well could fit in the "Exploitation" cases with
    the Quebec Human Rights Commission - - I think she would.

    I will foraward the pertinent dox to the QHRC. The Commission pays for all the invesigators
    and team of lawyers.

    Not just against NN TR for this lady, but this would most likely involve the Interventionist too for exploitation (and/or assault causing bodily harm???) - - I've image captured ALL her comments on her Facebook wall - - an aweful story indeed.

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  21. TinyDancer Member

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  22. Intelligence Member

    Professional qualified Interventionists can be excellent, if they are qualified. Although
    I am obviously adamant concerning the quackery and dangers of Narconon being halted,
    I strive to provide credible alternatives to thie quackery treatment. There are hundreds
    of rehabs in Canada, many absolutely free, that can provide the care and specific treatment

    Here is a list of qualified Interventionists in Canada:

    And here is an exhaustive list of rehabs in Canada that are government qualified in
    nearly every City and Community in Canada. These are NOT Fake Referral sites;
    this is the real deal and mostly FREE!!! :):):)

    It's a "Mile" long list:)
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  23. Intelligence Member

    I'm in contact with her now AND two more victims in Canada from NN TR. I can't give
    ANY legal advice, but can help file their documents and get in touch with the right Com Lines
    handling our Cases.

    TICK-TOCK - -

    CBC TV - - Old Photo :) - - exposing the COS indoctrination at Narconon.

    Off to bed now:)

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  24. lol, You should bottle that TD, I could use a boatload of 'fifm'.....
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  25. Anonymous Member

    This is why.
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  26. Intelligence Member

    Human Rights Commission and Victim contacted me today. Another case should
    be added this week to their investigations and upcoming Hearings. This one will have
    a big impact. Can't deal with any assault issues because it happened outside Quebec jurisdiction,
    but there are other abuses etc, which the Commission can act on in this new Case.

    Snow Ball IS getting bigger by the week.

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  27. BigBeard Member

    ^^^^Snow ball?? This is growing like a Purcell Mountain avalanche and NN/Cof$ is standing in it's path with their hand held out like a policeman trying to postulate it into stopping.

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  28. Intelligence Member

    Received the below message today from another victim.
    Documentation is now in process for this new case, as well as others.


    Then received the following from government:

    And received this one today - - very important:

    I posted in December that January-February would be HUGE WIN months and so for, we have
    passed the battle plan expectations already by at least 50%:)

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  29. Stealth Member

    Victim Pics - Iola


    Victims ex-boyfriend - Ryan

    Victim and Bo

    Interventionist - Cliff van Rossum: Aldergrove/Langley, British Columbia, Canada

    Cliff van Rossum's Twin at Narconon Trois-Rivieres
    Cliff van Rossum - Periods of being rude and mean to Twin during Objectives Sessions

    - Cliff/Twin/Ryan at Narconon at same time
    - Ryan full program, plus return for repair
    - Ryan met Iola at Narconon
    - Ryan and Iola moved in with Cliff back West
    - Cliff dragged Iola down stairs in violent outburst

    Cliff was married while at Narconon, now divorced
    - bought expensive gifts for a lady flirt (Supervisor)
    - bought Twin gift
    - visited lady staff after grad
    - was used car salesman
    - was drug trafficker - big connections tied in with bikers out west

    Passive aggressive, with violent tendancies, low self esteem, possible manic depressive,
    manipulative, dishonest tendancies.

    Well connected with COS/Narconon as Interventionist FSM out
    West, with connections in Ontario and B.C.

    Connected with several Narconon websites promoting expensive Intervention
    and councelling fees.

    Weight lifeter at Narconon, quite the brute,thug.

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  30. Stealth Member

    This seems to be growing into huge, dirty snowball huh?

  31. Stealth Member

  32. Intelligence Member

    Mmmmm,..., yawn, yawn - - - must get ready for Protest at Freeeezing Montreal ORG in a couple hours:)

    See if we can heat things up a wee bit eh'.

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  33. Intelligence Member

    WOW - - we have three big stories going on all at once here,..., LOL

    This one ^^^ is going to expand big time by weeks end. HUGE!

  34. Anonymous Member

  35. Intelligence Member

    Narconon Trois-Rivieres Interventionist: Complaints Board - January 26, 2012

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  36. Anonymous Member

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  37. peterstorm Member

    Am I to understand that Cliff is a bastard?!
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  38. 00anon00 Member

    David Love works and it helps people.
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  39. another123 Member

    In that case, I'll just leave this here:
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  40. AnonNoxMetus Member

    It seems that CoS has DM, Anon has DL. David, can I sign up for some auditing with you, because your postulating seems to be working a whole hell of a lot better than the whole of NN put together.

    Also it is starting to seem as though it might make sense to rename the NN forum the David Love forum. Just saying.
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