Narconon - Could This Be One : Brenda Herzog

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. Intelligence Member

    Narconon Trois-Rivieres is Looking for Professional Staff

    Could Brenda be one, so they can meet Certification Requirements?

    Reveived message from a USA Anti-Scilon Lawyer this morning and from someone in Montreal
    who has some info about this person, First we thought it was a Psychiatrist running a Fake Referral Site, but now have it narrowed down some more to: Brenda Herzog, BA.Psych,NLP Prac.,Coach,Bs.SAAC’s
    Main Areas: Mental Health
    Best Sellers: Soulful Inspirations
    Career Focus: Counselling/Life Coach
    Affiliation: Crave Life - Drug Free

    Fake Narconon Referral Site?

    Further Intell on it's way:)

    FOOTNOTE. WTF happened and where is our "Narconon In Trouble Thread". I need it uo to refer to some Dox:)
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  2. xenubarb Member

    It's locked or somethingères-in-trouble.44851/
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  3. I did a little googling and found this

    Here is a fair use quote from a 2008 (updated 09) article on depression Herzog wrote.
    If she has gotten in bed with Narconon then: 1. she has changed her attitude towards meds/psychotherapy/mental illness, 2. neither party knows much about the other, or 3. she knows and doesn't care.

    I'll keep looking.

    (also, FYI she's from Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta)
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  4. Intelligence Member

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  5. Intelligence Member

    Wonderful^^^^^,...,Yes, please do keep looking :) It's important.

    Yes, that's right, she's from Alberta and I think she has Scientology Service Completions?

    NN TR needs a person like this for their staff to qualify for Certification with the Health Ministry.

    I hope we can dig up some more dox/Intell on her. I have an "Insider" working on it right now.

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  6. be nice to them Dave, they work tirelessly on our behalf ;)
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  7. Intelligence Member

    Absolutely, for sure. I know they work extremely hard on here.

    I'm jusy very stressed right now; you will know why soon. It's a GOOD thing. But the logistics
    of something is draining me. We are preparing for something EXTREME right now.

    In Com with a Patient who was at NN TR with me. They are going to Mainsteam Media with me and
    it's going to be a real Real Doozzie :) ,....., this one's going to hurt.

    AND, I need to check some posts on the "missing thread",...., LOL.

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  8. Intelligence Member

    Mainsteam TV Media just talked to me again a few minutes ago. They are doing some investigating
    as we speak. This is HUGE! If we can prove what we know, someone could be wearing some shiny
    wrist bracelets in near future. I will be delivering Police Report, with detailed Dox and Evidence,
    with a Credible Witness list.

    Been working on this for several months:)

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  9. moarxenu Member

    Narconon works, and it helps people.
  10. Intelligence Member

    LOL,..., I love your sense of humour:)

    The "Bait" has been delivered to location and it will not be long
    before the Greedy Bastards swim over, put it past their lips
    and Swallow. Little do they know of the "Barbed Hook", buried
    in the meat.

    You might ask, "WTF is Dave talking about:)....., "

    My only comment is, "Buy Lots Of Popcorn and Caek....."

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  11. moarxenu Member

    Quant à moi je fais un caek au pop-corn!!!

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  12. firebug Member

    She has been involved with narconon since at least 2009
    she posted this on the Narconon Trois-Rivieres facebook page

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  13. AuntAnonymous Member

    Maybe I'm being "Captain Obvious" here, but when I did a Canada 411 search on Crave-Life Drug Free's phone number (780-637-4702) from Brenda Herzog's professional site, the listings that came back were plentiful: Crave-Life, Narconon Edmonton, Narconon Canada Continental Office, etc.

    Take her down you NarCON Warriors, you!

    p.s. How's Shank the Skank doing these days? lol I love that one.
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  14. Intelligence Member

    Good work! Fantastic! I knew I could smell, taste, and feel something in the air. Of cours our hour by hour "INSIDER" Intell that pours in, helps immensely. Some I am suspect of, but mostly it's legit:).
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  15. Intelligence Member

    Yvette Shank is very busy right now. Seems some are slipping threw Sec Checks:). Shank could be in for an awakening soon. An unexpected one for sure. Apparently OSA has quite the thick file on me. She has looser lips than I thought,..., LOL. Probably not all that's loose:)
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  16. Intelligence Member

    Seems NN TR has increased their $23,000 to $28,000 - $30,000. Waiting for confirmation.
  17. Intelligence Member

    It would be really nice and helpful if "NN TR in Trouble" Thread was up again by 10pm tonight:). Please.
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  18. Ersatz Global Moderator

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  19. xenubarb Member

    All hail Mods! Hip hip....
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  20. Intelligence Member

    Thank you Mods:). I am happy today. Four more NN TR Victims are now going to speak out to gov and media and expose the abuses. It does take courage and I commend them all. Some dox have already been sent to gov; some are being written; and some will be interviewed by Media soon. I think the work has just doubled for OSA today and will soon become ovewhelming. In my opinion: "Buy a shit load of pop corn." We are about to do some very serious Ball Busting over the next few days and weeks!:)
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  21. Xenu Is Lord Member

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  22. Xenu Is Lord Member

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  23. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Reg Info for the site
    Helping Hand Counselling

    9309 - 84 Street
    Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta T8L 3N9

    Registered through: FW Domains Provider
    Created on: 15-Feb-04
    Expires on: 15-Feb-12
    Last Updated on: 16-Feb-10

    Administrative Contact:
    Herzog, Brenda
    Helping Hand Counselling
    9309 - 84 Street
    Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta T8L 3N9
    +1.7809983454 Fax -- +1.7809983177

    Technical Contact:
    Herzog, Brenda
    Helping Hand Counselling
    9309 - 84 Street
    Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta T8L 3N9
    +1.7809983454 Fax -- +1.7809983177

    Domain servers in listed order:
  24. Xenu Is Lord Member

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  25. Intelligence Member

    GOOD job on this^^^^^. Awesome indeed! Is she a Scientology Service Completion person? I think she is?

    We will be taking care of Alberta Narconons in due course. Not too long from now.
    I hope to be at the Alberta University to visit someone I spoke to a while ago. He
    knows Scientology/Narconon well.

    Then hope to protest Alberta Narconon; visit Gov and Health Authorities and File Formal Complaints
    for Investigations into Practicing Medicine Without a Licence.

    They want to "Clear The Planet" - we WILL start by "Clearing Canada" :):):)

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  26. Intelligence Member

    I am so very impressed, more as each day passes. Our Intelligence, World Wide Network of Anonymous,
    is absolutely INCREDIBLE!

    We have members from all walks of life and Professions that I would NEVER even talk about.

    It is a "Well Oiled Machine". Not organized, but there are so many with similar purposes and determination,
    that DM and OSA can never keep up to it all. We are FAST:)

    We don't waste time with knowledge reports, ethics files, sec checks; and all the BS
    that they waste so much time on.

    We know our targets; mostly, they do not.

    I never underestimate them, but I think they have greatly underestimated us:)

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  27. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Welll Look at this
    On her Facebook page she links to TURNING POINT ALBERTA

    9309 - 84th Street
    Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta Canada T8L 3N9
    Tel. 780-628-0875 Fax 780-628-0876
    TOLL-FREE 1-888-628-0859


    Administrative Contact:
    Herzog, Brenda
    Helping Hand Counselling
    9309 - 84 Street
    Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta T8L 3N9

    They got nice pics of Saunas LOL
    Daily Sauna Treatments
    Daily sauna treatments, combined with vitamin, mineral and essential oils therapy, draw toxins and drug residues out of the body’s fatty tissues, reducing or eliminating future cravings.

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  28. Intelligence Member

    Yup, the "Toxification Rundown is there^^^^^!

    I think I know exactly where this place is and who owns and runs it.

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  29. Anonymous Member

    Those small blood vessels open so wide that the blood goes there, instead of other vessels, like those in the HEART. Decreased blood flow to heart=myocardial ischemia=heart damage in those with heart problems. So unless someone asks about heart problems, giving mega doses of niacin is malpractice and anyone credentialed or licensed by the government can be harpooned with complaints to their licensing board.
  30. Xenu Is Lord Member


    Date Registered: 09/10/05
    Date Modified: 08/31/10
    Expiry Date: 09/10/11


    Detox Center
    Detox Center
    255 York Blvd.
    Hamilton, (CA)

    Administrative Contact

    Mike Kowanda
    255 York Blvd.

    Hamilton, (CA)

    Technical Contact

    Mike Kowanda
    255 York Blvd.

    Hamilton, (CA)
    1-888-976-9258 fax 416-944-1324


    Register your domain now at

    Whois Server:
    Creation Date: 10-SEP-2005
    Updated Date: 31-AUG-2010
    Expiration Date: 10-SEP-2011

    Nameserver: NS1.NETFIRMS.COM
    Nameserver: NS2.NETFIRMS.COM
  31. Xenu Is Lord Member

    I think you can prove that she is now tied directly to them. 1. Phone number ties them. She has a front stie that channels one to another site that offers a renamed Narconon program.
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  32. Xenu Is Lord Member

    From her site ACADA. I bet you money that all the referrals are to Turning Point or Narconon
    That has to be illegal to be vested in a program you refer people too.
    Rehab Placement Service (Private Programs)
    Professional Placement Counsellor would discuss all issues specific to the addiction directly with the client or their family/friend and assess the overall needs of the client. Based on this information we would then recommend a Private Facility that we feel will offer the best opportunity for the client to get their life back on track. The Counsellor would be able to ensure that before you commit to any program you have all the information you require to make an informed decision with no costly regrets.
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  33. Anonymous Member

    It's not illegal, just unethical.
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  34. Xenu Is Lord Member

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  35. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Some places have laws against that kinda of thing because of a conflict of interest and motive to be greedy. I think someone should check in to the law where she is.
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  36. Intelligence Member

    We have some very interested Media. One Investigative Reporter who contacted me yesterday
    and I spoke again today with them.

    But I think we need WW5 or The Fifth Estate. (Both are Investigative Mainstream TV Station Shows)
    I contacted the about 14 months ago.

    We have a USA one lined up once my New Book is Published. (soon)

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  37. Intelligence Member

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  38. Intelligence Member

    Fake Narconon Referral Sites:

    Mary has a Fake Narconon Referral Site Thread somewhere, but the Link
    on Reaching For The Tipping Point is broken.
  39. Xenu Is Lord Member

    She is also a member of ISMHO and CMHA. There is a history of Scientology trying to infiltrate these groups! Someone should warn them!
    Canadian government agencies and other organizations have fallen victim to Scientology infiltrations, too: the Ontario Medical Association, the Canadian Mental Health Association, the Ontario and Toronto police, and even the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
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