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Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. Stealth Member

    If this Brenda lady is using or promoting then COS Sauna program, she should read
    what the experts state and dump the Pseudoscience bullshit! Quackerey for $$$$$$$!

  2. In response see the answers beside each question,

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: David Love
    Sent: Thursday, November 24, 2011 12:27 AM
    Subject: Re: Could This Be One

    Hello Brenda,

    I really only have one question at this time and it is the same one as posted
    on the Forum, as copy-pasted below.

    Many people, and I believe you are probable one, sincerely want to help people; as I do.

    May I ask where you do refer patients to now? I am an Addiction Counsellor so I refer clients to Government Programs and if a suitable candidate I refer them to Turning Point.

    How did you get involved withy Narconon in the first instance? I was asked to work with Crave Life - Drug Free as an independant Counsellor. I was unaware of the association between Narconon and Scientology.
    When I found out I disassociated myself with Crave Life -Drug Free and as I continue my independant work I refuse to refer anyone to any Narconon Facility. Believe me if I had known when I started with Crave Life that it was a Narconon based referral business I would never have agreed to work with Dianne Vawter.

    Do you really believe that toxins and drugs are stored in fat tissues?IThis is not an area of my expertise but there is fact based research based on these findings. That being said there is no similarity or comparison between Turning Points program and the archaic non-fact based protocols used by the facilities you are referring to.

    Are you aware of the expert science and medical information on how toxins are stored and excreted from the body? Not at all I am a Counsellor not someone educated in bio-chemistry. However there is a lot of information on the internet that is supported by medical professionals speceifically Toxicologists.

    Brenda, if you are a person who refers patients to a government certified rehab facility, with professional
    and medically staffed MD's and Registered Nurses who care for the addicts, then I would be more that happy
    to support or refer patients to you. I can do the assessments required by the Canadian Government Programs. However, I can only make recommendations to Government Programs. not all Canadian Government programs have professionals or are medically staffed with MD's and RN's. The type of rehabs you are referring are hospital setting in Canada. However, if I refer a client to Turning Point they have Medically Staffed MD and ND's, RN's, Licenced and Professional Counsellors and Nutrirtionalists, and the list goes on..

    Suffering addicts deserve qualified, professional and dignified care and this is my only concern.

    Please convince me? This whole matter could have been resolved easily by contacting me or Turning Point before assuming any wrong doing on my part. Although I am concerned about this approach I thank you for the opportunity to give you some accurate information about my professionals practices as well as to inform you about Turning Points Habitude tm Programs.


    David Edgar Love

    Where did you get your medical information about drawing toxins and drugs out of the body's fatty tissues??? What dose of NIACIN does YOUR program administer to patients??? This is the same as L. Ron Hubbard's creation (scientology), unless this is a squirrel Free Zoner??? - - using the Purif Tech? I reiterate; what NIACIN dose do you administer to patients? I have no idea what Purif is however,Turning Point uses a two stage detoxification program,it is a patented property of Turning Point and not available to any other facilities.The protocol is research based and has nothing to do with L.Ron.Hubbard, which I understand is a one stage detoxification program that is not medically supervised nor evidence based. The medical team at Turning Point treats each client individually based on their medical needs, I do know that each client has full blood screening, EKG, and is medically supervised. Again I remind you I am a Counsellor only and have done my due diligence before becoming involved with Turning Point.
    I am gathering based on your forum, you feel that all programs that offer alternative services are some how affiliated with Scientology that is simply not true. Based on the information I have provided, as you stated, Turning Point meets the criteria you indicated above, that you would be open to referring to.

    David Edgar Love
  3. All I can say to this is this information is 30 years old. I would look for 2011 information for current studies.
  4. Intelligence Member

    New, very Credible Intell just in:

    Game over! This web site of Brenda's has videos of Scientology with links to two
    Scientlogy staff, with "Scientology Completions: Gail Carroll, Aris Gregorian (directors)
    "The Truth About Drugs" -

    This website is owned and operated by The Foundation for a Drug-Free World.
    To contact us:
    Foundation for a Drug-Free World
    1626 N. Wilcox Ave., Suite 1297
    Los Angeles, CA 90028 USA
    Phone: 818-951-5260
    Directors: Gail Carroll, Aris Gregorian
    Corporation Number: C2844723
    Tax ID: 20-5812172

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  5. Intelligence Member

    How about a July 2011 Report and decision from the Quebec College of Physicians who completed an eight month investigation
    using an Expert in Drug Detoxification and other current Medical and Scientific data concerning the Sauna Purification
    Rundown using Niacin and other vitamin and mineral cocktails?

    You support this^^^^^? - - do you realize this is 100% Scientology - - of which has been banned from parts of Canada
    and the USA recently, from teaching and promoting their misinformation and untruths?

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  6. I had no idea that this video originated through Scientology what I saw in the video is information to educate
    I was not in the habit of searching to see if anything is linked to Scientology. I thank you for letting me know and will
    be more diligent in the future.
    Not sure what you mean by game over as I do not consider this entire process a game. I focus on helping people.
  7. If you are referring to the Doctor that was reprimanded from what I understand he is a Scientologist and did not physically supervise their program.
    Again this is not the protocol followed by Turning Point.
  8. Intelligence Member

    You still haven't answed ANY our questions???

    Where did you get your medical information about drawing toxins and drugs out of the body's fatty tissues??? What dose of NIACIN does YOUR program administer to patients??? This is the same as L. Ron Hubbard's creation (scientology), unless this is a squirrel Free Zoner??? - - using the Purif Tech? I reiterate; what NIACIN dose do you administer to patients?

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  9. Yup. Game Over. Tilt! Put in some more quarters to continue playing, Brenda.

    If you want to play to win, No Cheating! :)

    The literacy level of the titling leaves much to be desired. More Proof! $cientology makes you stupid!

    Never heard of the present participle of "Lie" I suppose.

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  10. As I have stated I am a Counsellor I have answered to the best of my ability and as in the email I sent you I would recommend contacting the person I mentioned to get more specific answers. I do not know how else to get through to you that Counsellors are not medical experts.
  11. Intelligence Member

    Yes he did supervise the program by seeing and approving all the patients and ordered blood tests. He also saw some patients on
    more than one occasion.

    I was a patient. I was on Staff. I saw the files.

    What is the protocol? An ND, as opposed to a Licenced MD?
    You call these 2ND Naturopaths the " Medical Team"?

    Some vulnerable and ill patients looking at the web site, may be disillusioned by the words "Medical Team",
    don't you think, when the "medical team" only consists of ND's.

    DSo once again, what is the protocol, besides what is on the web site? Not generalities, but specifics?

    What are the doses of Niacin and other vitamins and minerals.

    Please answer the question.


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  12. I do not understand what this has to do with me???
  13. What does this have to do with me I am very confused!!!!
  14. I've shown a screen cap from one of the videos on your site. I've commented on the degraded levels of literacy found in a video.
  15. Intelligence Member

    Here ^^^^, you are stating you know the protocol at Turning Point?

    We know you're definately not an expert, but you do state you are a counseloor who refers patients to a certain rehab.
    No counsellor would refer their client to a rehab center , without researching the reab,..., - - would they?

  16. Intelligence Member

  17. again I have to say I am a Counsellor, for specific answers contact the person I recommended you speak to
    you in the email I sent you. I cannot give you the answers you want obviously.
  18. Intelligence Member

    You're most welcome - - have a very lovely night:)

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  19. I have done my due diligence I know what I am required to know to refer clients with full confidence that they will receive
    excellent care. I have assessed each client and if suitable I refer them to Turning Point.
  20. Anonymous Member

  21. Intelligence Member

    Never heard of Turning Point until recently - - but I do suggest you go back to the
    first post in this thread and you will see why this Thread was created in the first place.
    It had nothing to do with Turning Point - - it was all about data on YOU.

    Mmmm, you seem^^^^^ to know the well known facts about Narconon? You are one of a
    very few then, becuase not many people know the "FACTS" about Narconon, Bravo!

    But we will know soon know if Turning Point is a safe rehab, as prescribed by medical authorities and experts, pertaining to administering a detoxification program and regime to patients which
    is or is not recognized in current medical literature. Thank you, Brenda.

  22. "I am gathering based on your forum, you feel that all programs that offer alternative services are some how affiliated with Scientology that is simply not true"

    Thank you for your answers. It is not "MY" forum, as you suggest, nor do I feel that "ALL" alternative services
    are affiliated with scientology.

    However, the videos you have on your web site are affiliated with scientology, but perhaps you were innocently
    unaware. But now that you are well aware, I do hope you remove them soon.

    Have a good night, Brenda.

    David Edgar Love

    I have a suggestion for you David. If you are so unsure about how I feel about Narconon or Scientology get in touch with Gerald (Jerry) Sidel at Addington House.
    We share a mutual respect for each others work. You must know Jerry as he is the International head of Certification and for Quebec. He knows exactly how I feel
    about Narconon and Scientology.
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  23. Intelligence Member

    I know exactly who you are talking about, but I do not "know" him. Nor have I ever heard of International head of Certification and for Quebec.

    Didn't know there was an "International" head right here in Quebec. Wow - - amazing:)

    My "suggestion box" is right plumb full, but thanks for your concern. Brenda, it is your right to feel any way you please, (I respect a person's rights and freedoms), and now that you've expressed your disgust or distaste for scientology and narconon, I hope you convey these feelings to Mr. Gerald Sidel.

    Perhaps I will suggest to the Ministry of Health and Social Services Quebec, to contact you and you can tell them your views, as
    you have indicated and expressed on this Forum against scientology and narconon?


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  24. Well I have spent enough quarters on this forum if anyone still has doubts on where I stand with Narcocnon and Scientology that is your choice. I am going to continue focusing on my clients and remove all of this negative energy put towards me. With a slow deep breath I am back in positive mode.
    I wish you well.
    Goodnight All
  25. Anonymous Member

    LOL groovy, man.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Oh dear. Turning Point uses success stories complete with wonderful phrases like " . . . a hopeless downward spiral . . . "

    Oh, what's that you say Brenda?

    Gosh. Get that from the CCHR?
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  27. Anonymous Member

    Did you see in Turning Point's "articles" section", there's a piece by Kathleen Kerr MD, and Scientologist, extolling the virtues of huge doses of vitamins in the treatment of drug addiction. Perhaps more worryingly is that this good doctor is currently involved in a research project involving US service personnel:

    Just how deep does this vein go?
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  28. Anonymous Member

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  29. Anonymous Member

    Dr Tennant says:

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  30. Anonymous Member

    That's it, avoid the entheta because it negatively affects your case gain.
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  31. Hmm, had another look at the admin dictionary. FSMs get commission, it seems.
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  32. Intelligence Member

    This^^^^^ - - interesting timing?

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  33. Anonymous Member

    Do they refer the caller to Turning Point or a nice fat commission for referring to some other sauna program rehab?
  34. Xenu Is Lord Member

    You know who would eat this up, is the James Randi Foundation and CFI.
    James has gone ape in the past over abuse of tax dollars and use of quackery backed by government agencies. He has even gotten people prosecuted.

    Jim Underdown at CFI kicks ass and should know about this as well

    JREF Info

    Seriously, when government bodies, moment or personal are involved in quackery these folks jump all over it.
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  35. Intelligence Member

    Like this ^^^^^ :)

    The connected dots do seem to paint quite the ugly scenario, don't they?

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  36. Anonymous Member
    I wonder who does these assesments? Maybe Kerr or Jaconello?

    Wouldn't happen with any association with narconon - this^^^.

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  37. grebe Member


    Brenda Herzog, when you associate with some quack detox thing, you get AIDS. Sorry, but that's what happens.

    There is a cure for AIDS: join us in fighting this evil bullshit. Demand that any treatment offered to a suffering patient be based upon the best science available.
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  38. xenubarb Member

    Let me get this work in the drug rehab biz and are totally unaware of Narconon material? REALLY?
    You profess to be unfamiliar with Narconon/Scientology terms, yet your history seems inextricably woven in with theirs.
    One might be led to suspect some measure of dishonesty here.

    And finally, hyperbolate much?
    This is a pile of radioactive bull pucky. If he started exceeding the recommended dosage and had unlimited access to refills, it's possible.
    If he takes two or three pain pills a day, as prescribed, there should be no danger of addiction. This is a fatuous and misleading statement.

    The VA put me on Vicodin, an opiate pain killer, for two months before I could get surgery on my rotator cuff. After the surgery, I finished up the pills and that was it.
    Your assertion would have me sniffing out heroin on street corners outside of NA meetings. But you are wrong.
    Not addicted.
    Shoulder's fine.
    But I can see how this kind of fear mongering could work to your business' advantage.
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  39. Stealth Member

    Sooo BOGUS bullshit! ^^^^^

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