Narconon - Could This Be One : Brenda Herzog

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. slobeck Member

    wait. Isn't Danny the washed up celebutard? So what you meant was: "Danny Bonaduce, washed up celebutard, let's semi-famous tv hypnotist screw him up with NLP and film it."

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  2. xenubarb Member

    I tried it and now I am a chicken.
  3. slobeck Member

    I trydeed et adna nw m Zizany
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  4. Triumph Member

    yea But Danny Bonaduce Was Screwed up long ago
  5. slobeck Member

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  6. Anonymous Member

    This thread is 2nd hit on google 'Brenda Herzog scientology.' Even just 'Brenda Herzog' is 6th. Bwahaha
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  7. Anon1942 Member

    Save the eggs for the next protest.
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  8. xenubarb Member

    Hmmm. Chocolate eggs...want one?
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  9. Pique Member

    Hey guys, go throw eggs at each other in the Drama thread.
  10. Yeah! Pique is precisely correct! We gotta keep this thread upstairs. The lulz cow hasn't been drained & exhausted, yet.
  11. Xenu Is Lord Member

    I don't know if this is the right location but here is some info I hope you can use.
    800-488-4577 belongs to the Church of Scientology
    Rehabilitating A Drugged Society – The Magazine
    The Purification Program has as its sole purpose the handling of the restimulative effects of drugs and toxic residuals on a spiritual being. The Purification Program is a spiritual activity based on and administered according to the doctrine and practices of the religion of Scientology as set forth in the writings of L. Ron Hubbard and adopted by the Church. No part of the program is intended as the diagnosis, prescription for or treatment of any bodily or physical condition or ill. The Church is not responsible for the handling of any bodily or physical condition or ill, it being the responsibility of the individual to seek the competent medical advice and treatment of his doctor in such matters.

    Entity Number: C0636229
    Date Filed: 10/08/1971
    Status: ACTIVE
    Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
    Entity Address: 1451 IRVINE BLVD
    Entity City, State, Zip: TUSTIN CA 92780
    Agent for Service of Process: ** RESIGNED ON 05/25/2011
    Agent Address: *
    Agent City, State, Zip: *

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  12. Stealth Member

    Brenda Herzog, accepts invitation to attend a Narconon Trois-Rivieres Live Graduation and openly thanks them for inviting her. Then Brenda is found to be involved with and referring patients to Narconon and another Fake Referral site. Brenda is caught promoting ORG "The Truth About Drugs" on her web site ANS she promotes and approves of Tammy's Purification Rundown at Tammy's rehab quackery.

    After ready all this and the links, my opinion is they are both in bed with the COS, probably rceiving FSM type referral commissions and trying to deny their connection with big, "At Cause" smiles gleaming off their piles of shiny silver dollars.

    They sure got their Anonymous views and haven't shown up again for a few days. Lost their confront and ran away with what's left of their tail between their legs, LOL.


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  13. Anonymous + David Love: + > 9000 (Winners!!!)

    Cultsters + Shills: less than zero. (losers)
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  14. Washed-up celebutards are very much in demand these days somehow making them celebrities again.......
  15. Yup, we're living through the Dork Ages, and dumb and deluded are now very hot properties! ;)
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  16. So, you're telling me I still have a chance........
  17. Intelligence Member

    Oh' - oh' , wakie-wakie can of worms:)

    The next 60 days should determine which rehab centers accross Canada will be facing
    Government scrutny. I don't care if it has the Narconon name or not, if any rehab center
    is using ANY dangerous "TECH", to cure patients af addiction, be prepared - - I have
    NO LOVE for these, but rather for the vulnerable, ill Patients who deserve professional, qualified care,

    Addicts are Human Beings, deserving the same care and Love that any other Canadian has a right to and desires.

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  18. 00anon00 Member

    Slasher movies are not as scary as this.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    Is David Love a Canadian human right?
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  20. Anonymous Member

    When this is all done I hope the government gives him a big fat order of Canada medal.
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  21. Intelligence Member

    Yes, I'm a Canadian Citizen; my Dad landed on the East Coast of Canada from Ireland on the White Star ship.
    Ireland was having tough economical times and many families were sending their children over to the USA and Canada.

    The COS is very lucky my Dad died at age 39 - - kind of worked himself into an early grave
    by building businesses from scratch. I was only 8 years old, Mom had to go work and I kind of raised myself.

    But my Dad instlled in me that dreams are attained by desire and tenacity - - fighting Irish tenacity.

    AND never give up:) - - never!

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  22. Intelligence Member

    Finally - Finally - Finally! - - getting over this cold bug for past week:) - just woke up from deep sleep
    after a 30 hour straight run compiling dox:):):)

    Just spent an hour sitting back looking at projects, battle plans, upcoming media meetings,
    government appointments, document filing deadlines, current Cases - pending Cases, and
    simply digesting priorities - - feels good.

    Now that I'm feeling better, I must attend to my main computer issues that are hindering my
    desired warp-speed progress,..., LOL - - thank God I have a couple of back-ups to use for now.

    In reference to this Thread, I think it's important to proceed with an attitude of caring about the
    health and welfare of all Canadian Citizens who deserve the best and safest care available for
    addictions in the whole of Canada. (only able to focus on Canada - - for now).

    Currently, I'm preparing an exhaustive submission to our Federal Government in reference to
    the Charities Commission and their Benefits Test for ALL registered charities who operate
    rehab-treatment facilities. This government agency is one of several we have in Canada, with
    the power and teeth to prevent harms and abuses, as well as keep safe those in crisis and
    sickness from addictions RE: Treatment Centers.

    Canada Charter of Rights and Freedoms - Department of Justice
    15. (1) Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and, in particular, without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability.

    To protect our citizens with disabilities from addictions, we have Federal and Provincial Human Rights and Freedoms laws;we have a Ministry of Health for protection; AND various other government agencies.

    We also have, in the private sector, the College of Physicians in each Province, as well as a Federal College
    that oversees the entirety, but does not interfere in Provincial matters.

    Many of the aforementioned Government Agencies, have received submissions and are investigating complaints. Except for our Federal Charities Commission which I'm working on right now.

    Each and every Narconon in Canada who is a registered charity, as well as ANY other treatment facility registered as a charity in Canada, will now be under scrutiny - - big time; especially those using any alternative therapies not recognized in current medical literature. (thank you Quebec College decision).

    The psycological and physical harms that many of these treatment procedures cause, can be immediate and some may not appear for months or years; but appear they will, causing undue harms.

    I have experienced and seen the harms and deaths from addictions, for decades; some I still push
    back memories of. Dozens of my dear and cherished friends and family are gone;many deaths could
    have been prevented under proper, professional care and treatment.

    Scientology has jumped into the scene, saying they are the ONLY CURE!

    There could be nothing further from the truth and in fact their dangerous treatments, in many cases,
    cause far more harm than good; mostly in it for the Narconon profits Uplined into scientology coffers.

    Can we put a stop to this unconcionable practice and behaviour? Yes, without a doubt, we the people
    of Canada and the world can do this, without fail. We, The People, have a voice, we have a will,
    and we The People have far more power than many of us realize. We The People, have the power of
    our voice and Power of the Pen.

    The People in Anonymous are a very powerful voice and scientology fears and beholds these ominous

    If we don't, who will? Expect us!

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  23. Anonymous Member

    I wasn't disputing that you were Human or Canadian,

    just marvelling at the proposition:
    that Canadians deserve, have a right to you.

    I think it is a lovely proposition.
    And even for non-canadians, no less desirable.
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  24. Intelligence Member

    We're not finished with the "Toxic Kentucky Fried Chicken" lady yet.

    Will be addressing this rehab very soon to appropriate authorities.

    Their Vitamin regime is Secret, just like Kentucky Fried Chicken!?

    Well is doesn't matter how much *!F_ _king!* chicken you eat, you won't die from it
    (maybe over time from high colosterol), but certainly not an ambulance trip to Emergency
    because of a toxic dose or fatal reaction whatever the *F_ _K is in their vitamin concoction
    that a patient has a right to know what vitamins they are being TREATED with!

    It's still called practicing medicine without a license whether or not the patient knows what's
    in the pills being administered.

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  25. Intelligence Member

    Well Shelbluc, I asked a Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet what formula they use to SPICE their
    their Chickens, and they told me - "Sorry, we don't use toxic doses of Niacin!" - - "You infer your
    formula is a "Recipe"? - - We're not baking a Cake here lady, dangerous rehab practices are harmful,
    and in some cases KILL, as in Narconon." - David Love

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  26. Anonymous Member

    I bet KFC hands over their nutritional information without question, which of course includes vitamin content.
  27. DeathHamster Member

    They used to use a hell of a lot of MSG and salt!

    Hubbard should have created a fast food chain instead. Run with barely trained Sea Org who operate by looking everything up in three-ring binders, kids as managers, recruit customers as staff, visiting inspectors from head office...

    Mind you, I don't think that edible food would be their Valuable End Product, even if they did say it had a 70% success rate.

    The Commodore's secret recipe of 9000 herbs, spices and groups!
  28. DeathHamster Member

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  29. DeathHamster Member

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