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Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, May 14, 2011.

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    12 more pages to follow in this File
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Nice work. The tenacity of the Irish never ceases to amaze and astound.

    Go on, ya good thing ya!!

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  15. Intelligence Member

    This had never been done, prior to WOG D.L. demanding it before signing their multi-page Contract.
    An important document that Rebutts a recent "Response" to the Human Rights Commission, in
    that the person who approved this, is none other than the Deputy Director of defunct Narconon
    Canada. This doc is clear evidence of other Organization Entities other than NN TR, who were present
    at NN TR, who approved and Administered Directives to NN TR Executives.
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  16. Intelligence Member

    This is Richard: (Fired from NN TR)
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  17. Anonymous Member

    good golly is dar a whole lotta scilon admin tech in action!
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  19. Optimisticate Member

    Just to point out some interesting things that caught my eye other than the numerous misspellings and wtf usage of capital Letters and some [comments] I had about them...

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  20. Intelligence Member

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  21. Intelligence Member

    Emails Leaks: COS Montreal to Narconon Trois-Rivieres

    ***(my notes in Blue)***

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  22. Intelligence Member

    Leaked Emails: Narconon Trois-Rivieres Response to COS Montreal

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  23. Optimisticate Member

    So Sylvain Fournier, a certified counselor, Senior Director for Expansion, and Legal Officer for the Narconon Org is taking credit for Couillard's resignation?

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  24. BigBeard Member

    It took a couple of tries to get through it, but that first 'Definitions' document looks like the took the standard list from an Org and essentially just replaced 'Org' with 'Narconon' wherever it appeared. Even the 'Divisions' and bill paying methodology (don't until you have to) are identical to those used within $cientology. NarCONon's not $cientology, much. /sarcasm

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  25. peterstorm Member

    I can only imagine the kind of emails they are exchanging about Dave right now. lol
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  26. Intelligence Member

    On cell right now. Will look at 2 "insider" emails when I get home. I've read the brief message, but can't open the pdf files. Buying new phone in a few days that can do this. The brief message is LOADED! Will post what I can. PeterStorm: will contact tonight about travel plans and dates:):):)
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  27. Anonymous Member

    This stuff is brilliant! It gives such a great insight into the workings of Narconon.
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  28. Intelligence Member

    Just in: Inside Montreal ORG Photo of Donations for the New ORG.
    Anyone else seen this photo before? I took photos of the photo.
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  29. Intelligence Member

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  30. Anonymous Member

    A smart thing would be to contact each of those people on the list. I bet some of them are real sorry by now they ever donated anything to Narconon.
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  32. Intelligence Member

    Have lots more, but busy reading new Intell just in:)

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  34. peterstorm Member

    this is old. From 2007. I'd like to see newer ones.
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  35. Intelligence Member

    Ok, I'll hold off posting rest...^^^^^Tx......Turn on skype.....
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    Security Against OSA:
    Encrytion keys for dox transfer (Private - Public) complete and secure with "Signature."

    Ready for Transfer.

  37. Intelligence Member

    Working on it now.
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  38. AnonLover Member

    Now David... u said you were going to sleep like 3hours ago?

    u cant live on dox alone, gotta get some zzzz's sooner or later.
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  39. Intelligence Member

    Yes they are ORGS, with HUGE ORG Boards hung on the wall, with every Post
    and the staff members name beside the Posting Division.

    They made up a mini ORG Board for my office, with the duties for Registrar,
    Graduate Officer, and I/C-Foundation.

    In the mornings at Roll Call, we lined up in Divisions, just like the Military;
    even had Chineese School Training from Narconon International Staff.

    Then we would play a game: French against the English. Two lines of people.
    We would pass the Way to Happiness Book as fast as possible down the line and back again.
    Whoever won, got to pick articles they bought from the Dollar Store.

    I always picked little coloured Note Books and Pens and used them everyday
    to diarize notes and such:):):) - They had their Ethics files, I had my different coloured books.
    (I was a Government Spy - Remember,..., LOL.)............"looking forward to court":)

    NarCON-ON is Scientology in every aspect 100%.

    The execs don't take a pee without approval from uplines - Scientology.

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  40. Intelligence Member

    LOL,..., but these dox are so delicious:)

    Going to bed right now...night.

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