Narconon Drug Bomb

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by OTBT, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. OTBT Member

    List of vitamins that Narconon says is necessary for drug addicts to take when they stop taking drugs.

    Note that the list of vitamins posted on their web site is supposed to be taken 4 times a day.

    In other words, 1,000 mg of niacinamide x 4 times daily = 4,000 mg daily, and so on, for all the vitamins listed below.

    Current Narconon Europe web page


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  2. Anonymous Member

    maybe we should get some doctors opinions? lol
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  3. RightOn Member

    perhaps there are some medical blogs to post this vitamin regiment on?
    Hell! why not include the entire Purification Rundown regiment?
    You know like an "ask a doctor" type thing. And innocently tell them that you are considering doing Scientology's Purification Rundown and also slip in that this program is offered in Scientology's Narconon program, and also in their jail program called Criminon. And that Fire fighters are doing this program so you assumed it was safe. And that this program also goes under other names. Ask them if it is safe and ask about if the claims that Narconon is making are true about the way toxins are stored in your fat cells and that this program can get rid of those toxins.

    And ask their professional opinion on the amount of vitamins you are ingesting and the possible side effects.
    Also be sure to include the amounts listed and that "This formula should be given four times a day while a person is coming off drugs, roughly every six hours."
    List the doctor's responses ITT = win!
    It would be a interesting to see what their responses are.
    And dont' forget to tell them about ingesting all that oil too!! and the exercise involved and of course the amount of time in the sauna.

    THEN! we can collect all the responses from the REAL doctors and share it with the world.

    I know real doctors have already had opinions on this in the past, but I think we need some fresh opinions to share. We can share that info with different states who dumbly fund this program for inmates, firefighters and drug addicts.
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  4. thefatman Member

    Wait, you need shit to make Vitamin C effective? What crack pipe did they magic that from?
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Its from Hubbard's theory of Cal-Mag. I'll see if I can find the theory somewhere.
  6. BigBeard Member

    5,000IU of Vitamin A is the normal recommended dose for males, 4,000IU for females. People on this program are given 20,000IU a day, 4 to 5 times the daily recommendation, with no medical supervision?? Anything over 15,000IU per day is only supposed to be done for some unusual conditions, and under direct medical supervision. E.g., the person is in a hospital being monitored at regular intervals.


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  7. mongrel Member

    Vitamin A
    The con recommends 20,000 IU per day.

    Vitamin E
    The con recommends 3,200 IU per day.
  8. Anonymous Member

    I see some (a little) logic to it.
    Doses of Ascorbic acid > ~ 100mg or so, don't seem to have much effect on otherwise healthy persons.
    Less than that (from all dietary sources) and you've got deficiency, and risk scurvy.

    Megadoses are not broadly recognized as helpful. There's some research (and a lot of wishful thinking) suggesting that megadoses have an enhanced antioxidant effect and can prevent cancers and disease, but despite much study its not been conclusively proven to work.

    Could there be some magick formula that will turn Vitamin C overdose into a super-power juice?
    Doubt it.

    But I could believe that Vitamin C overdoses without the magick formula do NOT constitute a super-power juice.
  9. OTBT Member


    INFO DUMP medical claims in Scientology

    Somewhere a couple years ago, scans of the exact vitamin and mineral escalating dosages
    for the Purification Rundown were posted on WWP, but I can't find them. It was in an HCOB.

    This thread isn't exactly about the Purification Rundown in Scientology, but rather about the Narconon Drug Bomb.

    The Narconon Drug Bomb is supposed to be administered before doing the Purif, while an addict is coming off drugs.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Does this have the info you are looking for?:
  11. Anonymous Member

    I also have the Purification Rundown manual which may be what you refer to. Its 251 pages scanned and would take me ages to upload. If its what you are looking for let me know?
  12. Anonymous Member

    Also have the Purif Rundown I/C course, also scanned.

  13. Sorry for the slight derail but I just find the, "It has been discovered....", part pretty funny. They are so sure that this is like some real valid fact of life that can be proven again and again. They are so modest too -- they don't even bother to mention just who (LRH) "discovered" all of this. They wouldn't dare; at least not in this promotional piece; not yet and not this early in the game. That's all I have to say. It's just funny.
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  14. BigBeard Member

    Just went over this stuff again and Golly, Jeez, Shazam! Talk about making medical claims, practicing medicine without a license, just how the hell does this quackery stay in business anywhere???

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  15. Intelligence Member

    They have a new First Step Program at the new ORG in Quebec City. Hope to be
    in that City first half of March to Expose these dangers.
  16. Intelligence Member

    I have wondered the same thing Big Beard. We are working on the practicing medicine without a licence
    and Gov is investigating right now. Just received another letter from College of Physicians. They seem to
    be acting in the public's interest. We'll see.
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  17. OTBT Member

    Good scans, but no, that doesn't have the reference. Its probably in the C/S series.

    No need for anyone to go crazy scanning stuff, the HCOB was already scanned and posted here on WWP in a Purif thread or related thread, its just a matter of finding the thread.

    This is not new nrews, and its not confidential. It was just instructions to the C/s (Case Supervisor) for the ever increasing dosages of vitamins and minerals for the Purification Rundown, starting at 100 mg of niacin, and ending with 5,000 mg of niacin.

    Anyway, I just find it odd that Narconon Europe web page repeatedly warns about the physical and medical dangers of taking these massive amounts of vitamins, yet says it is necessary.
  18. Herro Member

    Lol at you and your worrying about the meat body. We're trying to give people spiritual liberation here!
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  19. Intelligence Member

    The report I received said this new First Step Program was at the new ORG in Quebec City,
    but the photo shows an old heat register near the wall. Hardly a New Org photo.

    We'll know soon if it's actually AT the new ORG.

    To read the text, need to use google translate.

    The crew running this First Step is from the Dissolved Narconon Canada entity.

  20. Intelligence Member

  21. OTBT Member

    No, good scans, though. Found the HCOB, it was already posted in here:


    This HCOB gives step by step increases of dosages of vitamins and minerals. Too long to copy here.
  22. OTBT Member

    Where the scientology / narconon "drug bomb" info came from.

    tl;dr jump to page 2

    Plain text in full after the scans, for Google indexing.

    Check out the bold parts for crap like medical claims.




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  23. Anonymous Member



    VrxMp.jpg IcFna.jpg
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  24. ravenanon Member

    ty for this its wonderful and will be passed on
  25. Anonymous Member

    Dox or STFU
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  26. afternon Member

    Absofuckinglutely, the sheer arogance and egotism of Hubbard is breathtaking. That drug-addled, fat big mouth really thought he was simply the best and most knowledgeable at everything. There are so many bit of misinformation and plain lies in this he should've been locked away before his stupid "drug rehab" damaged more people.

    No wonder the Narconon scam is called a religious and not a medical service, it lacks any evidence or science.
  27. SOJOA Member

    Might be better off smoking crack than consuming all that vitamin A
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  28. OTBT Member

  29. xenubarb Member

    Yo yo yo! It is NOT called "religious," it is a secular program using Scientology doctrines and practices. They themselves claim no association with Scientology. Although their corporate chart belies that falsehood, the claim is still made in promo materials today. "Based on the teachings off...etc" doncha know.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Was Adelle Davis a scientologist, or did hubtard just bastardize her work?
  31. uncoerced Member

    Um... addiction to anything isn't going to be "cured" by vitamins. But replenishing what's been destroyed by addictive behaviors can be helpful for the uh, meat body. One thing to consider is that U.S. RDA's are terribly low. Essentially only enough to keep a person from experiencing the diseases of the lack of a certain vitamin. For instance, your body produces the equivalent of 20,000 I.U. of vitamin D in roughly 20 minutes of full sunshine, yet the gov't recommends only 200 I.U. per day. But all this above is just bullshit. Really bad, misinformed, potentially harmful bullshit.
  32. BigBeard Member

    Leaving aside the fact NarCONon claims to be secular, this goes way beyond religious "faith healing". It's calling for dietary supplements to be administer in amounts that should only be done under direct medical supervision, which is nonexistant at NarCONons. Most places call that practicing medicine without a license, and I still don't understand why they haven't been hammered over it in any U.S. state.

  33. Anonymous Member

    Agreed, but the middle ground of "helpful/healthful supplement" is probably closer to the RDA guidelines, than the "Drug Bomb" ones.

    (e.g. 60mg Ascorbic Acid is pretty skimpy. But 10,000 is stupid. I aim for 100-300 myself.)
  34. uncoerced Member

    Well, for the fat soluble vitamins, maybe. I can see exercising caution with A, E, D and K- since they will store and can have toxic effects. But the stupidness of too much C is just that you're wasting what you don't need. If you smoke, bump up your intake though. :)
  35. Anonymous Member

    The saddest part for me, is actually that one part of the whole disaster pile that Hubbard had some personal experience with. Its something he faced directly, struggled with for some years, and could have been knowledgeable about.

    Hint: his one IRL and not fantasized "war wound".

    But, nope.
    Vitamins don't corrode the stomach lining. Not even at Hubbard's absurd drug-bomb levels.
    Most GI ulcers result from a bacterial infection.
    Less commonly, NSAID painkillers.
    Or (lol) smoking.

    He didn't blame them on stress, so he gets half a point :|
  36. JohnnyRUClear Member

    That's mighty white of ya.
  37. OTBT Member

    Hey, thanks for posting that.

    I actually believed after all these years that ingesting too many vitamins at once without milk or yogurt could cause ulcers. Cause that's what Hubbtard said. Looks like I still have cult-think to unlearn.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Two aussie scientists won the Nobel Prize for Medicine for proving that the cause was bacteria. As I recall, one of them gave himself an ulcer by drinking bacteria. Then got cured.
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  39. "Common knowledge" for many, many years was that psychological stress and diet were the principal causes.
    As diet was studied and then ruled out, "stress" remained.

    Hubbard was wise, not to fall for that misconception.
    Alas, he spent all his wisdom there; leaving none for the remainder of his medical advice.
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  40. Anonymous Member


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