Narconon Europa gets $3,000 fine for poor kitchen hygiene (needs translation from Danish)

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    Google translation:

    It was not a pretty sight to meet with the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration when, on August 15, they visited Narconon Europe - an abuse center on Arresø near Helsinge, which uses Scientology methods to rehabilitate drug addicts.
    The inspection revealed strips of unappetizing finds in the center's kitchen facilities.
    “There are spider webs and dead flies in window sills. floor grates appear with black dirt and food residue of older date. Shelves in kitchen appear greasy. There is dripping of grease over the roasting area as well as the window. The hand wash wall appears dirty, ”writes the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration in the control report .
    The report also shows that rubber moldings in the refrigeration inventory at the buffet appeared black with suspected mold. The fixture and wall at the dishwasher were also dirty, and both drain grates for a coffee machine appeared with old coffee and dirt.
    dried up food scraps

    In addition, the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration found remains of the cut green in a vegetable cutter, as well as leftover food was found in an appliance as well as dried salad remnants in a production sink.
    An employee of the company stated, according to the audit report, that none of the three aforementioned parts was used today. However, the Danish Food Agency acknowledged a fine of DKK 10,000.
    According to the control report, the manager of the company stated over the phone that he was on sick leave and therefore could not decide on things. At the same time, the employee who was present at the company stated that the employees did not know anything.

    The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration further fined DKK 10,000 as the company was unable to present a self-monitoring program and a risk analysis. The company had the following remarks: 'We have it on the computer, you know it well', says the audit report.
    TV 2 Lorry has been in telephone contact with Narconon Europe and talked to a staff member who would put us in contact with the center's management. We also sent an email with a number of questions, but after several days we still have not heard anything from the center.
    Controversial methods of treatment

    In a 2013 article , Frederiksborg County newspaper writes that the organization Narconon has been criticized for its treatment methods and that no municipalities at that time referred to the site.
    - They have their own methods that are not evidence-based. That's why you don't know if it's good or harmful, said Professor of Aarhus University's Center for Substance Research, Mads Uffe Pedersen, then told the newspaper.

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