Narconon Georgia Patrick Desmond Civil RICO Unsealed Deposition

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by patriot75, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. patriot75 Member

    The Desmond Family v. Narconon of Georgia, Narconon International, et al Please note that James Jerry McLaughlin was the man standing at Gary Smith’s side during NN AH’s press conference along with McLaughlin’s wife Cleo Glenn Johnson, Executive PRO for Government Affairs.

    After the "Plaintiffs' Motion to Unseal Documents", and the non-party "Petition by Ann Lowe and Matthew Hurley To Unseal Documents Of Record And Open Depositions", Narconon of Georgia filed a "Motion To Keep Certain Documents Filed With The Court Under Seal". This is the Plaintiffs response to Narconon of Georgia's Motion. I can say for an absolute fact that the petitioners are two happy people now, but are awaiting the unsealing of the documents that remain "Under Seal".

    Mary C. Desmond is Patrick's mother:

    Patrick C. Desmond is Patrick's father:

    Lisa Robbins, M.D. was Narconon of Georgia's Medical Director. There was apparently some confusion as to the duties of the Medical Director.

    Lisa Mooty was with the Drug Court system in Florida:

    Mary Rieser is the Executive Director of Narconon of Georgia. This is her first deposition, which resulted in Sanctions against Narconon, whereby they had to make her available for a second deposition taken at their expense.

    Elizabeth Backus served as a representative of Sovereign Place, the apartments where Patrick and other Narconon of Georgia clients were housed.

    This is the second deposition for Mary Rieser, paid for by Narconon of Georgia and/or their attorneys (Trained at NN AH):

    Gerald T. Gowitt, MD was the Medical Examiner:

    Bradley Taylor was a client of Narconon of Georgia at the time Patrick was there, sent there by the Tennessee Drug Court:

    Bradley Taylor's father, who paid for the Narconon of Georgia program:

    Mark O'Donnell was with the Drug Court system in Florida:

    Maria Delgado, of Delgado Development, ran the housing program at Sovereign Place at the time Patrick was there:

    Don Delgado, of Delgado Development, ran the housing program at Sovereign Place at the time Patrick was there:

    Tracey Stepler was an employee of Narconon of Georgia at the time Patrick was there:

    Expert Witness:

    Expert Witness:

    Jamie Thompson was a client of Narconon of Georgia prior to Patrick's arrival:

    Expert Witness:

    Allison Riepe was an employee of Narconon of Georgia at the time Patrick was there. She later ran a housing program at the request of Mary Rieser, after Patrick's death:

    Nina Edidin was a lawyer at the Georgia Department of Human Resources:

    Expert Witness: Gary Smith’s buddy and the Husband of Cleo Glenn Johnson, Executive PRO for Government Affairs Narconon Arrowhead.

    Expert Witness:

    Employee of Narconon International, William Kent McGregor's wife:

    Employee of Narconon International:

    Employee of Narconon International:

    President of Narconon International:
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  2. patriot75 Member

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  3. Quentinanon Member

    Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organisation = NarCONon = $cientology
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  4. DeathHamster Member

    I love how James McLaughlin gets quizzed for over 70 pages on what the heck his real qualifications are. (A masters degree in theology and Narconon training.)
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  5. anonysamvines Member

    damn adobe keeps crashing. I read the first page of the court telling them gtfo wi ya don't wanna be embarrassed shit
    and i want maor
    About time a court said that to them.
    David Love you are surely something - wow wow wow
    popcorn anyone?
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  6. anonysamvines Member

    the expert witness :eek: i keep rereading the same bits in disbelief. He did not say that He did not say that Footbullets on rapid fire! :p
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  7. anon walker Moderator

    And his drug counseling licenses in Texas and Oklahoma were dependent on his masters degree in theology. He doesn't even have the Narconon certs on his 3 resumes.

    And he admits that NN is Scientology lite.
    And he says the success rate statistic is invalid.

    I'm only halfway through the depo. It's pretty lulzy and he squirms a lot.

    And is it Jerry James or James Jerry? Q asks, because he's seen it both ways. Those crazy clams and their name games!
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  8. Internetzin Member

    Christ am I the only one finding it hard concentrate with the layout the way it is
  9. anonysamvines Member

    it gets easier (took me ages when i read anonsparrow's (? i think - am stunned here) after his case),.
    The one i am reading, one of the expert witnesses - jeez ol Moxie wouldn't have been this quiet - or let anyone this fucking useless :)p ) any where near a deposition
    Costs : 80 hours prep $500/$ 600 an hour before deposition roughly $40 to $48 000 and he is fucking useless :D:p:eek::D:p
    i have been reading for over 90 minutes and am only on adobe page 21 of 67 lol. I keep having to reread because i can't believe how fucking inept he is. Footbullet still on maximum :p :p and my jaw hurts from hanging open all that time lol
    And narConon hired him!!
    And fucking used him :p:p Surely someone prepped him????
    No wonder Co$ is trying to shift the DIY narconon rehab kits on amazon (wonder if marty got one lol)! They know they are going down:D:p:p
    Bet old slappy wishes he had left that tommygirl vid up :p . Wonder if the jet is all fuelled? Or is he going to run away to sea on the freewinds lol?

    edit cos i forgot to say It's a wog psychiatrist :p who will never work as an expert witness again:p and they had to hire one :p and a crappy one who would say what they wanted:p and he is killing them:p and the final bit of irony/karma will be if he loses his wog practise:p

    It won't fetch patrick back, but he hasn't died in vain
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  10. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Try this. You don't even have to have Acrobat Reader installed at all.
  11. anonysamvines Member

    ooh you darling (i trusts ya cos .. not blindly lol)
    it has settled but the next one ...? looks good and then i can take off adobe :)
  12. anonysamvines Member

    ah jeez now i have stopped the gloating
    the bastards deserve even more than we want for them
    Co$ we know it's worse than we think, we already know that. And then they keep on keep on getting worse.
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  13. BigBeard Member

    I'm confused. James McLaughlin is billed as an "Expert Witness" for NN GA, but his depositioon reads like ammo for the Desmonds. So whose side is he on anyways??????

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  14. RightOn Member

    I hate to sound like a dumb ass
    but can this case be revisited now due to the NN Arrowhead investigations?
  15. Anonymous Member

    Could someone who's read it all do a summary for those of us who don't have time to?
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  16. Internetzin Member

    Yes please! I ran screaming from this thread after 4 hours of reading having gotten nowhere only thing I know now is that Lawyers earn lots a monies for a reason, cause what they do is agonizingly slow!
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  17. Internetzin Member

    New thread and links just appeared Tony O giving excellent summary of this mammoth heap of docks.
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  18. Anonymous Member

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  19. DeathHamster Member

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  20. Internetzin Member

    It's called a slappy meal
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  21. A court date has not been set, yet.
  22. RightOn Member

    oh! geez
    guess I was being a dumb ass
    I get all these cases mixed up some times
  23. Anonymous Member

    Where is Steven Kent's Depo?
  24. BigBeard Member

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  25. Anonymous Member

  26. anonysamvines Member

  27. Anonymous Member

  28. anonysamvines Member

    jeez only on my 3rd depo and no wonder David introduced Jeff Harris as such a superstar. Wow this stuff is dynamite!! Especially for the investigations into others, shutting them all down then salting them. Narconon Int too. Trying so hard to cover their asses in this one case they are delivering mortal blows to the whole lot. Exposing so much.
    Stuff that they can't later deny
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  29. BigBeard Member

    It's the 9th link up from the bottom of the list on the reference I posted.

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  30. anonysamvines Member

    what keeps getting me while listening to the scilons is the cognitive dissonance between Scilo and suppressive wogs like us, not only wogs like us (but especially us) but all wogs including the pc eejits who give them the benefit of the doubt.

    So used to dealing with the long term, excessive cognitive dissonance caused by living every single moment of every single day of the differences between what they are/were told, what they are/were promised, what dreams and hopes they had/have and what they are actually living and seeing for themselves, by switching off the thinking and feeling :( which makes them so so callous in the aid of KSW. So used to it that even when they blow, they don't want to give up on those hopes and dreams - and those WINS so they hang onto the tek and scientolgy and are too scared to let themselves feel that dissonance and yet the only way is to actually feel it and accept it and learn to recognise it. Such a shame for it is rarely as bad as we think it will be, it may be harder than we thought but it is never as bad as we are scared it will be. and they will never be free and who it is they actually hoped to be until they do :(

    So used to the "in the moment" cognitive dissonance between how they are expected, by their superiors, to behavevis a vis all the stuff we would feel shady about and how they are expected to feel about such, they cope with by reducing it down into sentence by sentence (so aided by teh study tech which is proven to reduce comprehension) in order to not be able to feel the dissonance/keep it under control till it can be handled. Nor can the recognise the difference between what they say and do from moment to moment on a paragraph level - that was what suited me to say then this is now - keep up and just believe me now no matter how it contradicts. As demonstrated here in these depos.

    And we can see and feel it - and can rarely understand how they can't!

    That's why all the mystery around Xenu and if ya not OT3 you cannot handle it or you will get pneumonia and die/ go horribly mad. Old elwrong thought he was setting out a closing down, sale as he didn't think he could get away with any more - so let's go out with a bang!!! thinking anyone trying to believe this shite and feeling that dissonance would die or go mad trying to make it work. But oooh no teh brainwashing was wayyyyy too good, and they were so good at doing it to themselves and each other. Add into that mix the tech AND the human (tho not the most pleasant of) characteristics and we have the Co$ and indies we have today

    and they are just so so used to that dissonance, and slappy is so good at teh sales pitch to them (tho not us wogs - well the innoculated wogs) that even when they get to court, they treat each and everyone of us as if we are the lowest of the low in scilo kingdom and honestly cannot believe it when we are not doing the same and toeing their line.

    They honestly can't believe it, but they have tech for that - and the inoculated Co$ and indies - well hello slappy, moxie, mikenmartyshow who really know how to make the tech work( wog and scilo tech)

    They have been successful in instilling that listen to the "snakecharmer and forget about the snake" into a lot of powerful people and have got away with far too much for far too long.
    And they have grown too (justly) arrogant
    but they have also grown too careless, and the snake charmers too have forgotten the snake/s, which are now fatally biting them on the ass :D

    and thanks to brave, wonderful, caring people, old guard and new Not the least being Maj and Mrs Desmond and their whole wonderful, brilliant and courageous legal team (and teh judge - nice one now let's have da rest)

    I salute each and everyone of you
    you make me so proud

    hear that Co$? that is your death knell
    and we will rejoice in each and every death throe
    piece by piece
    we do not forgive
    we will not forget

    are these fucking lulzy or what?

    way better than tommygirl's vid
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  31. HellRazor Member

    I waded through most of Dr. Lisa Robbins' deposition last night. The tl;dr IIRC:

    - Dr. Robbins claims not to be the medical director of NN, even though she signed some sort of contract that says she is the medical director. She says she's only an associate who did medical exams for the students
    - Dr. Robbins wasn't given any written materials about NN's programs
    - Dr. Robbins wasn't given any medical literature or evidence about NN's effectiveness (and didn't really do any research on her own about NN)
    - Dr. Robbins believes in the woo, like prescribing "living diets, vitamins", thinks everyone has vitamin deficiencies, and doesn't think NN megadoses of Niacin is a bad idea
    - Dr. Robbins says she doesn't "prescribe" the NN treatments, but she "authorizes" patients to receive them. :confused:
    - Dr. Robbins has no formal training in addiction medicine

    She kinda reminds me of Dr. Labonte from Quebec.
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  32. anonysamvines Member

    just reading it now - what i have read so far that tallies with what Mary Reisner's 2nd depo (ooh what she let slip while trying to shift blame, KSW and prove how ethical, blameless, effective , and definitely not linked to $cientology NarCONon is.
    And she has settled the case now i believe.

    Doesn't excuse her being a careless, naiive skank tho!
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  33. Anonymous Member

    I’m starting in on Clark Carr’s deposition and will combing through it carefully before moving on to the other Narco Int’s depos. One of the first things that strike me is that the attorney for the plaintiff seems to have glanced over one of the training manuals for Narconon staff that Gary Smith rattled off.

    Gary first mentioned there was a “withdrawal specialist” training manual (PAGE 41) but then after some back and forth, this manual was left off the list of six training manuals put together by Harris (plus running an effective Narconon):

    Basic Hat Pack
    Course Supervisor Pack
    Case Supervisor
    Cram Officer
    Ethics Officer
    Sauna Delivery Pack

    Running an Effective Narconon

    When asked by Harris if this was the complete list of training manuals, Smith now says he thinks so and that these are the key ones. (PAGE 46)

    I would think that “withdrawal specialist” might be even more key when considering the dangers of drug addict withdrawal. I hope Mr. Harris remembers this later...
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  34. Anonymous Member

    This is to inform you that you have exceeded your allotment of emoticons in this post.
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  35. Anonymous Member

    HOLY SHIT!! Here's another hatpack they might want!!!!

    Page 153:

    Q: Jette Mac Gregor. And then there’s reference to Mike St. Amand (Director of Legal Affairs of Narconon Arrowhead)!!!

    A: Yes.

    Q: Did Mr. ST. Amand come to Georgia and do any kind of inspection or review of the facility?

    A: I actually don’t know if that -- I don’t have any knowledge of that, that I remember....

    Q: And then Mr. St. Amand apparently gives something called a “hat on how to handle the death of a student” to Mary (Mary Riser - ED Narconon Georgia)

    Q: Do you have that document or does International have that document?

    A: I don’t have that document. I heard Claudia (Director of Legal, NN Int) ...

    Q: Well does Narconon Intn’l have that document?

    A: I don’t know if Claudia has it in her files or not.
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  36. anon walker Moderator

    I'll have a Slappy Joe and extra napkins.
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  37. anonysamvines Member

    i wonder why narc int is sometimes represented in these depo's by moxton's firm and sometimes not?
  38. Anonymous Member

    After Patrick’s death, Barbara Dunn (Narconon Int OSA equivalent) sends a letter to Gwenda (last name unknown but OSA equivalent for ABLE) informing Gwenda that she (Barbara) has advised Mary Reiser visit OSA in the Atlanta org. to get a lawyer:

    (PAGE 150)

    Q: “In this letter, Barbara Dunn tells Gwenda that she had informed Mary that she needs to go speak to the DSA at the org to get a high profile lawyer. Do you see where I’m reading that?”

    A: “Yes.”


    (PAGE 152)

    Q: “And then she refers Mary to the DSA at the org which is the Department of Special Affairs presumably at the Atlanta Org.”

    A: What I see it says here is that Mary told her that she was on her way to speak to the DSA. She actually asks Mary to contact her attorney.

    Hmm. Why would the Director of Legal Affairs for Narconon Int advise the ED of Narconon Georgia to go visit the Office of Special Affairs at the local Church of Scientology?

    I mean, Gary Smith said Narconon has always welcomed Scientology’s support but appealing to them for legal advice? Hmm..
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  39. Tourniquet Member

    Question of the Day :)
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  40. patriot75 Member,11206.40.html
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