Narconon Hastings (UK) turned down on property tax relief

Discussion in 'Media' started by Sponge, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. Sponge Member

    More FOIA Charities Commission dox, this time on the 3rd and final Narconon charity (267386) in the UK. Released on 20th Feb 2012.
    Previous releases posted above were for FOIA CC dox relating to Narconon Trust (1112230), Released 20th jan 2012, and Narconon London (1098004), Released 13/14th Feb 2012.

    1) lcarroll201202160342.pdf 5.5Mb
    An initial email explaining the information provided with 9 attachments. CC letter 10 July 03 – CC letter 17 Jan 07 – Charity Response 12 Feb 07 – Charity leaflet – Charity letter to Schools – Child Protection Policy – Trustee’s Policy Guidance – Schools Satisfaction survey – CC letter 14 Feb 07.

    2) lcarroll201202160453.pdf 5.0Mb
    Information from the Key Document file (1)) – including Index and documents 1 – 6. [mostly testimonials, freeform and form based]

    3) lcarroll201202170955.pdf 4.9Mb
    Information from the Key Document file (1) – documents 7 & 8 [copy of the Criminon Way to Happiness correspondence course. 139 pages]

    4) lcarroll201202200436.pdf 690Kb
    8 attachments. CC letters – 16 August 01, 25 April 02, 10 December 02, 18 March 03, 3 April 03, 17 April 03, 2 July 03 and Interview Memo 8 August 02.
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  2. Horseradish Member

    I'm hoping to devote some time to Narconon UK in Jan (once I have a couple of other things out of the way).

    My experience with the Charity Commission is that:

    - They are now hugely understaffed and underfunded. Anything inquiry-wise has to be farmed out to external people, and anything amiss now has to be super-humungous to merit that treatment. Compare the number of inquiries per year in 2005 and now, for example. They are looking for any excuse not to take action themselves

    - They want to refer the issue to a different regulatory authority where they can

    - They are not interested in (a), what goes on elsewhere in the world (outside their remit) in the same organisation, or (b) crimes or other offences (those are a matter for the FSA, the police, planning authorities etc.). UK-related events and documentation are key

    - Officially they are concerned only with contraventions of charity law; and with threats to charitable assets, but...
    - They do ask experts for expert advice on a wider range of matters. However, their budget for doing so has fallen through the floor, and some experts report such requests have really fallen away in recent years

    - The CC asks [given that the objects are charitable] 'is it capable of [i.e. has the potential] fulfilling its charitable objects?', and if the answer is yes, then the charity keeps its registration [after perhaps having some new trustee appointments forced on them by the CC] or at worst have their assets transferred to another charity with similar objects.
    I've come across charities that have lost millions though gambling and fraud, and yet they still get to stay charities after multiple full-scale inquiries lasting many years

    - They are always concerned about bad media exposure. This is one of their principle drivers. They live in fear of the Daily Mail

    Some months ago, the Commission held a consultation on a range of matters, including the withdrawal of tax relief/charitable status for non-compliant charities e.g. those failing to submit returns and accounts or submitting them late. I think they want to bring this in [working with HMRC], but they currently cannot do so.

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