Narconon in UK Schools - Private Eye Magazine report

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  1. Anonymous Member

    Private Eye Magazine.
    8th March-21st March 2013.
    Page 30.

    Scientology in Schools
    Drug Abuse

    How do schools keep getting taken in by Scientologists sneaking nonsense "science" into their classroom under the guise of "drugs education"?

    The latest bulletin from Scientology's offshoot Narconon boasts that 33 schools in Cornwall have been given drug education presentations, two in recent tours by Peter Dwan - who appeared on Channel 4's 4thought series last year talking about how Scientology had saved him from alcoholism.

    "The schools given Peter's presentations have been promoting Peter and Narconon to other schools and now a third tour is planned for early May," reports the newsletter. It claims one group of schools is seeking funding "from the local Navy Base" to bring Dwan to give his talks.

    Roseland Community College in Truro even put a news item on it's website praising Dwan's "exciting and entertaining facts about how taking drugs and alcohol can affect your life". It's just a pity they aren't, er, true facts.

    As reported in Eye 1321, Narconon's education booklets warn children against taking prescription medication and plug L. Ron Hubbard's barmy "science" about vitamins. Health experts around the world have warned against Narconon's rehab programmes, which entail long sessions in a sauna and high doses of vitamins.

    Last year the Church of England told it's London primary schools to stop accepting talks or activities from Narconon, but the organisation still managed to give talks to around 2,000 pupils in Newham and Islington.
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  3. fishypants Moderator

  4. Who the hell do I complain to about these khunts being allowed into school??

    These creepers take sex confessions from adolescents FFS.

    Dept of Ed or local MP or some such?????
  5. Anonymous Member


    - Local MP ( )

    - Local council head of education - an elected councillor ( )

    - Local council shadow head of education - his/her political opponent ( )

    - Local newspapers

    - School complaints process via the Department of Education

    Be sure so be brief, polite and factual. Links to government reports on Scientology are recommended. Some of the more terrible things that Scientology does are difficult for people unfamiliar with the cult to believe - they are literally 'unbelievable' - so can make you look nutty. Best to leave these out and concentrate on official reports etc - e.g. the Latey Judgement, the Foster Report, the french fraud verdict.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    *Be sure to*, I mean.
  7. Anonymous Member

    "Let's Enclose Dope People. So They Can be Doped and be Freed from Drugs"
  8. RightOn Member

    amazing isn't it?
    *shakes head*
  9. Anonymous Member

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  12. HellRazor Member

    When complaining to teh Dept. of Education, be sure to mention that Narconon in Quebec, Canada was shut down by the health authorities for being dangerous to patients!
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  14. Thanks for that.....also just read that narCON are in deep shit in the us - their counsellor certs are being reviewed/pulled - and aren't there pending lawsuits in Holland and all over the US!
  15. moarxenu Member

    Another tactic the cult uses to victimize schools is through Spirituality Days and the like.

    A while back we had a student from a school in Manchester post here about cultists worming their way into one of these events. He got busted for protesting the cult's presence.

    Several anons pooned the school authorities and local governmemt officials to good effect.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    we should have done that when Mark Pinchin was invited to promote scientology at Hackney Community College.
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