Narconon "intel dump", evidence gathering list

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by tinfoilhatter, Mar 10, 2014.

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    Appears this 'Zunini' psychiatrist may be a ghost. Nobody has found him?

    What kind of CRAP is this:?

    Am I missing something here? The Board doesn't investigate (confirm) the information it receives?


    Lakeshore Regional Partners Substance Abuse Oversight Policy Board (OPB) Meeting Minutes (Proposed) March 4, 2015


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    Did a name search in the U.S. and found an Edward Zunino and an Edmund Zanini, but no Ted or Theodore Zunini. There are Zuninis in Spain, Italy, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay and Mexico. Might Ted by a nickname?
    Is this another scientology fraud?
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    No, there is no doctor by the given Name to the Board of Ted Zunini.


    Just received a call from Clearwater and same answer. He's a Ghost Psychiatrist. I sent
    an email to Serenity Recovery (Per Wickstrom) to ask if this Dr. is still their 'consulting psychiatrist' but don't expect an answer.

    Also, I'm in touch with an ex-NN student/staff who did the NN program with Per at Chilocco.



    Do the numbers at a capacity of up to 172 Victims X $30,000.00 each per month..:mad:

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    Perhaps I should start a separate Thread? This is a Dox Intel Dump and this Wickstrom
    stuff could stink up the OP Thread, eh?:rolleyes:


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    I'd prefer a separate thread for purr. Too much stink getting on other stuff.
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    Thanks BigBeard.... Mary posted a LINK on FB and I'm looking at them today. Will be starting a new Thread later this afternoon with a raft of Pics that were just emailed to me.

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    Here's a cult press release from October 1 that I didn't notice until today. Quote:

    Narconon Arrowhead Receives ODMHSAS Certification

    Narconon Arrowhead, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility in Canadian, Oklahoma, is very pleased to announce its recent certification by the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (ODMHSAS). This rigorous certification process includes detailed inspections into organizational, operational and clinical standards in place at the facility.

    The ODMHSAS inspects and certifies more than 140 substance abuse recovery facilities in the State of Oklahoma. Their mission is to ensure not only the safety and trustworthiness of each center, but also to ensure the soundness and excellence of their clinical procedures.

    “This certification is evidence of our commitment to excellent care for every person who trusts us with their progression to sobriety,” said Bobby Newman, Director for Public Relations at Narconon Arrowhead. “We have maintained our Certification for Non-Medical Detox with ODMHSAS certification since 2005 and this new certification adds vocational services and community re-integration activities to the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.”

    Treatment plans, progress reports, staff certifications, fire and safety, zoning compliance and facility policies and procedures are all embraced by ODMHSAS inspections. There are several hundred criteria reviewed during each substance abuse service inspection. The ODMHSAS certification issued this week defined as “Clinically Managed Low-Intensity Residential Treatment”.

    Narconon of Oklahoma Inc. (DBA) Narconon Arrowhead has serviced over 11,000 people over the last 25 years and is the largest of some fifty Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities operating on six continents. The Narconon network has a fifty-year history of helping the addicted recover lasting sobriety. For more information, call 1-800-468-6933.

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    WTF!? ^^^^^^^^^
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    Narconon Arrowhead Various Certification Dox - Will post 18 pages in three posts:






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    Just going over the last THREE years of Narconon Trois-Rivieres operations, and they
    had a shortfall of 1.8 million - Revenue compared to Expenditures. A few hundred thousand went
    for legal fees fighting me, and they owe over half a million in Judgements and back taxes.

    This has probably been posted somewhere on WWP, but a careful look sees them (NN AH) spending
    $408,000 in 2013 in legal fees fighting lawsuits and only 5.17 million $$$ in Revenue.

    At over $30,000 per student, that equals only about 170 students for the entire year, and when
    this is divided by a 4 month stay, it equals only about 45 - 55 students there at one time, and even
    fewer if the program fee is $35,000.

    Narconon Arrowhead's capacity is about 200 students x 3 rounds of 4 months each equals 600 students,
    and a gross revenue of about 18 million $$$ per year if all beds are full.

    With legal fees going out the roof over the next couple years, and the Narconon 'name' poison on
    Google searches, NN AH appears to be a sinking 'Flag-Ship' in distress.:rolleyes:

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    Narconon Arrowhead Protest Victory Smiles. From left: Erica Loftis, with Robert Murphy, the father of Stacy Dawn Murphy, and Shirley Gilliam, the mother of Gabriel Graves. (Photo by Colin Henderson, Aug. 2012)
    Sadly, our very own Erica Morgan Loftis, 29, of Norman, OK passed away suddenly and unexpectedly earlier this week. She leaves behind a loving family, a number of devoted adopted pets, and many friends.
    October 16, 2015
    ERICA MORGAN LOFTIS (JULY 7, 1986 – OCTOBER 12, 2015)
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    Point of information:
    I noticed the NarCONon issues were on blue paper. All Guardian Office and Office of Special Affairs issues were/are also on blue paper.
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    I have hundreds of more ^^^ pages to post yet, but for now, I just came across this old Data I had
    stored on my Narconon XP Desktop that I have in front of me right now:

    Now back to work on a Wickstrom video. :rolleyes:
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    Brave brave brave Sir Robin!
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  25. Interesting. In 1966 I met Mark Jones' divorced wife Evelyn and their three kids in Goleta, CA. Spent a lot of time with the middle kid, Mont Jones, since we were both in high school and surfed together. Never met Mark Jones, only heard he was former marine and absconded to Narconon.
  26. Ogsonofgroo Member

    What happened to Erica Loftis, a beautiful woman with so much to live for... wtf happened there? Doesn't affect me at all, but what happened there... :(
  27. It's a mystery, Og. No one seems to know.
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    Here's some fresh hype in the form of a cult press release dated November 25. This time we also get to watch some paid actors.


    Narconon Arrowhead Announces New Cutting Edge Treatment Program 50 Years In The Making

    The new Narconon recovery approach is unlike any other addiction treatment method that exists today.

    On November 25, 2015, officials of Narconon Arrowhead, the drug rehabilitation program and International training center for the Narconon network, announced the release of a new cutting edge recovery program that has been 50 years in the making. Since 1966 the Narconon organization has been working with drug- and alcohol-addicted individuals with the purpose to free addicts from the symptoms and negative behaviors of addiction.

    According to Narconon Arrowhead CEO Gary W. Smith, a 40 year veteran staff member, “Over the last half of century the Narconon program has helped 10’s of thousands of addicts to overcome drug and alcohol addiction. While the majority of program participants have achieved success in their recovery some did not. Whenever someone was not successful the program leadership and staff took that failure seriously and worked aggressively to find new ways to improve the program so more people in recovery could experience success. This has been our pattern of operation in centers around the world since Narconon began. The new program lineup is the end result of all those years of experience in helping the thousands of addicted people in our centers around the world.”

    The new Narconon recovery approach is unlike any other addiction treatment method that exists today. It is a cutting edge combination of visual training aids and specifically codified actions in a precise easy-to-complete sequence of treatment steps that eliminates cravings, restores physical and mental health, repairs damaged relationships, rebuilds self-respect and puts the person back in control of their life.

    As one Narconon Arrowhead program graduate put it, “I came to Narconon addicted to opiates. I had lost my kids, my family and I had lost myself. I am thankful to the Narconon program for teaching me how to live life again. I can be free and enjoy life now. I am happy, I have my family back, I have my kids back and most importantly I have myself back.”

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  30. I received these Narconon-related documents today, along with some other documents, from the US Department of State, Office of Information Programs and Services. The cover letter stated:






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    What's with the cartoons?
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  34. Form 990, PartVI, Section A, Llne 4 In 2014, the organization's name was changed from_ Narconon of Northern California to Halycyon Horizons Incorporated and was reported to IRS and FTB In 2014, Halcyon Horizons Incorporated filed IRS Form 1023 and CA Form 3500A and received It's own_501(cl(3) tax exemption from the IRS and no longer reports as a subordinate under a group exemption In 2014, the number of Board of Directors was-changed -from-5-to 7
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    Good find!
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    CARF's accreditation page for Per Wickstrom's A Forever Recovery (the old Narconon Stone Hawk location):

    I do notice one big key thing that's missing from CARF's pages: Where are the start and end dates for their "Three-Year Accreditation" periods? If they want to at least pretend to be more than a joke, they need those.

    I track those and Michigan rehab licenses because Per Wickstrom continually changes his sock-companies. I want to catch him running a location with one company while the license and "accreditation" are for different companies. (Not that the Michigan authorities ever do much.)

    There's also a connecting record for a "A Forever Recovery North" location, that CARF has accredited for Detoxification/Withdrawal, and no address. How can they accredit a location without an address?
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  38. TorontosRoot Member

    Unless of course... it is for ghosts?
  39. DeathHamster Member

    I know what the address should be for that location, but I don't want to do CARF any favours for their sham database.

    They don't seem to accredit many rehab locations in Canada. No Narconons. There is one in Alberta that looks suspicious, and it might be that Addiction Canada guy who keep crossing my path.
  40. TorontosRoot Member

    If it's him, then maybe there's dox to probe for.

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