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  1. The Wrong Guy Member

    Don’t ‘say no to drugs’ in Germany! Rehab clinic masks illegal Scientology church

    RT News, July 23, 2016


    Ad stands for rehab facilities with the particular slogan ‘Say no to drugs – say yes to life’ in Germany are under serious suspicion of being nothing more than a Scientology recruitment scheme, police warn. The sect is illegal in Germany.

    The enigmatic group, which believes our human souls have alien beginnings, does not enjoy the same legal status everywhere. In the United States it boasts dozens of Hollywood A-listers among its members and biggest donors.

    Not so in Germany, where the religious sect has been deemed “unconstitutional” since 1997 by domestic security, despite its existence there since the 1970s. This has led to a proliferation of masquerading tactics.

    The group has already been found operating under different names in Germany, and according to the recent statement from the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Hamburg residents are being warned about particular ad stands featuring the most common anti-drug slogan of all.

    The statement says the campaign is not linked to any drug rehab clinic or counseling service, but instead leads to a conversation with an agent of the Church of Scientology, as it tries to “win over new members.”

    The government body explains that “It is well known that the Scientology organization is observed by us, so it is unlikely that a single passerby would be interested if they openly used the ‘SO’ label." Hence the church uses many leaflets, the most common among them ‘The Truth About Drugs’, recognizable from its slogan and the black-and-green color scheme.

    It also warns people to steer clear of information booths the church is setting up this Saturday in Bergedorf, Hamburg. As with other leaflets in the campaign, it only gives a brief overview of the organization and encourages people to sign up. Back in 2011, Scientologists also used blogs and videos on social networks to promote their fake ‘Say no to drugs’ campaign.

    Continued here:
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  2. DeathHamster Member

    Annnnnd, it's gone.
    So, what are they really up to?
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  3. DeathHamster Member

    Scientology ally Drug Free America Foundation, Inc is actually just a rename of Straight, Inc. Straight was a tough-love juvenile reform company descended from the cult Synanon. They also have a lobby group Save Our Society From Drugs.

    No wonder they don't have a problem crawling into bed with Scientology front groups.

    Category: Drug Free America
  4. TorontosRoot Member

    So they are cock in hand, scientology.
  5. RightOn Member

    Need a "Just Say No to Scientology Group" ;)
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  6. DeathHamster Member

    Drug Free America isn't a Scientology group; they just work hand in hand with Scientology groups like Foundation for a Drug-Free World. Fanatic nutbars who should be in jail.
  7. TorontosRoot Member

    They are worse than scientology's front drug-free marshals/drug-free world/narconon!
  8. DeathHamster Member

    Annnnnd, it's back. Damn!
    Why are they still open until 2018?!?!?!
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  9. TorontosRoot Member

    Moar fraud, deaths?
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  10. DeathHamster Member

    Huntington Harbor House is also back as Narconon Huntington Harbor House.

    Interesting that they're using Narconon in the names.
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  11. DeathHamster Member

    The CARF cert has been covered up by the map, but is still on the page:
  12. We inspected Narconon on the 15 August 2016 and the inspection was unannounced. Narconon is registered to provide accommodation with personal care for up to 16 students (adult service users). The purpose of the service is to provide a non-medical detoxification and rehabilitation programme for students who are addicted to alcohol or drugs. Students withdraw from drugs and then take part in a programme of modules with the intention of self-learning. The provider had developed an alternative nonmedical/medicated intervention, rehabilitation and care programme for a variety of legal and illegal drugs and alcohol withdrawal.
  13. DeathHamster Member

    Well shit. (Not that Narconon won't claim that their program has been approved by the Care Quality Commission.)
  14. UK Quality Care Commission Inspection Report on Narconon United Kingdom.

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    Overall rating for this service: Good
    Is the service safe? Good
    Is the service effective? Good
    Is the service caring? Good
    Is the service responsive? Good
    Is the service well-led? Requires Improvement

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *

  15. TorontosRoot Member

    They had to put on a play acting game to make it seem like everything was "good" OR they have somebody/a few people "in" on the UK Quality Care Commission to rig it on purpose before the report was submitted. Sabotage.
  16. DeathHamster Member

    And all of that applies only to "accommodation with personal care".

    Not to the Narconon program.
    Not to the Purification Rundown.
    Not to the medical safety of the customers.
  17. DeathHamster Member
    I wonder how much time Narconon had to prepare for the inspection?
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  18. TorontosRoot Member

    Less than 12 hours, how can they clean the place up if it's a filthy mess and RPFers or clients refuse to do it? Hahahhahaah
  19. TorontosRoot Member

    Needs translation. Keep writing.
  20. The Wrong Guy Member

    Revealed: How thousands of London children are exposed to Scientology group in schools | London Evening Standard

    Tens of thousands of schoolchildren have been exposed to a Scientology organisation through drugs education presentations, the Standard has learned.


    An investigation found increasing numbers of pupils, some as young as 10, at primary and secondary schools have sat through lectures inspired by Scientology and its leader L Ron Hubbard.

    In the past year alone 35,000 children have taken part in the Narconon anti-drugs programme, including more than 16,000 in London.

    Recently it emerged two schools in Camden hosted Narconon talks.

    Narconon, which does not employ doctors, is funded and run by the Church of Scientology.


    Professor David Nutt, who chaired the government’s Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs until 2009, said: “We have known for years that Scientologists have been targeting schools through drugs education packages. They are the main provider of teaching aids to schools, as neither government nor local authorities put any money into this topic. It’s an outrage.”

    Professor David Touretzky of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, who has written extensively about Scientology and Narconon, said the organisation targets pupils “any chance they get”.

    He called Narconon “a money-making scam and a source of potential new Scientologists” adding: “The first step is to get people to see L Ron Hubbard as a benevolent authority figure instead of a sociopathic cult leader. The drug education programme is just about taking that first step.”

    Many schools are seemingly oblivious to the link between Narconon’s programme and Scientology.

    More here:
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  21. DeathHamster Member

    ^^ same old story that happens every couple of years in the UK.
  22. The Internet Member

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    Cross posted into Scientology in the UK info thread.
    BUT not just in London, its all across the UK thanks to Pete Dwan Noel Nile etc The truth about drugs / Narconon / Drug Free Kids / Foundation for a drug free world ..... all scientology related

    From Pete Dwan Drug Free Kids site"Some of the groups Pete has worked with include: Fairbridge, Connextions, A.C.E. Centre, Harvest Housing, Trafford Housing Trust, Nacro, Sport 4 Life, Next Step, Salford Council, Manchester Council, Oldham Council, Stockport Council to name a few.
    Over the last 10 years, at this writing,Peter has talked to over 84 thousand people across the UK and a recent after-talk survey of 300 teachers returned a 100% (that’s right, one hundred percent) positive response.
    He also won a “Make A Difference Award ” sponsored by Key 103 and Barclay Card for his work".
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  24. DeathHamster Member

    Michigan licensing just dropped Per Wickstrom's Narconon Freedom Center's Residential Detox from their list of programs. Normally it should have been fine until renewal in July.

    No new files added to their record yet.
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  25. DeathHamster Member

    California's CHHS database added a new field for each location, "type_of_application", which is Licensed, Certified, or Licensed and Certified.

    Elevate Addiction Services - Placerville (Pinecone Grove)

    Elevate Addiction Services - Santa Cruz (Redwood Cliffs):
    #1 Licensed and Certified
    #2 Licensed and Certified
    #3 Licensed and Certified

    Elevate Addiction Services - Santa Cruz (Outpatient)

    Elevate Addiction Services - South Lake Tahoe (Emerald Pines)
    Licensed and Certified

    Narconon Huntington Harbor House

    Narconon JLB Ranch

    Narconon Sunshine Summit Lodge

    Narconon Ojai
    Licensed and Certified

    I haven't tried digging to see what the difference is yet.
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  26. TorontosRoot Member

    Getting their licenses and certifications revoked would be grand.
  27. DeathHamster Member

    Knowing why some of their licenses have expired and then suddenly renewed months later would be a nice start.

    Trying to find out what they mean by certified is dead-end so far.
    That tab doesn't have anything useful. It's probably some fluffy crap like CARF certification.

    Here's something:
    Certification seems to only require filing the forms out.

    Here is/was the license requirements:
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  28. Intelligence Member

    Looked into a few of these websites and see Narconon Reviews has some complaints.

    Is there a IRS website to see how much revenue these quack rehabs are conning for? It's easy in Canada,
    if they are a registered non-profit charity to see their financials, but what about the USA?
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  29. DeathHamster Member

    In the US, where they're registered as non-profits, they have to submit Form 990s, which show some of what they're up to. (Per Wickstrom plays games with his companies to avoid that.)

    Unfortunately, due to the filing lag, the most current ones are for 2014. I'm hoping that the new ones will be soon because 2015 should have been an interesting year.

    For California, start at Narconon Western US, and work down the three subsidiaries:

    Tax information in on the company, and license info is on the locations under the company.
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  30. DeathHamster Member

    Scientology-linked drug rehab centre sued over $150,000 sniffer dog bills April 4, 2017, Tom Cowie, The Age
    Standard Hubbard tech on how to honk-off your creditors.

    Get Off Drugs Naturally now wants to call itself Narconon O'Shannassy Lodge.
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  31. Intelligence Member

    May as well DUMP this here:


    Considering the recent Lawsuit Trial is over, the request for documents is moot. Don't need them if I file another lawsuit against NN TR before May 28 - 2017. Haven't decided ... Yet.:rolleyes:


    Attached Files:

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  32. peterstorm Member


    Ex-Narconon Trois-Rivières charlatan Sylvain Fournier has founded the "Drug Rehab Institute".

    Can't confirm yet if it's a Narconon referral site, but it sure looks like it.
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  33. Intelligence Member

    Thanks for the heads up. 'Charlatan Sylvain Fournier' - a little digging shows Fournier is still involved in and supports:

    Drug Rehab Institute

    Un Monde Sans Drogue-Québec
    Managing Director

    Info Toxicomanie
    Executive Director · Quebec, Quebec

    The one of most concern is: Drug Rehab Institute.

    Is he referring clients to Narconon in the USA or elsewhere or is this just a business where he rakes in a commission from referring clients to reputable drug rehab centers? I suggest the former, perhaps?

    Most recently, three weeks ago, he posted his alliance to Scientology Montreal, Scientology Quebec City, and the Church of Scientology Cambridge. Six months ago, he was plugging 'Canadian Addiction Rehab' saying, 'Keep up the good work' and such.

    He's also a friend of and connected to Isabelle Fortier at Radio Canada Television (July 16, 2015) - the place where two video tapes mysteriously disappeared that exposed Narconon. Coincidence?

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  34. TorontosRoot Member

    Very fishy indeed.
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  35. DeathHamster Member

    Two of Per Wickstrom's places in Michigan are in deep do-do!

    The follow-ups to Narconon Freedom Center's annual inspection went very badly, and they may have already lost their license.
    Serenity Point Recovery looks like they are en-route to the same destination. They also had a complaint about dumping a customer at a homeless shelter, again.
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  36. Quentinanon Member

    "Mere WOG law".
    And dumping a degraded being WOG at a homeless shelter deserves a Commendation Chit.
    You gotta get counter-intention off your lines and get your stats up.
    "Never fear to hurt another in a just cause." L. Ron Hubbard
  37. TorontosRoot Member

    Well that teksch is gonna bite them in the ass real hard.
    Let's cheer them on! Gtfo scifag fronts!
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