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Discussion in 'Narconon' started by tinfoilhatter, Mar 10, 2014.

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    so far:

    We are starting to establish enough articles debunking their education program. This is important, because this NULLIFIES their "drug abuse education" claim on their 990s. This also raises further questions about their knowledge on substance abuse, and raises doubts about their program.

    the article about the niacin and hepatitis is also important. Not only does it demonstrate that the program is dangerous, but it give us YET ANOTHER avenue to look into: rate of hepatitis of narconon graduates. Drug addicts are already at risk for the disease, so any treatment program that would increase the likelihood of them contracting it is dangerous.
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    safe links

    Careful on the cult links. Exercise caution clicking on them because of allegations of illegal monitoring done by Scientology for anyone who clicks on their links.

    Above links not only demonstrate connection to narconon and Scientology dogma, but are also evidence of lobbying. Due to the nature of marijuana legalization, Scientology and narconon may be doing illegal lobbying against marijuana legalization.
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    Canadian Narconon-Scientology connection

    Talk:Canadian Narconon-Scientology connection

    We have an exchange of emails between Jean Larivière, spokesperson for the Church of Scientology (Co$) in Montreal and Sylvain Fournier, director of the Narconon (detox center) in the city of Trois-Rivières, in the Mauricie region, Province of Quebec, Canada.

    M. Larivière had said in an interview to Radio-Canada journalist Émilie Dubreuil that Narconon was independant from Co$.

    The situation about Narconon is this.

    Therapy centers like detox centers in Quebec can get certification by the Health and Social Services Ministry on a volontary basis. The aim of certification is to control therapy quality.

    Narconon does not have nor does want certification because that would mean changing their ways and that would be «out tech». (remember Co$ is a cult. There cannot be any kind of change about what the Founder L Ron Hubbard has said or written.) They have been caught saying so on TV.

    Radio-Canada TV has reported on Narconon last spring (see on youtube: Narconon-RDI) and criticism has prompted Health Minister P. Couillard to get mandatory certification, which means sudden death for Narconon.

    Co$ got REALLY nervous over this. Thus the exchange of emails we have here. They even got to a provincial PM, Sebastien Proulx, very close to the opposition leader in Quebec parliament, Mario Dumont.

    Health Minister Couillard resigned for some reason so mandatory certification is on hold. Narconon is on life support.

    The regional health agency in Trois-Rivières voted a resolution demanding mandatory certification. That means they are putting pressure on the Health Ministry in Quebec.

    Another regional health agency in Quebec city is also thinking about the need for mandatory certification.

    The new Health Minister in Quebec is Mr Yves Bolduc.

    Narconon has declared revenues of 4.3M$ Can in 2006 according to Radio-Canada.

    Narconon makes 90% of its revenue from the service program (detox therapy) according to:

    Mandatory certification would mean no more service program...

    Narconon is supposedly a non-profit organisation...

    Description (as provided by our source)

    1. Never released before in its complete form.

    2. Proof of connection between Narconon and Scientology. While calling the government The Enemy, the Narconon official meets the MP of the opposition, Sebastien Proulx, on a regular basis to make sure that no upcoming laws or enforcement on the accreditation of drug centers in Quebec are coming.

    3. Journalists but especially Radio Canada, Liberal party of Quebec, new health minister, critiques of Scientology.

    4. Ex-scientologists, local Anonymous movement, Dr. Steve Kent of the University of Alberta.

    5. Narconon is a front for Scientology and uses dangerous treatments involving high doses of vitamins and extended periods of time in Saunas. Scientology doesn't have charity status, but Narconon does, and as a tax exempt charity they are also giving money to Scientology in Montreal. It also involves a member of a right-wing political party, Sebastien Proulx, who is the right hand of the leader, Mario Dumont. Authorities should be informed that they are dealing with a criminal cult banned in several countries around the world.
    From Wikileaks Cablegate: A-220_b.html

    Complete search of "narconon" at Wikileaks:

    Hat Tip for the Tip Off to benjaltf4_ of the WWP French Forum!
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    article discuses lawsuit between a narconon franchise owner and his ex-wife. Wikstrom owns the rehab facilities in Michigan that are under a different name.
    This demonstrates a connection to scientology, narconon, and other rehabs. Also raises issues as to the quality of treatment provided,and what the money is really used for.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Magnesium is a Mineral.

    The Internet posts the ingredients recipe for the Narconon Drug Bomb:

    DeathHamster's Database on the Drug Bomb:
  10. tinfoilhatter Member

    1000 milligrams of niacinamide (not nicotinic acid). This helps counteract any mental disturbance.
    5000 IU of vitamin A.
    400 IU of vitamin D.
    800 IU of vitamin E.
    2000 milligrams of vitamin C.
    500 milligrams of magnesium carbonate (to make the vitamin C effective).
    25 milligrams of B6.
    200 milligrams of B complex.
    300 milligrams of B1.
    100 milligrams of pantothenic acid.

    Wow, i am not a doctor, but not only does this look like bullshit, it also looks dangerous.
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    To prevent wasting time tracking all this shit down, I present all available material on this topic here, now:


    From the RED VOLUMES* - Volume 1 - page 34:

    Therapy does not depend upon hypnosis. A state has been found which is much more desirable. Hypnosis is amnesia trance for the purpose of planting suggestions. The problem of hypnosis is to put the patient to sleep. The purpose of the Dianetic reverie is to wake the patient up. Narcosynthesis and other drug therapies have some slight use in Dianetics. But the primary technique consists of stimulants. The best stimulant is Benzedrine. In its absence an overdose of coffee will do.

    From the RED VOLUMES - Volume 1 - page 67:

    Benzedrine often helps a case run. Benzedrine can be administered at the rate of 5 mg per day given at the beginning of each six hour session with the first dose of B1. If administration of Benzedrine is begun, however, it must be maintained throughout the whole of the intensive process. Skipping a day, it has been noted conditionally, sometimes inhibits the release of anaten. Which is to say that when Benzedrine is administered on Monday, on Tuesday, when none is administered, the case appears to be a little more difficult to run in that engrams do not as readily release and, if Benzedrine is still omitted, Wednesday may discover the engrams to be much more resistive. While this is based on a short series, there is enough evidence to warrant this caution. This is particularly true when glutamic acid is being given the preclear.

    Cases can be run on intensive processing without chemical assist or with chemical assist, at which time the processing may be called “intensive guk processing,” guk being the slang term for any chemical assist in Dianetics.

    From the RED VOLUMES - Volume 1 - page 547: Subject Index

    *Also published as “The Technical Bulletins Of Dianetics And Scientology"

    Science of Survival, book 2 chapter 17 page 464:

    The regular intake of sedatives such as phenobarbital causes the individual to walk around in a light hypnotic trance. The drug itself may not be very harmful to the nervous system, but this light trance makes it possible for him to be keyed-in by anything and everything around him despite the fact that under sedation he does not apparently notice it. Sedation of the neurotic or psychotic is a very dangerous practice. If one must do something by way of drugs for these people, better effects, according to medical observation, can be achieved by the administration of stimulants such as Benzedrine.

    For some reason or other (probably because, in a low-tone society, individuals under thorough control excite less fear), sedation is considered less harmful.
    Dianetics: The Evolution Of A Science - page 101

    We wake the patient up with drugs - Benzedrine, caffeine, better ones will be invented. And as he recovers mental function enough to reach back a little ways into his past, we begin to alleviate. Then we finally find out the reactive mind plot- why he had to keep on being aberrated- and we blow out the demons - upsetting the circuits- and al lof a sudden we are at basic-basic, first engram. Then we come forward, recounting each engram over and over until it blows away and refiles as experience, as opposed to command.
    Tape Recording 5009C29 - GUK & Freewheeling

    A lecture given on 15 June 1950

    Also, from here: — L. Ron Hubbard

    Lecture 15 June 1950: Case Factors

    In this lecture, it turns out L. Ron Hubbard was experimenting with something that the current church would rather you didn't know about. Turns out he was mixing large doses of various minerals and vitamins (see purification rundown) along with a pick-me-up used in those days, Benzedrine.

    In the 1940s and 1950s, reports began to emerge about the recreational use of Benzedrine inhalers, and in 1949, doctors began to move away from prescribing Benzedrine as a bronchodilator and appetite suppressant. In 1959, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) made it a prescription drug in the United States. Benzedrine and derived amphetamines were used as a stimulant for armed forces in World War II and Vietnam.

    First Reference @ 17:31 in the tape recording.

    There is also a Triple A dose. I don’t know what happened to the Double A dose, but the Triple A dose contains 80 grains of glutamic acid and 20 milligrams of Benzedrine.

    By this time you are really getting a double handful of pills!

    At the Foundation these doses are usually handed out under prescription by the medical director, but this material in single packages sells across the drugstore counter except for the Benzedrine. If you are going to mix it together in compounds however, and particularly if you are going to administer it to anybody, you want to check with a medical doctor to make sure it is all right. It is professional courtesy.

    If you have to grab hold of anything, grab hold of Benzedrine, if you feel the energy skipping. Benzedrine doesn’t shut down the analyzer. Just what it does we are not quite sure, but it seems to have the opposite effect, and if you are a very smart auditor you will not throw away the advantages of the power of suggestion completely.

    From DTMSMH, page #230 - chapter titled DRUGS

    In reverse, nitrous oxide makes an excellent hypnotic for institutional therapy. It is far from the best obtainable from the chemists, that is certain, for some brilliant chemist will certainly be able to bring out a good gas hypnotic now that dianetic is known and the need of it in institutions is realized.

    There are some drugs which assist reverie, however. The commonest and most easily obtainable is plain, strong coffee. A cup or two of this occasionally alerts the analyzer enough so that it can reach through deeper layers of “unconsciousness.” Benzedrine and other commercial stimulants have been used with some success, particularly on psychotic patients. These brings the mind enough awake to permit it to overcome engramic commands. Such commercial stimulants have the disadvantage of exhausting a Q quantity in the mind.

    This Q Quantity has not been much studied. It is as though the brain burns a certain amount of Q when it is exhausting engrams. For instance, therapy every day may bring results more rapidly but it will also bring some stale sessions. Therapy every two or three days produces the best results as observed. (Therapy once a week permits the engrams to sag and slows a case, one week being too long.) Benzedrine burns up Q. After a few sessions with Benzedrine the current stock of Q is exhausted and the work has been observed to deteriorate either until a higher dosage was administered -- and there is a close limit to that -- or until more Q was manufactured.
    Here's another -

    Another means of gaining accessibility has to do with drugs. Someone who wants to gain accessibility with a psychotic via drugs should stay solidly in the field of stimulants and away from sedatives.

    It is amazing what a stimulant will do to return accessibility to lots of cases. A psychotic who could not even talk to you will suddenly be in communication after Benzedrine starts taking effect. Now, what is said to him does not make new engrams nor new locks. He is accessible and you can talk to him.

    From here - — L. Ron Hubbard

    Lecture 10 November 1950: Handling Psychotics
    Lastly, for now -

    Lecture: Auditing Demonstration

    Hubbard tells his preclear that he uses narcosynthesis occasionally.
    LRH: Well, the whole case has got a bouncer activating in it. But that’s all right. A little Benzedrine will overcome the bouncer.

    PC: Oh, fine, I don’t care. Listen, I meant to ask you, in this therapy if you know what you’re doing and you don’t use positive suggestion, do you ever use narcosynthesis when you have a tough case?

    LRH: Occasionally.

    PC: I don’t care what you do with me. I trust you. I’ll let you do anything you want to break this thing.

    LRH: Oh, I will.

    PC: Okay. I just wanted to tell you.

    LRH: Don’t worry, I will. I’ll break the case.

    From here -

    — L. Ron Hubbard

    Lecture 07 June 1950: Auditing Demonstration

    With the assistance of Caroline Letkeman & Gerry Armstrong, I have tracked down all the LRH/cult documents/books/tapes, etc., where LRH literally advocates and promotes the use of the amphetamine, Benzedrine.

    If you know of anything I may have overlooked, please contact me. Thank you.
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    One of the saddest correspondences I have received - and they are all sad - is from Paul Schofield.
    He also alleges the cover-up of child abuse by the organisation and admits being part of a campaign to cover up the facts surrounding the deaths of two of his daughters.
    Paul says his first daughter, Lauren, who was 14 months old, was being babysat at the organisation’s building in Sydney when she was allowed to wander the stairs by herself and fall.
    She died in hospital two days later.
    Paul says he felt pressured by Scientology executives not to request a coronial inquiry, pressure he ultimately gave in to. He was also told if he sought compensation from Scientology he and his wife would be ineligible for any other services.
    His second daughter, Kirsty, who was 2½, died after ingesting potassium chloride - a substance used as part of a so-called purification program run by the organisation.
    Under the direction of Scientology executives, Paul says he perjured himself to the police, and during the coronial inquest, in order to protect the organisation.
    Under incredible pressure he agreed to lie because he was scared he would be heavily punished by Scientology if he told the truth. It is a decision he regrets to this day.
    His second daughter, Kirsty, who was 2½, died after ingesting potassium chloride - a substance used as part of a so-called purification program run by the organisation.

    This demonstrates the dangers of the "purif", and is important when considering that narconon was applying the purif to children in south america.

    post was taken from the scientology fraud statistics thread. original poster is "fishy-pants"
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    Well, not exactly. The way it's been reported, it's not that the child was doing the "purification rundown", it's that the child ingested an overdose of materials for which the intended use was the "purification rundown".

    More info here:
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    thank you, i have fixed the post. it is important that these intel dump threads be as factual as possible.
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    There's a certain amount of "reinventing the wheel" going on here.

    A LOT of this info has already been pulled togther in the "Narconon" subforum that used to be in the "Situation Rooms" section, but for some reason I don't understand, has been moved to the "Scientology and Anonymous" section instead.

    I think it would make things easier to find if all narCONon info were kept in what used to be the narCONon Situation Room, rather than spreading it into yet another subforum. But that's just me.


    P.S. Time permitting, I've been working on the narCONon, and related, Form 990's for about 2 years now and finding a lot of good stuff. I'll be putting more time into it when I retire this summer, and hopefully have enough to be useful to some of the attorney's going after NN, if not the IRS.
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  17. tinfoilhatter Member

    Well damn it, i had no idea that we had such a good trove of informaiton in the situation room. that will speed up our little project(s) nicely. Thanks big beard.
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    Now that this thread is in a new home, i find this hobby to be "picking up"

    This is a website that is dedicated to exposing narconon. Website appears to remain current, and contains information confirming the connection to Scientology and narconon.
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  19. Right On:

    Crossposted from this thread

    Anybody remember which thread(s) had good descriptions of purple towel tech? I'm trying to find one to post here, but there are a lot to wade thru.
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    too bad the NY fire fighters never had any of those towels analyzed. They would have found out immediately that it was hokum
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  24. I've heard anecdotal stories like that before, always FOF, and not from scientologists or people with narconon experience. I don't know if that stems from scientology propaganda and vids such as the above making the rounds, or if there is some other scam that is using stained towels as one of their draws. That's why I want to be sure the method behind it is documented, so it becomes common knowledge that this is bullshit.
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  25. Bet anything those towels were collected by the minders before the firefighters left the building.
  26. Anonymous Member

    It took me several searches, and keyword attempts. Now, I forget what worked! :(
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  27. Anonymous Member

    While examining this thread for the purpose of perhaps finding enough material that debunks the pseudoscience of Narconon, and not quite finding enough, I was looking through some RSS feeds from Narconon Reviews.

    I re-discovered what is perhaps the best reporting on the history of the marketing of Narconon.

    It's a ten-part series that delivers a comprehensive history and examination of the scientology scam in the marketplace.

    The Rise and Fall of the Narconon Internet Marketing Empire (Part 1)

    The Rise and Fall of the Narconon Internet Marketing Empire (Part 2)

    The Rise and Fall of the Narconon Internet Marketing Empire (Part 3)

    The Rise and Fall of the Narconon Internet Marketing Empire (Part 4)

    The Rise and Fall of the Narconon Internet Marketing Empire (Part 5)

    The Rise and Fall of the Narconon Internet Marketing Empire (Part 6)

    The Rise and Fall of the Narconon Internet Marketing Empire (Part 7)

    The Rise and Fall of the Narconon Internet Marketing Empire (Part 8)

    The Rise and Fall of the Narconon Internet Marketing Empire (Part 9)

    The Rise and Fall of the Narconon Internet Marketing Empire (Part 10)
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  28. Anonymous Member

    And from the page of links at Narconon Review, here is a small group of reports on the pseudoscience and quackery of the program in Oklahoma:

    As Practiced By The
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    If there was a gimmick with the towels, I'd expect that ex-staff to have reported it. (David Love, Lucas Catton, 10oreo, etc.) If it involves only some inner circle at each Narconon who are in the know, it gets complicated and assumes a competency at keeping a secret that they've never shown. Or it's something hidden in plain sight with a Hubbard policy on exactly how to wash and starch the towels. (What normal person would starch towels?)

    I like the towel gimmick idea, so I have to skeptical about it.

    It would be useful to get accounts from people who have done the purif as to if they've seen it and when in the program it occurred. If it only happens just as they're about to "graduate" from the purif, suspicious.
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  31. tinfoilhatter Member

    This is from part one of post 107
    "Other attempts by Narconon included Drug Education programs to promote awareness of their programs in schools, churches and other places."

    It has been my opinion that we should be communicating with various church groups about scientology. People know scientology is crazy, but they are completely unaware of all the shadowy fronts that the cult employs.

    The problem with outside communication is that it is a good way to namfag yourself. Then there also is the issue of framing your message so that it goes over well with the audience.

    That is one advantage of having a nice depository of information, it give us and the general public sources of dox to read and think about, as well as giving us some legal protection, as the cult can not claim defamation of character if we are using several legitimate sources. This is one current use for the intel dump.
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  33. tinfoilhatter Member

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  34. I'm willing to believe that the 'colors' are the result of all the vitamins in the sweat/urine.

    Although I do still reserve the idea of the starchy towels as a photo-op thing, or as you suggest, something that is done at a certain time (perhaps to certain customers marks?)
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    A guy tweeted the other day that he was buying a dryer from an org that only used it to dry red towels.
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    Found something!!!! i
  37. tinfoilhatter Member

    "To diagnose eccrine chromhidrosis (which is rarer than the apocrine variety), a patient history is a physician's best tool. In most cases, this type of chromhidrosis is the result of an intrusion of a foreign dye or pigment that the patient has ingested. The nurse from the last page was diagnosed with chromhidrosis resulting from a fondness of a particular packaged food that contained a tomato powder and paprika. It wasn't until her doctors questioned her that they were able to compare the food to samples of her colored sweat and identify the culprit. The ingredients were water-soluble and were being excreted by her eccrine glands."

    Where do they buy their vitamins? What are they eating?
  38. tinfoilhatter Member

    "Treatment for eccrine chromhidrosis is relatively easy. Once a physician has identified the foreign agent responsible for the pigment, simply discontinuing exposure to it should cause the condition to disappear over time."

    Do they experience the different colored sweat after they leave narconon? Does it persist for a few days or a week? This is not something new, the first documented case was in 1709. Hubbard would be charlatan enough to exploit this as "science"
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  39. Good work!!!
    Depending on the vitamins there may be dyes, and the pre-packaged food thing is very interesting. A lot of people eat packaged mix food (ie hamburger helper, etc) to begin with and we've heard the food at NN is substandard which would imply a lot of meals made with mixes, 'instant' ingredients, or pre-packaged ingredients, any of which might have components like the above tomato powder and paprika, food dyes and coloring and/or other chemicals that might be the cause of the phenomena.
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