Narconon "intel dump", evidence gathering list

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  1. Cross-posting this from another WWP thread to here because it is also very relevant here:

    Faith Based-001.PNG
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  2. jensting Member

    As someone on Tony O's asked, have we seen any narCONon in the Birthday Game? (We have seen them as direct donors to the IAS, but the Birthday Game is for bOrgs.)
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  3. Quentinanon Member

    "faith-based healing is exempt from the licensing requirements of N.R.S. Chapter 630."

    Ah, so now NarCONon plays the religion card, except they always claimed that their business was secular before this new statement.
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  4. I created a thread on ESMB based on Wolfbane's discoveries with HTs to his posts on WWP:

    Narconon admits it is "faith-based healing" based on the religion of Scientology

    In the Motion by Defendants A.B.L.E. and Narconon International to dismiss the Complaint in the action entitled Geanacopulos v. Narconon, United States District Court for the District of Nevada, Case No. 2:14-cv-00629-JCM-NJK, on page 23 under heading 10 Defendants A.B.L.E. and Narconon International assert:

    Faith Based-001.PNG

    HT - WWP:

    Similarly, in the Motion to Dismiss by Defendant Narconon Fresh Start, d/b/a Rainbow Canyon Retreat, in the action entitled Yates v. Narconon, United States District Court for the District of Nevada, Case No. 2:14-cv-00837-GMN-NJK, said defendant argues at page 16 under heading 1 for the RICO claim of relief:




    HT - WWP:


    A quick note on the merits of the various personal injury and fraud cases against Narconon. To the extent Narconon's counsel has admitted, and indeed even asserted, that Narconon is "faith-based healing" based on the religion of Scientology, said counsel has also admitted that any representations by Narconon that it was secular and/or was not based on the religion of Scientology were false and fraudulent.
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  5. DeathHamster Member

    A Birthday Game division for Narconons, according to Nerida James ND (Not Doctor) of Narconon Victoria in Warburton.
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  6. jensting Member

    Oh, come on, they haven't said that narCONon is faith based, have they? They'll just say "Oh, we just threw that in there for artistic purposes."
  7. The Internet Member

    Some weasels are cute.

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  8. tinfoilhatter Member

    slight derail:

    How useful is the intel dump? should we set up similar threads for other projects?

    So far, it looks like its netted some useful articles here.
  9. Anonymous Member

    The useful thread is useful.
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  10. tinfoilhatter Member

    Should we then set up intel dumps for all future projects? I would do this, but i am beyond crazy busy lately.
  11. TorontosRoot Member

    We should.
  12. this is already a "dump" lol
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  13. TorontosRoot Member

    Only if you have nothing of value to contribute like that post of yours.
  14. Quentinanon Member

    What happened to the "cognitive behaviour modification therapy" that narCONon was doing?
    So, now the cons call it "faith-based therapy", when they fear getting shut down for malpractice and killing people.
    What an affirmative defense this would be to medical malpractice!
    1. Doctor kills patients.
    2. State and patient's families prosecute doctor.
    3. Doctor claims he was doing "faith healing".
    4. ?????????
    5. Profit
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  15. DeathHamster Member

    Heh. The actual program never changes, but what they call it and how they explain it will change on a dime, depending of what's convenient and legal on that day.
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  16. tinfoilhatter Member

    Then we have them. They can't have it both ways.

    Furthermore, i do not believe that Americans would be happy knowing that their tax money sent addicts to a scientlogy based rehab.
    This is a lot of ammunition that is now easily available to legal teams fighting narconon.

    the big question: is how do we get this in the hands of people that need it, and could use it to shut the place down?
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  17. DeathHamster Member

    I don't know if they've been available elsewhere before, but today's dox on Tony's blog are especially choice!

    Case 2:14-cv-00629-JCM-NJK Document 17-1 Filed 07/24/14
    Exhibit A: Running an Effective Narconon (Manual)
    Published by Tony Ortega
    Narconon International's own manual, filed as support for plaintiff.

    Case 2:14-cv-00629-JCM-NJK Document 17-2 Filed 07/24/14
    Exhibit B: Opening a Successful Narconon Center (manual)
    Published by Tony Ortega.
    Narconon International's own manual, filed as support for plaintiff.

    Case 2:14-cv-00629-JCM-NJK Document 17-3 Filed 07/24/14
    Exhibit C: Affidavit of Eric Tenorio
    Published by Tony Ortega
    Eric Tenorio describes what he saw working for five different Narconon centers.

    Case 2:14-cv-00629-JCM-NJK Document 17-4 Filed 07/24/14
    Exhibit D: Email by Claudia Arcabascio
    Published by Tony Ortega
    The Narconon email from its legal affairs officer admitting there's no evidence to back up Narconon's high efficiency claims

    Case 2:14-cv-00629-JCM-NJK Document 17-5 Filed 07/24/14
    Exhibit E: Narconon’s answers to interrogatories in the Welch lawsuit
    Published by Tony Ortega
    Ryan Hamilton files Narconon's response to some interrogatories in another lawsuit to bolster his response here.
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  18. TorontosRoot Member

    Their "half(ass)way" house won't change either. It'll be a halfway to death and hell.
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  19. BigBeard Member

    The 'come on' scripts they use to reel in the marks specifically says narCONon is secular, not religious. If they now claim it's faith based, they're admitting to committing fraud when talking to the mark.

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  20. Quentinanon Member

    Repeated fraud. Fraud in the inducement and fraud in fact.
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  21. tinfoilhatter Member

    isn't that the core of scientology?

    This is a huge step for shutting down narconon. On top of everything else going on, there is now complete evidence that they have been defrauding people for years, as a faith based rehab.

    Furthermore, based on articles here, they LIED to the courts about it being scientific. I believe crusty ally was testifying in that trial about how it cured her drug habit....
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  22. Intelligence Member

    Yes, Narconon does play the 'Birthday Game' ... we played it at NN TR around the
    time NN Int was there and we, as staff, were taught crazy Chinese School crap.

    And each time a Registrar 'LANDED' a new body in the shop, a staff would walk in the hallway
    ringing a Tea-Time kind of bell.

    This was around the same time as the ED was replaced with an ESTO Officer who was
    changing the ORG Board staff posts. It was a huge ORG Board hanging on a wall.

    Would be nice if another Ex-NN Staff member could/would step forward and post details
    of the abuses, fraud, exploitation, sex crimes, misrepresentation, coercion, and human rights
    violations and abuses they witnessed and documented while INSIDE.

    Narconon is a dangerous Cult no different than the Cult of Scientology.:(

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  23. Anonymous Member

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  24. Tony Ortega: Narconon’s cancer spreads: New lawsuits and a court order for Scientology’s rehab network


    Attached Files:

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  25. Anonymous Member

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  26. J.K. Rowling unknowingly promoting Narconon?
  27. TorontosRoot Member

    NarCONon (scientology) used that photo without permission. Contacting J.K. Rowling and linking it to him would definitely start a lawsuit to get it removed right away. It would definitely expose the cult's OSA/fair fail game policy too, if they attack him.
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  28. The Wrong Guy Member


    Scientologists call themselves “the most ethical people on the planet” because, well, founder L. Ron Hubbard told them to say that, and Ron had a great talent for saying things that were the complete opposite of what they meant.

    Anyway, it’s always fun to keep in mind that Scientologists believe they’re more ethical than the rest of us when in fact they’re so truthy and fraudy. And that only seems to be picking up speed now that the organization is getting increasingly desperate. Thanks to our great tipsters, we have a couple of memorable examples to share with you.

    First, we were tipped that Scientology’s drug rehab in Egypt (there’s a Narconon in Egypt? We had no idea) put the advertisement you see above on its Facebook page.

    Really, Scientology? J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series and one of the most successful writers of all time, is now endorsing your unscientific and embattled drug rehab program?

    We had an inkling that might not be the case, so we notified Ms. Rowling’s representatives. They were pretty tight-lipped with us, but after we received the following e-mail, we have a feeling “Narconon Egypt” is going to be getting a talking to:

    Dear Tony

    Your email has been passed onto us, as we handle the PR for J.K. Rowling.

    Thank you for drawing our attention to this advert. The matter is being looked into, but we won’t be commenting further.



    Nicky Stonehill
    StonehillSalt PR
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  29. TorontosRoot Member

    Gooood, I bet they'll get a lawsuit. :D
  30. tinfoilhatter Member

    I don't understand it. I just don't. It is 2014, and almost everyone knows better then to pull this type of stunt.

    This demonstrates a dangerous lack of control inside that organization.
  31. Anonymous Member

    Of Interest, hat tip to Martin Ottmann:


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  32. Scientology's Narconon is given free advertising in the Baxter Bulletin newspaper that probably thinks they are connected to Narcotics Anonymous:

    Alcoholics Anonymous meetings occur throughout the month. 421-8423.
    Al-Anon Family Group meetings throughout the week. 508-4584 or 431-8799.
    Narconon free assessments or referrals, (800) 431-1754.
  33. Intelligence Member

    WEEKENDING 11.5 & 18.5.2000
    3. Narconon 13 points

    ------------------------ 4. Narconon 13 points

    LRH GAME (First Serive [sic - should be Service] Start Game)
    ------- 1. Narconon 2 people

    ----------- 1. Narconon 4 people

    Narconon is highly Commended for having brought in and started 2
    people on the Bridge to total Freedom this week!

    WEEKENDING 12.7.2000
    ------------------------ 10. Narconon 14 points

    LRH GAME (First Serive Start Game)
    ------- zero (that's NOT GOOD!!!!)

    ----------- 1. Narconon 4 people

    As you can see, we are in Non Existance [sic] on the First
    Service Starts! Let's apply this condition as a TEAM and get
    this situation handle [sic] this week. I am counting on YOU!!!

    [Three weeks later, Narconon had stepped up its efforts and recruited another person as well as selling various Scientology materials, earning more points:]
    WEEKENDING 2.8.2000

    2nd QUARTER
    ----------------------------- 18= Narconon 4 points

    ----------------------------- 4. Narconon 23 points

    LRH GAME (First Serive Start Game)
    ----------------------------- 1. Narconon 5 people

    ["Narconon & Birthday Game Netherlands 2000/2001"
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  34. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology boss admits connection to Narconon drug rehab

    By David Love,

    Yesterday, August 31, 2014, a prominent spokesperson for Scientology, Graeme Wilson, may have put his foot in mouth during an interview in Scotland yesterday.

    Wilson admitted to the Herald Scotland reporter, Peter Swindon that Scientology’s “Truth About Drugs” campaign is a precursor to referring people to Scientology’s drug rehab, Narconon.

    “Wilson said he would refer addicts in Scotland to Narconon, adding: "If somebody asked us if we know of any good rehabs we would definitely give them that as a referral.”

    L. Ron Hubbard instructed and warned Scientologists that, “… it is our experience that interviews are better forgotten and that press releases should not be engaged upon and that reporters should not be granted interviews, whatever they promise.” – L. Ron Hubbard page 990 OEC Volume 7.

    Narconon Director of Legal Affairs, Andre Ahern, swallowed his foot in an interview with CBC TV NEWS in Canada when he admitted, “…he is a Scientologist and that Narconon uses the teachings of Scientology in its program.”

    Yesterday’s spin-doctoring attempt by Scientology spokesperson, Graeme Wilson, began when the Herald Scotland published a news story with headline: “Scientologists use anti-drugs campaign to target families - An anti-drugs campaign targeting Scotland is funded by the Church of Scientology, the Sunday Herald can reveal.”

    Continued here:
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  35. DeathHamster Member

    I'm 99% certain that this is a great big Narconon referral trap, because it sure smells that way. It lists a lot of non-Narconon rehabs (probably ripped from a government list), but the real payload of the 166 sites is the phone number: 866-567-4793. (Note that this number has changed over the years.)

    If someone is good at social engineering and bored, they could call it and see if they just happen to steer to a Narconon location.,6798.msg34620.html#msg34620

    Probably big Narconon referral network:
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  36. Anonymous Member

    Another excellent post by Miss Fortune, over at Glistening, Quivering Underbelly:

    PUSSYFOOTIN' WITH "PURR": Per Wickstrom's New Stealth Referral Site

    Friday, September 5, 2014

    Per Wickstrom's launched another sneaky way to get his paws into your wallet!

    Wickstrom, CEO of Best Drug Rehabilitation and one of 82 named defendants in the NAFC's massive trademark violation lawsuit against Narconon International and the Church of Scientology, recently launched yet another stealth addiction treatment referral service:

    Wickstrom’s PR efforts describe the site as a “no-cost 24/7 confidential referral service where trained counselors provide guidance, advice and program information to people who want to help a loved one win their battle against drug or alcohol addiction.”

    (The sound you just heard was the snort coming from my surgically-altered nose!)

    On July 31, Wickstrom announced that had entered into a “sponsorship partnership” with country singer Jared Blake. As part of the sponsorship, Blake has created an intimate acoustic break within his high-energy show, where he sits alone on stage and talks to audiences about his personal struggles, and most importantly, about winning back his life – and how others can, too.


    More at the link...

    http://glisteningquiveringunderbell...Underbelly (Glistening, Quivering Underbelly)
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  37. Intelligence Member

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  38. Intelligence Member

    Paranoid much? This document is usually presented to the Narconon Student after WD in the Ethics Office. "Ever worked for the Media? Ever worked for the Government where you were required to have Security clearance?"

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  39. Intelligence Member

    Narconon – Watsonville Facility (01/01/04 to 02/12/2007)
    (Note: details of calls based on information provided by Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Department.
    This facility is located in a rural location on acreage, much like the proposed facility on
    Bouquet Canyon Road.)

    6:45 pm
    Reporting party is standing by at the Watsonville Police Department lobby.

    2:43 pm
    Missing Person
    Call involves Narconon Watsonville address

    8:38 pm
    Call involves Narconon Watsonville address

    11:54 am
    Attempt to Contact
    Call involves Narconon Watsonville address

    4:12 pm
    Civil Standby
    Call involves Narconon Watsonville address

    11:21 am
    Missing Person
    Call involves Narconon Watsonville address

    2:47 pm
    Possession of Marijuana

    Call involves Narconon Watsonville address

    1:19 pm
    Had Been Drinking
    35 year old male, unconscious, breathing, had seizure.

    8:54 pm
    Missing Person
    Reporting Party’s son left the facility after being dropped off yesterday, possible destination is Oakland/Berkley Area. Subject was seen hitchhiking by the staff at Narconon.

    6:23 pm
    Missing Person
    Reporting Party’s 20 year old daughter left Narconon. Incident occurred yesterday. Reporting Party is requesting a unit.

    7:42 pm
    Missing Person
    Reporting Party’s daughter left Narconon on Tuesday and has not been heard from since. This is a duplicate call from 1/11/06. Reporting Party wants a call back from Sheriff’s Department.

    11:29 am
    Missing Person
    Missing person report Case #06-136 canceled.

    4:30 pm
    Missing Person
    Missing person report Case #06-470 canceled.

    11:20 pm
    Incident occurred one hour ago. Patient spoke to Reporting Party in a threatening manner. Suspect is staying in remote part of Narconon. Sheriff’s Department response determined negative threats/crime. Reporting Party has some questions about a civil issue with patients at the facility.

    3:05 am
    Shots fired
    Five rapid fire shots heard southeast of Narconon. Nothing else seen or heard.

    11:42 am
    Last night the Reporting Party’s 31 year old boyfriend’s mom dropped him off at Narconon. The Reporting Party was told that she could pick him up today but when she tried, the staff at Narconon would not let her talk to him or anything. Per the Reporting Party, there is no mandatory court treatment program. Reporting Party wants to know if there is anything she can do since she drove 6 hours to come get him. Reporting Party is requesting a unit to contact her.

    10:37 am
    Civil Standby
    Reporting Party is standing by in burgundy Chev Monte Carlo. Reporting Party needs to pick up girlfriend at Narconon. She says the girlfriend is being held against her will. The girlfriend called the Reporting Party yesterday and they will not let her make calls or leave on her own. Reporting Party is standing by onGaffey Road and is waiting for a unit. Deputies made warrant arrest from this enforcement contact.

    7:33 pm
    Missing Person
    Reporting Party’s son is supposed to be at Narconon for heroin use. He left the program 30 days ago. He was spotted 2 weeks ago in aWatsonville area grocery store. Reporting Party is claiming he is a missing person.

    12:28 am
    Medical Emergency
    40 year old male in upper cabin is detoxing and is not responding. Conscious and breathing. Someone will be outside Narconon at the entrance to the property to flag deputy down. Deposition of enforcement contact – had been drinking.

    10:31 am
    Reporting Party said he was being threatened and then hung up. Dispatcher was unable to call back the Reporting Party. Dispatcher knew location belonged to Narconon and indicated the caller sounded mentally disturbed (5150 WIC) California Department of Foresty units responded and arrived on scene first and requested sheriff’s respond. Units responded to Narconon. Claim of 242 PC – battery against another person. Patient was “loaded up.”

    10:51 am
    Medical Emergency
    Unknown type of medical emergency call. Possibly drinking involved. Reporting Party was now on the line saying he is a nurse for a patient at a drug rehab (Narconon).

    8:24 am
    Missing Person
    Reporting Party is notifying Sheriff’s that her “son has returned.”

    12:54 pm
    Reporting Party was looking to verify the business exists and the story that she could not talk to her son.

    4:09 am
    Reporting Party dropped 20 year old son off at Narconon last night. The more she thinks about it the more concerned she gets that this rehab may not be on the up and up. She is concerned it may be some sort of cult that will brainwash her son.
    12:29 am
    Shots Fired
    Two shots heard then Reporting Party head a car squeal away. Only heard, no description. Now there is someone trespassing on the property. The subject is near the large building. Suspect is male. Too dark to give a further description. Reporting Party lost visual contact and has no idea who this person is. The subject was wandering around looking at things on the property. The subject ran towards the back of the property. Suspect is wearing a white hoodie, unknown pants. There are cars on the road below driving fast up and down, very uncharacteristic. Reporting Party just heard a snapping about 10 feet away on the left of the building. CHP has been advised and is checking to see if they have a unit south to cover. The subject first came up from a ravine at the back of the property and he was headed towards the building. One sheriff’s unit is standing by waiting on going in until cover unit arrives. Reporting Party heard noises from the back shed. Several cars were noted as being on the property. CHP is staying near the house. Officers are walking through woods to see what they can flush out. Nothing further.

    12:40 am
    Welfare Check
    Originally came in as 911 call – hang up. Phone is disconnected on call back. No further information. This is at Narconon. “CONSIDERABLE HISTORY AT THIS LOCATION” notes the dispatcher.

    3:53 pm
    Suspicious vehicle
    Per Reporting Party, a red Toyota MR2 has driven up the drive and “looks strange.” Hispanic male, early 20s, black hair, facial hair, unknown clothing. This is at the Narconon facility. The Reporting Party did not speak with the suspect. Per the Reporting Party, he thinks the suspect may be “using drugs” since he has on sunglasses. Reporting Party wants deputies to check the area. Reporting Party called back to cancel responding units. The suspect is getting his items from the facility.
    9:40 am
    911 call
    Open line briefly and then disconnected. Dispatcher was not able to call back and tried to find a listing for another number inside Narconon. Employee was contacted who stated they were no problems.

    4:41 pm
    Incident occurred 2 hours ago at Narconon. Victim was standing by at “Docs on Duty.”

    1:21 pm
    Occurred at approximately 2130 hours. Female was possibly sexually assaulted while out on a walk. The suspect is known. The Reporting Party is standing by in the Watsonville Police Department lobby. Reporting Party is the victim and the female is the possible suspect. Reporting Party cannot provide much further due to being in a public place. Have deputy contact Reporting Party in the police department lobby.

    10:31 am
    Follow up
    Traffic stop follow up at Narconon
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  40. Intelligence Member


    Would you sign over your 14, 15, 16 or 17 year old Son or Daughter to these Thugs?

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