Narconon loses in Trout Run, Maryland

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    This was published today by the Frederick News-Post in Frederick, Maryland:

    Trout Run owners seek to convert historic camp into Scientology-affiliated rehab center

    By Bethany Rodgers and Sylvia Carignan

    Owners of the storied Trout Run property are seeking a county historical designation so they can convert the Thurmont retreat into a substance abuse center affiliated with the Church of Scientology.

    The 40-acre camp whose stream was once fished by President Herbert Hoover was sold in 2013 to a Los Angeles-based property holdings group. The property's new owners are looking to renovate the rustic Catoctin Mountain lodges for the opening of a drug treatment center run by the Narconon program.

    The controversial recovery program grew from rehabilitation methods developed by the Church of Scientology's founder, L. Ron Hubbard. Narconon treatments include nutritional supplements, exercise and time spent in saunas.

    While there are no staff on-site yet, Narconon Eastern U.S. Executive Director Yvonne Rodgers said, they plan to open the “residential drug rehabilitation center” later this year.

    But the project's viability hinges on whether local officials agree to add Trout Run to the Frederick County Register of Historic Places. The request for this historic designation is set to come before the County Council for a public hearing on Tuesday.

    Social Betterment Properties International, the current owner of Trout Run and real estate arm of the Church of Scientology, has already started working with the county on renovation plans, said Denis Superczynski, a county principal planner.

    The group has submitted plans to convert the retreat into a rehabilitation center that has space for 12 live-in patients — referred to as "students" in the proposal. The center would feature five other beds for medical treatment and withdrawal and would accommodate eight staff living on-site and eight staff living off-site.

    Patient programs would last for about six weeks, according to the plans.


    Mountain Manor Treatment Centers, in Emmitsburg, is the only inpatient facility for drug addiction in the county, said Jacque Burrier, co-founder of Project Hope in Thurmont. Burrier started the volunteer-run organization in 2013 to help drug addicts find a path to recovery.

    She said she’s heard about the plans for the Narconon location. “I did look into it, just to see if it was something that we would recommend for our patients,” she said. But based on what she’s seen in her research about their treatment methods, Burrier said she is not likely to refer Project Hope patients there.

    The Narconon program has been the target of a variety of lawsuits, including several filed in Oklahoma after three patients' deaths at a Narconon facility, according to The Oklahoman. Other legal complaints claim the program misrepresents its success rates and serves as a recruiting tool for the Church of Scientology.


    Because property owners will be renovating old structures and not building new ones, the project will not have to come before the Frederick County Planning Commission, Superczynski said. If the historic designation is granted, certain changes would have to pass muster with the county's preservation commission, he added.

    In addition, the facility has not yet secured a state license to provide substance abuse treatment. A spokesman for the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene reported that Trout Run's owners requested licensing information from the state agency about a year ago. However, DHMH hasn't since heard from the group or received a completed license application, the spokesman indicated.

    Comments are open below the article, here:
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  4. The Wrong Guy Member

    Tony Ortega mentioned the article today:

    ‘West Wing’ set for Camp David scenes trying to become a Narconon center

    Narconon may be struggling in some parts of the country, under siege in dozens of lawsuits resulting from patient deaths and allegations of credit card fraud, but heck, how about a new Scientology drug rehab in the wilds of Maryland?

    The Frederick News-Post reported yesterday that owners of the Trout Run resort — which at one time served as a getaway for President Herbert Hoover and was used as a backdrop when West Wing wanted to film scenes portraying Camp David — are seeking historic designation, which would allow it to be turned into a 12-bed rehab center.

    Just three days ago, we told you that a new class-action lawsuit had been filed in California which accuses all Narconon centers of operating deceitfully. While they advertise themselves as a secular program that gives patients individualized drug counseling, in fact the program delivers only Scientology training.

    But hey, Maryland, if you want to get in on the action of baking addicts in a sauna and having them yell at ashtrays on their way up L. Ron Hubbard’s Bridge to Total Freedom, go for it!
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  5. RightOn Member

    The people in Maryland need to talk to Ryan Hamilton
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  6. anon8109 Member

    the project’s viability hinges on whether local officials agree to add Trout Run to the Frederick County Register of Historic Places. The request for this historic designation is set to come before the County Council for a public hearing on Tuesday.

    If the site is designated as historic, it will block Scientology's Narconon from using it.
    Tuesday is when the council will decide.

    Send poons ASAP.
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  7. RightOn Member

    I thought the COS was famous for buying historical sites? Just like the Nazi's did.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Thank you, TWG.

    I've now read the comment thread and it is very negative towards narconon and the cult.

    Since Tony has foregrounded the article, the comment thread will probably expand and be something worth watching. Odds are ronbots will appear, but they are not there now.
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  9. 121

    Read this again!

    Zoning restrictions that blanket Trout Run currently make it impossible to open the drug treatment facility at the Catoctin Hollow Road property. However, establishing a group home is permissible if the property is listed on the county’s historic register, Superczynski said.
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  11. Daverator Member

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  12. RightOn Member

    Calling David Love!
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  13. BigBeard Member

    Focus on the previous disastorous "Historic Property" issues with Cof$ & it's fronts. E.g., UK building full of squatters and unrepaired fire damage; pulling blue terazzo front off an 'Art Deco' building and being ordered to put it back; etc., etc.

    So no way should they be allowed access to a "Historic Property", no matter what other issues they may have regarding lawsuits, etc.

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  14. Intelligence Member

    Yes, I knew some time agao about this from an IAS Member who was Regged for,
    I think it was $10,000 - $20,000.00 for this project. Will check with them later
    taday for them to find the email.

    They are using the same entity, Social Betterment Properties International, as they are for
    the one in Ontario that we should have some news on this Tuesday?
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  15. patriot75 Member

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  16. Intelligence Member

    Social Betterment Properties International [DM and Shills] is trying the tactic using the words, 'Group Home' to circumvent By-Laws and other regulatory blocks. They're using the same words in Ontario.

    In my opinion, the Cult has so much $$$ and the untold corruption in government agencies and even
    at the municipal community level, that OSA/DM will push to the limit, digging up dirt and greasing
    palms to *TRY* to open new Narconons. Clearing the Planet of drugs motivates IAS Whales to fill
    DM's coffers.

    Just look at what's going on in Oklahoma with buried Reports and Investigators being fired. These are
    nasty, evil people, far above being sociopaths and psychotic ... this is evil at its worst, seeking wealth
    and power over all.

    Just received some info about this Trout Run project, and it appears there is political connections,
    as is the case very often, and these are high up. Will post what I can, and IF I can without OUTING source?

    That said, I still hope and think Social Betterment Properties International will have a fight on their
    hands to open in Ontario or Trout Run.

    Here is the Trout Run regging flyer sent to IAS Whales and will post more as, or if it comes in?

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  17. Intelligence Member

    Just in a few minutes ago from unhappy IAS member. I didn't regognize the email at first,
    but it's legit from a good source. There's more, but don't want to mess up or derail from
    the Thread.



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  18. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Who is Bruce Wiseman?
    Can we find which "Congressional building" was used?
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  19. Intelligence Member

    I have no idea who Wiseman is, but I'll send an email and ask about name and building?

    I have way too much on my plate even on this Easter Sunday, but this NAME was just sent
    to me, and I'll ask more about this later too. Maybe someone here knows this John H. Marburger

    Here is what I just received about 30 minutes ago:

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  20. DeathHamster Member

    That entity is directly controlled by Church of Scientology International, which makes it hard for them to claim that Scientology isn't involved.

    Category:Social Betterment Properties International
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  21. The newspaper article mentions 12 live in patients but the submitted plans show a total of 28 plus 3 in the withdraw unit.

    What a waste of beautiful and historic property.
  22. DeathHamster Member

    I was wondering at the small number mentioned, and figured that they'd jack the numbers once they were open. (Similar with the Narconon Ontario location, which is bylaw-capped to eight even if they do get OMB approval.)

    The big money is in larger scale operations and hopefully one day Oklahoma will get its act together and close Arrowhead.
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  23. Daverator Member

    If they open, I hope the nearest ER is prepared for the steady stream of corpses that will undoubtedly pour forth from the facility.
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  24. Intelligence Member

    Your right, the NUMBER makes a difference, and if I am correct, it was 12 even for the new
    Quebec legislation??? Not sure though.

    The other loop-hole in some parts of Canada, is if it is classed as a Residential, or Out Patient rehab.

    Only having a capacity for 12 makes it finacially prohibitive for the Cult of Greed. But if they get
    their foot in the door with 12, it may make it easier to expand if no reported problems?
  25. patriot75 Member

    More here:
  26. Daverator Member

    Is there a good set of bullet points that could be consolidated into an email to send to the Frederick County Council members that will demonstrate how Narconon is dangerous and ineffective? I could do the research, but there's no point in reinventing the wheel.
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  27. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    I couldn't find a link between Marburger and Scientology.
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  28. patriot75 Member

    I'm not sure if this is the right John Marburger.
    John Marburger in Scientology's Published Service Completion Lists

    The following 5 individual completions for John Marburger appear in official Scientology publications:
    John Marburger SUCCESS THROUGH COMMUNICATION COURSE Ability 370 2003-08-01
    John Marburger BASIC STUDY MANUAL Ability 370 2003-08-01
    John Marburger OVERCOMING UPS & DOWNS IN LIFE COURSE Ability 370 2003-08-01
    John Marburger PERSONAL VALUES & INTEGRITY COURSE Ability 370 2003-08-01
    John Marburger HOW TO IMPROVE RELATIONSHIPS WITH OTHERS COURSE Ability 370 2003-08-01

    Note: The dates listed above are the approximate publication dates of the magazines, which may be weeks or months later than the actual date the service was completed.

    John Marburger in Scientology's Publications

    The following 1 mentions of John Marburger appear in official Scientology publications:
    John Marburger Sponsors Impact 114 2006-09-01
    Note: The dates listed above are the approximate publication dates of the magazines, which may be weeks or months later than the actual date the service was completed.
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  29. Anonymous Member

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  30. Intelligence Member

    I have Intel in today from IAS member who was on staff at DC:

    Just in NOW to clarify:

    Too many Ham - Marburgers gets me confused - LOL.:p
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  31. BigBeard Member

    While they might find it interesting, this is a public hearing about whether or not to declare the site a "Historic Property". Having been through several hundred such hearings, I can tell you comments at the hearings will be limited to the specific topic of the hearing. In this case whether the site should be declared a "Historic Property" or not.

    Comments on how $cientology, and it's front groups, have essentially destroyed "Historic Properties" they've had possession of would be relevent. How they will in all likelyhood exceed their stated resident capacity, with the potential damages that could cause to this property, would be relevent.

    Things like having 20+ lawsuits currently ongoing would not be considered relevant to declaring this a "Historic Property", and would be strongly objected to by narCONon's lawyers. Bringing things like that, as terrible as they are, into the discussion would just give the Cof$ lawyers ammo for an appeal of the decision goes agains them.

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  32. Intelligence Member

    I LIKE this PM just in.:D

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  33. Intelligence Member

    "Social Betterment Properties International" is behind the Narconon push in Australia, Ontario, Canda, and the Trout Run in the US with IAS members being Regged big time. Linked directly to Social Betterment Properties International is "Church of Scientology International (CSI) Ownership - Shareholder" in their Form 990 filings. The Trout Run Narconon push in the USA appears to have some political connections that I won't post here, but does come from credible sources from the DC Org. Nasty business by a nasty organization of power and greed. "Form 990 filings LINK"::>>

    Attorney, Gary Richardson, who I met with in Oklahoma, and spoke to often, is quoted as saying:


    'There can be an 'Incident' - then a 'Coincident' - and there is a 'Trend' ... as he was referring to
    the three deaths at NN AH in a short 9 month or so time period. And, as Senator Ivester Quote:
    'Where there's Smoke, their is Fire'

    I'll be using one of the above quotes at a meeting this week in Montreal.

    A commenter on 'The Bunker' posted this morning:

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  34. BigBeard Member

    Oh, while not really appropriate for the "Historic Properties" meeting, all that other stuff would definately apply to their license application (which still hasn't been submitted) to operate a rehab facility.

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  35. Intelligence Member

    Today, I am writing a document ... only at 7 pages and 2,334 words thus far, for something I dare not
    mention or post here ... yet, but suffice to say, and it is my hope and prayer, that this submission will be a
    catalyst for something that will expose Narconon like I haven't done for a while now. Should have the draft
    completed in a few days from now ... we'll see?

    I would like to have a document that would address issues mentioned in this Thread that can be used
    by anyone who wants to use it or send to 'governing authorities' - helping 'them' to be well informed of
    what they are up against, who they are up against, and WHY they should NOT approve any new
    Narconon center in North America or elsewhere.

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  36. Bruce Wiseman, U.S. national president of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights
  37. Daverator Member

    They decided to postpone making a decision on the historical designation until the 21st of April (the next council meeting).
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  38. Daverator Member

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  39. Intelligence Member

    205 Page Document email a few minutes ago, and will now send to the OMB and Australia.

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  40. The Wrong Guy Member

    County delays vote on Scientology-affiliated drug rehab center | The Frederick News-Post

    The Frederick County Council voted Tuesday to postpone a decision on a historic designation for the Scientology-affiliated drug treatment center planned for Thurmont.

    Leaders of the Narconon program, which uses rehabilitation methods developed by the Church of Scientology’s founder, L. Ron Hubbard, want to open a “residential drug rehabilitation center” at a 40-acre camp named Trout Run, off Catoctin Hollow Road.

    Social Betterment Properties is the current owner of Trout Run and the real estate arm of the church. The property owner and Narconon requested that Trout Run be added to the county’s historic registry — a decision the County Council voted to postpone until April 21 — to allow more time for consideration.

    The Board of Zoning Appeals previously voted to allow the property owner to make changes to the site, which would not otherwise be permitted under current zoning restrictions, if the owner acquired a historic preservation designation from the County Council.

    “You are the last stop for these folks in terms of certifications and designations,” county planner Denis Superczynski told the council Tuesday.

    Six members of the public weighed in on the planned drug rehabilitation center during the public hearing portion of the council meeting.

    Washington County resident Katherine McBride, a former Scientologist, believed the property owner and Narconon were going “through the back end” to get the appropriate licensing for the rehabilitation center.

    “They’re not very honest,” Frederick resident Lesli Summers-Stay said.

    Most of the speakers expressed concern about what they’d heard about the religion, which Linowes and Blocher attorney Bruce Dean addressed. Dean has been representing the property owner through their presentations and applications to the county. “There’s been some discussion about Scientology and how it’s bad,” Dean said. Though others may judge Scientologists’ beliefs or practices, he said, “I don’t know. I’m a land-use attorney.”

    Narconon Eastern U.S. Executive Director Yvonne Rodgers, who is a Scientologist, also attended the meeting. She said they would go through the proper channels to get the center up and running. “We will be fully licensed by the state of Maryland; there’s no way for us to operate otherwise,” she said.

    Former County Commissioner Kai Hagen heard the organization was trying to get the historic designation in order to receive tax credits, but he didn’t believe that was plausible. “They’ve got more money than God, so to speak,” Hagen said. Hagen told the council they should do their homework on Scientology and Narconon. “You owe it to the growing number of constituents who didn’t know about this a few months ago,” he said.

    Councilman Jerry Donald, who teaches history at Middletown High School, said he didn’t think the Trout Run site should receive the designation because it isn’t historic. “I’m failing to see that, other than somebody fished there,” he said.

    According to county staff, President Herbert Hoover’s aide, bought the property in 1929. The aide stocked the stream with trout and built a cabin in preparation for the commander in chief’s visits.

    The design of Trout Run was “designed to do one thing ... make you feel one with nature, for a weekend, for a week, whatever it may be,” Superczynski said.

    Hoover stayed at Trout Run a handful of times, and the aide eventually sold the property. But other members of the Washington elite, including President Dwight D. Eisenhower, continued to visit the retreat decades after.

    Hagan has known about the property nearly his whole life and said he was happy to hear the county was going to preserve it years ago. Though the county’s plan fell through, he said this center was not the right way to do it.

    Ann Lundahl, who lives south of Thurmont, hasn’t heard much about Narconon but is wary of their presence in the county. “I’m concerned about the history of the organization that’s behind it,” she said.

    Rodgers said they chose the Thurmont location so that it would be central for Maryland and nearby states. This would be Narconon’s first outpost in Maryland.

    “The facility where we want to open the Narconon center is away from the tumult of any big city — yet accessible to the whole region,” she said in an email. “It’s quiet, private, and peaceful.”

    Rodgers said the Narconon center is not intended to be a recruiting tool for the Church of Scientology and that Narconon is “a non-religious program.”

    County Council member Kirby Delauter said he didn’t want the council’s discussion to get hung up on the practices or beliefs of the organization making the historic designation request. “I don’t care what kind of drapes you have, what kind of flooring you have,” he said.

    Delauter and Donald were in the minority. Council members Tony Chmelik, M.C. Keegan-Ayer, Jessica Fitzwater and council President Bud Otis voted to table the issue. Councilman Billy Shreve was absent.

    Fitzwater asked members of the public to send their comments to the council for their consideration.

    Source, and open comments:
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