Narconon of Oklahoma Inc 2010 IRS 990 Tax Returns

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by patriot75, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. DeathHamster Member

    Looks pretty straight-forward. was created in 2008, currently parked and up for sale, expires in October.
  2. YouSeeNothing Member

    I didn't see any corporate dox for Cedars Drug Rehab on Michigan's court site. Is this place still in operation? Even if it wasn't, we should still be able to see dox for incorporation or at least an assumed name.
  3. DeathHamster Member

    Since the address listed is 300 Care Center Drive, Manistee, MI, it was probably a short-lived business alias for one of Per's other companies.
  4. BigBeard Member

    This is what I found in the LARA system at: CEDARS REHABILITATION CENTER

    Not one of Per's, this one was Kathleen's. "The Cedars Rehabilitation Center" was an assumed name. Guess the actual entity name was too much of a mouthful.:)

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  5. YouSeeNothing Member

    Strange, I used LARA too. Good stuff. So, she gets axed, sues Per and Narconon and opens her own rehab? Wait a sec, we had Narconon Freedom Center/Stone Hawk, A Forever Recovery and Cedars all in operation at the same time? Wow, desperate for that money. Question, did the Wickstroms want it for personal gain or were they trying to buy their way up the bridge?
  6. BigBeard Member

    I used "Cedars" and "Rehab" in the LARA 'Key Word' search. The 'Name' search doesn't always come back with something unless your search term matches exactly.

    Since they had that falling out with narCONon, and this was a "For Profit" company, I'd suspect the idea was to pocket the money. Wonder why it got dissolved? Too many people looking to close?

  7. DeathHamster Member

    I wonder who owns that damned building of many names, and how many times has it changed owners?
  8. YouSeeNothing Member

    That would be TIA corp., another Wickstrom holding entity.
    Manistee County Parcel Information for 2012 Assessment Year
    City of Manistee, Manistee County

    Owner Name(s):
    Owner Address:

    BATTLE CREEK, MI 49017-9710

    Taxpayer Name:
    Taxpayer Address:

    150 E WATER ST
    SAULT SAINTE MARIE, MI 49783-2052

    Parcel Address:

    MANISTEE, MI 49660

    Property Information
    Property Class:
    School District:
    51070 - MANISTEE
    Current Homestead %:

    Current Assessment:
    Current S.E.V.:
    Current Taxable Value:

    Last Year's Assessment:
    Last Year's S.E.V.:
    Last Year's Taxable Value:

    Property Sale Information
    Sale Date
    Sale Amount
    Other Parcels In Sale

    12/12/2011 $450,000.00 51-713-125-00
    10/28/2011 $0.00 51-713-125-00
    5/16/2011 $0.00 51-713-125-00
    1/1/2007 $500,000.00
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  9. YouSeeNothing Member

    Need to check TIA Corp and MICHIGAN LIVING CENTERS LP.
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  10. YouSeeNothing Member

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  11. YouSeeNothing Member

    They keep opening the same rehab under a different name and never seem to change their practices. Seriously, why don't they ever go legit?
    Per Wickstrom interview on Vimeo
  12. grebe Member

    Two Kathleen Wickstroms in CorporationWiki. Not sure if they are the same person or not. One has a FL address shared with Fred Wickstrom:
    7830 SW 51st Ave Miami, FL 33143
    Companies at this address:

    11333 Bluff Rd Traverse City, MI 49686
    Companies at this address:
    People at this address:
    11333 Bluff Rd Traverse City, MI - This property has been Sold! 03/14/2011 at $472,500

    Marvelous Old Mission waterfront. Sit on the grand wraparound porch and take in the fabulous views This is a one of a kind property, a fully renovated turn of the century farmhouse on 1.44 acres. 140' of East Bay Frontage, main floor master with private deck, walk in closet and 5 piece master bath. Over sized 3 car garage with loft area
  13. YouSeeNothing Member

    An archived news story from 2008:
    PENNFIELD TOWNSHIP — A new private-pay substance abuse inpatient
    facility has begun operation at the facilities formerly occupied by
    Narconon Stone Hawk, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center with links
    to Scientology.
    Operators of the new organization, A Forever Recovery, said they are not
    associated with either Narconon or Scientology, although some employees
    worked for and managed Narconon Stone Hawk.
    "I know there's been a lot of negativity surrounding Narconon and I want
    people to know it's not Narconon anymore," said Matt Yumoto, A Forever
    Recovery detoxification facilitator and former Narconon Stone Hawk
    employee. "Our goal is to help people get off drugs."
    Founders said they have created a unique program that offers multiple
    paths to recovery in one location.
    The new program uses moral reconation therapy, a cognitive-behavioral
    treatment system that has been successful, Program Director David Lee,
    38, said.
    Patients also can choose a faith-based, self-help or cognitive-holistic
    track, he said. They are encouraged, but not required, to use the
    facility's saunas and exercise equipment, to take vitamins and eat
    healthy food.
    "This is a truly unique approach because no one has really tried to put
    different forms of recovery under one building," Lee said. "Our
    philosophy is: Find the niche that works for you."
    The St. Mary's Lake buildings were listed for sale at $3.69 million in
    June, but probably are coming off the market, according to the
    buildings' Realtor, Roger Molenaar.
    Former Narconon Stone Hawk President Per Wickstrom once owned the
    buildings with his wife, Kate, before the buildings were transferred to
    the TIA Corp. The corporation also currently owns Narconon Stone Hawk
    East in the former Trillium Hospital in Albion, according to online city
    records. A Forever Recovery is leasing the building from TIA Corp., Lee
    Per Wickstrom is its marketing director and the center is operating
    under the same state licensing numbers as Narconon Stonehawk's.
    But its directors' intent to help drug and alcohol addicts come clean is
    real. A Forever Recovery began accepting patients Aug. 15, said Senior
    Case Manager Paul Lawson.
    The 42-year-old Ceresco man said he grew up in Battle Creek, where he
    became addicted to and sold drugs.
    Now, after more than 10 years of being clean, Lawson said working with
    patients at A Forever Recovery is his chance to give back to the community.
    "I believe in giving back to a community that I took from for so many
    years," he said.
    Currently 19 patients, including two in withdrawal, are living there.
    The estimated average stay is 45 days and patients or their families are
    charged a minimum $12,500 for the program.
    Lee said he hopes it will evolve to include up to 80 patients and 90
    days of treatment, with support for the families of recovered addicts as
    Elizabeth Willis can be reached at 966-0684
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  14. grebe Member

  15. grebe Member

    Pubmed search on "moral reconation therapy" gives 9 results.

    -4 papers by "Little GL, Robinson KD, Burnette KD," in "Psychol Rep," 1990-93.
    -4 papers by "Little GL, Robinson KD," in "Psychol Rep," 1988-89.
    -1 paper by "Ferguson LM, Wormith JS" in "Int J Offender Ther Comp Criminol," 2012 Jun 28.

    So three guys were interested in a badly spelled therapy invented by a drug counselor in a jail 20 years ago. The world forgets. Then suddenly two months ago a new paper.

    I think the Scientologists and their chiropractic pets are putting their Hubbard crap into our Science library.
  16. BigBeard Member

    Folks, I wouldn't call it a derail exactly, but for a thread about NN OK Form 990's we sure have taken a left turn into "Wickstrom Land".

    I can see pros and cons to dumping all 990 info in one thread, but it can get confusing to keep track of. Plus, some folks are dumping 990 info on other Cof$ entities in the more general topic threads.

    So I'm still thinking we need a, to borrow a phrase from the Closing Agreement, "$cientology Related Entity Form 990" situation room. With seperate topics for "narCONon Form 990s", "CCHR Form 990s", "Cof$ Form 990s", "ABLE Form 990s", "RTC Form 990s", "TWTH Form 990s", etc., etc., etc., through the 'alphabet soup' of $cientology.

    Since not everyone's focused on narCONon, I believe some folks are digging into CCHR, this would at least keep things a bit organized, and hopefully make it a little easier to find things when needed. Especially when looking for 'cross feeding' between the various groups.

    If you agree, how to we get the Sit Room set up? Aand sweet talk a mod into moving things to the appropriate place?:D

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  17. YouSeeNothing Member

    It's a great idea. I think what we are doing, dox dump, will logically lead to a situation room. I have to come back to this thread repeatedly to access info on 990s, but I can barely keep track of what page pertinent info is on at this point. Each narCONon should have their own sub-folder. There's just too much info to be deciphered and disseminated in each 990.
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  18. YouSeeNothing Member

    I requested help from Jacky Blue Note.
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  19. anonysamvines Member

    i reorted it so mods know help is needed
  20. Anonymous Member

    I agree with BigBeard and yourself individual or however you feel like setting it up. Others have added to the discussion however BigBeard & YouSeeNothing have done the bulk of the investigating in my opinion.

    BigBeard, what about a thread titled ex. "Please only Post *narCONon Form 990s* & Related NN Financials".

    I'm not trying to take over a thread and neither are these 2 Anons how about we make it easier for them to research by not posting off-topic. 990s & Financial information on Narconon Only, just an idea.
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  21. BigBeard Member

    I hear ya, but there are folks looking at other Cof$ entity 990s, not just narCONons. That's why I'm thinking a situation room set up something like this:

    Sit Room: "$cientology Related Entity Form 990s - Post only related financial information"
    Topic: "narCONon of (state1) Form 990s"
    Topic: "narCONon of (state2) Form 990s"
    Topic: "narCONon of (state as needed) Form 990s"
    Topic: "Cof$ (of state if needed) Form 990s"
    Topic: "RTC Form 990s"
    Topic: "CCHR (of state if needed) Form 990s"
    Topic: "TWTH Form 990s"
    Topic: "ABLE Form 990s"
    Topic: Additional Topics for other entities Form 990s as needed

    Then we comb the rest of WWP for relevent Form 990 info and get it moved into the appropriate Topic in this Sit Room. Which should make it much easier, and faster, to locate relevent financial data when needed. And when 990s are found, links to their location should definately be included, even if the entire form is posted to the Topic.

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  22. Anonymous Member

    I agree with you 100% maybe somehow in the Thread Title, you might ask Please Only Post on Related Financials etc. I'm just saying the thread Title will always be known prior to clicking the link. Conveying some type of request for only pertinent info, might head off de-rails and other tangents before they start.

    Just an idea
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  23. DeathHamster Member

    There won't be any 990s for these religious organizations.
  24. BigBeard Member

    Maybe not, but there's still a lot of info available that could prove useful in places like:

    and this:

    It wouldn't hurt to have this archived. Once thing I noticed in differences in the NTEE/ERI NTEE codes, some even classifying Cof$'s as "Christian".:rolleyes:

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  25. JohnnyRUClear Member

    It's "reconation".
  26. YouSeeNothing Member

    I just thought of something, do we have all of the Narconon 990s now for 2010? I'd like to have them all by this weekend if they are available as I've thinking about graphically illustrating how the grants were distributed between facilities and narCONon int'l. I think it might help in understanding how the grant money flows and maybe we can figure out why some facilities grant hundreds of thousands to other facilities. Unless someone already knows why...
  27. hushpuppy Member


    The request has been posted to the mod forum, but chances are this won't happen right away - sue is the only one who can change the forum structure, and he's incredibly busy irl atm.

    In the meantime, I can splice the thread into the 6 specific topic threads that you suggested, if you or anyone else would point out which posts should be posted to which thread.
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  28. Anonymous Member

  29. patriot75 Member
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  30. JohnnyRUClear Member

    delicious Dutch treat ^^^^

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