Narconon Socal: Articles of Incorporation

Discussion in 'Anonymous vs Scientology Archive' started by xenubarb, Jul 24, 2009.

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    Re: Narconon Socal: Articles of Incorporation

    googledocs no can do! unless i have to be specifically added to list of users that is?
  3. BigBeard Member

    Re: Narconon Socal: Articles of Incorporation

    Doesn't work for me either. Just keeps cycling between "Waiting on" and "Redirecting".

    Barb, is this stuff located anywhere else?

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    Re: Narconon Socal: Articles of Incorporation

    For those who are .pdf challenged, here is the document in text format. The original consists of a 'certified copy' cover letter, followed by the one page incorporation documnet. Bold/italic formating is in the original cover letter:

    Page 1 - Cover letter:

    Page 2 - Incorporation document:

    As Barb notes, there's not one word about drug rehab.

    In fact this line, "B. The specific purpose of this corporation is to assist small businesses and professionals.", sounds more like it's from some kind of WISE document.

    So how do they turn this into a money making drug rehab scam?? I suspect anyone really looking into NarCONon Calif will find all kinds of inurements going on they say they won't do. Bet R. Hills 990 filing collection will show some doozies. And the anti-psych drug political statements they've made regarding various laws and legislation. My, my.

    Also, silly question: Why post NarCONon Calif doc in New Mexico Second Chance thread?

  6. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: Narconon Socal: Articles of Incorporation

    Hm, nice find!

    Seems that based on what NarCONon actually does (making money from addict's families for whom-ever buys the franchise, recruiting vulnerable people for the CoS coffers, ripping people off with bogus pseudo-science crap/profiting, etc.), pretty much makes everything in this document of Incorporation utter bullshit.
    So either CoS/NarCONon directly lied and misrepresented themselves (what? not the 'most ethical people on the planet' no, never, uh-uh...), they bought their way in somehow (ya-ya, tinfoily), and/or the people who rubber stamped this did not do their homework (a lazy bureaucrat? say it ain't so!)...............

    Tentacled Hydra has long fingers in many pies *sharpens harpoon*, CoS never-ending quest for legitimacy on many levels does not cease to make hair crawl.........


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