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Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Anonymous, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    The only two licenses I could find for Narconon South Texas have the status of RETIRED, according the Texas Department of State Health Services. License numbers 2333 and 2256.

    There are two associated physical addresses, 1214 S Dixieland, Suite 6 which is in the same strip center as the high level scientologist Juan D Villarreal DDS, who is involved in most COS activities in the area, and another larger property at 17697 Abd Road which is(was??), the facility itself. Their web page seems active and there are other sock links to the same Abd Road address, including Drug Rehab Texas, Texas LoneStar Victory Ranch etc. Cameron County CAD lists Vivian Teegardin DDS as owner of the Abd Road property and the Dixieland property is owned by Villarreal-Teegardin Partnership.

    Are they operating this place without a license? Have they closed?
  2. Anonymous Member

    Surely not! Not being the most ethical people on the planet!

    Do the licences have an annual renewal fee attached to them?
  3. Anonymous Member

    They were active as of a couple of months ago.

    They have two entities filed with Secretary of State of Texas--Narconon South Texas, Juan Villarreal registered agent and Narconon Fresh Start, out of California, registered agent Joseph Sauceda.
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  4. BigBeard Member

    As of the middle of last month the IRS was still listing NN South Texas as an existing 'Exempt' organization:

    753152868 NARCONON SOUTH TEXAS INC PO BOX 530597 HARLINGEN TX 78553-0597 0000 03 3 B99

    The first number is their Employer Identification Number (EIN). Using it to run some quick searches for Form 990's I can't find anything since 2009.

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  5. Random guy Member

    Sooooo, they are operating with a suspended license? Are there any governing body for these kind of things in Texas?
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  6. The Narconon South Texas Executive Director was still actively recruiting schoolkids in Texas on May 22nd 2012.


    2 different spellings of the Executive Director's name

    Joseph Sauceda
    Joseph Saucida
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  7. Still up and running on 26th June 2012


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  8. patriot75 Member

    as usual...the name game.
  9. Anonymous Member

    It is about time for us to go after Harlingen.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    dirty fucks
  11. I was at the NN south Texas and had a staff member constantly trying to have sex with me when I was a student. While there, an intern stole dilated pain medicine and came and asked me how to shoot it up. He was caught and forced to do a mest cycle and work the next day. That place is corrupt and ruined my relationship with my family by lies. Joseph Sauceda is a sociopath and is rumored to be stealing money from the center because there was never enough food and rats were infested in the girls/withdraw house. The program did nothing to help me get sober and I was frequently sexually harassed by a guy named Phil who was the course supervisor. No one working there has so much as a bachelors degree. Do not send any loved ones there
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  12. moarxenu Member

    Welcome to WWP Stop NN ST. It is great to have you here. Tell us more. Also I hope you are in contact with Colin Henderson and David Love.

    In response to Joe's Body Thetans re the Harlingen Outreach Center.

    This was originally the work of no less than five Scientology front groups and scifag dentist Juan Villareal with the approval and partial funding of the county. It was called The Bridge Recovery Center and Boy Scouts helped decorate the place with sayings from LRon Flubtard.

    A year or so ago the scilons got kicked out because of community outrage including a Baptist car dealer who is a big philanthropist in Harlingen. I think he may have stepped in to help fund when the scifags got kicked out.

    The are several threads on Harlingen if you search here at WWP.
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  13. Random guy Member

    We are extremely interested in intell from NN ST. I would like to suggest you do the following:

    Make yourself an account here with another user name.

    Contact either the user Intelligence or patriot75 by PM.

    You may be PMed by others. Do not give out information to people you don' know. The intelligence wing of the Church of Scientology is reading these boards and anyone can register and post and PM as they wish.

    If you are in doubt about someone being "safe", contact one of the moderators and ask.

    Narconon can be shut down, but we need some local feet on the ground to make it happen.
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  14. patriot75 Member

    @Stop narconon south Texas
    I just wanted to say thank you for your post. Feel free to PM me or send an email with anymore intel that you have. NN TX thinks they have been flying under the they haven't. I have been gaining doxs and personal accounts and forwarding them to the public eye; not very much has gone out regarding NN TX as of yet, but it will. We are to help you in anyway that we can. Thank you for your courage.
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  15. Intelligence Member

    I think SNST is "More To Come" over on another Thread? WELCOME :) <3

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  16. billybob Member


    Welcome South Texas, and thanks for posting. I also suggest you post your story on Ripoff report, post it on google maps - there are reviews. See if this works:
    I've had some reviews stick, as have others. Be honest about yourexperience and let others know, a lot of people check Google Maps for directions to a place, and the top reviews stick out.
    If you do a review let us know so we can promote it too, Thanks again for coming here with your story!
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  17. patriot75 Member

    Narconon South Texas is already in the news.....;)
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  18. moarxenu Member

    hahaha Lone Star Ranch of Fail
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  19. Anonymous Member

    keep the exposure coming!
    They are harming and literally killing people. They are physcially, mentally and finacially hurting people.
    Why has this been going on for all these years and why are they allowed to continue?
    Ask you state representatives WHY!
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  20. patriot75 Member

    How ironic, the attorney handleing the NN AH cases home town is Harlingen, TX.

    >>>Scion Link http://www.narconon[dot]org/drug-rehab/texas/
    Karma sure is a bitch Narconon!!!
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  21. Albion Member

    I've just opened a new section at Infinite Complacency on Narconon. Clearly, I have a lot of catching up to do. Not sure if there's a main Narconon thread so posted it in a few of the most recent ones, but if you could spread the word, much appreciated.

    Narconon is a rehabilitation programme for addicts run on a system devised by Scientology's founder, L. Ron Hubbard. Critics say it is based on junk science and potentially lethal.
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  22. hello, I've never really been to this site but i do frequent /b/ regularly.
    i just got out of NN st texas was an intern (i didn't have anywhere to go) and also did programs in warner springs cali, and caliente nevada.

    im not exactly a NN hater, nor am i a supporter. i am completely neutral. however i was at the centers for a while and have a pretty in depth knowledge on how they work, feel free to ask me anything and i will try to answer as fully, accurately, and unbiased as possible
  23. Anonymous Member

    being on the fence is not advised
  24. well i can tell you this particular center is completely unorganized, the staff UA's themselves, interns there steal, have sex with students, bring drugs to the center, the higher staff make a big show of being involved but are really totally uninvolved with the students, there is much homophobia and harassment by certain staff members sexual, vindictiveness, childishness, whatever. students were uncomfortable around the night staff (who are "security" but all they do is walk around and many usually nap on the job) they lie to the families to make it seem like the students are at a wonderful place having a great time and they single out certain students who seem to be a "potential trouble source" and i have seen them verbally abuse these students in front of others. also the staff will get angry and act extremely unprofessional (i.e. yelling, slamming doors, cursing at students)
    so yeah i didn't see much scientology (besides the program) being pushed but as a rehab it was, i thought, a joke
  25. Anonymous Member

    So not on the fence. Good.
  26. i mean i don't really care if it stays open or not
    i do think its a retarded excuse for a rehab though
  27. Troll much?
  28. Anonymous Member

    When and how long were you at Warner Springs?
  29. Hi,
    Just curious to what all the fuss is all about? Do you not have anything else to do than to try to shut down operations that are helping people? I am a recent graduate of NN South Texas, and I can tell you that the program gave me a whole new life. The staff at NNST truely do care, and truely do have the best interests of the students at heart. I wouldn't know where I would be today without the love and support provided by Narcanon. I am sober, happy and am looking forward to my new life!
    Anonymous 333
    This message by Anonymous 333 has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  30. Anonymous Member

    You are fortunate to be able to claim that after being at a narconon.
    Some people don't make it out alive.
    This is why.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    And there are MOAR!
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  32. I can only speak of the South Texas program, which I do not see on your list. The two gentlemen that run the place, Joseph and Marco, are both Christian men of great character. They most certainly are not scientologist cult leaders. They work hard to give addicts hope. Would you rather an addict go to AA, where they are taught that they "are powerless over their addictions", and live a doom and gloom life of woe is me? Go online and search NA and AA, and you'll find a whole polethra of deaths and suicides, not to mention all of the information about how THEY are cults....The goal of Narconon is to teach the individual that they can live a vibrant, healthy, productive happy life without the need of drugs and alcohol. The addicts that are physically addicted to the point of needing to use to sustain life are sent to a medical detox program before they are admitted into the program, so that they can get the medical attention and medication they need to get through the process. They don't simply admit these students, not give them any medications, and hope that they make it through the night. Instead of spending all of this wasting time bickering about how "we can shut all of these down" .. blah blah blah. Why don't you start up a rehab facility that's better... If you've got a better idea, then start one up, and maybe all of these people that are bettering themselves through Narconon will choose to go to yours instead...
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  33. Anonymous Member

    1. Of course they can't be scilon cult leaders. If they were, they would not claim to be Christian as they would know that Jesus was an implant.
    2. Who says anyone here thinks AA or NA are perfect? Not I. But, at least they do not put people through the life-threatening purif and feed them toxic doses of vitamins. (Without trained medical supervision)
    3. I, like most of the counsellors at narconon, do not have the education, training or experience to start up a rehab. That is best left to the experts.
    4. There is no scientific basis for narconon's methods. There are no peer reviewed studies. There is proof that they fudge their success rate. The evidence, compiled by experts in the field, prove narconon's methods are hogwash.
    5. You aren't a scilon? I think if you look in the mirror closely enough, you will find some tell tale signs that you are on your way. Attacking other programs as way of argument is pure scientology.
    6. All narconons run the same way. They must follow LRH's scripture. It is heresy to introduce wog science into them. I am sure, by your writing this info about them in a public forum monitored by OSA, that if true, their scilon overseers will be in to straighten out narconon Texas.
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  34. Random guy Member

    No, NarcoNon's stated goal is to teach individuals to live a vibrant, healthy life. NarconNons actual goal apparently is not. The use of the TRs as "therapy" indicated the aim in compliance, not life competence in their patients, and the pricing and numerous fake referral sites indicate the main goal is to earn money for the mother cult.

    You need to try harder.

    Some of us are doing just that. This it not the only thread about NarcoNon, not by a long shot.
  35. Anonymous Member

  36. Anonymous Member

  37. I sir, am definitely no Scientologist. I am a devoted Christian that follows the teachings of Jesus Christ. Who's better qualified to help the addict, a person with a degree in social science or a previous addict that can lead by example? One should be able to understand that my mentioning of AA and NA was to not vault Narconon on a pole, but was meant to signify that rehab programs are in and of themselves within a risky business industry. They are vulnerable to back lash from individuals who: half ass the program, and therefore do not receive the full benefit, individuals who do not believe that they have an addiction, those whom for whatever reason leave the program early, those that are there involuntarily, as well as those that are kicked out of the program for non-compliance.
  38. fishypants Moderator

    Yes, other rehab programs are also crap in various ways.

    Narconon differs in that it is not a genuine rehab programme, but rather a Scientology front group.

    Narconon's actual goal - and we have documentation to prove this - is the promotion of Scientology and the recruitment of Scientologists.

    This differs from other rehab organisations (some of which, of course, are doubtless also pretty poor quality) in that the intention behind Narconon is to deceive and exploit the addict.

    Narconon is not even trying to help addicts - quite the opposite.
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  39. Anonymous Member

    What are your thoughts on L Ron Hubtard?
    Just in case you are not aware of the fact that you are practicing scientology on a daily biases, well you ARE.
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