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  1. I found the "TR's" to be a vital part of the program. They are there to teach the addict to "be there comfortably". This may sound mundane to most, but a lot of addicts have been addicted for such a length of time, that they have issue with just being anywhere comfortably without the need of drugs or alcohol. They are incapable of devoting their full attention to a person they are speaking with, they feel the need to say things or act a certain way to take the heat off of themselves, or they find that their mind generally always strays to wanting to go use rather than enjoying the then and now of family time. The TR's further teach a student to respect a speaker enough to hear them out as to consider the other persons feelings and to relinquish their selfishness that has consumed them through their addictions.
  2. I sir, am definitely no Scientologist. I am a devoted Christian that follows the teachings of Jesus Christ.

    What are your thoughts on L Ron Hubbard?

    I think that he was a very confused and deranged individual that made a good point here and there...I believe that he most certainly is in hell, as the only way to heaven is through Jesus. However, Ron Hubbard never set out to create a rehab facility. An inmate that was an addict found that his teachings were extremely effective in helping the addict, and asked for his blessing in using some of the material to create a rehab study course. The course books were not written by Hubbard, but state, "based on the works of..."
  3. Narconon helped me where AA and countless of other therapy could not!
  4. anon walker Moderator

    If you don't know what Scientology is, how would you know when you saw it?
  5. anon walker Moderator

    Yeah...if you believe that, I have a Bridge to sell you...
    Lesson 1: Scientologists lie. They lie even when it's unnecessary. You would not expect a nice, professional-looking drug rehab rep to lie right in your face, but there you go.

    "Based on the works of..." means Scientology. It's all the guy produced, outside of some pretty horrible fiction.
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  6. fishypants Moderator

    I'm very glad to hear that it worked for you in spite of its faults.

    Sadly, that doesn't mean that those faults don't exist.

    I'm afraid it is - even if some of the people who work there, and doubtless all of the patients/victims, are unaware of the fact.

    Let's get into some of the documentation, shall we? It's always nice to have proof.

    One of the most interesting documents was found by the FBI in a raid on Scientology premises. Here it's described in a press article:

    Marshall, John (24 January 1980). "The Scientology Papers / Hubbard still gave orders, records show". The Globe and Mail. Retrieved 6 September 2012.

    Here's another interesting source, Scientology's own "Command Channels" manual:


    As you can see, ABLE (Association for Better Living and Education) is part of 'the various sectors of Scientology'. ABLE is Narconon's parent organisation.

    Here's another document that makes the same point:
    "Scientology Presents Narconon Programme". Westlake Post. 30 April 1970.

    Here's a diagram from "International Scientology News", showing Narconon as a "sector of Scientology activity":


    Here's a floor-plan of part of Scientology's brand-spanking-new Super Power Building. As you can see, Narconon is part of this display of Scientology's "Div [Division] 6" activities (Narconon is in the top right):


    OK, so all that shows that Narconon is a Scientology front group - it's not, as it claims, independent of Scientology.

    So it's run by Scientology.

    But is its purpose really to recruit addicts into Scientology?

    Internal Scientology documents make clear that it is. The diagram below is also from "International Scientology News" - it shows Narconon as part of Scientology's 'Division 6', the purpose of which is to get new recruits (or 'raw meat', to use Scientology jargon) into Scientology.


    Here's some emails from within Scientology and Narconon, showing Narconon as part of Scientology, and as a concern of the "Clear Expansion Committee" (a group within Scientology responsible for recruiting 'raw meat'):

    Here (scroll down to page 4):
    is a report from Mary Reiser, then head of Narconon Oklahoma - released under court order, as the result of a lawsuit from the parents of a patient - one of a number of recent patients - who died while under the dubious care of Narconon. She's reporting to her superiors at ABLE (a Scientology organisation).

    We have loads more evidence - just piles of it.

    While I'm really glad that you survived your Narconon experience - and even that it was a positive experience for you - I'd ask you to spare a thought for victims such as Patrick Desmond, who didn't.
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  7. anon walker Moderator

    You can't even spell the name of the program you're pimping?
    WTG, how very competent of you.

    Killing people is not helping them. NarCONon's history belies your happy crappy testimonial. People die. People get ripped off. People get introduced to other drugs. People get raped, and lawsuits often end with a gag order, so others will never learn of incidents. HOW THE HELL IS THIS HELPING PEOPLE?

    You could have quit on your own and come out without all this Narconon taint that makes you think you understand something you really have no grasp of.
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  8. fishypants Moderator

    Be fair, if Anon 333 hasn't heard of the incidents - for exactly this reason - then you can't expect him/her to already know about them.

    Anon 333 is simply refusing to take our word for it and wanting to see the proof for him/her-self. And that cynicism is absolutely fine with me - even admirable. We have loads of proof that we can show this Anon.
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  9. anon walker Moderator

    Indeed. It will take it weeks to go through.
  10. fishypants Moderator

    I don't mind. :)
  11. Anonymous Member

    The Training Routines (TR's) at Narconon, are the exact same as in the Church of Scientology. The Narconon Program is Scientology Religious Doctrines and Therapies. The Narconon success rate is low and the mind control, brain washing is a dangerous therapy for these vulnerable and exploited patients needing professional medical care.

    May 25, 2012 - The Scientology Rehab, Narconon program consists entirely of Scientology Training Routines and Auditing Sessions, which patients suffer through, exhibiting strange and absurd behaviour. These cult practices cause changes in mental state, thought, reason, and through these methods, alter belief. Several Narconon Patients have died while in unqualified staff care - others attempted suicide. Physician prescribed medications are withheld. Some die soon after leaving Narconon. Scientology is quite likely the most ruthless, the most classically terroristic, the most litigious and the most lurative cult the world has ever seen. No cult or sect extracts more money from it's members.

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  12. grebe Member

    Also massive doses of niacin can harm the liver.
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  13. DeathHamster Member

    AA and NA groups only take voluntary donations. There are detox places that use 12-step methods that charge money, but they don't have to send 10% of their gross income off the top to the head organization.

    True, their success rate is low, but Narconon's real rate is even lower.
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  14. My email is I know all about south Texas Narconon attended 04/07/2007 thru 10/15/2007 Man can I tell you one hell of a story and it does not praise the Devil's workshop Narconon.
  15. Anonymous Member

    We are listening. Please continue.
  16. BigBeard Member

    This is what the IRS has on them, and it's not much:

    EIN: 753152868
    PO BOX 530597
    HARLINGEN TX 78553-0597

    501(c)3 STATUS: 03 (YES)

    Last 990 on record: Form 990-EZ for 2010 filed in 2011

    Interestingly enough the Form 990-EZ for 2010 shows zero money of any sort coming into NN South Tx. No fees for services, no grants, no coins found in the parking lot, nothing at all.

    At the same time, the Texas Comptroller's Office is still showing an active Tax Exempt status for them. From the Texas Comptroller Tax-Exempt Entity Search Results:

    Franchise Tax Account Status
    As of: 07/25/2013 10:25:09 AM
    Texas Taxpayer Number 17531528689
    Mailing Address PO BOX 530597
    HARLINGEN, TX 78553-0597
    Right to Transact Business in Texas ACTIVE
    State of Formation TX
    Effective SOS Registration Date 05/13/2003
    Texas SOS File Number 0800203203
    Registered Agent Name JUAN D. VILLARREAL
    Registered Office Street Address 17697 ABD RD
    HARLINGEN, TX 78552

    This has nothing to do with their business license status, but it sure sounds fishy that the license status is showing 'Retired', their last Form 990-EZ is showing no income for 2010, but their tax exempt status is still active.

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  17. DeathHamster Member

  18. Anonymous Member

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  19. Anonymous Member

  20. Lol who is this.. long time no see :)
  21. Rod Keller Member

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  22. Rod Keller Member

    This is also advertised as "LoneStar Ranch" and "LoneStar Victory Ranch", part of Fresh Start, which seems to be every Narconon in the WUS.

    www. drugrehab. com/ lone_star_victory_ranch.html
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  23. Rod Keller Member

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  24. Rod Keller Member

    South Texas graduate.
    5976746640_737e488a33_o.jpg 5999964470_bb77b6762c_o.jpg

    Joseph Sauceda

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  25. Quentinanon Member

    "Victory Ranch" is a term formerly used as a front for a scientology facility near the Int Base in Hemet. Now NarCONon 2.0 uses it.
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  26. patriot75 Member

    I know its a far reach, but if SNST is still around please PM me.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    A very far stretch, to nowhere.

    There is no way for a Guest/Non WWP Member to PM at WWP Member. Only Members can do that.
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  28. patriot75 Member

    I just figured I would give it a try.
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  29. White Tara Global Moderator

    No, but they could register for the purposes of the pm, then either abandon account or delete account if they didn't want to keep it. Its always worthwhile touching base with well informed and connected people like patriot75 :)
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  30. DeathHamster Member

    I think Fresh Start is probably one of their generic DBA labels that they use to play the name game, like First Step or Freedom Center.
  31. Narconon Fresh Start is the corporate entity from California who own and manage Narconon South Texas, aka Lone Start Victory Ranch. More information on the Texas facility is posted here

    Narconon Fresh Start ( formerly Narconon Southern California ) also runs Narconon in Colorado and Nevada in addition to their California facilities.

    To anyone reading this thread who attended any Narconon program as a 'student', please consider doing the Narconon Attendees Survey. The link can be found at Narconon Reviews .net

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