Narconon TR responds: July 13, 2010

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  1. mnql1 Member

    Narconon TR responds: July 13, 2010

    Translation of a French article in the Trois-Rivières daily Le Nouvelliste, July 13, 2010

    «Tout ce qu'on veut, c'est aider le monde» | Paule Vermot-Desroches | Le Nouvelliste

    Caption: Marc Bernard, director of Narconon.

  2. AnonyVix Member

    Re: Narconon TR responds: July 13, 2010

    On the sexual harassment story I wouldn't get involved one way or another. As to his comments on Anonymous, well he sure used the opportunity to slip that in. I think it's important to point out that Anonymous has donated sizeable sums to the church of scientology funds on several occasions, or at least several people claiming to be Anonymous have done.

    Perhaps someone should tell them we don't have an opinion on the sexual harassment problems plaguing Narconon (if Canada Anons concur) but we have seen at least one Narconon scheme collapse and disappear with all the money.

    We protest it mainly because it promotes scientology and supports it by virtue of paying license fees etc. to the cult. Narconon and Criminon and other such schemes are used as a magnet for public funds which are then redirected to the cult of scientology. Tax payers money should not be used to fund the cult of scientology.
  3. anonhuff Member

    Re: Narconon TR responds: July 13, 2010

    Way to go confirming disconnection Marc Bernard, Tommy Davis would be proud.
  4. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: Narconon TR responds: July 13, 2010

    LOL@failguy. Even his pictures are crooked.
  5. Zak McKracken Member

    Re: Narconon TR responds: July 13, 2010

    Every inch.

    (Actually, no. The pictures are hung OK. What you see is the photographer being Clevar, shooting from a funny angle to point out who's "running the show".)
  6. Squirrel King Member

    Re: Narconon TR responds: July 13, 2010

    "We're not related to Scientology... What? the picture behind me? That's just some random Nantucket sailor."
  7. Scythe Member

    Re: Narconon TR responds: July 13, 2010

    I see that our friend here, Marc Bernard, is using the good old tech while recycling arguments used by other scientology PR in the past.


  8. Intelligence Member

    Re: Narconon TR responds: July 13, 2010

    I just read article on my cell browser. Marc seems angry? In his angry and reactive past he made a few mistakes, but not like this one where he calls me a liar? Big mistake marc. Will begin scanning and posting dox when i get home. Going to be a long night.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: Narconon TR responds: July 13, 2010

    Sure, but don't rush to make any sort of defense based on what he has said to the press. So far he's making a complete ass of himself. No point in interrupting him just yet.
  10. Scythe Member

    Re: Narconon TR responds: July 13, 2010

    Pretty much this.
  11. Intelligence Member

    Re: Narconon TR responds: July 13, 2010

    Oh' Geeezzz..... Two more Media Requests?

    This is getting Crazy! I guess Marc Bernard has pissed off a few people with his Anti-Anonymous remarks he quoted in this article?

    I'm still scanning dox, but will hold off on some until after the next, (VERY SOON) interview, which will rebut some of Marc Bernard's statements. I can't say which media, but it is well known.

    I think Marc Bernard, once again has shot himself in the foot and will be caught in his lies.

    Going to eat supper now and then prepare additional documents to be sent to the Quebec Human Rights Commission and the Labour Standards Commission, and Ombudsman.

    Home — Le Protecteur du citoyen

    Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse - CDPDJ - Home

    The Human Rights Tribunal

    Accueil - Commission des normes du travail du Québec

  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: Narconon TR responds: July 13, 2010

    Montreal did what to Jesus? But he is awesome. :)
  13. Anonymous Member

    Re: Narconon TR responds: July 13, 2010

    yeah wtf montrealfags what did you do to jesus
  14. Intelligence Member

    Re: Narconon TR responds: July 13, 2010

    Quote From Marc Bernard:

    ".....However, with supporting written documents, Marc Bernard states that there was never any....."

    Ironic enough as it is; there is one thing that I did gain from Aline Proulx, (Narconon Canada); and that was to document absolutely Everything I saw, did and knew about; including scanning, faxing, photocopying; voice recording, video recording, and taking photographs of sensitive documents and information.

    If he wants to battle Credibility with Documents; the battle is over :) ..... the "Vault" is being opened.

    Now I am receiving documents from ex-staff and others.

    Thank you my Friends and supporters. I will do my best.
  15. kitfisto Member

    Re: Narconon TR responds: July 13, 2010

    I'm sorry if this is a derail but how the fuck do people not get what anonymous is by now ?
  16. Intelligence Member

    Re: Narconon TR responds: July 13, 2010

    A few photos "Inside Narconon" being scanned now. Will post more from smuggled out disposable camers soon :)
  17. Intelligence Member

    Re: Narconon TR responds: July 13, 2010

    - Leaving dining Room

    - Friday Grad, (Not Mine)

  18. Intelligence Member

    Re: Narconon TR responds: July 13, 2010

    "[COLOR="Red"]The Stairway To Hell"[/COLOR]

    Up those stairs and through that white door, led to where some Executives had their Bedroom-Offices and Secret Confidential Ethics Files and Reports.

    Sometimes we would stand up there and watch some poor student shovelling snow. After moving big piles of snow to one place, they would be told to shovel it back to where it was. They were labeled for treason for some misbehaviours and sentenced to Silence and Labour.

    This was "All Inclusive" in their $23,000 program fee. These vulnerable patients were being exploited and abused!
  19. Intelligence Member

    Re: Narconon TR responds: July 13, 2010

  20. Intelligence Member

    Re: Narconon TR responds: July 13, 2010

    Confiscated Photos by Ethics Officers - Exploitation and Sexual Conduct.

    Hundreds of photos were confiscated like this top one. Staff - Patient Abuses under investigation.
    Concrete Block rooms with bunk beds. Mostly two to a room. I had my own room for most of the time. Parts of the dorm was called "The Guetto". Drugs were brought in. Security was minimal, and visits between the mens dorm and girls dorm late at nite was common. Under staffed, with no formal training of these staff members in the Rehabilitation Industry. Being investigated for public health and safety by the government.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Re: Narconon TR responds: July 13, 2010

    Not funny.
  22. Intelligence Member

    Re: Narconon TR responds: July 13, 2010

    You are right. This is not funny. It is a matter of human dignity and safety for the people who pay large sums of money to go here and deserve to be cared for and treated by professionals in the medical field. This is serious stuff.
  23. Intelligence Member

    Re: Narconon TR responds: July 13, 2010

    [COLOR="Red"]Fire Hazzards and Health Risks:[/COLOR]

    A Fire Safety Report was done while I was there. Numerous "out points" that required upgrading existing facilities to meet Fire Regulations Standards. New Quebec Law will enforce the very expensive renovations and upgrades for Public Safety. Until then, the fire alarms were heard nearly every week; even twice a day sometimes. Fire extinguishers were found empty an were used for pranks by patients. Facility is far too big for the minimal staff to monitor the safety of the patients.
  24. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: Narconon TR responds: July 13, 2010

  25. Intelligence Member

    Re: Narconon TR responds: July 13, 2010

    I'm not "rushing" to defend. Only exposing more of what I have documented and did not have time to submit or was in fear to do so. I'm NOT afraid anymore. Anonymous has helped me with this and I'm greatful.

    There are some issues that were not exposed before and it's time.

    But first I'm going to go buy a Bigger Dog, some Better Curtains, and a Locking Gas Cap; as well as a good Dead Bolt on my apartment door.

  26. Intelligence Member

    Re: Narconon TR responds: July 13, 2010


    Quote in article by Marc Bernard:

    ("He wants money from us, this appears clear to me. But it's important to look at what he says and what he doesn't say. His case has already been refused by the CSST [Quebec's workplace health and safety commission - Commission de la santé et de la sécurité au travail]. For the moment, there are procedures in progress, but the truth will come out in the end," believes Mr. Bernard.)
    Email sent to CSST - I asked them to put a hold on Case File. Similar Com to Marc Bernard.

    Wed, May 12, 2010 11:15:08 AMRE RE David Love
    From: David Love <> View Contact

    Dear Cindy

    Could you please inform me what stage my file is at?

    Whichever stage, please put a "hold" on it for one month.
    Due to a conflicting interest with another proceeding which
    is moving forward with the Quebec Human Rights Commission,
    I can not, at this time, accept a settlement from the CSST
    concerning my application for compensation from Narconon Trois Rivieres
    for Harm Mental Injury caused to me at their work site.

    Please inform me by email, as to what stage my complaint is at
    as soon as possible. Thank you very much.


    David Love

    I was adived by CSST that I could probably win case on appeal by providing the additional evidence and receive Award. I turned down this offer and decided to proceed with the Quebec Human Rights Commission and Labour Standards Commission. Both of these have more power and ramifications to help protect the vulnerable.

    If I had settled with Narconon through CSST, the Human Rights Commission would have to halt their Case File.

    It's also important to look at what Marc Bernard does NOT say.
  27. Intelligence Member

    Re: Narconon TR responds: July 13, 2010

    He's &quot;A Spy&quot; - &quot;He's A Plant - &quot;He's an Op&quot; - &quot;He's a PTS&quot; - &quot;He's an SP&quot;, .....I'm just me; David Love :)

    Twice while at Narconon I was questioned about being a &quot;Plant&quot;; Anonymous first thought I might be an &quot;Op&quot;; Narconon's Law Firm questioned me in a letter of perhaps being a &quot;Spy&quot;?

    I was threatened with death if I ever devulged the &quot;Confidential Information&quot; I was being told and shown.

    Well, what can I say? I'm tired, so I had best not say anything right now ;-)
  28. Anonymous Member

    Re: Narconon TR responds: July 13, 2010

    Couldn't resist.
  29. Intelligence Member

    Re: Narconon TR responds: July 13, 2010

    Narconon Canada, Aline Proulx, referring to Marc Bernard and Executives as PTS:

    From: "Aline Proulx" <>
    (Add as Preferred Sender)

    Date: Wed, Oct 07, 2009 1:07 pm
    To: <>

    From Subject (Thread Messages) Date

    They are all very PTS and insecure!!! That’s what wrong with people today and society with their “bad news” and supposed recession” isn’t helping!

    De : []
    Envoyé : 7 octobre 2009 19:36
    À :
    Objet : [FWD: RE: Got your paperwork Saturday.]
  30. Intelligence Member

    Re: Narconon TR responds: July 13, 2010

    From:"Narconon David Love" <>
    (Add as Preferred Sender)

    Date: Fri, Oct 09, 2009 10:45 am
    To: <>

    From Subject (Thread Messages)
    Yes you are right. Thank you. All is deleted quickly!!!


    -----Original Message-----
    From: Aline Proulx []
    Sent: Friday, October 09, 2009 9:37 AM
    To: 'Narconon David Love'

    A bit of « advice » here….for these kind of personal communications what I suggest is that you use your own personal email address (so nobody can hack in). My main concern is that in the past there has been staff that were able to “hack” in our data base somehow and check other staff emails (RJ & myself for sure). You were “a bit” nattery about Scott and you have to be careful around here because even the “walls have ears”.
  31. Intelligence Member

    Re: Narconon TR responds: July 13, 2010

    Marc Bernard under Pressure?

    Sun, July 4, 2010 6:59:40 PM: David Edgar Love vs. Narconon Trois Rivieres, ABLE Canada, and
    Narconon International, COS.

    From: David Love <> View Contact

    OSA.doc (21KB)


    David Edgar Love

    Lachine , Quebec

    RE: Narconon Trois Rivieres Vs. David Edgar Love

    Without Prejudice

    To Whom it may concern, July 4, 2010

    Please Forward this Com to OSA:

    I have been advised by way of a leak from within your ORG, that OSA is closely monitoring the conflict between myself, the Canadian Government Agencies and Narconon Trois Rivieres.

    (edit out).................

    In my opinion, Marc Bernard, in his neglect and misleading communications to both your ORG and myself, .... (edit out)

    (edit out)

    As Marc Bernard seems to be quite busy, as he has stated, and unable to "Handle" this matter in a behavior that is reliable....., (edit out).


    David Edgar Love

    There is a time line of Narconon lies that began in November 2008 which continued up until the day I left on October 28, 2009. It began with the fraudulent misrepresentation of a 76% success rate, which encouraged me to go there in the first place; and ended with my discovery of a success rate which was far below this.

    I will now scan and post the documents which will expose their lies, (except for a few needed in the ongoing cases). This will be needed to rebut the false claims and statements made by Marc Bernard and other witnesses. Can't show ALL the cards.....Yet?

    This will take some time; but I will post as many as I can tonight.

    David Love
  32. Intelligence Member

    Re: Narconon TR responds: July 13, 2010


    Narconon Staff Member: July 5, 2009 at 2:17pm Report
    marks an ass....he just got back and hes power tripping already....fucking loser! dont let him rent space in your head hes NOT worth it!


    David Love July 5, 2009 at 3:39pm
    Now I've got Student Control checking on me for a PTS condition??? Un-fucking believable!!! It seems I'm not even allowed to get upset, or blue, or pissed off.....I'm not allowed to be ME!!! Well this is who I am, and I like me and I'm not changing to fit their beck and call.
  33. Intelligence Member

    Re: Narconon TR responds: July 13, 2010

    New Messages Coming in:

    FACEBOOK - Anyone who says narconon is not related to scientology is lying. I worked there after I finished the program for a short time and I cleaned out a closet with thousands of dollars worth of books that were scientology based. Also while in toronto a little while ago I went into the church for something to do. The man I talked too was more than ... See Morefamiliar with the propgram and people who work there. Dave is an incredible human being. He was like a second father to me while I was in the program and afterwards. Stay strong Dave and keep the good fight. I'm behind you completley. But u know that.

    Sunday at 3:27am · LikeUnlike · 1 person ·
  34. Intelligence Member

    Re: Narconon TR responds: July 13, 2010

    Oh' Geezzz; it's 3:22am and I haven't scratched the surface for these Dox yet. Have to get up at 6:30am to go to "day job".....

    ".....good night pa; good night mary ellen; good night john boy.....oops, almost forgot; good night OSA,......"
  35. Intelligence Member

    Re: Narconon TR responds: July 13, 2010

    Crooked are some people's middle names; but when your doctrine is:, "it's Ok to lie if it's for the greatest good, for the greatest number of dynamics...", which is for the betterment of the group; this is where the crooked crimes begin to pile up and soon are too high to be covered up?

    Is he showing how high they are?
  36. Intelligence Member

    Re: Narconon TR responds: July 13, 2010

    Yes, he did confirm what he previously denied. But then again, everytime he speaks, he contradicts previous statements?
  37. Anonymous Member

    Re: Narconon TR responds: July 13, 2010

    Narconon is in trouble.

    Patrice Bergeron Patrice Bergeron

    (Québec) Le gouvernement fait le ménage dans les centres de désintoxication privés. (Quebec) The Government has been effective in detoxification centers private. Une vingtaine d'entre eux devront fermer leurs portes au Québec en raison de l'entrée en vigueur de nouvelles normes. Twenty of them will close their doors in Quebec because of the entry into force of new standards.

    Québec resserre ainsi les règles à la suite des recommandations de la Protectrice du citoyen, Raymonde Saint-Germain. Quebec tightens rules and following the recommendations of the Ombudsperson, Raymonde Saint-Germain. Elle avait reçu de nombreuses plaintes, mais ne pouvait sévir, en l'absence de réglementation. She had received many complaints, but could not crack in the absence of regulation.

    Mais depuis la semaine dernière, de nouvelles dispositions en matière de confidentialité, d'hygiène et de sécurité garantissent la qualité des soins à une clientèle déjà vulnérable. But last week, new provisions regarding confidentiality, health and safety guarantee quality care to clients already vulnerable.

    On passe ainsi d'un régime anarchique à un autre mieux régulé, selon la ministre déléguée aux Services sociaux, Lise Thériault. We thus an anarchic regime to another better regulated, according to Minister for Social Services, Lise Thériault.

    «Les gens qui décident d'aller traiter un problème de dépendance, à l'alcool, à la drogue, ou au jeu sont des personnes vulnérables, a expliqué la ministre au cours d'une entrevue téléphonique récente. "People who decide to go and treat an addiction to alcohol, drugs or gambling are vulnerable," said the minister during a recent telephone interview. Donc, on ne peut pas laisser n'importe qui ouvrir des centres de réadaptation.» So we can not let anyone open rehabilitation centers. "

    La Protectrice du citoyen avait reçu une trentaine de plaintes en 2009 pour abus financier et exploitation entre autres: détournement de chèques de bénéficiaires, trafic de médicaments, manque de surveillance, etc. The Protector had received complaints about thirty in 2009 for abuse and financial exploitation include: conversion of checks to recipients, drug trafficking, lack of supervision, etc.. Les histoires d'horreur ne manquent pas, mais elle ne pouvait intervenir, puisqu'il n'y avait aucun cadre contraignant pour le justifier. Horror stories abound, but it could not intervene because there was no binding framework to justify it.

    Google Translate
  38. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Narconon TR responds: July 13, 2010

    And the people to my left and right are not a Scientology but .. OMG! What happened to my socks?
  39. Re: Narconon TR responds: July 13, 2010

    "The picture? It came with the frame."

    (Somebody was going to say it.)

    (Ron's pic doesn't have a frame here, of course, but COS's "logic" can explain that away with no problem.)
  40. Intelligence Member

    Re: Narconon TR responds: July 13, 2010

    Good work Paule. His responses were expected as quoted by him. It looks like he made a complete lying ass out of himself and brings into question his competence in continuing to be the director of Narconon. He was taken off post before as the Director and lowered to Case Supervisor post.

    Narconon Canada and Narconon International moved in to correct him and his incompetent crew, as stated in documents written to me from Narconon Canada.
    I'll send you the documents when I have a moment, but right now I must submit additional info to HRC and NDT and the Ombudsman in Quebec.

    It's going to be interesting to see how much of his other foot he can stick into his mouth when this next Media Exposure comes out VERY soon.

    Marc's wife, Carole Pelland will be in the News soon too. Surprise, surprise; expose Marc's lies. Your wife is a sweetie, but according to one of A.P's emails, blonde suits her personality and she's easy to peg.

    Know your Enemy :)

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