Narconon Trois-Rivières in trouble!!!

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by peterstorm, Aug 8, 2009.

  1. Intelligence Member

    LOL,..., Fire Hazzard, Piss On It, I'm leaving it the way it is; I used to watch
    the Dukes all the time. Why leave the mistake when it would have been quicker
    to edit it than to post this???

    Because I can; and You gave me permission RE: "It's your call",..., LMAO:):):)

    But tx:)

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  3. Intelligence Member

    Scilon Law Firm has threatened to use my Narconon Files against me
    by using my Success Stories to question my "Credibilty" because of
    what I said in the Stories and what I say now.

    This will turn around and bite DM on his tiny little Butt so hard, that it will
    look like he has 4 ASS Cheeks :)

    Ouch Sore Ass


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  4. JohnnyRUClear Member

    It's probably their best card, so of course they're gonna want to try and play it. What else can they do?? KSW, baby. Never defend. Always attack.
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  5. BigBeard Member

    How stupid can they get? [/Rhetorical question]

    There are so many personal stories out of people being forced to write a "Success Story" to get on with the next phase of Cof$/NarCONon out there it's like admiting they use psychological pressure coerce people. Any half way decent lawyer should be able to make them bend over and shove this so far up where the sun don't shine they won't be able to crap for a month.

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  7. Intelligence Member

  8. Anonymous Member

    The question to ask is what happens if you pass and refuse to write a success story, can you continue the program, what is their policy?
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  9. BigBeard Member

    As I said,
    So the answer is, unless you're some special celeberty, you do not get on with the next phase of the program if you refuse to write a 'Success Story'.

    Google "Scientology success story" and read some of the many peronal experiences on this that have been documented for yourself.

  10. Obi-Wan-anon Member

    The US Air Force at one base had a problem in their dorms with residents having "weekend water fights". The fire department got tired of coming through each Monday morning, having to re-fill and re-certify the water filled extinguishers.

    Then one day, they added dye to the water.

    That following weekend was colorful, indeed. The extinguisher abuse stopped soon after...
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  11. Anonymous Member

    I always PUFF WEED before posting.
  12. Anonymous Member

  13. Intelligence Member

    David Love is in Internet withdrawal :),..., can't post while on bus anymore; my tiny
    Nokia Cell Browser can't post to here or ESMB :-(,.., must fix soon :)

    UPDATE: (good news)

    Thanks to mnql1, we now have an English translation of the requirements that NN TR has to meet
    to be Accerdited. I Love it! I Love it! I Love it!

    Will copy/paste in a few minutes :):):)

    Lawyer called twice today - looks very good: he's doingitrite:)
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  14. Intelligence Member

    This Is GOLD To Me - Lots of Luck Meeting ALL These Requirements Narconon,..., LOL

    Manuel d’application du Règlement sur la certification des ressources en toxicomanie ou en jeu pathologique

    The article numbers correspond to the matching articles in the regulation:

    Regulation respecting the certification of drug addiction or pathological gambling resources

    Appendix 15
    List of documents that must be provided at the time a certification application is filed

    Article 2 - Latest annual registration statement of the legal person in the Enterprise Register.

    Article 6 - Hourly schedule describing all activities.
    - Program of activities and workshops.

    Article 9 - Cohabitation rules.

    Article 10 - Charter of rights and responsibilities of residents.

    Article 11 - Code of ethics.

    Article 12 - The guideline document that describes the mission statement, the intervention philosophy, and the admission criteria.

    Article 13 - A copy of the brochure and/or of the promotional material of the resource.

    Article 15 - Documents related to the holding of the latest annual general assembly: notice of invitation; agenda; minutes; report of activities; financial statements.

    Article 16 - The general regulations of the resource.

    Article 17 - A copy of the complaint procedure displayed by the resource.
    - The procedure for the evaluation of services.
    - The precedure for the addressing client dissatisfaction.

    Article 18 - The informed consent form.

    Article 19 - Organizational chart.

    Article 20 - Resume and proof of qualification of the person who ensures the coordination of the intervention team.

    Article 21 - Up-to-date list of salaried employees and volunteers (Appendix 18).
    - Resume and proof of qualification of every member of the intervention team.
    - Staff work schedule.

    Article 22 - Resume and proof of qualification of the person who ensures the supervision of the case workers.
    - If this person is on contract, a copy of the agreement between the two parties.

    Article 25 - The procedure for admission and integration of a new resident.
    - The procedure for admission and integration of a new employee.

    Article 26 - The service contract.

    Article 27 - A copy of the permit from the Quebec Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

    Article 29 - The evacuation plan.

    Article 30 - The civil liability insurance policy.
    - The professional liability insurance policy.
    - The professional liability insurance policy for the administrators and directors.

    Article 31 - The building's insurance policy.

    Article 32 - An unfilled copy of every form that can be entered into a resident's file.

    Article 36 - The file management procedure.

    Article 38 - The intervention plan.

    Article 44 - A document signed by a doctor attesting his/her collaboration with the resource.

    Article 45 - The intervention protocol for a crisis situation.

    Article 46 - The procedures to follow in case of a medical emergency.

    Article 47 - The first aid certificates of staff members.

    Article 48 - The procedure for managing biomedical waste.

    Article 49 - Hygiene measures.

    Article 50 - A copy of menus.

    Article 51 - A copy of the collaboration agreement with a pharmacist.
    - The protocol for medication management.
    - The inventory list of medication.
    - The distribution register for medication.

    Article 53 - The specific admission protocol for a person on replacement therapy.

    Article 54 - The protocol for the management of replacement medication.

    Article 55 - Proof of training of staff members assigned to the application of procedures relative to the management of replacement products.

    Appendix 16
    List of documents that must be provided at the time of the evaluation visit

    Article 6 - The written program that specifies the contents of the various activities.

    Article 14 - The resource's records.

    Article 17 - A sample of filled-in service quality questionnaires.

    Article 21 - Personnel files.

    Article 32 - A sample of resident files.

    Will be using this^^^^^ extensively in this weeks submissions to Government Authorities.
    May 2011 will be a month of "Pain In The ASS",..., and many Legal Problems for Narconon/Moxon:)

    My Lawyer put Huge Smile on my face twice today and now I have Big Time Happy Pants,..., LOL,...:):):)

    An Ol' Irish Quote:
    “You see things; and you say, 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say, 'Why not?'”

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  15. AnonLover Member

    wooo hooo, hip hip hooray for mnql1!!!! :)
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  16. Intelligence Member

    My, my, my,..., this is going to be fun writing a Report about what Narconon Trois-Rivieres
    does under these four Articles,..., and I'm just starting the List,..., LOL,...:)

    In my qualified opinion, there is no way in Hell that NN TR will meet ALL of these requirements.

  17. Anonymous Member

    Scientology is expert at lying and gaming the system. They have 50 years of experience doing it, training others to do it, and ordering others to lie.
    So what will they say? What they always say when caught doing something bad:

    To the media and the public they will say that they will indeed follow all new regulations, that in the past these regulations did not apply.

    And what will they actually do? I bet you already know. They will put up a lot of nice inexpensive window dressing, while in the background
    using an army of private investigators to either blackmail or bribe the people in charge of enforcing the regulations.
    Scientology always tries to get at the individual people who have the power to stop them. They use blackmail, veiled threats, bribery, whatever it takes to shudder their opponents into silence. Which individual people? police, lawyers, judges, government bureaucrats, media owners, editors, reporters, etc.
    It sounds too crazy to be true, and if it were not for the evidence, available online in news articles, and witness reports, I would not have believed it either.

    How can this be stopped? Honest people in charge must not succumb to the standard tactics of this criminal organization, and enforce the rules.
    Let's hope that strong, courageous, and honest people are in charge.
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  18. JohnnyRUClear Member

    I agree with all of that, but feel compelled to append the old adage: hope is not a strategy.
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  19. Intelligence Member

    I know what you mean; I wouldn't have believed their Antics either, if I had not read about it and experienced
    some of it already. We already have missing medical files and missing TV Media Tapes. AND we have other
    "Dead Agenting" stuff they have done already and more that I won't mention right now.

    The problem they are facing, is that there are multiple Government Investigations, Ex-Staff members who have sent
    information to me about what they have done, (have dox), and Police involvement; as well as Politicians weighing in.

    And quite frankly, they won't shudder me into silence no matter what they do; and I think they are now aware of this.

    So, the battle lines in the sand are drawn; they have Investigators and so do we; they have good lawyers and so do we;
    they have their battle plan and so do we; they have files against me and we have ten-fold dox against them; they will attack
    my credibility and we have ten-fold credibility dox against them; AND foremost, I lived with them and know my Enemy,
    they only know me from when I was there and there is only one person from NN that really knows a little about me
    and our capabilities to crush and expose their lies with the tenacity of David vs Goliath.

    Yes, we have a foreboding opponent, however, fear is NOT an option I will entertain.


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  20. Intelligence Member

    PeterStorm: (Or other Montreal Anons)

    I need the name of the Director of the COS Montreal, AND who is, or what is
    the Post Position of the guy who was directing NN TR in the Political Email
    Leak to Sylvain Fornier, NN TR Director?


  21. Anonymous Member

    True. Luckily, the Scientology corporation is somewhat predictable in its tactics as described above. So what plan is there to counter the lie that they will tell the regulators concerning how they will in the future follow all the new rules? I don't know if lawyers will be able to demonstrate a pattern of behavior that the corporation has? If there are enough dox to show that Scientology and Narcanon have in the past made promises and broken them, not once or twice but every single time, would that convince the regulators not to give NNTR the benefit of the doubt, and to deny their application?
  22. BigBeard Member

    This one could get interesting, in the sense of the Chinese proverb, when an on site inspection for certification finds those Cof$ forms, the ones we all know they won't submit for scrutiny, in resident's files.


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  23. peterstorm Member

    I couldn't find who the CoS Montreal director is. There are 2 administrators on the board of admin.:

    Monique Deneault (secretary)
    120 rue Vigeant Laval (Québec) H7M1W3 Canada


    Sophie Girard (finance)
    1594 boul. Saint-Joseph E Montréal (Québec) H2J1M7 Canada

    The guy directing Fournier is Jean Larivière, spokesperson and Director of special affairs (DSA) for CoS Montreal.
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  24. xenubarb Member

    One item I'd like to see that isn't mentioned here. I would require them to keep all letters of complaint on file and produce them when asked. Just because, they're probably great reading besides destroying NN's credibility as a <snicker> professional <heh heh> drug rehab facility.
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  25. xenubarb Member

    Information is power. Identify the people Scientology would likely target, and give 'em a heads up. Can't hurt, and they might thank you.
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  26. Intelligence Member

    Just got home; was reading posts all day at work, but can't reply from my cell Browser. Frustrating!

    Anyway, thank you very much; we need these exact Names and Addresses:)

    Reason why will become evident soon; it's not Rocket Science,..., LOL.
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  27. Intelligence Member

    There is a Stack of Complaints that we should have access to soon:)

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  28. anon8109 Member

    A gram of prevention is worth a kilo of cure:

    Can we identify the people who will be in charge of deciding if NNTR gets certified? Can we get them all the information they will need regarding how the Scientology corporation operates? The article in the French newspaper mentioned that the certification process is falling behind schedule, probably because the people in charge are swamped with work. Let's make their work easier for them, and give them good reasons not to believe the Scientology corp's false promises.
  29. Intelligence Member

    Yes, we have identified them and I am absolutely swamped in documents and paper work right now.
    More than ever before, and I don't anticipate it letting up for quite some time.

    Received a phone call from Legend Anon in British Columbia while on the bus today. Pressure from the West Coast
    is mounting and we MUST deal with it ASAP.

    OSA is NOT letting up and using many resources to keep Narconon alive in Canada.

    It's going to be a Battle and thank God for Anonymous:)

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  30. anon8109 Member

    It's not all on your shoulders Intelligence, there's an army here to help you.
    If you think it's appropriate, can we haz contact info for where to send appropriate poons?

    There is plenty of relevant info available on the internet (other than the dox in your own posession) that can be gathered by myself and others, and tied up into a nice bundle for the correct authorities.
  31. Intelligence Member

    Ok, right on! If you really want to help, this is what I need asap: (we have a good window of time for the Certification)

    I just had two more emails come in with sufficient info on the Montreal COS.

    Now I need info on ABLE Canada, with the "Serving Address" of Brad Melnychuck (ABLE Canada)

    Also info on Narconon International - Serving Address and Director Name

    Also, if anyone can come up with the addresses on:

    Marc Bernard, Susan Chubbs, Therese Sansfacon, Sylvie, Bermatchez, Scott Burgess, Richard Doucet, Renald Gilbert,
    Jean-Francois Dubreuil, Philip Dubreuil, Deitan Dumas, Carole Pelland, Andre Ahern, Charles Schwerman, Winnie Scherer,
    Réjeanne Fleury
    Most of these^^^^^ are Narconon Trois-Rivieres. Some are First Step in Quebec City.

    Any help on this would be awesome in the New Superior Court and other Cases with Pending Subpoenas.

  32. Intelligence Member

    AND I will do this list and Post ASAP:)

  33. Intelligence Member


    What is Andre Aherns wife's name? I think it begins with Sylvie. She was a Case Supervisor
    for the Sauna and was prescribing Niacin Doses.

    Also, is Andre still around the Quebec City ORG. We have a Private nvestigator to track
    down the elusives, but any info will help a lot. Some of these individuals may have been
    under Contract with Narconon, so will have to be named individually in Superior Court

    Shit Pot is on the stove heating up and Hubbards own DC-8, is going to drop a
    Shit Storm upon them in due course.

    We have more than 9,856 pages of dox to work with, and more are coming in my email
    every day.

    Anonymous is sending me important dox that would take me days to find. I am so grateful
    for ALL the help!!!

    Thank you so much, Anonymous:):):)

    Had a great 6 hour sleep last night.

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  34. Anonymous Member

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  35. JohnnyRUClear Member

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  36. peterstorm Member

    Marc Bernard:

    1581 rue Saint-Alexis Trois-Rivières (Québec) G8W2C9 Canada

    Susan Chubbs:

    Thérèse Sanfaçon:

    Réjeanne Fleury:
    7535 boul. Parent Trois-Rivières (Québec) G9A5E1 Canada (she gave NN T-R's address to the business registry)

    1390 6e Rue
    Trois-Rivières (Québec) G8Y2X7
    Canada (business address of Narconon St-Laurent)

    A Ahern
    (819) 691-1915
    8 - 3550 Cote Rosemont
    Trois-Rivieres, QC G8Y 6R6 (from 411: only one in the province, must be him)

    S Burgess
    (819) 379-0098
    504 Rue McDougall
    Trois-Rivieres, QC G9A 2T3

    still looking for others...
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  37. Intelligence Member

    I, and my Lawyer Loves YOU:):):)

    Thank you.

  38. Intelligence Member

  39. peterstorm Member

  40. Intelligence Member

    I agree; the coersion is constant.

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