Narconon Trois-Rivières in trouble!!!

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by peterstorm, Aug 8, 2009.

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  2. Intelligence Member

    I could sure use this letter. This would be fantastic.

    The Black PR will begin ASAp against anything to do with him. But I need absolute facts.

    The Battle Plan is already in Draft Form.

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    Al Butnor is here assisting Yvette Shank.

    The Intel and leaks that are coming in are very good indeed. I could only post portions, to
    protect indentity. If I were them right now, I'd buy a bag of diapers.

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    I'm understanding more now. So they have been having Big Flaps for a few years now. I have been in
    contact with the person in Vancouver who wants to file a law suit and he is still writing it:)

    Will be seeing him in near future. There are others, but I don't know what stage they're at?

    They need to know that there is a Statute of Limitations for some law suits, but for medical harm,
    the statute begins once the knowledge of the harm is known or diagnosed.

    I think Quebec was a good Province for me to have been in for all of this. Anonymous prepared a
    very nice Black PR table to begin chewing at:)

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  6. Triumph Member

    not what your looking for...but
    the Internet Hate Wayback Machine did have some other old ARS postings on Al Butnor
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  7. Intelligence Member

    If they try anything stupid, we will slap a Restraining Order on them
    so fast, followed by a law suit and possible criminal charges, that
    their thetan eyeballs will bulge out of their sockets.

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  8. Intelligence Member

    Tx for this; I will read threw it ASAP. I have about 3 hours of dox catch up right now,..., LOL.

    I've busted a lot of balls in my life, but never worked so hard in preparing to bust the ones
    I'm now working on,..., LOL. They have tough balls, but when they're busted, it sure is going
    to make one hell of big friggin mess:)

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  10. Intelligence Member

    It's ^^^^ loaded now and quite delicious. I <3 YOU:):):)

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  11. Intelligence Member

    Oh' Geezzz, another Reverend?

  12. Intelligence Member

    Is the biological father Al Buttnor? If so, he is an American; does he have a work visa
    to be working at the Toronto ORG?

  13. HellRazor Member

    Scientology magazines never have the date, only the volume and issue number. (I think it's because it makes it easier to recycle copypasta.) The copyright date at the bottom says 1995-2006.
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  14. Triumph Member

    yes ..I believe its was his biological son... his son was living in Edmonton....thats what I got from reading it...

    perhaps hes a US citizen...

    Buttnerd could have been in the US when it happened....first a visit to the Toronto Org ?..then out to Edmonton to deal with the funeral..

    its always Scientology last...with these guys...

    divorce is pretty common... so..perhaps the son had a step father in Edmonton..
    Allen Anthony Buttnor "AL" Anthony "Al" Buttnor

    shows him living in Edmonton
    Minister sues over sex charges

    was suing a woman who claims she was a victim of sexual assault and the police

    here the police are suing him and Scientology
    What a SCUMBAG
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  15. HellRazor Member

    Hmmm, not the most stellar guest list:

    - a couple of Scientologist artists/musicians not well-known outside of Quebec (France d'Amour, Guy who?)
    - a CEGEP sociology/religions teacher (Grade 13 or 1st year college/university equivalent to Anons outside of Canada) who is probably a cult apologist (Alain Bouchard)
    - a retired Ontario police chief who has been hoodwinked and bribed by Scientologists (La Barge)
    - and a retired Liberal politician and known Scientology-sympathizer (Derek Lee)
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  16. Intelligence Member

    Is this him yelling at 23 sec?

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  17. Triumph Member

    yes..he was involved in that group... hassling Ursula
    just saw him listed as a participant in that charade on
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  20. Triumph Member

    Mrs. Gariepy's difficult tale // Scientologist Buttnor, cleared of child abuse, says his former parishioner is out to get him

    was accused of raping a 10 yr old girl...who was working FOR him

    he counter sued the mother and the police who wasn't even involved in the case..
    can anyone say "Dead Agenting" an Apostate with crimes overts and witholds
    and targeted for herassment
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  21. Intelligence Member

    We'll see what our Governments and citizens have to say about wasting taxpayer monies
    on giving a dangerous and destructive, Criminal Organization Tax Exemtions in Quebec for
    not having to pay Land Tax on their ORGS. We, the Tax Payer absorb their scams.

    This numb scull knows nothing about how "Harm Prevention" works in British Columbia.
    It saves lives, prevents disease, and saves the tax payer multi-millions. I have medical
    dox from Insite saving lives. Oh', I'm going to have fun with this:)

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  22. Intelligence Member

    He was cleared of the charges? Mmmm...?

  23. Triumph Member

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  25. Intelligence Member

    An Ol' Irish Quote:

    May you have the hindsight to know where you've been
    the foresight to know where you're going
    and the insight to know when you're going too far....

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  26. peterstorm Member

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  27. xenubarb Member

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  28. peterstorm Member

    So what to you become when you're a scumbag sent to the RPF across the world for a couple of years? I guess we'll find out soon.

    Keep notes on any harassement Dave. It could interest the media.
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  29. Intelligence Member

    I'll keep notes, voice recordings, photos, and videos:)

    Hope to be back in Quebec City mid month:)

    Was he in the RPF, and if so, what for? If he was, I wonder if he's out
    doing his lower "Condition Formula", delivering a "BLOW to the Enemy?"

    Just received a message from an old NN TR friend. They witnessed some
    sad sexual abuses at NN TR. Sent me a statement, but wants to talk to me
    when I fly back to the West Coast in a couple months.

    NN TR's shit hole is getting deeper by the day.

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  31. Puppetmama Member

    If you want information about Buttnor in the RPF you might try PMing WisemanoftheWatchtower. He posted this in the recent Toronto Org thread (page 2):
  32. PresidentShaw Member

    Is it time for another narconon raid?
  33. Intelligence Member

    Another raid is already planned in the very near future; we're keeping the
    date confidential for now. Were you at the last one?

    This one will be interesting indeed:):):)

    Off to work; can't post from my cell anymore,...., usually:)

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  34. PresidentShaw Member

    I sadly missed the last one, but others anons can vouch I'm trusted :p (ie: peterstorm)
    PM me the date when you have time and hopefully I can make it this time! :)
  35. peterstorm Member

    It's gonna be a sunday for sure. It's up to Mtl anons to find a good date.
  36. PresidentShaw Member

    If it's a sunday count me in for sure
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  38. Intelligence Member

    I wonder why this^^^^^keeps happening when I try to post/reply from
    my Opera-Mini Cell Browser? I can post/reply with no problem on 4 other
    Forums with no problem. Once in a blue moon, I can post/reply here, but not often?

  39. BigBeard Member

    The Butnor article in Vol 4 12 would have been written after 1999. He references events that happened in 1999, so it would have to be at least after those events. Still trying to track down the threat letter.

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  40. Intelligence Member

    Ok, thanks. I have contacted him.


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